Jun 25 2010

Who is Conducting Love’s Symphony Now That Michael is Gone?

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Love's Symphony

Love's Symphony


All of US. And, these guys . . . the children. I know Michael would LOVE this. He always loved hearing people sing his songs, especially children.  This brought tears to my eyes. These kids LOVE Michael. Kids KNOW love when they see it. Unless children are taught to hate, by default they love and they know love when they see it.

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40 Responses to “Who is Conducting Love’s Symphony Now That Michael is Gone?”

  1. emma says:

    Thank you Seven for this wonderful tribute. Your answer (ALL OF US) to the question is just beautiful…

  2. Luz Gil says:

    What a beautiful poem Seven, you have me in tears!

  3. Hayat says:

    Beautiful written, Seven…
    I can’t read them without crying.

    Today, the pre-school of my 4year old niece was having an end of school party.

    All the children were performing Michael songs. It was a tribute to him…
    They sang: ABC – Billy Jean – The way you make me feel – and They don’t Care about Us.
    Can you imagine, those munchkins singing and dancing on that one, on June 25th, Today?
    The last song they performed was ‘Heal the World’.. And I just welled up in tears thinking of Michael and missing him, that it was a year ago since….
    I was crying and laughing at the same time..
    He will not be forgotten, NEVER EVER.
    It was beuatiful, I coulnd’t think of a better way of spending my day… 🙁

  4. Monica says:

    The thing is that NO ONE can take his place. He is like the MOSES of music…ofcourse, he can never be replaced…but lets hope that God has sent someone after him who can be the ELIJAH….and spread hope in this dark world. Whenever there is the dark, God always send a ray of light.

    Michael will NEVER be forgotten cause his music was divinity! Really was…R.I.P. I send love to his kids!

  5. Joy John says:

    Well, no one can take his place….but remember, its like a purpose God has for certain people…and He passes it on to others. That doesn’t mean that Michael is no longer the greatest….but I hope there is someone who can step forward and try to make a change rather than go with the flow. However, by far….talking of Hollywood, I have not seen someone as devoted to his work and using his talent as a medium as Michael did. That is his original legacy!
    Lets all pray for one light in the dark. We desperately need a change…Love to Michael!

  6. Susan T says:

    Seven, your poem is achingly beautiful! Perhaps it was Michael who gently nudged you to pour out these words. They’re questions we all ask. No single person can ever again do what he did but collectively, WE can carry forward his legacy and his message through his spirit. We must.

    Thank you, Seven, for providing so much wonderful information–interviews, articles. We very much appreciate all your loving dedication. Surely, Michael would be so appreciative of your efforts and is probably sending you cosmic (((((((((hugs)))))))))) frequently.

    God bless you!

  7. liliyyy says:

    You make me cry so loud!!!

  8. Hayat says:

    The video reminds me of how I spent Friday, the 25th..
    Trying to be happy, and feeling that Michael was near by.
    How could I be happy, one asks.

    Well, happy, because I KNOW that his legacy is alive.
    Kept so much alive by those whom he lived for: children.
    On June 25th, the kindergarten school of my little niece, Hajar, was having an
    ‘end of school’ celebration.

    My sister, told me that Hajar, who is four years old, was practicing with her class for a performance, that they’d planned.
    They’d be giving a show, in honour of Michael Joseph Jackson.
    She told me, that Hajar, was singing in the house: ‘nanananana that chekebaa us’.
    Huh? What song is that?? The rhythm gave it away:
    ‘all I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us’.
    When she told me this, I felt overwhelmed with such joy and sorrow at the same time.
    A four year old kid, singing that song, of all the songs in the world.
    I was in awe.
    Looking forward to Friday, I gave the teachers some of my posters, to decorate the walls.

    We all went to the school. I told myself: don’t you cry, don’t get carried away, …

    As we went into the small ‘gym’ room where they were gonna perform, I saw a huge banner with Michael’s posing on it, with above written: ‘This Is It’.

    To the left and right side, were paintings of The King, made by the children.
    It was breathtaking. So beautiful. I felt really happy…
    We sat down, all the kids were dressed: hats, sunglasses.. Really really adorable.

    First group came up and danced on ABC…
    Second group, performed ‘Billy Jean’. The boys came up at one point,
    held their right hand there under and left hand on their hats – really funny and cute!!
    Third one, ‘The way you make me feel’. That was so cute to watch, cuz the boys held paper red hearts up above and the girls were skipping around them, soooo cute.
    Then the fourth group, my niece Hajars, came up and performed ‘They don’t care about us’.
    Their arms out, back in, back out.. You know, like Mike performed.
    When the guitar solo came, they all were doing the guitar and bending over and back,
    it was sooo funny to watch!
    I was yelling and singing along with the songs, was doing MJ’s hohooow and hihiiii.
    I could tell I was funny, cuz there was a guy in front of me he just couldn’t stop
    laughing at my noise.

    I was holding myself strong.. But then they all performed a song together.
    All the kids… together.. ‘Heal the World’.
    I just couldn’t hold my self any longer, I cried, just couldn’t hold them back anymore, the tears …
    Watching those adorable innocent pure sweet kids, waiving their arms left and right, trying to sing Heal the World…
    At that moment I really reeeally felt his presence.
    He was there, he saw them, and he was happy…

    I was so grateful to the teachers, and the children, doing that kind of tribute to the King.

    And I was so happy I could celebrate his life that way on June 25th.

    I know, I am certain, that Michael would have adored it – every single thing about it,
    from A to Z, and that he’d feel all the joy and love that was put into it – just for him.
    Wish he was actually there….

    In spirit he really was.

    Michael, I love you, we love you…
    You’ll never be forgotten – ever.
    And those who you cared about the most in the world, have just shown you that….

  9. Jane says:

    Excellent website and beautiful poem, it brought tears to my eyes and resonated deep in my core, there are no words really. What an inspiration you are to Michael, He would be so proud…

  10. carmen says:

    beautiful have to come from michael god of music

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