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“There was a huge desire to destroy Michael Jackson” – Exclusive Interview With Aphrodite Jones

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Deborah Kunesh, webmaster of the website ‘Reflections on the Dance‘, a magnificent site dedicated to Michael Jackson, arranged an exclusive interview with Aphrodite Jones, author of the book ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy‘ about Michael’s 2005 child molestation trial and the conspiracy to destroy Michael. Below are some excerpts from that interview.  You can read the ENTIRE INTERVIEW on Deborah’s site: http://www.reflectionsonthedance.com/Interview-with-Aphrodite.html.

Whatever happened to truth? Did it go out of style? -Michael Jackson



• • •

‘A Change of Heart’

After covering the 2005 child molestation trial of Michael Jackson for Fox News, and originally thinking Michael was guilty, along with the rest of the media, Aphrodite Jones was shocked when she sat through one “Not Guilty” verdict after another.  It caused her to rethink everything she had believed up to that point.  So much so, that she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

Feeling that she needed to explore further and dig much deeper, she secured court documents and evidence from the judge, did her own research, and came to the conclusion that she and the rest of the media, had been wrong all along, and that Michael Jackson was indeed, innocent of these charges.

Read this exclusive interview to learn how that process came about and what made Ms. Jones change her mind and feel strongly enough about her change of beliefs that she wrote a book about it to make sure the truth was known about this widely publicized case.

• • •

DK: Deborah Kunesh
AJ: Aphrodite Jones

DK: What initially made you and others in the media feel he was guilty?  Was it just overall, kind of the way he’s always been portrayed?

AJ: For me, there were 2 things.  Number one was I think the obvious that everybody considers, which is the Jordie Chandler settlement …  I wasn’t looking for anything but guilt … I was basically being led by people like Diane Dimond who did a very good job of selling the story, if you will, from 1993 and onward through Court TV and elsewhere, Hard Copy and what not, that this was Michael Jackson. He was this horrible, sinister person … and I was kind of looking for only what made him look guilty.

I was very one-sided and I think most of the media was that way as well … They wanted to hear about what he was doing right after he took the stand.  They wanted to hear about the pajama day, they wanted to hear about anything that seemed wacky, weird or sensational and they didn’t really care so much about boring details of, you know, facts.  That old saying of “don’t bore me with the facts,” you know?  That kind of was the mentality, and it is the mentality unfortunately I think, in the news today, or a lot of the media.

DK: Yes, I agree.

AJ: Where we’re really starting to see that as a society we’re beginning to realize that “oh my God, we can’t just believe CBS or any given news agency or the New York Times, because we realize now, I think, (we’re) coming to realize, that everybody has an agenda and the biggest agenda of all is selling soap. Dish soap.  You know, that’s why they call them soap operas?  Seriously, that is why.  It derived from this fact that the sponsors of the daily dramas on TV were soap products.  So you know, when you realize that (you realize it’s the) same way with newspapers.  That headline has to sell.  They are going to put whatever they can on newspapers that’s going to grab attention.  Clearly what was grabbing everybody’s attention was not that this man has been a target, but rather, that now they finally had “caught him”.  That’s what was selling and that’s what people were buying, and I was one of the biggest buyers of it.

DK: Something changed where you began to feel that Michael was innocent.  What made you start to rethink your original thoughts and what was that like for you, that process?

AJ: …  For me, that exact moment, it was like, all of the sudden, the Emperor Had No Clothes, and I saw Tom Sneddon as being this man who, all he wanted to do, was throw mud at Michael Jackson, and I realized…I had had some conversations with some of the DA’s investigators, and they basically said things to me like, “well, even if we don’t win, we have something to prove here.”

…This guy, he put more manpower into accusing and destroying Michael Jackson than he did into prosecuting any serial killer….there was a huge desire to destroy Michael Jackson -Aphrodite Jones, Author of Michael Jackson Conspiracy


DA Tom Sneddon

DK: What would have been their motivation, do you think, for wanting to smear his reputation?

AJ: Because in their minds he was a guilty person.  In their minds, he had molested somebody in 1993, (and) he got away with it.  Even if they weren’t able to prove it, they were going to bring up so much dirt.  Tom Sneddon actually enacted a law in the state of California, especially for Michael Jackson.  Informally it was called “The Jackson Law,” but it was something like “The Jackson something,” I forget now, but the law basically allowed him to bring in past allegations within a current trial, which is typically not allowed. You’re not allowed to bring in past convictions in a current trial.   No less past allegations.  These weren’t even convictions.  That was an allegation and a settlement, but yet, Sneddon somehow enacted a law in the state of California, in between 1993 and 2005, which would allow him to bring in past accusations.  So that’s how serious he was.

… I realized he had gone to Australia, he had gone around the globe, looking for potential victims.  This was a mission for this man.  It wasn’t just a vendetta, it was really a mission.  It was something that really struck me when I figured it all out.  I was like “Wait a minute.  This guy, he put more manpower into accusing and destroying Michael Jackson than he did into prosecuting any serial killer.” You know?  There was a huge, like I say, mission.  There was a huge desire to destroy Michael Jackson.

There had to have been some simpatico, some kind of information crossing lines there, between the media and the DA, long before there was ever a trial, and that fueled the fire, because as long as the persons in the media were getting this information pulled directly from the DA, they felt, well, “we know the story“.

DK: I know that so many said that the accusations and the trial took so much out of him, and it did seem like whenever you saw pictures of him, it seemed like you saw that light that was in his eyes, just sort of disappear

AJ: You know, I have to say that while the trial did take a lot out of him because he had to sit there and watch everyone he ever knew and helped come forward to say crappy things about him, there were people that came to say good things about him as well.  It wasn’t recorded.   But there were.

… You watch these courtroom shows and you’ve got people that would speak out, but that was not Michael.  He was a really classy person.  Really eloquent.  Really elegant.  Always stood up for the jury, always put his hands together sort of in prayer or homage, like begging the media “please, don’t hurt me” and being respectful of everyone there.  I don’t think that was something that he was told to do.  There are suspects or defendants who are told “you have to do this, you have to wear that, you have to….”  That wasn’t Michael being told anything.  That was just who he was.

… I don’t think he ever recovered from that trial and many of the other journalists that covered it with me that have changed their minds over time, one of my friends, a New York Times writer, said the same thing.  You know, when Michael died, he wrote an article saying that he never recovered from that trial and that’s become Tom Mesereau’s opinion too, that Michael never truly recovered from that trial.

This prosecution was a travesty of justice and one of the most mean-spirited attacks on an innocent person in legal history. -Attorney Tom Mesereau

…You’re just like “okay, none of you people have your stories straight.  You just want money.”  That’s basically what the jurors told me after the fact, was that, you know, they thought these people were gold diggers, including the Chandlers, and including Martin Bashir.

DK: When the original Martin Bashir documentary was televised, I don’t remember seeing it.  I watched it online after Michael’s passing, and the immediate thought I had was, it almost appeared to be a set-up of portraying him in this way.  In a very negative light and almost trying to get the public to believe that he was a child molester.

AJ: It was a total set-up.

DK: I remember seeing it and thinking, “he’s turning on him.”

AJ: In my opinion, it was a total set-up.  Absolutely, without a doubt.

DK: That’s such a shame because he finally trusted someone to show who he really was.

AJ: It resulted in him being charged with criminal charges.  That’s huge. It’s not just talking the media.  It’s having the media then be used against you in a court and you being called a criminal and being accused of conspiracy and kidnapping and extortion.  The counts were incredible.  There were 10 counts and then 4 lesser-included…that was “serving alcohol to a minor”, which the judge added to give the jury an option to find him guilty of “something”.

• • •

DK: When you went to get your book published, you had approached different publishers and got a reaction that they didn’t want anything “pro-Jackson”.  How did that make you feel, especially since you’re a New York Times best-selling author?

AJ: I just was mortified.  I was absolutely stunned.  Here he had been exonerated, and because he had been exonerated, there was no book deal for anybody.  The only book deals were going to be book deals for people that were going to trash him. It was stunning for me because I never thought of the publishing world as being a biased place.  I never really did.  It just wasn’t a thought that, it wasn’t something that I lived with.

DK: So you had never experienced that before in any other book that you tried to publish?

AJ: No!

DK: Why do you think they reacted that way?  Because of the coverage that went on?

AJ: I think they were already on the negative train and that’s all they wanted.

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17 Responses to ““There was a huge desire to destroy Michael Jackson” – Exclusive Interview With Aphrodite Jones”

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  2. Jillie says:

    michael jackson was a great human being and the best entertainer the world has ever seen. yet you destroy him simply because he’s different and his juicy “molestation” charges make for good jokes and stories. for shame! you all killed michael jackson!

  3. Jillie says:

    your society killed michael jackson. shame on you americans (im not american. i live in asia). you should all be ashamed of yourselves!!

  4. Patula says:

    I want to say something on here, and it must be said I am wondering why after the trial ended in 2005 didn’t a single gospel artist or mega-church preacher go to Neverland and work with Michael. I am at times perplexed because he needed someone to work with him as an advisor. I do know that Andre Crouch and his sister worked with MJ three weeks before he left this earth. However, I am not bashing them because they did their job they loved Michael like a son and understood him. However, I am displeased with alot of those from the faith community. Yes. I will not forget what Michael went through. Now, William Wagener has a video on youtube called Tom Sneddon Gets Slammed on TV. I saw it the other day and learned the truth. This is what needs to be exposed.

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  8. pauline says:

    The fact that the SBPD, LAPD, DCFS AND the FBI spend years investigating Michael Jackson, were trying their utmost to find anything on him, even going so far as to use tabloid articles as sources, travelling all over the world to try and find possible “victims”, searching his house, his computers, his books, even his body, interviewing hundreds of children who had spent time with him, and after all that, they still couldn’t find anything to say Michael Jackson was a child molester. When they finally managed to find a family willing to testify against him, their stories and theories were so ridiculous and desperate that it was, I hate to say it… funny. You almost felt pity for the prosecutions side. They spend years going after this man, collecting whatever evidence they could find, putting more resources and money into this case than they do with serial killers, and this is the best they could come up with?! False imprisonment? Conspiracy? Like a kidnapping pedophile is going to let their victims take off with his credit cards, roam around the streets, get leg waxes, and visit their civil lawyers. And people sit and wonder why a jury acquitted this man and found him not guilty of all counts. LOL

  9. Deborah Ffrench says:

    ” Those of you who are chronicling events–keep your records. When the time for reevaluation comes, and it will come, we’ll need your input to set the record straight. ”

    Your words, Gina, resonate within me very strongly. That day of truth I believe, is further than we think and and nearer than we know.

    But it is coming.

  10. Adriant33 says:

    Amen to this story. The media did not do it’s job in the 2005 trial. Or did it?

    If it was to dig deep to get the truth, it failed. If it was to drag up dirt, and to smear Michael jackson in order to get ratings, then it did it’s job. That’s why I limit my amount of “news”. Most of it is negative, gossip-filled junk. They like reality-show filth because it sells. They like conflict and life-destroying stories, because it sells even more. Forget about truth. That doesn’t sell anymore.

  11. Seven says:

    The desire to destroy Michael Jackson was absolutely political, also. Thus THIS article:

    “FBI Attempts to Convict Michael Jackson Under Racist Law”

    In fact Sneddon and the LAPD worked WITH the FBI to travel all over the world trying to “find victims”, and trying to arrange to have him convicted under the Mann Act. They did they same to Jack Johnson and Charlie Chaplin.

    Michael was politically AND legally targeted for destruction.

  12. Cat says:

    I believe the desire to destroy him was also POLITICAL. Michael was very outspoken through his lyrics and concerts in promoting WORLD PEACE and PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT. He also was an extremely unifying force throught the WORLD. His beliefs along with his amazing following throughout the world to even the most remote villages on the planet made him an extreme threat to the political powers that had and still have a vested interested in war and the destruction of the environment for their own greed. It is all about Greed and Power. Michael was a LIGHT and they wanted to SNUFF OUT that light.

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  14. Diane says:

    Thanks for posting this.
    The way the media and idiots like Sneddon treated Michael Jackson is downright disturbing. Even after his death, I was outraged to see stations like CNN airing that damn Bashir documentary. After the Bashir documentary originally aired, another special featuring home videos of Michael, showing the sweet, charming, playful person he really was, aired on TV. Funny how that has not since aired again.
    Stuff like this shows just how sick and corrupt our country is.
    May Michael Jackson Rest in Peace, and may karma come back with a vengeance to ALL who wronged him, including the disgusting biased media and publishing industry.

  15. Seven says:

    That’s O’Really’s M.O. He’s a dirtbag neanderthal, IMO.

    “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”? Where there is laziness, there is willful ignorance. The Ignorami – those vaccuum-packed haters, are hopeless. Concentrate on the open-minded and undecided – the rest have closed their minds tight like a can of sardines – nothing gets in, nothing comes out – except judgemental ignorance.

  16. Gina says:

    I read Aphrodite’s book and was thankful for it. I also saw her being interviewed by O’Reilly, where he basically tried to steamroll her and shout her out, topping off his diatribe by asking her if she would let her child be alone with Michael just to drive home his point. She said she would. Even Shmuley, his self-proclaimed savior, while claiming he believed in Michael’s innocence, would not go that far–which is saying a a lot about Shmuley, and probably one of the reasons Michael just couldn’t play his game anymore.
    I’ve studied the MJ phenomenon since he was a young boy, so I never ever thought he could possibly be guilty. But here’s the thing–I have many nice, loving and intelligent friends, and not one of them has anything positive to say about him–even now. In fact, if I say one kind word about him, they tense and change the subject, or say something stupid like “Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” etc. Each one of them swallowed the hype. Not one of them read anything Michael wrote, or researched anything about him on their own, or even listened to his music–and yet they’re willing to go to their grave convinced he was all he was accused of, and probably more.
    Those of you who are chronicling events–keep your records. When the time for reevaluation comes, and it will come, we’ll need your input to set the record straight.

  17. smit says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It did make me cry a little because I hate so much what happened to Michael. I think it’s true that he never really got over it and it makes me so sad, but I know he is in a better place now. 😥