Nov 10 2009

Seven to One – a Conversation with Michael Jackson

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8 Responses to “Seven to One – a Conversation with Michael Jackson”

  1. melbournemary says:

    Beautiful words Seven x

  2. Joyce says:

    I am so glad that I was drawn to this past post from MJT829’s recent comment. I had not found this wonderful site yet when you posted this back in November 2009. Your words are absolutely perfect and most definitely guided by Michael’s presence with you. I can almost hear his voice as I am reading the words. It is exactly the message and inspiration that Michael surrounds all of us with! You have captured his essence in your inspiring, beautiful words. This is most definitely worthy of a repeat posting! So very glad I found it!

  3. MJT829 says:

    Dear Seven,

    Isn’t he beautiful? It is just like him to send comfort and help us to realize from his heart, through your’s to the rest of us, that he will always be with us. With a love so intense as his, the world cannot help but be touched as he left his mark of love on it.Thank you for sharing with all of us who love him as well. We, too, have these questions, and wonder how we will ever see things like we did before he left? I don’t think he would want us to “stall out” in the grief of losing him, but to continue on and do whatever we can to heal our little corner of the world, and help those who can’t help themselves… who don’t have a voice. I think we should “celebrate him home”… into the arms of God, where he now finally knows the love that he always longed for, and try to find a way to let our brothers and sisters know that we want to help them along the way… everyday. Carry on his mission and never give up because together, we CAN change the world.

  4. Micheline says:

    Dear Seven…everything you say is so beautiful and so true, and I know Michael lives inside of me and you. I feel his pain, his love, his beauty, his heart, his child, his joy, his soul, his suffering, his love of God, of children, of the world. But when it comes to his unyielding love for humanity, that is where you have to help me, Seven. It was humanity that destroyed the most beautiful of God’s children! I want to love golden sunsets the way he did, blue skies, rainbows. Michael showed us what a full heart feels like through loving him. His presence among us was enough to know that all was well in the world…at least in our world. Losing Michael is a lesson I was not prepared to learn, and I am fighting it every painful step of the way! Your questions to Michael are my questions: How do I get beyond this? What do I do? How can I be with You? And your “answer” from M.J. was so moving. But I must first learn to let go of the painful memory – not of his death so much, which comes to all of us when fate decides, but of his shattered life, which ultimately led to his death. I am shattered for having witnessed the destruction of an angel I could not love more if he were my very own. If I ever “get over this,” maybe then I can believe Michael does live – through his message of doing everything with love in your heart. Thank you, Seven, for loving Michael so purely as I do, and for feeling the same pain. Together we must always look after our “child,” because we know his child was the heart that lived inside the man.

  5. Neliel says:

    Dear seven,
    I agree to the things Mike said.. I always believed and still believes in him. We have to work together to change the world, we must not let the next generation to suffer more than what we are experiencing right now.. We can achieve that goal as long as we’re together bonded by LOVE.. It was never hard, never before and neither never in the future. If we really want to save them, we can do it as long as we want to.Maybe in this world in the eyes of the crowd I’m no one, but I know each and everyone of us is someone to God. It’s so devastating to think how they treated Mike, and I’m happy that he’s already free. Not that I’m proclaiming it positively, but I believe that he is still alive and hope that when he decided to pull up the curtains, he won’t let anybody to manipulate him anymore..And I’ll do my best to be the one of them who will protect him and share a common purpose towards the world, especially the children.. Hope you can too and the whole world..God Bless..

  6. emma says:

    Dear Seven, your conversation with Michael it’s just wonderful.

  7. Seven says:

    My Heart said it to me, and My Heart is Michael. He would want us to carry on his work, his Light. That such brilliance could emanate from one person enough to envelop the whole World for decades can only be a miracle of God(dess). And Michael’s Light still shines but from a further distance now. It’s up to us to compensate for the difference by shining a little brighter ourselves, each of us – from the Heart.

  8. Birget Drawhorn says:

    That’s beautiful Seven, I can just hear him whispering it to you, so that you can then share it with the rest of us….I feel Michael would not want us hurting so much on his behalf, it would break his heart to see us suffer, because he has suffered, and knows how it feels and it’s affects on the heart….He would want us to do all those things in your poem and so much more, and to live our lives to the fullest, to fulfill our own destinies & give more tomorrow then we did yesterday, and to laugh & love….I want to believe Michael is safe now, so we just need to carry on and make him proud of us, knowing that all his messages were not only heard, but ultimately fulfilled.
    Peace & Love, B