Sep 15 2010

“I was there when MTV was on the phone begging my uncle Michael to make an appearance ’cause their ratings were down.”

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Says Taj Jackson on Twitter a day or so ago. Here’s the whole of what Taj shared with us, and with MTV, who got wind of the comments and responded.

It’s hard to watch the VMAs because every time I watch it, I think about 3T being there. No one rocked the VMA’s like my uncle Michael did. I am still upset at them for not mentioning his name on the Video Vanguard awards anymore. The lifetime award, they removed his name.

I was there when MTV was on the phone begging my uncle Michael to make an appearance ’cause their ratings were down. Funny how easy they forget.

They didn’t mention his name the last 2x they gave it out. My comments were about MTV America. I think the MTVs overseas are way better, are they?

-Taj Jackson

Here’s MTV’s response via Twitter:

Hey MJ fans, we hear you loud & clear. I’m hearing we don’t do it every year, just when ppl deserve the recognition. Will look into it.


I think the timeline of this award is thus (correct me if I’m wrong here): The award is known as the Video Vanguard Award. In 2001 they changed it to the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award . In 2003 it was called the Lifetime Achievement Award. Since Michael’s death, the announced that it will return as the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Outside of that, will MTV ever admit that it was Michael Jackson who made MTV worth watching during that time? MTV didn’t make Michael Jackson. HE made THEM and if I remember correctly, they vehemently resisted at the time.  How quickly they do forget!

It’s worth mentioning that ‘Artist of the Millenium‘ award debacle on Michael’s birthday in 2002. I have this comment from someone who was there during the discussions about the award:  ‎

I was even in the room when his manager and MTV assoc discussed him getting his Millenium award. He was 100% set up! It was the only way MTV could get Michael to appear for THEIR award show. These shows used him for their own ratings. Remember Michael felt uncomfortable about birthday celebrations. He would have NEVER appeared for his birthday. Even his then-manager, Trudy Green was there telling him it was a Millenium Award. Don’t know if she was in on the deception or not. After the incident, Michael was under the impression she was being “rewarded” for getting him there. She was fired.

Others (including myself) remember watching and wondering why everyone, including Britney Spears, was laughing and others following Michael on stage mocked him. I remember feeling really bad for Michael and wondering what had really happened there.  Of course the Michael Jackson-hating press had a field day with it for months if not years to come. And, MTV got the ratings they wanted. I believe Oprah and likely others used Michael to boost their ratings also. And we know the media will tack Michael’s name on almost anything to increase viewership and readership, just because his name is well-known. The greed is endless.

Some speculate that $ony and Mottola were behind the Artist of the Millenium ‘joke’ as a way of putting Michael in his place after he publicly criticized them. Others say it was an honest misunderstanding. Allegedly, MTV has sheepishly admitted something of this ruse after Michael’s passing. I haven’t seen where they did so, and if they did, IMO, it was too little, and too late.


On Friday, September 17th, MTV Europe tweeted the following:

MTV didn’t make Michael Jackson he made us and no one rocked the VMA’s like Michael did. with much respect  MTVEurope

Seems someone was listening to Taj and maybe reading this blog (see above where I said the same thing ie: MTV didn’t make Michael Jackson, he made THEM). And, granted this is MTV Europe. We’ve yet to see anything of this nature from MTV USA. But at least it’s something. An acknowledgement, at least.

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21 Responses to ““I was there when MTV was on the phone begging my uncle Michael to make an appearance ’cause their ratings were down.””

  1. appleh says:

    MTV was and is just one of many who mocked and ridiculed this wonderful man during nearly his whole life. I was devastated when I saw him at the MTV Award 2002 and I refuse to see it ever again. Even on his birthday they can´t treat him properly. I really don´t know what´s going on in these people´s mind and I think it´s better not to know or understand. Jack Black showed up dressed like Michael and made fun about him, tripping over the stage. After his death MTV admitted the “joke”, how “nice” of these cowards. They better should have apologized during his lifetime. I wonder how these people would feel, if they were treated like Michael.

  2. June says:

    I don’t watch the MTV awards anymore. Why? Just a bunch of half naked crybabies using foul language and calling it singing. I don’t know a single person who thought anything positive about these last VMA’s. I didn’t watch but, Appleh, are you saying it was at these just past VMA’s that Jack Black dressed up like Michael, or was that at another time. Well, either way, they are off my list. Michael’s performance in 1995 remains the only VMA performance worth watching. There would be no MTV were it not for Michael Joseph Jackson.

  3. Susan T says:

    Taj is SO correct!

    Michael Jackson gave MTV the rocket engine it needed to take off. They didn’t have anything to do with his career.

    Thankfully, I didn’t see any of that horrid abuse during that award ceremony. Discovering all the wonderful stories and acts that Michael put forth trumps these ugly expressions and paints a very pathetic image of those who seem most happy to ridicule and debase. Michael was all about finding the “good” in every situation, uplifting people, encouraging them to believe in themselves and do good.

    Frankly, there is a day set aside in our world for practically everything you imagine–some worthy, some ridiculous. If I had MY way, August 29, 1958 would be “officially” listed as Michael Jackson Day–a day to remember and celebrate an honest-to-goodness example of what a human being should be!

    Every day we think of you, we pray for you, we ask God to watch over your children. Actually, every day is Michael Jackson day for us, your loyal fans–but we won’t rest until the world recognizes your goodness!

  4. Lulu (Q.C.) says:

    No award or citation of any kind will truly be equal to what MJ did in his lifetime. And nobody’s attempt, though successful, to deprive him of these awards and citations will suffice to deflect the light that comes from his artistry and humanity. Since those responsible are well-organized and well-funded, not to mention persistent in their voluntary blindness (ergo foolishness), we must act to spread the truth as much as we can. There is no telling how far we can go nor how much success we will achieve. But we must keep the faith that truth and goodness will undoubtedly rule in the end. Especially for a good and kindhearted genius who simply sought to fulfill his calling.

    God bless you, Taj for doing your share in seeking justice for your Uncle Mike. And thanks again Seven for bringing all these to light.

  5. Joyce says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Taj, appleh, June and Susan! MTV has sunk to all time lows in the past decade in my opinion. I don’t even know why they still pretend to have anything to do with “Music”. Maybe the “M” now stands for Moronic!
    They owe their existence to Michael. They were a nanosecond away from disappearing off of the “radarscreen” back in the early 80’s until Michael came along and introduced the world to true musical genius. The disrespect that they have shown Michael on several occasions is reprehensible. I refuse to even watch that disgusting trick they played on him in 2002. Thank heavens, I didn’t see it when it happened. It breaks my heart to even think about it. The cruelty and vulgarity that is considered MTV entertainment now is a sad commentary on our world!

  6. Lisa D. says:

    Thank you Taj, for the TRUTH..I don’t watch MTV anymore, all these so called “Stars” are like a speak of sand in comparison to Michael Jackson’s genius, courage, compassionate heart, and class!! THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER..all these people who made fun of him, who humiliated him, who did not stand by his side, when he needed them, and those who stood in silence..They are just are cowards and weak, just like the ones who threw the they watched..I have stopped buying trash magazines, SONY products, and will not watch or listen to all these celebrities who either believe the lies or too much of coward to stand for the TRUTH of Michael Jackson..Michael was the greatest human being that has graced this planet, since JESUS..his love for humanity, his genius, his courage, his intelligence is beyond this world..IGNORANT people will NEVER understand because they do not have ABILITY To! I love Michael with all my heart..I will see him in paradise..King of My Heart..

  7. ella says:

    MTV was just another racist institution in American culture. They never wanted black artists on their channel. Michael & Epic Records forced their hand. Even though Michael made MTV into the success it became, they STILL resented the fact that
    #1-Michael (simply a “lowly artist) and his record label had the power to influence their programming
    #2-Michael was more successful than ALL of the white artists they promoted on their channel

    If you look back, the most celebrated artists on MTV have been people like Madonna, Eminem, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc. See a pattern here?? Even Prince got more respect.

    Michael was always SUBORDINATED & DISRESPECTED. MTV awarded Janet Jackson the first Icon Award in 2001 (I love her but let’s get real, Michael deserved it first). The next recipients were Aerosmith??????

    The irony is MTV REFUSED TO PLAY JANET JACKSON’S VIDEOS AFTER THE SUPERBOWL INCIDENT!!! Radio stations also **black**-balled her, much like they did to Michael. Such gratitude the industry showed for the most successful Jackson siblings’ hard work.

    MTV also kept Eminem’s vile disgusting video for “Just Lose It” on HEAVY rotation. You know the one depicting Michael’s hair burning, nose falling off, little kids jumping on his bed.
    Interestingly enough, BET pulled the video after they received complaints. Stevie Wonder spoke out against the video too(he’s such a wise man)

    I remember in 1994 at the VMAs when Michael & Lisa Marie opened the show, Madonna came out a while later to present with David Letterman. She mocked Michael’s speech and the whole auditorium erupted with laughter (YUCK)

    These are just some of the examples of MTV’s foolish and backhanded behavior. I knew the 2002 incident was a media stunt. That channel is worthless now and has destroyed itself & it’s only fitting.

    I noticed how they removed his name from the Video Vanguard Award even back in the 90s. Every musical institution both corporate and mass media turned on Michael after the allegations. Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV, the list goes on. How PATHETIC!! Record sales CONTINUE to fall and the industry is now anxiously awaiting Michael’s posthumous releases for revenue. What a joke.

  8. pez says:

    Four of the greatest performances in MTV history >Michael at 1995 VMAs >Michael at MTV’s 10th Anniversary >Janet at 1993 VMAs >Janet at 2000 VMAs


  9. Hayat says:

    About thàt disgraceful disguisting event…
    It was outrageous. It was dirty. Disgusting. Sickening.

    Its since then that I despise everything that MTV did – does or shows.
    The Awards in my opinion are worthless. The shows are worthless.
    For example, I couldn’t understand why Beyoncé’s video ‘single ladies’ won Best Dance.
    Best Dance?
    I associate Dance with everything Michael stood for.
    No shaking hips – wearing a bikini and showing off skin.
    No offence to Beyonce – I know they liked one another.
    But that wasn’t a DANCE video.
    I’m not gonna sum up all the short films Michael made – every single one of them had a message, a meaning. A goal. It made you feel you could do ANYTHING.

    MTV – has sunken way deep. The standards are so low now a days, the only thing that you have to do is show skin and sell your sex. You don’t even hav to know how to sing or dance.

    How I miss those days when we always used to watch MTV and feel so overwhelmed by what we saw. It had meaning. It had class, style.
    The things that children look at now are just nothing short of pornographic videos.

    The way they abused Michael. The way they mocked him.. and ten they wonder why MJ left the US!!!
    Jack Black, that stupid fat pig – makes my stomach ache when I see his face on the screen.
    It wasn’t just them though. The audience too. If I were there I would have BOO’d him off the stage! I would have beaten him up! I don’t care who’d stop me or kick me off! My blood is just cooking right now, I can’t help it. But they all laughed at his ‘jokes’.
    Why wasn’t there someone who condemned the set up?
    What, were they afraid they’d fall out of grace?
    Was it better to follow the Lamestream? Instead of protecting the King of Short Films???


  10. dez says:

    I felt bad for MJ, MTV just sucks. I know its an honor to have an MTV award in the name of MJ but IMO….there’s probably no one who deserves that award these days, I mean Music Videos just sucks, full of crap & gimmicks just like MTV itself.
    About the millenuim award …i think the award is true, and MTV just made a joke to him & mock him. So bad MJ made MTV…and respect is not given….i really hate this media probably all sort medias…billboard, rollingstone, time, cnn, abc…so on, SMH

  11. appleh says:

    I heard for the first time in Ella´s comment above, that Madonna mocked about MJ + LMP after their opening at the
    MTV Awards in 1994. I´m outraged. Soon after his death she praised him like “Long live the King” in one of her concerts and paid a little tribute to him. She and all the others are hypocrites. Before his death they were not interested in him (even during the trial in 2005) or they made bad jokes about him. Nobody, absolutely nobody,
    except a very small amount of real friends and his family and of course his fans stood behind him. He was barely cold after June 25th all these “friends” who haven´t talked to him for years nor cared about him came out of the woods to get into the public to get their five minutes of fame again by telling us how devastated they were after he was gone. They showed up everywhere where they could catch access to a microphone. Well now, after a year later all these “friends” are dropped off again. You didn´t hear anything from them about the children, about the recent trial nor that any of them demands justice for Michael. But when in comes to use his name for their own advantage, they show up in crowds. I would laugh about such ****, if it wasn´t so sad for MJ.

  12. Heidi says:

    MTV = MICHAEL TRASHING VULTURES. Sounds like a complete boycott by the millions of us who boosted their ratings for years is in order. “The dissolving of MTV for what they did to Michael Jackson.” Awwwwww…….. NEXT!

  13. cherie says:

    There is a channel on YouTube called “MJMedia09Returns” The user has uploaded many videos already & will continue to upload videos from shows like Hard Copy, Entertainment Tonight, and other shows from various media networks. This channel is an audio-visual archive of the media’s slander and destruction of Michael Jackson for over 2 decades. Fans should check it out. It’s a real eye-opening channel.

  14. cherie says:

    The author of this article has the audacity to “blame” Michael for making MTV successful (only because MTV is now garbage) LOL!!! How is it Michael’s fault that MTV has nosedived over the past 20 years?? Maybe if MTV had shown *real* artists more respect, the channel would not be the crap it is today.

  15. Daryn says:

    MTV is sick. What a disgrace. That’s just so incredibly disrespectful.

  16. Ali says:

    Hey, i just read a snippet that the Pope likes Thriller! apparently its included in his 10 ‘desert island discs’! along with The Beatles and Oasis!

  17. yene says:

    MTV is garbage. The most entertaining thing they did at the VMAs in ages was that “tribute” minus Madonna’s speech even though she defended him in 2003 (when no other celebrity would). I respected her for that & she also defended him after his death.

  18. damonika says:

    I agree with Taj. Michael made what MTV is today! I can’t watch MTV anymore because it’s nothing but reality shows! Hell everything is nothing but reality shows these days! I watched the 2002 awards show that night as well, and I SMH at them for what they did. And on the DAY he was born! Idiots. MTV czn go somewhere. I only watch it for videos now!

  19. mjishbabe says:

    I still couldn’t believe how mean the people at MTV to treat Michael this way. Here’s a great article explaining the truth behind the Artist of the Millenium award from
    Thank you Se7en, for everything.
    In 2009, MTV retconned that Michael had indeed been honored with the Artist of the Millennium Award – in a non-direct cowardly way [see the screenshot : ]
    But still todate, many sites continue to quote this incident as a mocking highlight of his career.

  20. Seven says:

    Thank you Mjishbabe,

    This part: “–this happened during the big falling out Jackson had with Sony Music.” – Well, it’s one of those things that make you say: “Hmmmm…”

    I think it was either that, I think and/or that they duped him to get him on the show so they could boost their ratings. One, the other, or both.

    Either way, shame on MTV.

  21. no surprise says:

    It’s important to note that $ONY has MAJOR shares in MEDIALOID networks, including MTV. They also dictate how Grammys programming is executed. Mmmm that truly reeks of suspicion.

  22. Aseem says:

    I hate mtv he really deserved one …i mean i also thinkl that even mj haters would accept mj as the artist of millenium. MTV should be down on ratings that time it was so disrespectful .. that on birthday they treated him like that………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….RIDICULOS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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