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Was It Because He’s Black?: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Michael Jackson

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MJ and the Alligator

MJ and the Alligator. He was certainly up to his neck in them.

In this hard-hitting article by Christopher Hamilton dated January 6, 2005, the racist conspiracy Michael Jackson always knew he was up against is outlined in some detail (emphasis mine):

For years the media has labeled him “Wacko Jacko.” What happened to MJ? Wasn’t he the biggest thing in music at one point? When did he go crazy?

Michael started being labeled crazy when he began making business moves that no one had been successful at doing.

What is this man doing?” None of the greats did this. Not Bono, Springsteen, Sinatra. “Who does he think he is? Get whatever you can on him.

To “get” someone, you have to attack what they love the most. I’ll say no more on that.

The only man who even approaches MJ in taking on the industry is Prince and to a lesser extent, George Michael. They went after poor George Michael, publicly outing the man as a homosexual. Prince fought hard and made his point, but nevertheless still had to resort to using a major company to distribute his materials. There is nothing wrong with that. Prince would get the lion’s share, but the result were years of being labeled crazy and difficult.

The greatest moment for them was the Sneddon press conference. “We got him!” Never was such glee so evident. Who cares if we have evidence?

Michael Jackson is literally walking in the shoes that no Black person has ever walked in before. If he ever writes an autobiography, it will be one of the most interesting ever. A Black man with no real formal education becomes the most powerful man in the industry, despite hatred, racism, enemies in his own camps and a media willing to be bought to the highest bidder.

…Tommy Mattola did not lose his job with Sony because he was a bad label head. It was a casualty of war. MJ exposed him and Sony had to cut their losses. Companies do it all the time. Notice no one at Sony nor did Matolla himself ever sue MJ for slander.

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Read the rest here:

Michael Jackson: What They Don’t Want You To to Know

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7 Responses to “Was It Because He’s Black?: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Michael Jackson”

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  3. Seven says:


    It makes me wonder too. Sony jerked MJ around quite a bit, as you can see. I’m not sure about the ownership of Michael’s own catalog but what I’ve read is that rights were to revert to him in 2000 but then somehow he found out that they would not revert to him until 2009 (July or so).

    Think about that a minute….in the event of his DEATH, the catalog’s ownership remains with SONY. John Branca works for SONY. John Branca is one of the managers of Michael’s estate – according to the last will anyone could find, which was from 2002 – 7 years prior to his death.

    ? Huh. Hmmm….

    But – another account I read was that Sony somehow had it set up so that Michael’s own catalog of work could never be owned by him unless he produced an album every 2 years, which Michael could not/would not do. Think about that – it means that ownership of Michael’s catalog would never revert to him. The contracts kept ‘changing’ on Michael, interestingly enough. This is all why Michael battled with Sony and Mottola for so long and why he disliked them so much.

    And now a Sony executive is a manager of his estate?!

    To say that is suspicious given the background of all this – no matter what the exact story is – is an understatement.

    So how come Sony still owns MJ? Simple. They arranged it that way – apparently very underhandedly so with a constantly changing shell game. What it amounts to in the end is that they essentially stole Michael’s life’s work – his entire catalog of work, from Michael himself, and from those who are now its rightful owners – his children. They may have even murdered him for it – or so it appears.

    This is of course speculation – but look at the timelines and the players. I don’t believe “Doctor” Murray acted alone.

    Can this ever be proven? Who knows. But it certainly smells bad and looks mighty suspicious.

    About Invincible:

    In this YouTube video, Michael explains himself why Sony screwed him over on Invincible. To summarize, he outmaneuvered them on their catalog. He’s an artist. And he’s black. SHAME on him for out-thinking them. They took their revenge by NOT promoting his album. What could he do?

  4. Gina says:

    Thanks–I read the linked article. So how come Sony still owns MJ? From the way they yanked Another Day, it seems they own all of MJ’s material forever, even if they want to sit on it till doomsday. And I see they broke his career even before the Gavin thing. How nice of them to allow the This Is It movie to proceed. Now I know what certain members of the Jackson family meant when they said Michael is worth more to Sony dead than alive. Makes you wonder why the good doctor looked the other way at such a critical moment.
    Nonetheless, I’m proud of Michael for standing up for himself–although they flattened him with a steam roller in retaliation.

  5. Seven says:

    Hi Gina,

    I suspect he answer to your question RE: Invincible and Sony might be in this article which I have queued up for eventual inclusion here:


    I read the version of that book without Schuley’s nasty and whacked commentary – that way I’d not have to be aggravated by this wicked vulture who chose to release this book about these tapes only after MJ died but couldn’t see fit to do it when was alive so that MJ could defend himself or correct any incorrect ASSumptions on Schmley’s part – and there are a litany of them in his book. Such a “Man of God” is he eh? Pfft.

  6. Gina says:

    Fill me in, Seven. Why did Michael time his rebellion against Sony to just before Invincible was to be released? Didn’t he realize he depended on them to promote it–which they obviously didn’t. What was he going to do, instead?
    As far as “no formal education” is concerned, I realized a long time ago that tutoring is much denser than a regular education. Plus Michael was a ferocious reader, and since he picked and chose his reading material, he was also an independent thinker.
    I never thought I would do this, but I bought myself “The Michael Jackson Tapes” for Christmas. Just as I suspected, it should have been titled, “Michael’s World According to Shmuley.” If you can avoid the man’s endless faulty conclusions, arrogant and ignorant comments, the biased interpretations and editorializing, and just go straight to the tapes, there’s some great stuff to be gleaned. Too bad Shmuley didn’t check his skewed view of Michael at the door. It soon became obvious why Michael found it necessary to end the “mentoring” process. This man wouldn’t let him breathe. There was no way Michael could stick to the regime Shmuley insisted on. Boteach’s worst fault was his inability to reconcile Michael’s right-brain world with his own left-brain views. Yes, Michael was correct–artists ARE different. When you squelch their right brain activities, they can no longer create.
    I’m sure Michael could have used loving guidance, offered by soneome who could understand his creative process. In my opinion, Shmuley failed as his personal savior and quasi mentor because of his total lack of understanding in that regard. Make MJ “normal”? “Redeem” him in the eyes of the world? Oh help! How could someone with Shmuley’s take on “normal” render such precious but diverse songs as Butterflies, Speechless, Heaven Can Wait and 2,000 Watts?
    But, ultimately, it is obvious that Boteach meant well. As if that is ever enough. And it is also obvious that he loved Michael in his own way. And on the tapes, Michael does speak from his heart.
    Just one more thing–let us not forget the fact that Michael not only had to gall to turn himself white (!) but married not one but two white women (!!) and dared to raise two children who looked white and therefore should have been “taken away” from him. There was no way they were not going to get him for that–what was he but the ultimate “uppity nigger”? In their eyes, lynching was too good for him. A crucifixion was definetely called for.
    You don’t have to look any further than Tiger Woods, and ask yourself if he did anything countless white men don’t do as a matter of course without being torn to shreds.
    Thanks for letting me get this stuff off my chest. You don’t have to put it on your site if you don’t want to.