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MJ’s Greatest Bites With Mani and Akasha

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Golden Temple is a now defunct but once popular vegetarian restaurant in Los Angeles. Back in the ‘Thriller‘ days, Michael Jackson used to eat there. And it was there that he discovered Akasha Richmond and Mani Niall. Michael became a regular customer, and hired them to cook for him on tour and as private chefs. Michael first hired Mani as a private chef for the Victory Tour and then Akasha followed, having been hired to cater parties and dinners during the Bad and HIStory tours.

Cooking and traveling for the King of Pop shaped and inspired both Mani and Akasha’s culinary palettes. Says Mani: “I can truly say that working with Akasha was the first inspirational experience I had in the kitchen-and then Michael? He believed in me, treated me with respect and was really a fun person. When I went to work for him I was a cook and by the time I finished I was a chef.

Akasha shares her fondest memory of working with Michael: “My fondest memory would be living in NYC with him (1995) while he made the HIStory album, especially the night he played the piano for me and sang while I cooked him dinner. I met Michael for the first time at the Golden Temple when I was the chef there. We were both shy. He came in everyday. What I’ll miss most is the laugh, the love and fun that I have never seen since.

On June 25th, 2010, in celebration and remembrance of their time together with Michael, Mani joined Akasha in the AKASHA restaurant kitchen to cook up some of Michael’s favorite dishes. Akasha said: “Cooking for Michael was one of the greatest times of my life, and since Mani and I wanted to be together on the anniversary of his passing, we felt there was no better way to remember him than to cook up some of his favorite dishes.

"MJ's Greatest Bites" at Akasha restaurant in Culver City, June 25th, 2010

In the admittedly badly-lit video of the celebration below, you can watch them cooking Michael’s favorite dish: New Mexican Red Chile and Cheese Enchiladas. You’ll also see Mani enjoying another favorite of Michael’s for dessert: sweet potato pie with ‘ookie‘ crust. Mani will explain about the crust in the video. I have been told by others that Michael liked a particular kind of cookie that Chef Kai Chase would make for him and he also called them ‘ookies‘. You’ll have to watch the video to learn why he called them that. There are a few photos of Michael, some with Mani. You may have seen Mani previously in photos with Michael but perhaps not known who he was. Around 4:00, Mani tells how Michael employed his snake Muscles to give a little payback to some snobby CBS executives. They were not amused. But Michael certainly was!

New Mexican Red Chile and Cheese Enchiladas - one of Michael's favorite dishes

Where are they now? As mentioned, Aksaha now has her own restaurant in LA, aptly called ‘AKASHA‘. Mani Niall was the founder of Mani’s Bakery which operated on Fairfax Ave. in LA for years. However, I believe Mani’s is now closed and has been replaced by another bakery. Mani is currently Executive Chef for Just Desserts in San Francisco.

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Feb 03 2012

Don Cornelius of Soul Train, Madame Butterfly and Michael

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Don Cornelius with a young Michael during one of their many interviews

Don Cornelius, the creator of the pioneering dance and music TV show Soul Train on which Michael and his brothers appeared many times, passed away on February 1st, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. When Michael passed, Don remembered him and the Jacksons. A dancer from Soul Train who knew Michael and the Jacksons had some memories to share as well. Here they are, along with a video compilation video of Don’s many interviews with Michael on Soul Train over the years.

First, Don Cornelius from Time :

The younger guys coming up used him as the standard. If there’s anyone to use as the standard, to shoot at, to compare yourself with, it’s Michael Jackson.

The word got around that these kids from Gary, Ind. — next door to Chicago, where I was working as an announcer — were amazing. A lot of the local recording artists were being told, “If these Jackson 5 kids are on the show that you’re contemplating [doing], don’t book the show because they will kick your ass.” That’s when Michael was 6 or 7. I got to know their father Joe Jackson accidentally — or I sought him out, I can’t remember; it’s been a long time. Most of the guys I worked with at the radio station did some moonlighting as stage-show promoters, and I found a venue and decided to do one. Joe was nice enough to give me the group. That’s how I met them and first got to know Michael. He was about 8.

Michael epitomized the incredible lead singer that most major groups tend to have: the Miracles with Smokey Robinson, the Commodores with Lionel Richie, the Temptations with Eddie and Dennis. Joe Jackson had figured out that that was the formula: he had the spectacular lead singer who could do every step that James Brown ever demonstrated. Michael was just a killer onstage. That’s the first thing you noticed. He knew his way around a stage; he commanded the whole operation.

He had a star quality, even as an 8-year-old. He was such a lovable individual. If you were backstage, you saw the women who happened to be on the same show, and they just kind of adopted Michael. They were always hugging and kissing and rubbing him — it went on and on, more than almost any other kid could possibly bear. I’m sure Michael got tired of it, but he never complained. They were all over him. As time went on, he sort of fell in love with Diana Ross —her music and her singing — and I think it was mutual. She fell in love with him also. He was still only 9 or 10.

With a guy who’s that young, you don’t try to project how good he’s gonna be ’cause he’s only 4 ft. tall. You’re looking at a small person who can do anything he wants to do onstage — with his feet or his voice. To get to the level of people who can do that, you’re talking about James Brown as a performer. You’re talking about Aretha Franklin as a singer. Or Stevie Wonder or Donny Hathaway — people who were renowned for being able to do whatever they wanted to do with their voices. Michael was like that as a kid. As he began to evolve, you could hear Diana in his singing. You could hear Stevie Wonder. You could hear Marvin Gaye. You could hear Smokey. Once he put it all together, you wouldn’t hear anybody imitating him, because he just had too much going for him as a singer. He was the man. The younger guys coming up used him as the standard. If there’s anyone to use as the standard, to shoot at, to compare yourself with, it’s Michael Jackson.

SOURCE: http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1907409_1907413_1907485,00.html

Pat Davis aka 'Madame Butterfly'

And here is an interview by Soul Train with Patricia Davis, from Soul Train’s own website:

Patricia Davis is one of the original members of the Soul Train Gang who danced on the show from nearly its very beginning. Patricia remembers fun loving Michael who she nicknamed ‘Dodo Bird

Soul Train: You were also good friends with Michael Jackson and the Jackson family, correct?

Patricia Davis: Yes. The first time they came to Soul Train, they invited me and Gary Keys (another popular Soul Train dancer) to their dressing room because they loved our dancing on the show. After that, they invited Gary and me to their house and we taught them things like the Robot, locking steps and certain neck movements. We would even go to the movies with them, but they had to wear disguises so that no one would recognize them.

Soul Train: What are some of your memories from that time with Michael Jackson?

Patricia Davis: I remember one time I was at his house and we had just finished dancing and we went outside and I playfully grabbed Michael and we were playing and running back and forth between parked cars in the Jacksons driveway. Suddenly, a big mafia type guy grabbed me and said, “Don’t hurt him (Michael), he’s worth a lot of money. Be careful of how you are playing.” I didn’t know who that man was, whether he was a security guard or someone doing business with Joe Jackson (Michael’s father).

Soul Train: Michael has said in interviews that he was sad and shy during his adolescence. Did you witness any of that during the times you spent with him?

Patricia Davis: Yes, I got a sense of his shyness. I understood Michael so much. He just wanted to dance and perform. But when he came off the stage, he was introverted. It was hard to get away from the camera and the stage. I was the same way. On the set of Soul Train, when the cameras were off, I ran away from them because I was very shy.

But Michael could be a prankster also. Once, when Lisa Jones (another Soul Train dancer) and I were at his house, he asked Lisa, “Do you want some potato chips?” Lisa said, “Yeah, I like potato chips!” So Michael gave Lisa the bag of chips and she reached into the bag and there was a snake in it! (Laughs)

Soul Train: (Laughs) So you also got to see Michael’s playful side?

Patricia Davis: Yes. I even had a nickname for him. Dodo Bird! (Laughs)

Soul Train: The death of Michael Jackson a couple of years ago was shocking and a huge loss. Since he was a friend of yours, I know that it must have been especially painful.

Patricia Davis: Oh yes. Michael’s death was very sad.

Patricia Davis is one of the original members of the Soul Train Gang who danced on the show from nearly its very beginning. A dance icon as well as a fashion icon, she was noted for her 1940s-style outfits and the flowers and butterfly hair pieces she wore in her hair which earned her the nickname “Madame Butterfly.”

And those interviews:

Rest in Peace, Don

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Jan 29 2012

“Contrary to popular belief Michael was not in artistic decline”

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Photo from the 4-page article in Black and White magazine

I’ve posted previously about how Michael contributed music to the Sonic the Hedgehog game by Sega, and about how that music formed the basis for ‘Stranger in Moscow‘. Brad Buxer, one of Michael’s long-time collaborators, was interviewed in December 2009 by French magazine ‘Black and White‘. Part of that interview was cited in my previous post, but now I’ve located the entire interview.

Buxer was the keyboarder and arranger on all albums since ‘Dangerous‘, and Music Director of the ‘Dangerous‘ and ‘HIStory‘ tours.  Buxer knew Michael for over 15 years and having left the music business, is now an airline pilot.

Buxer states that Michael was not in “artistic decline” as many in the media love to insist. I’d think Buxer would certainly know more about Michael’s later creative capacity than the media does.

For your enjoyment, here is that full interview, imperfectly translated by ‘segaloco‘ and shared from sonicretro.org (I will post a better translation if I can locate one):

Black & White: How did you come to work with Michael?

Brad Buxer: In 1986 I toured with the Stevie Wonder’s band. But as you know, Michael was a big fan of Stevie and, therefore, it was paying serious attention to the musicians who worked with him … Until 1991, so I toured with Stevie but in the meantime, thanks to him I could get to know Michael. I will never forget my first encounter with him. A current immediately passed between us. Musically speaking, we were on the same wavelength, we spoke the same language. And purely human, we instantly became friends. Bonds were created naturally, and they have only strengthened over time ….

Black & White: Soon Michael and you got involved in the creative process of what would become the album Dangerous …

Brad Buxer: Yes. Before Teddy Riley is working on the album, with Bill Bottrell, we recorded several demos, including those Who Is It, Black Or White or Heal The World …

Black & White: Dangerous was the first album recorded without Michael by Quincy Jones. Why do you think he did this?

Brad Buxer: Let me be clear: Michael was not angry with Quincy. He has always had an admiration for him and an immense respect. But with Dangerous, Michael wanted to control the creative process from A to Z. Simply put, he wanted to be his own boss. Michael was always a very independent, and he also wanted to show that his success was not because of one man, namely Quincy. However, Quincy still had a lot of opinions. This showed when we finished Dangerous and Michael called Quincy to help him at the end. Quincy still had a lot of opinions about the album. And when Quincy said we had a masterpiece, Michael was no longer hesitant to release the album …

Black & White: One of the great successes of Dangerous is Who Is It. But the structure of this song reminds many of Billie Jean. Was this conscious on the part of Michael?

Brad Buxer: No, I do not think so. I never really paid attention but now that you say is true, Who Is It and Billie Jean are very close. However, despite all the qualities of Who Is It, I do not think it comes close to Billie Jean. No song is better than Billie Jean, I think …

Black & White: In the studio, Michael gave you a lot of freedom?

Brad Buxer: Absolutely. Michael was not rigid, he was always open to my suggestions and ideas. He gave me full confidence. Most often, I sang a melody, and I found the arrangements to accompany it. Regarding arrangements for strings or sheets of synth, I tended not to do, and intervened when he found that the direction in which I was going not good. Even if a musical point of view, Michael was a genius, he knew he could not do everything and he had the intelligence to delegate some things. Sometimes, he knew exactly what he wanted to hear me sing all the parts of a song. Other times, he let me play until he hears something he likes. This is particularly what happened to songs like Who Is It or Stranger In Moscow.

Black & White: Is that Michael sometimes wrote the lyrics of a song before a melodic idea?

Brad Buxer: No, it’s almost never happened. Michael was still writing the lyrics at the last minute, on a piece of table. It was one of his hands. [laughs] He expected that often the instrumentation of a song is completely finished before writing lyrics. And it made us crazy sometimes! For example, Michael wrote the lyrics of Black Or White in 20 minutes in the studio while we waited to do his vocals. [laughs]

Black & White: Did you sometimes feel that Michael was frustrated not knowing how to play an instrument?

Brad Buxer: Not really. But once he asked me to give him piano lessons. I told him: “Ok Michael, do it seriously. Every day, you’ll sit with me for 15 minutes and there will be a little lesson. But he never had the patience to apply himself to this discipline. [laughs] I think he knew he did not need to play an instrument to express his talent. While he may not have played an instrument, he was still a fantastic musician. He instinctively understood the music. It was just part of him …

Black & White: Can see clarify the rumor that Michael had in 1993 composed the music for Sonic 3 video game, which you will be credited?

Brad Buxer: I’ve never played the game so I do not know what tracks on which Michael and I have worked the developers have kept, but we did compose music for the game. Michael called me at the time for help on this project, and that’s what I did. And if he is not credited for composing the music, it’s because he was not happy with the result sound coming out of the console. At the time, game consoles did not allow an optimal sound reproduction, and Michael found it frustrating. He did not want to be associated with a product that devalued his music.

Black & White: One of the surprising things in the music of Sonic 3 is that you can hear the chords of Stranger In Moscow, which is supposed to have been composed later …

Brad Buxer: Yes, Michael and I had composed those chords for the game, and it has been used as base for Stranger in Moscow.. More than any other song that I worked on with Michael, Stranger In Moscow is where I did my most artistic work. I’m not credited as co-composer on this track, but I have worked closely with Michael on the composition and structure of this song … I also played virtually all instruments.

Black & White: Did that not bother you that Michael did not include it in the song credits as co-composer?

Brad Buxer: No. I did not ask to be. When you have the opportunity to work with such a musical genius, to be credited or not, it does not really matter. I had a great opportunity of working with Michael all these years. I’m probably the musician with whom he worked most of his career. I was a musician and arranger from 1989 until 2006. It shows how we were on stage, him and me …

Black & White: You also play almost all instruments on Morphine …

Brad Buxer: Yes, but unlike Stranger In Moscow Michael knew exactly what he wanted to hear each instrument pure. He sang all the parts, whether the piano in the middle of the song, or those sheets of synth on the chorus. Everything is his. On this song, so I simply carried out his ideas. With two sound engineers, it has even been singing the word “Morphine” on the chorus. It was very fun …

Black & White: Can you tell us about In The Back, appearing on The Ultimate Collection? It is a truly exceptional piece …

Brad Buxer: I’m glad you mentioned this song because it’s one of my favorites. This title is unbelievable and it proves once again how Michael was a genius … Like morphine, I play almost every instrument on this song, but all ideas are Michael. What a pity he did not write the words as such deserved to be completed 100%. It is also Beautiful Girl, by the way … We worked so hard on In The Back … We recorded a lot of parts that are not on the version you know. Bill Preston [legendary keyboardist who worked with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Editor’s note] was for example at the studio to play the organ. But Michael did not keep this part …

Black & White: Do you experiment a lot while recording a title?

Brad Buxer: Yes, because Michael loved finding new sounds that the human ear had never heard. Often, he repeated: “Brad, get me a sound that hurts really bad.” That meant he wanted something that shakes him inside. Even if we had much use of machines and computers to design some sounds of drums, sometimes we find more ideas … organic, I would say. For example, we came banging on the lid of a grand piano with a baseball bat to design a specific drum. [laughs]

Black & White: You’ve recorded new songs with Michael after Invincible. You can tell us about that?

Brad Buxer: Yes, the newest piece on which we worked, Michael and me, From The Bottom Of My Heart, the title was out to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina … Overall, the songs we recorded during the latest years are of exceptional quality. Contrary to popular belief Michael was not in artistic decline. He bubbled with ideas. And these songs on which we worked are more original and more creative than we’ve done together.

Black & White: Michael has never been lacking inspiration?

Brad Buxer: No. At no time in his life has Michael lacked inspiration … Plus he went through many trials, as has been the case in 2005, and this had a positive influence on creativity.

Black & White: Do you think we will hear in the near future these songs recorded during the last years of his life?

Brad Buxer: I am not allowed to speak, but it is very likely …

Black & White: Are you staying in contact with Michael afterwards?

Brad Buxer: Last year, he called me to work with him again. The problem is that having gotten my pilot’s license, I had just been hired by an airline. And projects like Michael were quite vague and did not even have a label behind him, I could not risk giving my resignation and losing one job like that. I needed to know where I was in this case, it was not the case at all. Being 51 years old today, I might never be hired again later. To my regret, I had to refuse to work with him again.

Black & White: What are the best memories you keep of Michael?

Brad Buxer: All those laughs we had together … I remember the races we had in the corridors of the hotel when we were on tour, or the food fights in our rooms … But mostly, I always remember his smile when we listened to a song completed. There was a lot of pride, love and respect in this regard. And the feeling was mutual … For nearly 20 years, I have been fortunate to count Michael among my best friends. We were the same age, him and me. Needless to say I miss him terribly …

Michael with 'Sonic the Hedgehog'

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Jan 28 2012

“I don’t wanna go on this tour, I just don’t feel right about it”

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Michael during 'This is It' rehearsals

You may or may not have heard or read about Michael’s request that Andrae Crouch sing the song “It Won’t Be Long” for him just one week before he died. I’ve come upon an interview where Andrae mentions this, as well as another comment Michael made to him regarding the “This is It” tour. It seems Michael had a sense that maybe something was amiss:

…at the rehearsal before he passed, [Michael Jackson] stood right there in the middle of us all and talked about the [TII] tour and how the stage was going to be built and what it would look like. But in the same breath he said, “I don’t wanna go on this tour, I just don’t feel right about it”. That’s what he said. He kinda knew that something was going on but he didn’t know what. I know he is with the Lord because he was so ready. When we did the song “Man in the mirror”, we would do a warm up song called “It won’t be long” and every time we got together he told me that he always would sing that song to himself and he asked if we could sing that song for him and I said “Sure”. He loved that song and he was so gentle and I praise God for the work that he did in his life before he went to be with the Lord. -Andrae Crouch

SOURCE: http://rootmagazineonline.com/featured-content/1970/

Here’s the song Michael loved and asked Andrae to sing for him just one week before he died:

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Jan 23 2012

“I do not mean the end of us.”

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Michael with Christine Decroix

Christine Decriox is the woman who wrote the French interpretation of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You“. In French, the title of that song is “I do not mean the end of us“. On the eve of the “Bad” tour, Christine Decriox agreed to an interview. Here is rough translation of that interview:

SOURCE: http://www.mjfrance.com/michael-jackson/concerts/tournees/bad-tour/interview-de-christine-coco-decroix

I met Quincy in Los Angeles by friends of friends. We sympathized. I moved there to learn English. Quincy asked me to come to the recording sessions of Bad. When I heard “I just can’t stop loving you” I told Michael that he should sing it in French because the language is harmoniously appropiate to this genre of romantic melodies. Quincy asked me to write the text. I did and Michael recorded it.

What is the title in French?
I do not mean the end of us.” It is intended for French-speaking countries. Michael has also recorded a beautiful version in Spanish with Ruben Blades for Hispanic countries. After that, I think Julio Iglesias will have problems.

How did it go?
I wrote a few sentences first. It was hard, I had never done that. For me it was the first time. My English teacher asked me to stop. “I try to teach English,” I he said, “and you spend your time writing in French, that occupies the mind, you’ll never speak well. ” I listened to him and gave up. But after a while, Quincy encouraged me to continue. The text was pleasing to Michael, we began recording in July 1987. Then he had to go on the Bad tour again and we ended up recording early September. I intend to write other pieces for him. If I can! There is talk that he recorded an album with four songs in French for the French market.

Michael understands French?
A little bit. He mainly has a very good ear. He repeats instantly without accent. The song is more poignant in French. It gives much more, perhaps because he must make an attentive effort.

What is the text in French?
It begins with “I close my eyes.” Right away, when he said it, it was encompassing. The music is soft, his voice is very sexy. Then it’s: “I feel feverish, without you I’m cold.” I will not say any more. I’ve already said too much. I’ll ask Quincy if you can print.

How is Michael?
He’s great. He is a very sensitive boy and terribly shy. When he does not know you, he does not dare talk to you. He can not even look at you. So that we can believe in the first instance it is a muzzle. While the opposite is true. At first I thought I bothered him and that my presence was too much. It’s very embarrassing. And then, gradually, after seeing me a few times with Quincy, he started looking at me. then he said hello. He got used to me. He needed to gain confidence. When this happened, he was extremely attentive, he remained concerned about whether all is well, if you are happy. He is the most considerate man I have ever met. And we do not know is that he has a lot of humor. it was a wonderful experience to work with him. It’s really very strange what happened to me.

After Michael’s death, Christine left the following very heartfelt message in the description of her Facebook group page:

Together to protect Michael Jackson’s honour !!!

Together let’s stand up and denounce the “wolves who killed the little lamb”, the people like journalist Bashir who didn’t know him and abused of his trust for their profit.

As a friend I spent a great amount of time in the recording studio with him, we always had children with us and were always laughing and playing between recording sessions. He brought a lot of joy in people lives. I grew up in… Belgium raised by my dad who, as a chief of police, taught me to always be suspicious and I can tell you that I couldn’t see anything wrong with Michael except maybe that it was a man who at a young age never had the time to be a kid. He told me once that children are pure and innocent and adults always want something from him. That’s the sole reason he felt more comfortable with children, they just loved him because he was magic for the kids, and made them feel like giants. He loathed vulgarity and would have been upset at me laughing with a dirty joke in the studio.

He was a genius and an amazing talent already at a young age. Nobody can judge him without knowing him. If one of you had spent only one hour with him, you would have fallen in love with his pure heart. He could make everybody around him feel special. He was even thanking you for working with him,and had definitely not a big star attitude, he was down to earth, lived on a healthy diet, never drank alcohol. The day of my birthday party in Tokyo he took my glass of champagne away from me and replaced it by a glass of water. He was not joking he just cared for people.

He already suffered from back problems in 1987 but I never saw him taking any drugs. It’s just a disgrace to compare his death with Anna Nicole Smith. Michael Jackson told me once “coco (nickname he gave me), don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins ” so stop judging him, love him because he loved you all and that’s what he suffered from and why he was accused of committing such an horrible crime. He didn’t do it, he was found not guilty. They tried for years but couldn’t find any proof.

Once he also told me: animals kill to eat, humans kill for pleasure. He was a child but a smart one. I tried a few years ago to gather people who knew him to speak out but nobody wanted to do it by fear of the media. Let’s unite to denounce the true murderers of Michael. I know today that his place belongs in paradise.

Let’s get together, Let’s get together and honour his life and legacy, simply because he was the greatest of all time.

Christine Decroix – Snider,
Forever a friend of Michael.

Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous – Lyrics

Je ferme les yeux
Je me sens fiévreux
Sans toi, j’ai froid
J’aimerais t’appeler
J’aimerais prononcer
que toi, que toi
Ce que je ressens
Personne ne comprend
Je me sens si bien de t’aimer
Pour la première fois
Je sais que c’est toi
J’ai besoin de rêver
Je vais t’emmener

L’été finira
Près du feu de bois
On fera l’amour
Blottie contre toi
Je te dirai tout bas
Tu me rends folle
Ce que je ressens
Personne ne comprend
Je me sens si bien près de toi
J’en perd ma fierté
Je ne veux plus tricher
La vérité pour moi
C’est la vie avec toi

Je ne veux pas la fin de nous
Je ne veux pas la fin de nous
Et si ça stoppe
Je crois que je deviendrais fou
Je ne veux pas la fin de nous

Et danser tout l’hiver
Sans toi c’est un enfer
Ne t’en vas pas

Et pouvoir t’embrasser
J’en tremble rien d’y penser
Tout te donner

Les femmes d’avant toi
Ne comptent même pas
J’ai oublié tout ton passé

La terre peux trembler

La guerre éclater

Je supporterai tout
Écoute-moi mon amour

Je ne veux pas la fin de nous
Je ne veux pas la fin de nous
Et si ça stoppe
Je crois que je deviendrais fou
Je ne veux pas la fin de nous

Notre amour brillera dans ce monde

Il m’a vraiment tout apporté

Donne-moi ton corps et ton âme

Pour te dire amour, toujours, je veux te garder

Je ne veux pas la fin de nous
Je ne veux pas la fin de nous
Et si ça stoppe
Je crois que je deviendrais fou
Je ne veux pas la fin de nous


Michael in the studio with Christine Decroix, recording “Je ne veux pas la fin de nous” - the French version of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. 1988.

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