Feb 20 2010

Michael Jackson and the Power of Numbers (Part II) – by Aberjhani

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My friend and fellow writer, Aberjhani, has offered me this exclusive analysis of Michael Jackson and his life, based on Michael’s numerological profile.

Aberjhani has been a student of the spiritual interpretation of numbers for quite a few years and used to write a column called Visionary Vibes in which he explored the significance of numbers as well as other spiritual and mystical concepts.

Part I was featured a few days ago. This is Part II of this analysis. Aberjhani writes:

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THE POWER OF THE MASTER NUMBER (continued from Part I)

Michael Jackson and the Power of Numbers

Michael Jackson and the Power of Numbers

The next number in Jackson’s chart is the Personality Number, taken from the consonants in a name. Michael Jackson’s Personality Number is 11, which makes it his second Master Number. The Personality Number is not always necessarily an indication of a person’s true personality ––though it can be–– but often primarily how the public perceives or experiences an individual. At its best, the number 11 symbolizes someone who is highly original, possesses an apparently high degree of true creative genius, and whose talent manifests in ways that inspire many others.  Such individuals often achieve fame and exercise a kind of social or spiritual vision that embraces humanity as a whole, rather than celebrating segments of populations according to race, religion, gender, age, or wealth.  A person experiencing the negative side of the number 11 could fall prey to extreme egoism, and become painfully frustrated. Such frustration without healthy rejuvenating outlets can lead to attempts at escape through self destructive conduct in a variety of forms, including paralyzing depression or substance abuse. Michael Jackson’s life was clearly an amazing example of the higher end of the Master Number 11. This may be in part because he was born on the 29th, a date which reduces, when you add the 2 and the 9, to another 11.

Add up all the numbers for all the alphabets in a name and we get the Destiny Number. Michael Jackson’s was 8, which is a number that signifies perseverance, stamina, leadership, courage, and competitiveness. These heavy-duty attributes often lead to wealth and the number 8 tends to be found in key places in the charts of many wealthy people. The wealth generally comes when the individual is also anchored by some form of spiritual practice, or philosophy, that provides a meaningful perspective for their life and encourages him or her to use their attainments to benefit others as well. Negative 8s may behave as tyrants, despots, or simply broken souls who for whatever reason failed to live up to the potential of this particular number.


The final number in this specific analysis of Michael Jackson’s numerological profile is the Birth Path Destiny Number, which many consider the most important because names can change throughout a person’s life but an actual birth date is always the same. The birth path symbolizes the very reason for which a person comes into the world. Michael Jackson was born 8/29/1958, making his birth path the number 6. The most important qualities associated with the number 6 are the perfection of artistic form, and the application of altruistic and unconditional love. Those two concepts might sound simple or even glamorous enough but the fact is that most accomplished artists––whether musicians, writers, painters, or chefs–– have to work quite hard for many years before developing the kind of creative skill that win them an audience appreciative enough to invest repeatedly in their works.

And while many people like the idea of exercising unconditional love, most eventually find it too draining and impossible to sustain, often because the attempt to practice it is misunderstood, discouraged, brought under attack, or made a target of willful abuse. As sad as it may be to admit, in our modern world people are far more accustomed to hearing news of war, genocide, murder, disasters, famine, and disease than they are to hearing anything about acts of love or grace.

One of the most interesting things when it come to studying Michael Jackson’s numerology profile is how his Heart’s Desire and his Birth Path Destiny swung back and forth between the immensely powerful demands of the Master Number 33 and the nearly equally strong pressures of the Birth Path Number 6. It was as if his soul was so determined to accomplish what he came here to do that he left himself no real escape routes in terms of being able to simply walk away from his own self-imposed sense of responsibility toward the world–– even if that world at times perceived him as a threat and brutally punished him for his hard-won independence and the uniqueness of his creative spiritual being.  It was, in this mystical poetic context, a true case of either give the world his entire body and soul in the name of love, or die trying. Some might say that he actually did both.

by Aberjhani
author of The River of Winged Dreams
and ELEMENTAL The Power of Illuminated Love
14 February, 2010
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3 Responses to “Michael Jackson and the Power of Numbers (Part II) – by Aberjhani”

  1. Justice4MJJ says:

    Michael wanted to be Christ-like, bc that is another part of what it means to be a Christian. To live up to(as much as any human can), the characteristics and actions of Jesus Christ. Yes he made the distinction, but I also think its another reason why he was fond of the number 7. I’ve been reading the bible since I was 3, and God uses this number (for unknown reasons) many times. First off, God created the Earth in 6 days, on the 7th he rested, which is why the 7th day (Sunday) was always a day of rest, or passover for the Jews. He blessed the 7th day, making it holy. Michael used to fast on Sundays & just dance all day, till he couldn’t stand up. He also pushes to the point numerous times in the Scripture, that Man must forgive others, when questioned how many times he must do this(by Peter I believe), he replies 70 X 7 and that if God forgives his own lowly creations (us humans), then we must do it to one another. This is also another reflection of the character God wishes Christians to display. I speak of Christ-like qualities frequently, might as well outline them, (NOTE how many Michael complies with freely & naturally): Giving(in SECRET), kind, thoughtful, going the second mile, humble, obedient, selfless, trustworthy, honest, decent, sincerity, loving, peacemaker, peas, long suffering, evangelism (spreading the gospel), un-complaining, meek, wise(“Be as harmless as doves, & wise as serpents”~Mathew), God-fearing, hopeful, faith(in Christ), strong in tribulations, quiet, focusing on listening, taking correction & learning from it, waiting till marriage to consumate, ect..! I could list them forever, but by Michael’s fruits (actions) on Earth, he proved that he was a good, no, GREAT tree & that he was probably, THE most Christ-like human being, that has ever walked this planet. Here are some links, as I was just listing from the top of my head, about the significance of the number 7 in the Bible: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_significance_of_the_number_seven_in_the_Bible http://www.angelfire.com/az/rainbowbridge/seven.html
    Thanks again for your blog, you bring together all the things I’ve researched in one organized place, and then some! It’s good to know of other intelligent, MJ fans who are being constructive with their knowledge & love of Michael! God bless you!!

  2. Seven says:

    THANK YOU TLS for that very important explanation and distinction.

    I remember many times during interviews and in his books, Michael explained that he didn’t think HE was Christ or Jesus but that he was only trying to live by the teachings of Christ and Jesus. He was constantly making that distinction, probably trying to defend against the sensationalist, word-twisting critics. And you’re right – the “Messiah” tag is too easy to hang on someone of Michael’s stature, and it definitely didn’t fit him. Some quotes from Michael himself bear out what you’ve said:

    He had an understanding of his gifts (and his purpose):

    My purpose in life? To give in the best way I can – through songs, through dance and through music. I am committed to my art. I believe that all arts have an ultimate goal – the union between the material and the spiritual; the human and the divine. I thought I was chosen as an instrument to give music and love and harmony to the world – to children of all ages, and adults and teenagers.” (Michael’s own words during his interview by Oprah Winfrey in 1993).

    He was not “full of himself”:

    “I was Modest. I am Modest. And I’ll always be Modest. Because modesty is very important. Without it you are nothing.” -Michael Jackson

    I believe that someone who truly has a “Messiah complex” could not possess the level of self-awareness that Michael did, and in my own opinion, that is yet another reason that negative moniker does not apply to him.

    I also believe that it is absolutely true that all arts have one goal: the Union between the spiritual and the divine. A MAGNIFICENT book I’m going through called “The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Creativity” says the same thing. I often wonder if Michael had a copy of this book because so much of his creative sense and process is contained in it. I understood Michael much better creatively after having gone through this book – even to his “giving tree” where he used to sit and write songs, and how he was inspired to create. There’s nothing “Messiah” about it. As humans, we all came to exist through the passion of love. As humans, we all return to that ecstasy through art and creativity. It is a Union with the Divine. Michael understood that very very well. He said so himself:

    “Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation. -Michael Jackson

    Below is a quote from The Artist’s Way about “recovering” if you’re a blocked artist. Notice how it meshes perfectly with Michael’s own oft-made statements – that God was where his creativity came from, and that it was his purpose, as an artist, to bring ecstasy and artistry and escapism to the World. Michael Jackson was the consummate artist. He understood all this.

    “Remembering that God is our source, we are in the spiritual position of having an unlimited bank account. Most of us never consider how powerful the Creator really is. Instead we draw very limited amounts of the power available to us. We decide how powerful God is for us. We unconsciously set a limit on how much God can give us or help us…” -The Artist’s Way

    As a great artist, Michael was never stingy with that unlimited bank account of Creator-supplied power. He withdrew from it generously, always gave credit to the Creator, and gave the result to his audiences and the World generously. That didn’t make him a “Messiah” – it made him an artist in the truest, most pure and aware sense of the word.

    To call that a “Messiah complex” is just ignorance.

  3. TLS says:

    Aberjhani writes: “A true case of either give the world his entire body and soul in the name of love, or die trying. Some might say that he actually did both.”

    Jackson was accused of having a Messiah complex, which is not only too easy a tag to hang on someone of his stature, but also not borne out by his actions. He wanted to create amazing experiences for his audiences, to hold them in thrall in a theatrical sense and, yes, to inspire them. But there’s no evidence he wanted “followers” for his own sake.

    The fact that he was “crucified” by the media didn’t mean HE thought he was Christ. He took great pains to actually speak about that distinction many times: he wasn’t trying to BE Christ; he tried to be Christ-like in the sense of being all-loving, all-kind, etc. This, of course, was twisted by his critics.

    And what Aberjhani gleans from his numerology is so much more profound than mere egotism. MJ appeared to have a healthy understanding of his gifts, but he never appeared “full of himself.” He appears to have had a sense of what he was sacrificing, which explains some of his lifelong sadness. But he must also have known what he was doing, which explains the incredible joy he was able to express and communicate.