Dec 15 2009

“Michael is an awful driver. He hit everyone’s car in the studio lot at least once, including mine.”

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From “My Brush With Badness” – a diary by “Sam L. Parity” on working for Michael Jackson during the ‘Bad’ Tour:

Zippity Doo Da

"…Michael is an awful driver. He hit everyone's car in the studio lot at least once, including mine." (Photo NOT from Sam's diary. Just a funny picture of MJ and cars.)

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"He was also really concerned about doing anything that would inadvertently upset anybody around him. Even though he was spending five thousand bucks a day on studio time, Michael left me this note one day on my desk. I kept it as a souvenir, and pull it out now and then if people ever question my story. It pretty much tells you everything you need to know about him as a person and an artist."

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And again from Sam: MORE Musings on Michael:

MJ In Studio

"He was amazing in the studio. He has the equivalent of a photographic memory for music. He could sing something 40 different ways, and then two weeks later, remember that takes # 6 and 27 were the best ones." (Photo NOT from Sam's Diary. Just a nice photo of Michael recording.)

… We recorded so much music for Dangerous, that it was nearly impossible for MJ to pick out what was going to end up on the album. At one point, it was going to be a double album, as he had well over two hours of music chosen for the release.

When Sony decided they wanted it all to fit on a single CD, Michael kept coming back with lists of his his “final” selections, but they almost always added up to over 74 minutes–the maximum running time for the disc. I remember them going back and forth on this for weeks…

He still has my ink pin!

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12 Responses to ““Michael is an awful driver. He hit everyone’s car in the studio lot at least once, including mine.””

  1. Catherine M Gross says:

    LOL!This is so delightful.I adore this site 🙂 The election of Hillary is about to happen, and it has sucked the life out of everyone! It is definitely time for the uplifting of spirits, and there is nothing more uplifting than Michael. Wow … I remember how it felt to get behind the wheel of a car and try to get it right. It was like a combination of fear and hope if such a thing is possible. Well, 1 part fear and 3 parts hope. I guess that bakes out to excitement. Michael brought so much excitement to my life, and still does…. that it makes me happy inside to think of how Michael felt behind the wheel. Ink pin, just plain ol’ cute!

  2. Beatriz says:

    It sounds so sweet to me. I can imagine him driving, sweetheart…:)

  3. Teresita says:


  4. sue fischer aka psychicjane says:

    Michael probably did not have any depth perception. I notice in photographs his left eye veers to the left so he probably had what is called a “lazy” eye. This makes it really hard to drive especially to park and judge distance.

    Of course it just makes me love him MORE!

  5. Marie says:

    If you still have the material that didn’t fit in Dangerous, maybe we could expect a posthumous album? 😀 Imagine that as a Xmas present next year… <:) One can dream, right?

  6. MJJ-777 » “Nothing.”—What the FBI found over and over again when it did a forensic search of Jackson’s computers for the 2003-05 child-molestation case that resulted in Jackson’s acquittal. says:

    […] As hard as they tried (and they investigated every allegation thoroughly): scouring the entire World for ‘victims’, using tabloid articles and heresay from ex-employees with a grudge against Michael as ‘evidence’, they never found anything to prove Michael Jackson ever hurt a child – or did anything else wrong for that matter. Except have a car accident. (He was a terrible driver!) […]

  7. Seven says:

    I vote for true appreciation. 🙂

  8. emma says:

    maybe it is because of “coolness” or maybe it is a little sign of true appreciation…

  9. Seven says:

    Very cool Emma! I guess it’s ‘cool’ to love Michael again. Tell you what – I’ll never stop loving him – whether it’s cool or not! He’s precious. <3

  10. emma says:

    🙂 really nice stories. Thanks for sharing. Today I had two nice moments regarding Michael: a salesmen knocked on my door to offer me some telecom stuff and after I told him I am not interested to buy anything from him he gave me a thumbs up because I was listening Michael’s music. The other nice moment was on the radio. I use to listen to a smooth jazz station that often airs soul and funky music. The guy who led some thematic programme closed his session with some good wishes. He went like “don’t forget to learn Spanish, to do this and that…and finally don’t forget that MJ is the best.” It’s good to know that there are so many who love Him and are proud to say it.

  11. Nikki says:

    Oh, this is GREAT!!! Gave me a gooooood laugh today…

  12. Cindy Sutton says:

    haha! i love the pic of MJ and the cars 😀 makes me smile