Dec 13 2009

“There’ll be some stairs here so I can hug a couple of girls?”

Category: MJ Quotes,VideosSeven @ 2:09 pm

This is for all you trashy book peddlers and medialoids with your willfully ignorant and sensationalist “Michael Jackson was gay!” claims. Michael liked to hug GIRLS. Go to YouTube and find some ‘You Are Not Alone‘ videos and watch them. You would plainly see that Michael Jackson liked girls and loved getting hugs from them. 

Yet another example of Michael’s love for girl hugs is Michael rehearsing “She’s Out of My Life” while verifying that he’ll be able to get some girl-love when he performs the song. Gay guys don’t do that. 

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7 Responses to ““There’ll be some stairs here so I can hug a couple of girls?””

  1. ‘But I have this weakness—I love looking at girls!’ | MJJ-777 says:

    […] age, so I remember this distinctly.  Does this sound ‘gay‘ to you?  Michael Jackson liked girls. Women. Any and all claims that he was ‘gay‘ are self-serving and/or ignorant. Arnie […]

  2. MJJ-777 » This brand of GREED is what killed him. And still they continue. says:

    […] fact that he very much was not ‘gay’ and preferred women. Over the years, I found that rather obvious myself as did many […]

  3. smit says:

    All I have to say is that I if I was her I wouldn’t be saying “Stop! stop!” LOL.
    Michael was too cute! *sigh* I sure do miss him!

    Thanks Seven for all your beautiful poems!

  4. Seven says:

    Oh so cute! He was being a sweet gentlemen – and a bit of a flirt! <3

  5. smit says:

    He was NOT gay! Check out this Youtube video of him flirting with this girl (pulling her bra strap!):blush:
    See, he didn’t think the a camera was rolling! LOL! He was ready to chase that girl down!
    It starts around 3:15

  6. Seven says:

    Is he adorable or WHAT? Argh! He liked his GIRL hugs! <3

  7. smit says:

    Too cute!!! God knows I would love me some MJJ hugs and kisses and….. *wink* lol