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Memories of Michael Jackson by Mrs. Yoshiko Morita

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Akio Morita was former head of Sony. Sony was a much different company when Mr. Morita ran it. Since he passed, a website called The Akio Morita Library has been developed in which Mr. Morita’s wife, Yoshiko Morita, writes about memories of her late husband, whom our Michael greatly admired.

Below are excerpts from one particular story about when Michael and Akio Morita first met, their ensuing friendship, and about a very sweet ‘healing’ tape Michael sent to Mr. Morita when he fell ill, before he passed. The below is only an excerpt. To read Mrs. Morita’s entire entry, go to her website!

The first time my husband Akio saw Michael was at Yokohama Stadium in 1987. We traveled from our house in Tokyo to Yokohama and were going on to our villa in Hakone for the weekend. We were simply enthralled by his music and incredible dancing.

• • •

As a vegetarian he avoided meat and fish and as you see we prepared a large plate of Twenty Century (Asian) pears, which were in season. I don’t remember anyone else eating them except him, and that day remains a topic of conversation in our house to this day.

MJ Eating Asian Pears

MJ Eating Asian Pears @ Yoshiko's Birthday Party

He found some of Akio’s toys, such as a mechanical piano, music box, miniature street organ and a record from the Edison Museum, and spent the evening playing with them like a child.

While in Japan he visited Sony’s head office, the CBS Sony Studio that was in Shinnanomachi, Sony Media World, the Ginza Sony Building and so on, asking many questions and getting hold of the latest Sony products.

In 1995 he released History and at that time had a special shield made to present to Akio, as well as a signed album.

On the shield it said:


MJ Histor yDedicated to Morita

HIStory Dedication to Mr. Morita

After Akio fell ill in October 1993, the first message of support we received from abroad was from Michael Jackson.  It was a healing tape that he had made himself on which he had recorded his own voices saying “Mr. Morita…Mr. Morita” many times, as well as phrases such as “You will get better…you will speak again”, and a gentle song that he had chosen.

He also included a handwritten letter that said, “Play 3 times a day right before awaking, before sleeping, and mid day. Michael Jackson.”



I played it every morning for 10 minutes before Akio got up and every night when I put him to bed for the six years until he passed away.

In 1998 Michael performed in Honolulu, Hawaii. Pushing Akio in a wheelchair, we went to see the show at Aloha Stadium, and the next day Michael visited us at our villa. I can’t say how delighted Akio was and to this day I can not forget his kindness at that time.

It is 10 years since Akio passed away. Michael treated Akio as a respected teacher and friend. Many times he asked questions such as “How can I better engage young people?”, “What can I do to be more respected?” and “Who should I trust?”

Michael couldn’t trust anyone and he found comfort in children and animals. Now he can rest in the comfort and peace of heaven, unbothered by others.

_ _ _

{ Thanks to my friend Anne for finding the Akio Morita Library website! I had the tape that Michael had sent to Mr. Morita when he fell ill, but had never seen these stories! -Seven }

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8 Responses to “Memories of Michael Jackson by Mrs. Yoshiko Morita”

  1. Nicke says:

    Hard to stop the tears. Love this story so much. I hope many people see this… there are stories about Michael’s kindness that no one knew about. Hope they all come out.

  2. Kelly says:

    He was such a beautiful soul. Always so caring. I wish i had chance to meet him face to face. but never would be now..

  3. Steph says:


  4. luvuangel says:

    Yes, Michael was a human being, as we are all destined to be. I have been trying to figure out how to
    think of him… when I see his human failings, which of course we all have, but then his angelic,
    almost superhuman qualities… treasure, jewel, angel, gift, light, … at the same time, sad, vunerable,
    self-doubting, fragile. I wish I could hold him. I wish his light could shine over the world without
    the negativity that shadows him and his message for us. If only everyone could see him as we do…
    God bless you Michael.
    I love you most.

  5. emma says:

    touching… thanks for sharing Seven.

  6. Anne Mette Jepsen says:

    You’re welcome Seven 🙂 I’m SO happy to see this here together with all the other priceless treasures you have found and written about:) I love your site 🙂
    Lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE from Anne Mette

  7. Seven says:

    Agreed Susan. I’ve often said that this man was an Angel on Earth and that the world has NO idea what it’s lost. I LOVE what Rev. Al said – he was spot on with that comment!

    I know Michael was only a human being – but as far as his compassion for others and for the World and his loving, giving nature, he was a most exceptional human being. And that’s without even mentioning his obvious talent and musical and artistic brilliance.

    He was a human treasure. A jewel. Not perfect, mind you – we all have our faults. But he was an exceptional human being.

  8. Susan says:

    More evidence of Michael’s sweet, giving nature. Al Sharpton was right, there was nothing strange about Michael – what he had to deal with was strange – human beings that only see the negative, unbelieving of true goodness in their midst. We have indeed lost an angel here on earth.