Mar 19 2010

‘You Are Not Alone’ Video Was Based on Maxfield Parrish’s ‘Daybreak’

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There has never been any doubt about Michael’s taste and knowledge of fine art, literature and performance, or his ability to combine them all magnificently in stunning and compelling ways. This interesting tidbit is just further testimony to his genius.

Maxfield Parrish's 'Daybreak'

Maxfield Parrish's 'Daybreak'

Daybreak is a painting by Maxfield Parrish made in 1922.

Daybreak is regarded as the most popular art print of the 20th century, based on number of prints made: one for every four American homes.

According to the The National Museum of American Illustration, it has outsold Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans and Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It is still in print.

In 1995 Michael Jackson produced his music video, “You Are Not Alone“, featuring himself and his then wife, Lisa Marie Presley, in which they appear semi-nude in emulation of ‘Daybreak’.

Still from Michael's "You Are Not Alone" Video

Still from Michael's "You Are Not Alone" Video

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{ Thanks to my friend Illona for bringing this interesting tidbit to my attention! -Seven }

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12 Responses to “‘You Are Not Alone’ Video Was Based on Maxfield Parrish’s ‘Daybreak’”

  1. Deborah Earle says:

    “Daybreak” was on display at the museum where I occassionally do volunteer work just a few months ago. I was surprised that it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but all of the Maxfield Parrish paintings in the exhibit were lovely, and I even made a point of wearing something in Parrish Blue (in this case, slacks) for the occasion.
    I also thought of MJ’s video and even mentioned it in a discussion with someone who worked at the museum.
    David Nordhal’s painting of Michael surrounded with naked cherubim who are strewing his hair with flowers as he wears a loose loincloth and carries pipes of Pan is a combination of Michaelangelo’s (his favorite artists’s) “David”, and of Bouguereau’s “Return of Spring”. In a story featured on “Inside Edition”, psychologists used the painting as “proof” of MJ’s pedophilic leanngs. But anyone who is well-schooled in classical art would say that combined with his short film for “You Are Not Alone”, he was only guilty of being an art connoissieur.

  2. Theresa Gallagher says:

    Oh my! I never knew this!

  3. Christina says:

    Thank you Seven…. so beautiful!

  4. jeanne says:

    AHHHH I go there to my Michael place when I need to inhale and breathe pure heart and pure love. Because if I live around the world I see and that is what I only see ,,, it leaves a hole in me .

  5. Sheletta says:

    This is a beautiful picture. Wonder who one goes by finding out how to get something like this. Michael, sure know what was beautiful and glad that this pic was base for his song video “You Are Not Alone”, Love it.

  6. luvuangel says:

    Thanks once again Seven for sharing. I am just so thirsty and hungry for his genius. And
    this is more. I love that video “You Are Not Alone” . When he hits that note on “Heart” shivers run
    through me. The scenes with Lisa make me happy and sad.. any happiness he had in his life was so
    short-lived. I ADORE him and his love for history and literature makes him even TALLER and GREATER
    in my estimation. No doubt… I love your words, Seven, that he is a “once-in-forever-masterpiece”.
    I say “is” because I cannot think of him in the past. His energy is here. Stunning. Compelling. Michael.
    I luvuangel.

  7. Marianna says:

    Wow, Seven! Thank you so much for sharing this piece of work, it reminds all of the original video Michael made with Lisa Marie. This particular painting reminds me of paradise, a peaceful, beautiful place, Heaven.

  8. tina-marie says:

    Fascinating tidbit, Seven! Each time I read your site, I come away loving this man more.

  9. Seven says:

    You might have read about Michael’s love for books here:

    He was an amazingly beautiful person, heart, mind, and soul. Michael Jackson himself was a masterpiece. Too good for this sad sad world, so he has been take to a more appropriate place for such stunning works of art. God(dess) bless his sweet heart and soul.

    He was a once in forever masterpiece.

  10. appleh says:

    His thirst for knowledge in every kind of arts, history and literature makes him so much adorable for me. He is a huge model, I heard he had about 10000 books. Just amazing, I can´t describe this in words.

  11. emma says:

    nice! thanks for sharing.