Feb 19 2010

Michael Jackson Saved My Grandma

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I have read a few accounts like the one below about our golden-hearted man, Michael Jackson, who was always so kind to everyone – in public or private. Michael didn’t bring attention to so many of his kind and generous deeds and gestures throughout his life because he didn’t do it for the attention. He didn’t do it for himself or for the adulation. He did it because he was LOVE embodied – because he really DID “love you MORE” as he often replied when people said “I Love You Michael!

Part of this was his religious and spiritual belief system, which he very much endeavored to live by, and it was also just who he was.

Regardless of the manner in which the media has defined him,  THIS IS THE REAL MICHAEL JACKSON.  You’ll notice he’s nothing like the “freak” the media always portrayed him to be. He was just a normal, sweet, caring man who tried to help everybody, including Grandma Concetta. (We could do without the “Jacko” moniker in the article though. Michael hated being called that!)

• • •

• • • (The below is an excerpt. Read the REST of this amazing story HERE) • • •

In December 1997, my maternal grandparents, Joseph and Concetta Delisi, were on an American Airlines flight from JFK to LAX. Sitting coach, they were visiting my family for christmas.

A couple of hours into the flight, my grandma (literally) falls ill. What started as a stomach ache, ended with granny fainting and tumbling into the aisle.

When she awakes, hovering above (next to my grandpa) and holding out his hand, Michael Jackson.

Are you o.k.?” MJ asked, in his delicate voice.

He helps grandma up, and invites my grandparents to join him in first class. they accept.

• • •

While a photograph was never taken, he left our family with an amazing memory, one that showed us Michael Jackson’s heart, soul, and genuine kindness.

Oh, and this first class menu he signed on the plane . . .

MJ Signed First-Class Menu

MJ Signed First-Class Menu

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4 Responses to “Michael Jackson Saved My Grandma”

  1. Saskia says:

    There are so many stories like these out there. We all know Michael had a golden heart and that he did things like this. But I just love reading the actual stories.

  2. Robyn says:

    Wow! You all were SO LUCKY & so fortunate to be in his presence! I truly believe that he was 1 of God’s TRUE angels, sent to us directly from Heaven! Take care & Good Luck to you all! — Robyn {{{{^_^}}}}

  3. Catherine says:

    You are finding so many great stories adn I just love learning more and more about Michael. What an angel and gift we had in him. I wish I could have met him. What a sweetie always. This really shows the true MJ and how very beautiful he was. I am always in awe of him. God’s most beautiful angel for sure. I love him and miss him and know he is encircled in God’s love.

  4. sue says:

    beautiful story what a wonderful man he was

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