Mar 14 2010

Michael appears in children’s book about Lady Diana

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An Austrian children’s book contains a charming illustration depicting the various people Princess Diana met in her life and who became friends to her.  One of the people in the drawing is Michael Jackson, sweetly sitting on the floor playing with Prince William.

This is probably testimony to the fact that Michael and Diana were better friends than many people realized. Diana’s death affected Michael very deeply. Both of them shared tremendous love and concern for the children all over the world, particularly those who are neglected, sick, and abused.

I do not know the name of this book. If anyone out there does, please let me know and I will include it here with a link to where it can be purchased, if possible. And of course I’ll give you due credit for finding it! { UPDATE: My friend TLS has found the title, author, and illustrator of this book. See comments. The title is ‘The Last Fairytale Princess‘. The book can be purchased on and is in German. There is only ONE used copy available. The book is out of print. The authors are Elizabeth, Eva, and Robert Menasse and the book is illustrated by Austrian illustrator Gerhard Haderer. Thank you TLS! -Seven }

Below is the illustration from the book.  The caption apparently reads:

At the beginning where the Princess and the Prince were very happy and she had two sons. The princess met many famous people:
Movie stars, Singers, Presidents with many of them she became friends.


• • •

I enjoy taking care of my children myself. It’s fun. It’s why I had them, so I could take care of them. It’s great relief for me. It’s pleasure. It keeps me happy and laughing. They’re wonderful, sweet, innocent children. They really are….it’s hard to put in words, because they mean everything. They’re the world for me. I wake up and I’m ready for the day because of them. I get them breakfast, I change diapers and if they want to read, we do a lot of reading. We play hide and seek, we play blind fold, and I have a wonderful time with them….I do my best, sure (to create normalcy for them). I want to be the best father in the world of course. -Michael Jackson

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{ Thank you to my friend Brigitte for finding this charming illustration and to my friend TLS for finding the title and author/illustrator information about this book! -Seven }

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10 Responses to “Michael appears in children’s book about Lady Diana”

  1. Karen Sanders says:

    Me alegra mucho, que hayas compartido con la ” REYNA DE CORAZONES “…Bellas amistades incluyendo sus pequeños hijos, en aquel entonces, Yo la Admiro aun.Su partida dejo , Un luto en cada Corazón , por su carismatica sonrisa , su fatal sufrimiento en silencio , su sencillez, su anhelo por cuidar a sus niños fue notorio, Era una Encantadora Madre !!

  2. nessie says:

    Is Seven forsaking her sleep for her passion?! Gotta go where the LOVE takes you, right — understood.

    So, I got curious about the holdings of the book, library-wise (esp. if my library might have it! -nope-((. There’s about 1/2 dozen libraries in US reporting that they do, so borrowing via inter-library loan is a possibility for getting to just see the book. Most copies were published in German in 1997, but a few libraries are also holding a French 1997 ed., published in Paris, title: La dernière princesse de conte de fées .. then there’s a few more hits on a German 1998 edition. That was fun! That illustration is so sweet, highlighting the beauty in child loving…a PURE thing for some..just a natural, pure thing.

    Thanks again–talk about inspiration!!

  3. Seven says:

    Another friend (Susannae) says:

    I am Austrian – Eva and Robert Menasse are top intellectual people – she writes for the FAZ – Frankfurt paper – and he is a reknowned writer and literature professor – the title of the book is : “Die letzte Maerchenprinzessin (The Last Fairytale Princess)

    Thanks Susannae!

  4. Seven says:


    I’ve heard that some of these “Gloria Allred” types still claim that Michael’s children were raised improperly. I was happy to see Michael tell that vicious woman to “Got To Hell” in 2005. IMO he should have done that type of thing a bit more often.

    Michael’s children and their calm, intelligent, and well-mannered behavior are testament enough to what a fine father (and mother!) Michael was – one of the best. Everyone who has actually met them says so, and everyone who has seen Michael with them noticed it. That’s all I need to know. Anyone else who claims they were “raised improperly” or that there was something wrong with their upbringing are talking out of their a$$es as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Seven says:

    You know why TLS – it’s because it is AUSTRIAN not “Australian”. That’s what I get for writing at 4:00 a.m. :-\

    I’ve corrected the copy and am adding your info. THANK YOU! I’ve also found a link to the book on

    The book is long out of print and there is only one used copy available.

  6. Susan says:

    Thank God for Michael’s children. An oasis in the midst of chaos. I wonder what the Gloria Allred types and all the others who chastised Michael so viciously think when they see his children now. Well mannered, intelligent, sweet children who have no father, in no small part because of what they did to Michael.

  7. TLS says:

    I’m guessing it’s this book: “The Last Fairytale Princess” published by Austrian writer Robert Menasse and Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer. The clue was that the caption is in German, which would be odd for an Australian book. I couldn’t find out how to buy it, but here’s a link to it:,3333934

    it’s hard to read, but i’m certain it’s the book.

  8. Seven says:

    I think that for the last decade or so of his life, his children are what kept him afloat emotionally and psychologically. They truly were everything to him and just IMO – he WAS the best father – he certainly succeeded at that. I know Paris agrees! <3

  9. Vicki says:

    I can hear the King of Pop’s voice as these words are being said. I hope the children hold them near and dear to their <3 Hearts <3 .

  10. Vicki says:

    I hope these are words the children will treasure close to their hearts <3 <3 <3, I can hear the sound of Michael's voice, with his sweet smile as these words are being said. Thank You King of Pop.