Jan 03 2010

FBI File Reveals Attempt to Convict Michael Jackson Under Old, Racist Law

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I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
-Michael Jackson, ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us‘ lyrics

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In this piece he wrote about how the FBI attempted to convict Michael under the Mann Act, our dear friend Charles Thomson has met hammer with nail once again regarding the putrid, racist, abusive way Michael Jackson was hounded, chased, persecuted, and crucified by the political and legal system in the U.S. during his shortened lifetime.  Michael knew what was going on. You could hear it in his songs, just look at the lyrics above, as well as others.  Michael also mentioned the Jack Johnson story in a telephone interview with Jesse Jackson (around 4:58).  Michael talks about a PBS program called “Unforgivable Blackness” that is about Jack Johnson’s story.

Given this information in Michael’s FBI file, our racist history in the U.S. and habitual targeting and persecution of black luminaries, there is absolutely NO doubt that racism was at least partially behind the conspiracies to destroy Michael Jackson during his lifetime.

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The Mann Act, also known as the ‘White Slavery Act’, was introduced in 1910. Allowing officers to make arrests on the vague premise of ‘immoral behaviour’, the law was frequently used to smear black men, particularly those who consorted with white women.

… the LAPD tried to prosecute the star under the same legislation used to target black luminaries such as Jack Johnson, Rex Ingram and Chuck Berry.

Records show that the LAPD contacted the FBI on 7th September 1993 to ask whether the bureau would assist in the prosecution of Michael Jackson under the Mann Act.

Interestingly, they tried to convict Charlie Chaplin under the Mann Act as well but the law was so old, it was considered obsolete even then. That didn’t stop our modern-age racists from trying to convict Michael Jackson under the same arcane law though.

Michael had an affinity for Charlie Chaplin and Chaplin was a great influence on Michael artistically. I also suspect that Michael had an affinity for Chaplin because he saw him as someone who was also persecuted and crucified unfairly by an unjust political, media, and legal system similar to the way Michael was, particularly during the McCarthy era.

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  3. Gina says:

    I agree. I confess I feel terribly deprived. Surely, more of these gems will surface with time. We are all hungry for them.

  4. Seven says:

    I have heard it but didn’t know those details about it. THANK YOU for providing that information. I’ve been asking for days but no one seemed to know its origin. Did Lenny or Michael write it? Or, both? It was on a Lenny Kravitz album but the song was called ‘Storm’. I’m confused as to whether it was Michael’s or Lenny’s or both.

    If it’s Michael’s, I suspect (only guessing) it was to be included on ‘One More Chance’ – or along with that collection of stuff. I say that because there was a video that Michael was working on /w song called ‘One More Chance’ – not sure if that was an album he was going to release or just a song/video – but that one also never was completed because it was pre-trial and the trial knocked it off the radar.

    Probably ‘Another Day’ was part of that collection or album that never got released. It was in the same time frame. I COULD BE WRONG about that though. It’s just a guess.

    It’s daggone sad, isn’t it? We were unable to hear Michael’s magnificent music or see this video because of this crap and he was unable to ever release it because his whole life came tumbling down amongst these bogus allegations.

    I’m SO sad and angry that Michael was unable to share these things with the world when he was ALIVE because of batsh*t crazy extortionists, abusive media, racist political system, and a hellbent-on-destruction DA who wanted to crucify Michael.

  5. Gina says:

    Did you hear the snippet of the unreleased MJ/Lenny Kravitz song called Another Day that’s just surfaced? It knocked my socks off. The article said it was to be in an album that was supposed to be released in 2003, but was canceled. Who canceled it? Where are the rest of the songs? Sony/Epic snuffed it, most likely–killing his career. And why? Was it really all because MJ felt betrayed by them and wanted out? This was pre-Bashir and Gavin, wasn’t it?