Mar 18 2010

$ony Kills . . .

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And so they did

$ony Killed . . .

Reference the following video. I was going to do another lovely, more positive post tonight, but I had to get this off of my chest and say my piece, first.  I have turned comments OFF on this post because I know there are those who will vehemently disagree and that’s fine. To each his/her own. These are MY personal convictions and I will not debate them with anyone. LOVE is unequivocal.

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And here is a quote from my friend Bonnie’s blog, who along with many others of us, have been investigating the insidious web of vultures surrounding Michael Jackson since (and before) he was murdered:

Most think Michael was priceless. $250 million for a life. Michael’s fans need to determine where their loyalties lie. Sony is not Michael. Michael’s music does not belong to Sony. The fans that are out there buying or thinking of buying Michael’s unreleased music are essentially paying for the killing of the very man they claim to love. I’m sorry but it is what it is.

I heard there was a shout down in Germany over this news. Fans are being divided left and right. The ones that are adamant about purchasing Michael’s new music? Think about this for a minute.

Are you going to tell me that Michael and Sony kissed and made up after Sony sabotaged Michael’s last album to force him to default on a loan Sony made to Michael with THE MUSIC CATALOG as collateral? This was an illegal deal to begin with considering the conflict of interest.

Who worked this deal? Why John Branca, the CURRENT co-executor of Jackson’s estate! John Branca was FIRED back in 2002-2003 because he and MOTTOLA (head of Sony at the time) were funneling MICHAEL’S MONEY to offshore accounts. Michael was also furious after he found out that Branca was also working for Sony while representing Michael.

Just try and convince me that Michael, buy SOME Miracle, suddenly forgave Branca SEVEN DAYS BEFORE HE WAS KILLED and rehired him. If you believe that you are a fool. The letter firing Branca is here.

There is no letter of reinstatement. This man should not and should never have been allowed to continue to represent Jackson’s estate. It is a blatant conflict of interest and the Judge allowing this should be disbarred!

And what of the fans who insist that it’s okay to buy Michael’s music from $ony? If it helps your conscience to tell yourself that most of the money will be going to his children, think again. A percentage of the $250 million one time payment is NOTHING compared to losing their father.

It’s also nothing compared to the $ony/ATV music catalog worth BILLIONS that can now revert back to $ony should they exercise their option negotiated in the 2006 refinancing deal with Fortress, wherein $ony AGAIN inserted themselves in the middle of the loan in order to get and keep control of the $ony/ATV catalog. They targeted Michael when he was financially at his weakest and about to lose Neverland, then made their move. $ony can exercise that option at any time and most certainly if Michael or his estate default on those loans.

Technically, $ony ALREADY owns 75% of $ony/ATV because of their past manipulation of and meddling in Michael Jackson’s financial affairs. The estate can say they still own 50% but $ony can buy out half that at any moment and has first dibs on the last 25% as well as Michael’s own catalog, MiJac. Sweet deal for $ony, isn’t it?

Now, if you want to HELP this nasty manipulative entity who abused Michael for years and continues to profit handsomely off his murder, you purchase his music through $ony. In doing so, you support this manipulative, self-serving, psychopathic entity and everything they did and will continue to do to Michael – every time you spend a dime on Michael’s music or merchandise with them. Every time you purchase anything that $ony has a license to, such as dolls, DVDs, games, and anything else the Jackson Estate puts up for sale, because folks, that doesn’t belong to Michael anymore. It belongs to $ONY and is completely controlled by themselves and BRANCA!

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Do I personally agree with what Bonnie wrote? Well, considering what I know of Michael Jackson and $ony’s abuse and manipulation of him over the years, I absolutely do agree. I also think Michael Jackson was murdered. For MONEY. A LOT of money.

If Michael Jackson fans are so bent on instant gratification that they feel they must purchase his new, unreleased music fron $ony NOW, just realize you are being USED to finance the abuse of Michael and the abuse of his family and his children, and that MICHAEL JACKSON would have never wanted this.

Even if Michael DID want his unreleased songs published, he would NOT have done it via $ony! He’d DIE first. And lo and behold, that is just what happened.

Accident?  I don’t think so!

He was working on a new album of dance music that he started while living in Ireland.  There were no plans that anyone knows of that MICHAL had to release any of his previously unpublished material.

Even if he was, there are other record companies out there. WHY did $ony get this deal?  That’s an interesting question. Keep reading.

My 83-year old mother, upon hearing the news about this record-breaking contract between John Branca (ie: “the estate”) and $ony, commented as follows:

There must have been some skullduggery around that man’s death – with those drugs they gave him. -Mom

This is someone who doesn’t even know the horrendous details those of us in the internet know (Mom doesn’t use internet) and even she could see it. My aunt (her sister) upon hearing the news on television, simply said that something didn’t smell right about it and that $ony was awful and not to be trusted.

If you want to finance Michael’s murder, and if you want to support what $ony has done to Michael Jackson in his life and what they continue to do to him in death, do so. But I will NOT.

THIS is where the rubber meets the road.

THIS is where MJ fans who care about Michael Jackson as a murdered-in-cold-blood-for-money HUMAN BEING . . . and those who only care about him as an entertainer – will part company.

~~~~~~~ THIS • IS • IT ~~~~~~~

Those who comment: “I don’t CARE who gets the money, I just want the new songs!” are people I do not and never will understand.   A man was manipulated and financially abused by this corporation who targeted him at his weakest because they wanted control of his own catalog of music as well as his share of the Sony/ATV catalog and they were willing to do ANYTHING TO HIM to get it.

It has been said that “MJ was worth more dead than alive” and that is true. The next question the, is: “To whom was he worth more dead than alive?” Who stood to gain the most by having him out of the way?

He died under VERY suspicious circumstances and had he completed thos O2 shows, (likely impossible due to his physical condition and the raw deal with AEG who very well could have conspired in this but that’s another vulture story for another time) he may have been able to pay back those loans $ony underwrote using the Sony/ATV catalog as collateral. This means Michael would then own his half of Sony/ATV free and clear of $ony.  He was potentially about to defeat them. Again. And had he succeeded he’d have ended up as he started, owning half of that catalog. AND YOU CAN BET $ony did not want that to happen.

Michael LEFT $ony years ago because of their abuse and manipulation of him, trying to get at that catalog. He said multiple times “they’re trying to kill me.”

Nothing's Changed

Nothing's Changed

Do you think Michael’s feelings about $ony somehow miraculously changed between 2001 (Invincible era, when he left $ony), and 2009 when he was killed?  Very doubtful.

Do you honestly think Michael Jackson would have EVER done another deal with $ony after what they did to him previously?

I do NOT. And if you do, I think you’re fooling yourself. The only thing that changed is that on June 25, 2009, Michael was finally murdered, likely by people who had a lot to gain by having him out of the way.

If some fans want to support $ony after all this, I guess that’s their business. But I will not. It’s NOT Michael Jackson whom fans would be supporting by buying this new music.  It’s not his family either – they only get an allowance and they have little control of anything regarding that estate. It’s completely controlled by John Branca/$ony and THAT is who fans are primarily supporting by buying into this whole setup.

$ony is the one entity which has profited MOST from Michael’s murder.  Now that Michael is out of their way, they can much more easily get everything they always wanted from him with the help of John Branca: MJ’s own catalog of music (MiJak), the Sony/ATV catalog, and / or all the profits they can rake in off of both.

John Branca and John McClain get 10% of all profits right off the top, too. Michael’s orphaned children and his family are at best, an afterthought in the whole deal.

$ony wasn’t doing too well financially before Michael Jackson died. Now, they are recovering quite well off of his hard work and his legacy and off of their “skullduggery” as Mom calls it – to get their hands on everything of his, no matter what they had to do to get what THEY wanted from him.

The consequences of their crimes will long survive their commission, and, like the ghosts of the murdered, will forever haunt the steps of the malefactors  •  Death – the last sleep?  No, it is the final awakening. -adapted from a quote by Sir Walter Scott

What I am I going to do personally? I am going to speak the truth as I understand and believe it, and I am buying NOTHING from $ony.

I won’t like it, as I’d like to hear that music too – but NOT under these circumstances and NOT if I don’t feel that this arrangement is something Michael himself would have wanted, and I do NOT believe this is something Michael would have wanted. Not. At. ALL.

You know, I love Michael’s music too! However, I love MICHAEL more. Michael Jackson, the human being. His Heart. His Soul.

He was the most magnificent entertainer who ever lived in my opinion.  But before he was that, Michael Jackson was a magnificent human being.  And I love that human being. Had he never set foot on another stage nor sang another note, I’d still love him as a human being. For me, that comes first.

I cannot and will not in good conscience help finance Michael Jackson’s abuse and his murder by people he long since, well before he died, put out of his life and/or fired because they were abusing him – just to buy music that he probably never even wanted released (or, he’d have DONE so when he was alive) from those same people –people Michael would have NEVER done business with again if he were alive!

Those people?  $ony Corporation and John Branca (who not only just happened to re-appear approximately 7 days before Michael’s death, but who also “coincidentally” still had an old will in his pocket dating back to 2002, naming HIM as executor and excluding the family from contesting that, lest they lose their allowance).

Bythway this will was signed in Los Angeles on a day that Michael Jackson was in New York City protesting $ony! What are we to believe about that? Michael has really really long arms?  Pfft. I don’t think so. Michael’s children’s names on the will are incorrect, and Michael’s signature on the will is very suspect.

And, the same old conflict of interest still exists again now that existed when Michael fired Branca a few years ago in 2003. Branca is once again working for both MJ (now, the estate) AND $ony at the same time. And THAT, folks, is why $ony got that lucrative $250 million deal for some of Michael’s unreleased music and concert footage as opposed to another record label getting it, instead.

Folks, it can’t BE more blatant than that. The term again, is “conflict of interest“.

That is an understatement, Michael.

That is an understatement, Michael.

What do I think should happen with Michael’s unreleased music and his catalog and all of his things? They rightfully belong to Michael’s children and family. And particularly his own catalog of music including the unreleased items. Maybe it should all be put in trust for the children and when they are old enough, THEY should decide what is and is not done with it.

Of course that would not appease the MJ fans who want instant gratification of hearing the unreleased material now – at any cost and no matter who or what it comes from or who it benefits (or doesn’t). And it would not appease the never-ending greed of $ony Corporation either.

Between these fans and their penchant for instant gratification and $ony’s boundless greed, they have a mutually parasitic relationship that only perpetuates the gross injustices done over the years to Michael Jackson (the entertainer AND the human being) far far into the future. And now that abuse further extends to his family, too.

This is NOT a good thing and I cannot claim to even begin to understand the mentality of anyone who thinks it is.

Even some attorneys online have looked askance this blatant conflict of interest and subsequently, at these deals going down between “the estate” (Branca) and $ony Corporation. But none of them have the jutzpah to say anything about it in an official capacity no matter how badly SOMEONE needs to. Why are these lawyers not contacting the California Bar to investigate this corruption?

Men like John Branca, John McClain and certainly Tommy Mottola and $ony should NOT be making these decisions about Michael’s unreleased music or his catalog. Not NOW. Not EVER.

And just what rock in Hell did Beelzebub (Tommy Mottola) crawl back out from under to gloat about $ony being the “gatekeeper” to Michael’s unreleased music? Well, you can find out about that in my friend Bonnie’s blog entry entitled “Catching up with Tommy Mottola“. Not surprisingly, he’s still up to his old tricks.

Finally, I leave you with one last but very relevant quote:

In writing this book I investigated how, in his later years , Michael was beset with trials and tribulations which , on face of it, were unconnected to each other. There was the prosecution on child abuse charges, the downturn in record sales, the financial catastrophes and the struggles to retain ownership of assets such as Sony/ATV, his back catalogue of recordings and Neverland. Yet far from being coincidental, everywhere we detected the hidden hand of Sony Corporation attempting to orchestrate events.
-Lynton Guest, author of “The Trials of Michael Jackson

NO! I won’t support this. Because Michael would not have wanted it this way. And I love Michael Jackson the human being more than Michael Jackson the Entertainer.

To Michael Jackson the Human Being, his fans were worthy of his love and his work and sweat. Michael was a GIVER of love through his art. He cared about it and he cared about his fans. He wanted the absolute best for them and he gave it straight from his own very human heart and soul.

To $ony, we MJ fans are all merely a source of profit. $ony are TAKERS. They don’t care about US. And they certainly didn’t care about Michael Jackson either.  That ought to be very painfully obvious by now.

There are givers and takers in the world.  Michael was a giver of love, art and beauty. $ony are takers of money. Yours, if they can get their hands on it by any means possible. And Michael’s too. And his children’s.

They are thieves who are in this game purely for themselves and they are using Michael Jackson’s legacy and art to enrich themselves. In doing so, they are simultaneously stealing his children’s future and their father’s legacy right out from beneath them. And John Branca is helping them do it.

It wasn’t enough for them to destroy him while he was alive and take his life. Now, they want ALL the profit from his legacy and to take his legacy from his children. By the time the MJ3 kids are 20, there will be nothing left for them. $ony will have taken it all.

Personally, I ‘Never Can Say Goodbye‘ to Michael Jackson.

But I can say goodbye to $ony – and in fact that may be the very best way of holding on to Michael and all he stood for.

Because Michael said “goodbye” to $ony years ago due to  just this kind of manipulation and abuse. I think it may be time for his fans to follow his example now.

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