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What Happened in March 2009? Here’s Some Information. You Decide.

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–Randy Phillips of AEG: We spoke […] Michael said: [puts on a mocking high voice] ‘Randy, Randy no more shows, no more shows.’” -March 13, 2009

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And more from thethings that make you say “Hmmmm…”‘ files: The Devil Himself, Tommy Mottola of Sony has resurfaced since Michael’s passing to claim that he and Sony are the “gatekeepers” of Michael’s unreleased music and seem to suddenly want to portray themselves as ‘friends’ of Michael’s:

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Ehhhh, not so fast there, Beelzebub. THIS is what Michael thought of Tommy Mottola and Sony and this did not change between 2002 and 2009 when Michael died:


Yeees, EVERYBODY loves Michael Jackson when it comes to making a lot of money from him. Dead Or Alive. His prematurely ended life was just so much collateral damage in the Big Money Game.

It’s worth mentioning too that Michael’s oh-so-faithful “friend” and manager Frank DiLeo (who oddly enough and just like John Branca, resurfaced again just before Michael’s death) – is now on the board of ATV (of the Sony/ATV catalog).

And bytheway, Randy Phillips is not the only person Michael expressed concern to about the large number of shows they had scheduled him to do. He did mention it to others, as well.

Just a little something to add it to your notes, if you’re keeping any.

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20 Responses to “What Happened in March 2009? Here’s Some Information. You Decide.”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    At this late date it seems obvious that disaster capitalism is at work. It is a sophisticated kind of looting.And what is the matter with the judges in this case? Murray goes about vacationing , his debts seem to have disappeared and his wardrobe is top notch.Why is there only one charge against him, he malpractised in various ways,the final OD of propofol only the last.It was plain silly when the judge told him:” You must not put any people under”, he never ever had the authority to do that anyway. His malpractice-insurance company has been quite clear on that issue.And to deny the conflict of interest in re to Michaels estate and working for Sony& AEG at the same time.It may be that Mrs KJ and family are afraid of pressing the issue,they could get nastier.By now you know Jermaine recommended Thome-Thome, a very shady character,whom Michael initially trusted,later was afraid of him,”he is evil”.And he was so right, thome stated that Michael has to be considered an institution,(not a human being).
    T-T contacted Tom Barrack,who is a venture capitalist,CEO of Colony Capital, who specializes
    in investments “out of favor….&products or production misalignments”, Barrack then meets with Randy Phillips of AEG who in turn works out that deadly contract, a win-win for them & we know
    what happened to Michael.Now it is the turn of Michaels Estate as focus for their interests.
    On top of all they pretend to be innocents, don´t they worry about looking like fools?

    Michael was a goldmine for them so why care.

  2. Maria M. says:

    Mottola never cut ties with Sony.How would one explain that he stepped out right after Mike’s passing to say “they got hundreds of MJ songs in THEIR vaults?” Who’s they?
    And why didn’t a current Sony executive come out with a statement instead?

  3. Seven says:

    Wow. That is a VERY telling quote. And we have to consider all the things that happened to Michael after that. There were suspicions that Sony was behind some of it. This adds to those suspicions. Very much so.

  4. BG says:

    Just on Mottola – I was shocked to see Mottola in that interview just days after 25 June 2009. Sony is affiliated with Fremantle Media (American Idol) as well. There’s been some talk about Mottola being put forward as a judge on American Idol.

    This is from a Roger Friedman article in 2002:

    “The Michael Jackson-Tommy Mottola standoff is heading into new territory. A serious source close to Jackson told me yesterday: “There is correspondence between Michael and Tommy that will show why Michael has done what he’s done. When it comes out it will clear the whole thing up. It’s all about Tommy goading Michael to respond the way that he has.”

    My source says that on more than one occasion he has been present during speaker calls between Jackson and Sony Music President Tommy Mottola in which Mottola “threatened” Jackson. “Not physical threats, but certainly the threat that Michael would be destroyed and his career would be over if he didn’t agree to Tommy’s terms. It’s Tommy saying ‘I’ll ruin you.'”

    The basis for all this? “The Beatles catalog,” says my source. “That’s it in a nutshell. This has all been done by Tommy in an effort to squeeze Michael financially. Tommy wants the Beatles catalog.”

  5. Seven says:

    If true about Taj, that doesn’t remedy the conflict of interest problem with BrancaSony. It’s the reason MJ fired Branca before – and the same conflict still exists – with Branca working both sides of the fence (MJ and Sony) – and Branca did embezzle money from MJJ previously. He is not to be trusted.

    Apparently, Mottola is still working for Sony. At least he spoke as if he does during an interview after Michael died. It is apparent he is still affiliated with them in some capacity. Odd how he re-appeared after Michael died. Himself, Frank DiLeo, and Branca are all tied in with Sony and the Sony/ATV catalog. I find it suspicious that this trilogy of sharks returned and began circling fairly shortly before and after Michael’s death and now seem to have his estate all tied up for themselves – AND Michael’s catalogs (Sony/ATV and MiJac). And then there’s AEG . . .

  6. BG says:

    I understand Katherine dropped her challenge against the executors after Taj was named as co-executor of the Estate. Taj is on the board of executors to represent the voice of the Michael’s children in Estate matters. Seems this was a deal worked out to the satisfaction of both the executors and Katherine. Katherine would stop her challenges against the executors but at least someone from the family was on the board.

    I think Mottola himself was used by Sony. He was a pawn in their game against Michael, a very good one who played his part well. Doesn’t excuse him at all but he did work for Sony. Sony paid his salary.

  7. TLS says:

    That’s why sites like yours are so important: when it comes time for them (or anyone else, for that matter) to do their own research, they’ll find more than hate and distortion.

  8. Seven says:

    TLS – I don’t know what Taj’s role in the estate is exactly but I read the same as you – just not sure what that means as far as decision-making. It seems that the family is rather powerless in the face of the SonyBranca/McClain/AEG monster. It’s really sad and unfair.

    Taj seems to LOVE his dear Uncle Mike and, he seems very intelligent and sweet and I’m also glad he’s there. I think it’s wonderful that the cousins are helping with the MJ3. All the family does no doubt but the cousins seem to have taken on mentor/big bro roles and I think it’s a good thing – from what little I know of it. God knows those poor kids are gonna need all the help they can get when the see/hear/read some of the hideous stuff said and written about and done to their Daddy.

  9. TLS says:

    Seven– I have a question: do you know what Taj Jackson’s role in the estate is? I read that he’s the family’s representative; I’m guessing there’s not much real decision-making power involved. But I remember thinking it’s good he’s there; he seems like a pretty strong person. And regarding Katherine not pressing the conflict of interest issue: everything you said makes sense. Also, what about this: maybe the very best thing she can do at this point is keep MJ’s kids safe and strong so they’re ready (and fully aware of what they’re up against) when they come of age. Already they seem clear-headed and strong-hearted; I really hope they hang on to that. And Karin: I’m with you on hating that Sony profits when we buy Jackson’s music and videos, but I feel compelled to keep buying for two reasons: so that when the children inherit control of the estate, they will have the means to do important things if they want to follow in their father’s footsteps (either as artists or humanitarians) and so Jackson’s stature remains intact (and grows). We can only hope the kind of thing Sony is will one day cease to exist.

  10. Seven says:


    Thank you for the complement on the photos/artwork! I really love doing them when I’ve got the time.

    I am not sure why Katherine backed down so quickly. I suspect it’s a couple of things, one being what you mentioned – that they hold the pursestrings and she didn’t want to rock the boat and risk losing her support. The other is probably just that she and Joe are in their 80s (as are my parents) and it’s very difficult do deal with such stressful issues when you’re that age and ought to be relaxing and enjoying life and grand kids. But that’s just a guess. I know my Mom would have problems with it and she’s about the same age as Katherine. Not to say they’re feeble but it takes a lot of physical and emotional energy to fight stuff in court – and especially when you’ve just lost a loved one.

    But – again, just guessing.

    Michael said it: Sony is Baloney. They financially abused him for decades and are milking his legacy now for all it’s worth – and they stuck Beelzebub out there to gloat about it to boot.

    They suck!

  11. Karin says:

    Seven, I’ve been meaning to say for ages now but keep forgetting: I just love your photos of Michael – they are designed so beautifully. I have no idea how you do it but would love to be able to put something together so well.

  12. Karin says:

    Hi Seven, do you think it’s strange that Katherine just backed down so quickly on her allegations with the executors? I think she is dependent financially on their cooperation as they could oppose her applications for money and could make life difficult for her. I can’t come up with any other reason why Katherine just stopped fighting.

    Some judges just don’t want to address issues. Sometimes they are plain lazy and take the easy road simply because it’s less aggravation for them. Still, an allegation of a conflict of interest is a serious one and it looks like it was never properly addressed. Now that Katherine has backed off, she has probably lost her opportunity to properly protect Michael’s estate – 80 per cent of which will pass to the children when Katherine passes away. We can only hope that Prince and Paris remain vigilant when they are older. I would hate for Michael’s estate to go down the same road as Kurt Cobain’s did.

    I think you’re right Seven, I thought that Sony had gotten rid of Mottola but the way he is bragging in this video makes it look like he’s always been lurking. It’s an incredibly tasteless and insensitive thing for Sony to allow Michael’s enemy to be their spokesperson on Michael’s music. It really upset me and made me very angry when I first saw it If it wasn’t for Michael’s children I have no doubt that every MJ fan across the globe would boycott Sony. Well, we should boycott everything Sony except Michael’s music because the royalties go to estate.

  13. Seven says:

    Exactly Karin. He also said the same in other interviews but would not elaborate.

    The issue of conflict of interest was brought before a judge after Michael’s death by Mrs. Jackson but the judge ruled that there was none (?!).

    The REASON Michael fired Branca years ago was FOR conflict of interest: Branca was working for both Michael and his label, Sony, at the time.

    Now, Branca is doing the same essentially, working for Michael’s Estate, and Sony, at the same time. NO difference and it’s STILL a conflict – it’s just that Michael is no longer here to stop it. Odd how Branca just appeared right before MJ died and just conveniently happened to have that old will lying around (that MJ was supposedly long-armed enough to sign in LA when he was in NY that day – protesting SONY, I think).

    I think it’s a BLATANT conflict and seeing how Branca had turned up with that old will, and subsequently handled the estate with Sony and AEG makes it pretty apparent that not only IS it a conflict — but that it was INTENDED to be.

    They’ve gone far beyond just supporting Michael’s family and children (and have been testy about even THAT) to outright sheer profiteering off of Michael’s death (disaster capitalism) for the benefit of Sony primarily, then Branca and AEG. I might even call some of it LOOTING if I really wanted to be pointed about it. It is redicilous.

    I also read that Mottola’s driver was related to Bashir. If true, that is yet another connection of Sony to that whole accusation debacle; there is ample suspicion that Sony was behind many of Michael’s troubles during those years – after all they were evidently trying to destroy him.

    It really is appalling that none of this is being investigated.

  14. Karin says:

    Michael did say in his interview on 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley in 2003, shortly after the Sneddon charges were brought, that he was the victim of a “conspiracy” because of Invincible’s failing in America. He wouldn’t elaborate, possibly out of fear of being sued. Have a look at about 8 minutes in:


    Many of his fans have no doubt that Sony attempted to bankrupt Michael in whatever way they could to get his catalogues. I think Michael was on the verge of financial problems after Invincible falling short but kept working to kick back. The 2003 charges just destroyed his career, his health, his spirit and any chance he had of recovering financial security. The years he lost working let alone the money it must have cost him in defending the trial would have been devastating. I personally have little doubt that Sony could have had a hand in all or some of these hardships for him.

    I can’t verify it but I did read on a fan site board once that Mottola’s driver was related to Bashir. No doubt that Mottola would have been feeling very vindictive after the way Michael so very publicly condemned him over Invincible. Seven, you’re right, it’s almost like Mottola is gloating after Michael died by doing the interview in the video above.

    When is a probate judge actually going to come to realise that Branca has a huge conflict of interest and is working for Sony, AEG and himself? I hope it won’t be when it is too late for the children to claim their father’s music as their own. I get so upset thinking about it. There are other ways the estate can generate income without having to hand everything over to Sony.

  15. Seven says:

    Hi Debby! <3

    I have wondered the same thing and suspected the same - that it was all concocted for greed and revenge - at least on Sony/Mottola's part.

    And that he is now back in the picture again just screams it to me.

  16. debby says:


    I have seen these videos in the past before Michael’s death but they are more poignant now in the events that have taken place since June 25th. What struck me was the way Michael was so adamant about Tommy Mottola and Sony..

    How he would be a free agent and had managed to place himself in a financial position of embarking on his own…

    When he denounced Tommy Mottola so publicly, I wonder if there the seeds were put in place to humiliate Michael as a payback.

    With all of the events transpiring up to the tragedy of his death, I wonder if it all was concocted for greed and revenge?

  17. Seven says:

    Thanks Susan,

    Another thing interesting to note about Sony – no one from Sony was at his memorial either, nor have they said one word about his death or the loss of him (except things like the video above with Mottola – of all people – gloating about how Sony owns his unreleased music ie: $$$$). This seems to me like a deliberate slap in the face to Michael, considering their past treatment of him. It’s really is almost like they’re gloating by putting Mottola out there. Sort of ‘thumbing their nose’ at Michael and his fans.

    I heard that Mottola may have been at his memorial, but I don’t know whether he was or not.

    But if he was, after what Mottola and Sony did to this man, (and they are the ones profiting most handsomely off of his death) – can you imagine that – either NO one from Sony showing up – or, as the ULTIMATE slap in the face to Michael – Mottola being there?

    Mottola dared not rise from his palace in Hell (probably a cushy back office in Sony somewhere) while Michael was alive. No one heard from him. Now that Michael is dead, there’s Mottola again (who was SUPPOSEDLY FIRED BY SONY), all of a sudden and once again, affiliated with Sony (I think he was never UNaffiliated with them, frankly) out there practically gloating and celebrating that Michael is gone.

    Michael often mentioned a conspiracy against him. He told many people including his family about it and told people “They’re trying to kill me. I have said before that I do not believe that these were just the “paranoid ramblings of a drug-addled pop star” (as the lame$tream media is now trying to portray him in order to protect the negligent Doctor/Pawn in this whole ruse).

    Adding all this up, it’s just another nasty facet about the whole mess that makes me say: “hmmmmm…”

    I believe Michael was on to something. Michael did not lie. He wouldn’t say such things without good reason.

    And, of course there’s the usual greed and self-interest of corporate entities such as AEG and Sony to whom the death of someone like Michael Jackson is just incidental damage – incidental damage that they can always find parasitic ways to profit handsomely from (again the term “Disaster Capitalism” comes to mind), particularly with an estate manager like Branca, whose conflicting interests with Sony and AEG vs Michael’s Estate and family are involved.

    It really is all rather putrid and ugly.

  18. Susan says:

    Hi Seven:

    You’re work here is brilliant and very much appreciated! Just thinking back to the days of Michael’s trial in 2005, what really galls me is how you never heard one word of support for Michael from Sony. Considering the problems he was having/had with Sony, he likely never expected any; but regardless, you would think for their own selfish reasons, they would have said or done something, so as to show the record buying public that they believed in Michael’s innocence and publicly declared so. Just makes me believe more strongly they had an agenda in seeing Michael taken down. The more I read and learn about Michael the angrier I become that people could treat another human being that way. Especially someone like Michael. Man’s inhumanity to Man, indeed.

  19. Seven says:

    I love that video too Karin! Righteous!

    It is likely true that Sony has rights to Michael’s unpublished work during the time he was with them. At some point, all the rights to Michael’s catalog (MiJac) was to revert to him (Michael, or now “The Estate”). I wish I knew exactly when that date is. It might be very telling.

    And, sadly, with a representative of Sony running “The Estate”, I suspect that ownership of his catalog of music will never be taken from Sony regardless of any reversion dates. If anything, the entire thing will likely be given to them by Branca in some ‘deal’.

    But, yea, like you I found it appalling that Mottola would even resurface from the bowels of Hell to discuss Michael after what he and Sony did to him. You’d think they’d have an iota of shame but I don’t think psychopaths are familiar with that particular emotion.

    I agree that we can probably guess the outcome of any bidding war that Sony is involved in too. With the horrible conflict of interest that has been allowed to remain between BrancaSony & The Estate, it’s pretty much a given that Sony will win in all cases.

    I think it already looks corrupt because for 8 months now, “The Estate” – though run by Branca and McClain, has looked like a veritable business arm of BrancaSony/AEG – and no one else’s interests seem to be considered, particularly those of the family and Michael’s legacy or catalog of music. They’re all in it for themselves, obviously.

  20. Karin says:

    Seven, I love that video of MJ where he says he was “just doing good business”. Man is he angry with Sony lol. Tommy Mottola should be ashamed to even discuss Michael Jackson after what transpired between them. Michael claimed that Mottola wouldn’t even release singles off Invincible let alone promote it. Two years of Michael’s hard work for that treatment.

    My understanding is that Sony are entitled to work unpublished on albums Michael made when he was under contract to Sony but not when he was out of contract. I may be wrong about this though. Apparently Universal and Warner are interested in Michael’s unpublished music but knowing the way Branca favours Sony, we probably can already guess the outcome of that scenario. When is this executor going to start looking after Michael’s legacy and make decisions independent of Sony and AEG? It’s starting to look corrupt.