Feb 16 2010

Michael Jackson and the Power of Numbers (Part I) – by Aberjhani

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My friend and fellow writer, Aberjhani, has offered me this exclusive analysis of Michael Jackson and his life, based on Michael’s numerological profile.

Aberjhani has been a student of the spiritual interpretation of numbers for quite a few years and used to write a column called Visionary Vibes in which he explored the significance of numbers as well as other spiritual and mystical concepts.

This is Part I of this analysis. Aberjhani writes:

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MJ and The Power of Numbers

Michael Jackson and The Power of Numbers

Many people, including Seven at the website MJJ-777, have noticed Michael Jackson’s fondness for triple 7s as demonstrated by the arm band he used to wear. The number 7 itself has often been interpreted as representing extreme good luck or fortune, higher intelligence, and spiritual perfection. In Biblical terms, the seventh day was the one after God had completed creation, when He allowed Himself to rest, and looked upon His work to pronounce it as good. And according to African-American folklore, no one is considered luckier than the 7th son of a 7th son.

In the “mystical science” of numerology, numbers are viewed as a language in which every number symbolizes a set of vibrations, qualities, and potential developmental scenarios for a given life. Likewise, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a specific number. Several different systems may be used when constructing a numerological profile of an individual, but most agree that the most important numbers pertaining to a person are the Heart’s Desire, the Personality, and Destiny numbers, which are derived from the alphabets of the name. AND: the Birth Path Number, which is taken from the birth date.

There are quite a few books and websites around that explain how to calculate these particular numbers––which means anyone who’d like to can compare this analysis to one of their own–– so I won’t go into the technical aspects of doing so here. The main focus of this blog entry is to take a look at the major numbers in Michael Jackson’s numerology profile, and to consider how true or false they are in regard to the man the world came to know and is still discovering. Therefore, I will deal primarily with the interpretation of the numbers for now. What a reader decides to make of it will be up to her or him.

Almost universally, the number 7 is considered an exceptionally powerful one, described as “sacred,” and vibrating with power capable of endowing an individual with “perfected thinking.” The number corresponds to the following key words: meditative, philosophical, inspirational, private, analytical, sensitive. Quite a few Nobel Prize winners tend to have the number 7 at some central point in their numerology chart. But intriguingly enough, Michael Joseph Jackson did not. In fact, within his entire name and birth date, only one letter, P, corresponded to the number 7. Does that necessarily mean anything? Possibly yes. It could mean that Michael Jackson sensed a need to combine the qualities of 7 with the numbers that did match his name and birth date in order to accomplish his chosen life’s purpose and goals. So what, then, were those numbers? Let’s look at them one by one, beginning with his Heart’s Desire number.


Generally in numerology, you add up a certain set of numbers, such as those matching the vowels in a name or the numbers of your birth date, and reduce them to a single digit by adding up the final sum as well. The exception to the rule is when the final sum equals the double digits 11, 22, 33, or 44, which are known as Master Numbers. Some consider any double-digit figure a Master Number but hardcore numerologists stick to 11 and 22, with 33 or 44 acknowledged in rare cases when it seems applicable. This is because Master Numbers are said to exert a more demanding vibration upon the lives of individuals who have them. It’s something like the old saying, “Of those who have much, much is expected.” Or: “With great power comes great responsibility.” As it happens, there are two Master Numbers in Michael Jackson’s name. The first is his Heart’s Desire Number, which is 33.

The Heart’s Desire number, sometimes called the Soul Number, is taken from the vowels in a name. It indicates a person’s deepest desires or needs, which they may or may not be consciously aware of. A person possessing and actually living under the vibration of the number 33 as a Heart’s Desire would be someone prone to looking beyond themselves, taking measure of all the imbalances in the world, and doing everything in their power to contribute to the betterment of humanity. They would also be empathetic to a fault and run a real risk of bringing harm to themselves in their attempts to help others. Clearly, this would be a huge demand to place upon oneself, which is why many people might find this number somewhere in their chart but very few will actually rise to the occasion of living up to it or acting it out. You can consider for yourself what you know about Michael Jackson and decide how applicable this number was or was not to his life. People who cannot live up to the demanding vibrations of a Master Number, normally will simply revert to the single digit version of the number, such as 6 instead of 33; or 4 instead of 22; and 2 instead of 11. In Michael Jackson’s case, the number 6 turned up in another key position, so we’ll take a look at it later.

by Aberjhani
author of The River of Winged Dreams
and ELEMENTAL The Power of Illuminated Love
14 February, 2010

• • • To Be Continued • • •

Keep an eye on this space for ‘Michael Jackson and the Power of Numbers’ PART II coming soon!

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