Mar 23 2010

Some Links to Make Ya Think

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Contemplation . . .

Contemplation . . .

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough? When is enough ENOUGH? For $ony – Never.

Flashback to 2002:

… But the dispute over the handling of ”Invincible’‘ grew out of a larger struggle between Jackson and Sony over Jackson’s effort this year to renegotiate his contract with the label, where he has spent his entire adult career, those involved in the negotiations tell the Times.

At issue are two sets of assets. One is Jackson’s master recordings, which Sony is supposed to turn over to him in seven years, but which he wants in three. (Owning those will mean he no longer has to split royalties with Sony.) The other is Sony/ATV, the music publishing company that Jackson co-owns with Sony, which holds the copyrights to several hundred thousand songs, including the catalogs of the Beatles and such Sony artists as Bob Dylan. (Last week, Sony/ATV bought Nashville publisher Acuff-Rose, which holds the rights to 55,000 country songs.)  Both Jackson and Sony want to buy out each other’s stake in the publishing venture, the Times says.

It appears it wasn’t enough to take the man’s life, now they want his entire catalog (MiJac), his share of Sony/ATV, and all the profits that can be had from his music – released and unreleased, for the indeterminate future and with John Branca to help them, the possibilities for Branca and $ony’s profits are endless – as they previously and rather blatantly said, although they used the name “Michael Jackson” in place of $ony Corporation in their statement of greed ie:

We and Sony feel that the future for Michael Jackson is unlimited,” said John Branca, a special administrator for the estate.

Actually, what is unlimited is John Branca’s and $ony Corporation’s collective greed, and Michael Jackson has little to do with that. In fact John Branca was the second person on his list of people Michael suspected were out to destroy him. Tom Sneddon was the first. And Michael was right about both of these men.

Michael Jackson ditched $ony years ago due to just the type of abuse as they are demonstrating now.  They were the first (This Is It film) and the second (this $250M deal) – not so coincidentally,  to step in to profit off of his death.  And just what will be left for Michael’s children and family by the time $ony is done emptying the trough of every last drop of profit they can suck from him?  When will $ony Corp. have stolen enough from Michael Jackson and his family? His very life wasn’t enough. What is? The term boundless greed comes to mind.

The quote below is from the SonyATV website in August 2009, after Michael’s murder. I love their language: “$ony Corp. helped facilitate the deal“. That’s very interesting terminology. The vultures did was that they inserted themselves into the deal so as to keep hold of that catalog in the event that MJ defaulted, or in any event – like his death, for instance. They were constantly meddling in MJ’s financial business in order to manipulate their way to that catalog, as we can plainly see.

Despite media reports of investor interest in Jackson’s half of Sony/ATV, Sony Corp. remains in the driver’s seat. When a cash-strapped Jackson refinanced his debt with the Fortress Investment Group in 2007, Sony Corp. helped facilitate the deal and in return secured the right to purchase half of his share in Sony/ATV at a predetermined price; it also became managing partner of the publishing company, giving it operational control. Sony also obtained the right to match any future offers on Jackson’s remaining 25% stake. Separately, sources say that Sony/ATV also gets a first look at purchasing Jackson’s own Mijac catalog upon the expiration of its administration deal with Warner/Chappell.

From Lynton Guest, author of “The Trials of Michael Jackson“

In writing this book I investigated how, in his later years , Michael was beset with trials and tribulations which , on face of it, were unconnected to each other. There was the prosecution on child abuse charges, the downturn in record sales, the financial catastrophes and the struggles to retain ownership of assets such as Sony/ATV, his back catalogue of recordings and Neverland. Yet far from being coincidental, everywhere we detected the hidden hand of Sony Corporation attempting to orchestrate events.

The Medialoids

Statistics back it up: The lame$tream media is part of the PROBLEM, as per usual . . .

Media Tenor International analyzed the news coverage of ABC, CBS, Fox News and NBC in the time frame from June 1st 2004 until May 31st 2009 with a total of 150 portrayals of Michael Jackson in at least 5 seconds of air time. 90% (135) of those portrayals dealt with Jackson´s court case, while only one of the reports concentrated on his career and another one on issues of culture.


And, the quote below from an LA Times article, corroborates the fact that AEG had Michael Jackson over a financial barrel and that in fact, that is why they targeted him as easy prey to be manipulated into doing the O2 shows for them. Oh they were ‘helping‘ him alright. They had complete financial control of him. They told him at one point to ‘straighten up’ or they’d yank the financial rug out from beneath him. They were paying the rent on his house in LA, his children’s education/tutoring, etc. – everything. Michael himself said he never wanted to tour again or it would kill him.  And so it did. Or I should say, THEY did.

The concerts, Phillips acknowledged, are a do-or-die moment for Jackson. “If it doesn’t happen, it would be a major problem for him career-wise in a way that it hasn’t been in the past,” he said.

‘The Estate’ and John Branca

The Probate Lawyer Blog featured this article about the Michael Jackson Estate several weeks ago, posing the question of whether it is ethical for estate executors to seek a 10% fee for certain business deals they reach for such a high-profile estate.

Well, this attorney, John Branca, and his co-executor, John McClain (a music executive), just hit the mother-load. It was widely reported yesterday that they brokered a deal worth up to $250 million dollars (that’s right — one quarter of a billion dollars!). What was the deal for? Sony announced a seven-year distribution agreement for unreleased music recorded by the late King of Pop (as well as related video footage).

Yes that means that Branca and McClain earned $12.5 million each for one deal.

Why do we question this? For several reasons, actually. First, it’s the job of executors to bring in as much money as possible for an estate that has earning potential like this estate has. They shouldn’t need a 10% incentive to do the job they’re required by law to do.

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43 Responses to “Some Links to Make Ya Think”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    To the evil powers that brought about Michaels death,”ignorance is bliss”, and I am afraid that the justice system will buy that.

  2. Katie says:

    I have not yet seen THIS IS IT. I almost did. My daughter and I went to the cinema and there were only two films we were interested in. The first, was THIS IS IT and another one which was not exactly stupendous but I told my daughter i couldn’t/wouldn’t pay for and watch THIS IS IT even though I love watching Michael perform. I won’t add money to Sony’s already very large money making machine, a company who have no thought for their artists. I won’t buy anything which has a Sony label on it or linked to Sony in any way whatsoever be it music or a piece of machinery ie a television or DVD player – nothing – let them pay for their greediness and lack of concern for another human being.

    THIS IS IT was to have been performed LIVE and not to be used for ‘others’ to make money on rehearsal footage. Further Michael did not wish to tour anymore and to think he toured just to get these vultures off his back makes me cry. Michael, the man, the loving father, the wonderful dancer and fabulous singer will forever remain in my heart.

  3. Karin says:

    Guys, the video is really powerful and yes, my blood was boiling over as well when I watched it because of the glaring injustice. But it’s also are really compelling, well researched and thoroughly documented. The owner of that YouTube channel knows his or her stuff and backs it up with evidence. Send it out to all you know please. Spread the word and as Seven reminds us – Suggest to others not to buy anything from Sony.

  4. Seven says:

    I don’t know how much they’re worth. A LOT more now, thanks to Michael dying for them to make more money. :-\

    I think that unfortunately it’s probably doubtful MJ fans could gather enough moolah to buy $ony.

    BUT – we DO HAVE ALL THE CONTROL OVER THEM without buying them! 🙂

    Just don’t buy anything FROM them!

    If most MJ fans simply did not buy anything from $ony, they’d be back where they started before they murdered Michael to save their own bacon – they’d be back in the red – where frankly, they deserve to be.

  5. Seven says:


    I’d put nothing past a greedy, largely unregulated (and they all are) corporation. Especially $ony, who wanted to distance themselves from Michael whilst still making a tidy profit off of him and they WANTED that catalogue, which is now surely worth BILLIONS (with a ‘b’). I suspect nothing would stop this entity from getting what it wanted from Michael Jackson. Michael died to save their financial butts and may in fact have been murdered for just that (or some other monetary) purpose.

    As for Obama I’m unsure how to be sure he actually gets the letter himself. Send it certified and mark it ‘personal and confidential’ maybe? Other than that, I don’t know. If anyone else has any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

  6. Ali says:

    Just had another thought – I wonder actually how much the company of Sony is worth? and how many fans and admirers of Michael Jackson there are around the world – I wonder if we could get together enough money to buy the comnpany!!

  7. Ali says:

    I read an article in the guardian (paper copy, dunno if its online)at the weekend about the Japanese economy, by a Patrick Collinson. Quotes:
    – “what a basket case Japan has become”
    – “The economy is ugly beyond belief and the country has bucket loads of problems”
    – “This is a country that is flatlining”
    – “He finds the domestic economy in Japan almost comically bad, with a paralysed and corrupted political class unable to cope with the daunting challenges of a rapidly ageing population and colossal fiscal deficit”

    the writer is writing about some British investor person saying its an ideal time to buy up lots of japanese companies because the yen will be so devalued they will be really cheap.
    he describes one company where the board members had to take a 30% pay cut, and managers’ bonuses were axed in attempts not to make people redundant.

    I thought this was an interesting context to add to Lynton Guest’s work. If you take Lynton’s perspective of Japan needing to ‘save face’ and develop a strong powerful economy post war, then for a company like Sony to risk failure now with all the other economic challenges, can you imagine their desperation to do anything to save and build the company??!! even murder. They only ever saw Michael as a commodity anyway, in this economic context his life became even more totally irrelevant to them – “anything for money”, especially now board members pay is threatened.

    Its not as if they would be the first organisation to use such a strategy, its been done since the dawn of history, so why do people find it hard to see or believe? People have murdered members of their own family for money.

    I just watched the videos posted by Karin, like you Karin, i find it unbelievable Branca and the will isn’t being investigated – just like its unbelievable Sneddon’s pile of shit ever got let into a courtroom in 2005. – no apologies for the term. When I watch/read any detailed information about these injustices and crimes, I feel physically as if I am literally going to be sick with horror,my stomach sort of contracts and my head goes really weird. its a feeling Ive never had like this in any other context. I don’t understand how they could do these things to Michael and how people cannot care.
    I am in the middle of writing my letters to the California State Bar and to President Obama. Does anyone know how to make sure Obama actually gets the letters himself?

  8. Seven says:

    THANK YOU Karin. EVERYONE should watch these videos! THEN, WRITE A LETTER to the California Bar to have Branca Investigated:


    The State Bar of California
    Office of the Chief Trial Counsel
    Intake Unit
    1149 S. Hill Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90015-2299
    Attn: UPL Project.

    ALL the points you should make are laid out in these videos – as well as the fact that the children’s names are incorrect, the ‘will’ was allegedly signed by Michael in LA on a day he was not even in the state of California, the fact that the signatures are suspect, the fact that Branca was not supposed to have a copy of the will, etc.

  9. Karin says:

    Hi guys, have you seen this video about Branca and Michael’s alleged Will? I simply cannot believe that Branca is not being investigated:

  10. Seven says:

    Hahahaa Susan! What an apropos meaning for S.O.N.Y.! Perfect.

    According to Lynton Guest’s book, $ony had a hand in the 2003-2005 allegations/trial – some info had come to Sneddon via Tokyo . . . so they may have at least had a hand in that. Honestly, everything I’ve read about this entity – they are incredibly evil and manipulative.

    Thanks for the link Emma! Very interesting. Well, thanks to Michael’s murder and $ony’s buddy Branca, they are doing much better financially now. :-\

  11. Susan says:

    Hi everyone:

    Sony, I think that’s an acronym for “Songs Ours, Not Yours”.

    In the taped telephone call that Evan Chandler gave where he described taking down Michael, one line that he said always stuck out – “Everything’s going to a certain plan that isn’t just mine.” I often wondered who else was in on the “plan”. Possibly the “powers that be” at Sony??

  12. emma says:

    Just read an article about how the music industry has changed recently. Sheds light on many things around Sony and AEG. With the appearance of digital technology and “free music” the dominance of the recording companies have decreased abruptly.