Aug 04 2010

MJAir: It never took off, but Michael was still a hero at 30,000 feet

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Michael Saves Lives - Again

Michael Saves Lives & Promotes Peace - Again

Michael loved that safety spiel that airline attendants do at the beginning of a flight. At the end of the ‘This Is It‘ shows, the plan was that Michael would board a huge jetliner and fly off over the audience (all done with holograms or other trickery of course). Awesome!  But that never happened.

So what the heck am I talking about with this “30,000 feet” business? He sure wasn’t gonna get that kind of altitude flying over an audience in a hologram!  Probably not. But, some years ago, Michael Jackson – humanitarian, peacemaker and lifesaver, averted what could have been a very nasty situation aboard a flight from LAX to Berlin en route to Cannes. It wasn’t MJAir, but MJ was a hero aboard that flight.

It seems Michael Jackson had saved quite a few lives during his own short one. From his humanitarian efforts to his peacemaking efforts, the man was a lifesaver more than once. Another story is that on July 31 1992, a man stood atop a building opposite the hotel MJ was staying in, and threatened to jump. But Michael talked him out of it. I don’t have more details of that particular story, maybe someone else does.

But I do have details of his heroism on that LAX –> Berlin flight. Don Barrett, publisher of tells the story (reprinted with kind permission from Mr. Barrett):

When I was laid off (fired) from MGM/UA in 1994, I opened my own movie marketing consultancy. I decided to concentrate on animated films. Over the years I was fortunate enough to work on wonderful animated projects like Steven Spielberg’s An American Tail, among many others. Before long my business was booming. I was making more money than I ever did with Columbia, Universal or most recently MGM/UA. And more importantly, I didn’t have that awful commute I did for years, plus no committee diluting some wonderful ideas that individuals conjured up.

I was exposed to the international marketplace (my movie career with the studios was confined to domestic) and found myself at the Cannes Film Festival numerous times exposing and selling some of the animated projects I was representing. Yes, Cannes is beautiful, sexy, sensual, alluring, intoxicating, exciting and downright the bomb, to use an old expression.

One year on my way to Cannes, I had to travel from LAX to Berlin and then make a connecting flight to Cannes. In first class there were five rows with two seats on each side of the plane. I was sitting in the aisle seat in row three on the left. In front of me was a single gentleman. The front two seats were occupied but they were already seated when I got comfortable for the 12 hour flight.

The man in front of me asked for a cocktail prior to take-off. Once airborne, he was the recipient of a steady stream of drinks. About a half-hour into our flight, the man on the aisle in the front seat stood and moved to the center of the cabin. His seatmate got up and stood behind him.

Another man who was in the front seat on the aisle on the right side of the plane got up and joined the two standing in the cabin and got behind the second man. In almost lock step they walked to the toilet. The cabin lights were dim for those who wanted to sleep on the long flight. As they walked by me it was clear that the center man in this abbreviated parade was Michael Jackson.

The flight progressed but the man in front of me never stopped with requesting more booze. Eventually the steward cut him off. I could only guess the perfect storm that was brewing. Frequently raising his voice in the quiet cabin, it was easy to hear his entitlement demands after paying so much for a first class ticket and that they had no right to stop serving him. The steward was firm.

The boozy man kept ringing the call-button and the steward reluctantly would come to his seat, only to be greeted by insults for refusing his right to service. After a third call-button ring, the boozy man apparently was waiting in wait for the steward. The steward repeated what he had told the man about no more service. The boozy man leapt like a gazelle onto the steward and they both crashed to the floor. They wrestled. You could hear another steward frantically summoning the pilot who quickly came down to see what the commotion was all about.

With no fanfare, no lights, no audience, a concerned Michael Jackson got up and separated the two sparring men. As soon as they realized that the King of Pop was acting as peacemaker, they sheepishly stopped like school kids busted by the principal or even their own mom. The captain (or co-captain) arrived on the scene to see that peace had been restored with no bloodshed.

Michael asked his bodyguard friend to sit in the boozy man’s seat and invited the inebriated man to sit with him. I couldn’t hear a word that was spoken by Michael nor his new seatmate but they were talking away for 20 minutes. Michael signaled to his bodyguard to help the boozy man back to his seat. Within minutes he had passed out and slept for the duration of the flight. Michael and his bodyguard were both back together to complete the remaining hours in relative silence.

It was a rare glimpse into Michael Jackson. Who knew he would be a peacemaker at 30,000 feet on what could have erupted into an ugly confrontation?

-Don Barrett

27 Responses to “MJAir: It never took off, but Michael was still a hero at 30,000 feet”

  1. Beatriz says:

    Thank you for sharing! As always the sweetest and miracles maker gave his soul.

  2. Kathleen J says:

    Just as I am reading this story my ipod starts playing Gone Too Soon. I feel him everywhere! The more I read about MJ all the more I fall in love with MJ, the person. We all know that he was the greatest performer that ever lived and now we know that his purpose here was so much more than that. I just hope the history books get it right for the future generations.

  3. Lilly from Brazil says:

    Hi Seven,

    I am always touched by the stories told by people who had the privilege to experience moments so special, unique and unforgettable close to Michael.

    Stories that go deep into our hearts.

    I thank these people for sharing all these stories with us and especially to Michael for all his show of love, respect, humility, kindness, generosity, wisdom and serenity.

    There are so many touching stories, experiences of fans, the girls’ testimonies YANA, which some editors would gather them and publish a book in honor of Michael.

    Thanks Michael! I’m always learning from you and loving you more and more.

  4. casper07mj says:

    Thank you sooo much for sharing this article. Michael was an excellent humanitarian and he didn’t mind “getting his hands dirty” by getting involved.
    I love you always MJ.

  5. Joyce says:

    I think we must be on the same wavelength today! I honestly had just read that story on the “Inner Michael” website and was thinking what a wonderful story it would be for you to share. Maybe Michael is passing spiritual notes between us!
    I just loved this story by Don Barrett. I had visions of Michael in his red “Beat It” Jacket separating those two and then making them dance down the aisle together.
    Seriously, it just says so much about Michael’s love for all people and his ability to reach out to all that he would ask the “boozy” man (as Don Barrett calls him) to sit with him and then quietly talk to him for 20 minutes. I am sure that most people, even if they did intervene to stop an annoying passenger from causing harm, would probably have some very unkind words for that person. I have to admit I would have probably had some choice words in mind! Only Michael and his gentle, caring spirit sees the possible pain or problems that this individual may have been experiencing and wants to offer kindness!! Michael was beyond special. He was and is a divine, loving, angel. I just continue to try to learn and change my perceptions and actions with everything I read and hear about Michael. He is the most inspiring teacher!
    Thanks again Seven! The “Inner Michael” website by Barbara Kaufmann, that is on your list of recommended websites, is also wonderful.

  6. Seven says:

    Joyce –

    I found the article on Facebook and later saw it on B. Kaufmann’s site. I agree with you that her site is wonderful! Before I posted the entire story, I wanted to ask permission from Mr. Barrett himself, which he kindly gave me, so I’m happy to share it here as well! These stories are so important to Michael’s legacy and memory – to offset the media’s constant negative definition of Michael as a ‘freak’ or ‘weirdo’ – or worse – no matter how kind or wise, or innocent he was. The world needs to know who Michael Jackson really was, not the hideous character created by the media that never existed.

    I’m SO appreciative of those like Mr. Barrett who come forward with their memories of Michael and allow us to share them with the world.

  7. Justice4MJJ says:

    Wow, what did Michael say to him I wonder? Most Christ-like, Michael. Thanks for sharing Seven!

  8. sonja richardson says:

    I love these stories about my man Michael. Man I wish he was able to have finished the tour and show these so-called singers what real talent is . A jet? Only Michael could have thought of that. Truly blessed by my wonderful God!

  9. CC4justice4MJ says:

    Ty 4 sharing. Love these stores. Why cant more ppl see the good in MJ instead of all those LIES about molestation, which I and most others knows he did not do. Thanks again. RIP w/ the real Angels MJ

  10. Micheline says:

    Seven, I never heard this story until now. This is incredible! Michael was a true crusader of humanity and really stepped up to the plate when playing it safe could have been so much easier. There were so many examples of just doing the right thing without wanting anything in return. For every charitable deed the media reported, Michael did so much more behind the scenes in hundreds of ways that truly touched people’s lives. I can just see Michael sitting with this man on the plane, not judging him, taking an interest and finding common ground – showing respect. He was an angel who held the magic key that opened hearts. Our magnificent prince. Thank you for posting this, Seven. You’ve done it once again!

  11. BlueLotus says:

    As people have pointed out, the most beautiful part of this story is the fact that Michael…makes the erring man sit with him…chats with him…gives the “man at fault” his love…understanding and compassion. Who does that? God like men do that.

    The statement that a distraught looking Michael Jackson made in 1993 after the molestation allegation…had these words towards the end…”I have given all that I have. All that I have. I am not God but I do try to be God like in my actions”. This man tried to be God like in his actions, any wonder then that his tribulations were Christ like too? Pathetic humanity…2000 years on and no lessons learnt.

    PS: One incident that Michael mentioned in “MJ Tapes” (traitor book ‘coz of Rabbi’s horribly judgemental commentary) illustrates this nature further. I am just paraphrasing here.

    Some 2 kids (teens) had been involved in a gruesome murder and had been jailed…Michael wanted to visit them but Lisa Presley was totally against it. She said, “You are rewarding them by meeting them and they don’t deserve it”…but like this flight story shows Michael might just have wanted to heal them. What happens when we extend our understanding to the erring? It makes them feel loved and they want to change. It makes the world a better place. I bet that “drunken man” would never want to get drunk and create trouble!

    Thank you Michael Jackson for being who you were. I missed you while you were here in flesh and blood but I meet you in spirit and thats a blessing.

  12. Ieva says:

    Michael was special person! And these two men are so lucky, because they have a chance to meet Michael!
    When I was a little girl my dream was to meet Michael Jackson, but now my dream always be only a dream!

  13. dez says:

    This was an amazing story and i love this story, this goes to show how amazing MJ was ” superhuman” to me & really a true hero to the lives he touched, inspired & helped. We dont know how many lives he saved thru his music & humanitarian that he was!… MJ was really couragous & a peacemaker. God bless his him!
    As quoted by: Michael Jackson expressed tremendous interest in humanitarianism, equality, and world peace for all of his adult life.“ – Ken Kragen

    ps: you might to look at this
    Mr. Adrian Grant on MJ, author of “visual documentary” & producer of “Thriller live” . He admired & was a true friend of MJ who continue his true legacy. Its really a beautiful but heartbreaking story.
    Thanks Seven, God bless always!

  14. MIchelle says:

    Wow, Seven, amazing story! I love hearing THESE kind of stories of Michael instead of that dumb crap people make about him. He was such a sweetheart!!!

  15. Seven says:


    I’m not sure actually. That certainly sounds like it may be it!

  16. marsh cloud says:

    actually that drunk man and the steward stopped because they saw those well-built bodyguards behind Michael…..just joking.

    he’s so brave. i love him.

  17. mjsmiling says:

    Seven, Thanks for sharing!! So, that’s why Michael is our angel!!

  18. emma says:

    A great, inspirational story about a True Person who dealt rudeness with understanding, approached people with his glow of love. And so great to read all these wonderful comments here.

  19. MJ-DarkChild says:

    What a beautiful and heartfelt story about Michael, the Peacemaker. And that he was, even when it came to defending his own self. Thanks for sharing. I certainly enjoyed it. Another feather in Michael’s Fedora. He certainly deserve it.

    Much love to you for this wonderful and informative site, Seven. Your love peeks through all of your work.

  20. appleh says:

    I have never heard this story before. Of course not, the media only reports the “negative” things. I wonder, what they are talking about during the 20 minutes. MJ must have such a great aura, that the two fighters stopped immediately when they realized his presence. Like all the other commentators I admire him more and more.

  21. Joy John says:

    well, I got only one thing to quote from the Bible Matthew 5 “Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God”

  22. susan says:

    I didn’t think it was possible but I love him even more. I feel his loss every day…

  23. Jacqueline M. says:

    Michael was always a sweetheart, Seven. It’s an amazing story… Thank you for sharing.

    Seven, let me just say a little thing to you. I wanted to thank you so much because thanks to your blog and Bonnie Cox’s blog, that you put the link here, I was able to really understand the relationship between Michael and Sony because of Sony’s greed and Michael’s catalog. I knew, of course, what they did to invincible, but I didn’t know, for example, that they’ve been after Michael his whole life trying to take his catalog from him. I read the piece you wrote here, “It’s a small word after all”, and it explains everything. I think that if Michael had not bought that catalog, maybe he would still be here with us. Just my thoughts. As you, I also won’t give a penny to buy the things they want to offer, making profit for themselves and using Michael’s death to do it. I don’t like to accuse the others, but I think they are involved in Michael’s murdered.

    I’m sorry, Seven. I know it has nothing to do with this wonderful piece you wrote, but I just wanted to thank you for your job and information. God bless you, dear…


  24. Seven says:


    If you can, get Lynton Guest’s book “The Trials of Michael Jackson”. In it, it’s made clear that the moment Michael bought half of that catalog, $ony effectively declared war on the entity that was Michael Jackson. It seems everywhere you turned, their hand was behind the scenes manipulating things.

  25. BlueLotus says:

    Hi Seven,
    I am not sure if you have done a post about this. Its written by Uri Geller…its a story of Michael’s profound love for his fans…when he walked with broken foot on crutches to his fans…I cannot believe how kind a man he was…no amount of love is enough for this kind man.

    When Michael walks over to a group of fans who have waited hours for a glimpse, you see some of them lock solid. They have messages for him, they want to say how much he has meant to them all through their lives, how his music has been their soundtrack, but all they can do is stare. Many bring handmade gifts. Embroidered cushions, framed paintings, poems, boxes, candles, national flags. He takes every one and holds it to his chest for a moment. He says, “Thank you. I love you,” again and again. He does not refuse any request for an autograph or a photograph. I walked with him for 200 yards through the pouring rain across an Oxford road and past barriers after his address to the privileged Union audience last month, to a huddle of drenched and shivering fans. They had not been able to get tickets, and they had turned up on a bitter night without any real hope of being close to Michael for more than a moment, but they (and not the curiosity-hunters in the Union building) were the real fans.

    Michael truly loves his fans. When he tells them, he does not do it in the superficial way that most pop stars intend when they shout it from the stage. He means it this way – when Michael walked through the rain that night, he was on crutches, with two broken bones in a foot that was swaddled in bandages. By the time we got back to the limousine he was squeezing filthy, icy rainwater out of the bandages onto newspapers on the floor. I laid my hands on the aching flesh and let energy flow through me, to activate Michael’s own healing powers. He sat back with a calm expression on his face and his eyes closed, perfectly accepting of the possibility that healing can begin with positive thinking.

  26. Kiwi says:

    Wow, this is amazing story. What a man Michael was. God, how come that someone with so good heart had to suffer so much. I love him and I hope he can see how many people truly try to understand his love message and act like that at least now.

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