Apr 02 2010

John Branca Attempts to Rewrite History Regarding Michael Jackson and $ony. Not So Fast There, Bucko…

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"Mutually Beneficial Relationship"? We think not, Mr. Branca

“Mutually Beneficial History”? We think not, Mr. Branca

Enough is enough of this garbage! We know the truth!

Michael told it numerous times before he was murdered.

And it not the same story that John Branca is telling now that Michael is no longer here to speak up for himself about what $ony did to him over the years.

Michael is no longer here to tell the truth about it.

And since Michael is no longer here to tell the truth about it, John Branca is trying to rewrite history regarding $ony’s contentious and abusive treatment of Michael Jackson during his career.

But it’s not going to work. Because Michael’s fans remember very well what Michael himself had to say about that relationship over the years when he was alive.

And frankly, if we’re given a choice between believing what Michael himself said about how $ony treated him, and what John Branca is saying now that Michael is no longer here to speak the truth, we’ll take Michael’s word, thankyouverymuch.

See, recently, John Branca made the following statement:

Michael & Sony enjoyed a mutually beneficial history.

Really, Mr. Branca? Just how ignorant do you think Michael’s fans are? This is a boldfaced lie and a blatant attempt to rewrite history where $ony and Michael Jackson are concerned.

Please stop trying to rewrite history just because Michael is no longer here to recount it accurately. And, because you want your friend $ony to profit wildly from Michael’s music and legacy and you want Michael’s fans to think they’re oh-so-wonderful and give them lots of money. Well they haven’t been so wonderful, have they?

$ony treated Michael Jackson like crap whilst endeavoring to profit from his immense talent and body of work. And they’re still doing it now – with your help, Mr. Branca.

No. This is not a ‘good thing‘.

The entity which had a ‘mutually beneficial history‘ with $ony, Mr. Branca, was YOU, not Michael Jackson.

In fact, Michael Jackson fired you in 2003 because that ‘mutually beneficial history‘ you had with $ony was a tad bit too ‘beneficial‘ to $ony and simultaneously  grossly unfair and abusive to Michael.

It’s called “conflict of interest“. And we see you’re at it again with the same M.O., Mr. Branca, having gotten that revolving door between Michael’s estate and $ony furiously spinning heretofore unheard of amounts of money and royalties directly into $ony’s coffers.

And The Opus people’s too. And the Grammys. And MusicCares. And….whatever other corporations you are on the board of. Wherever any items of Michael Jackson’s music, merchandise, personal and household items, or legacy are being sold or auctioned, we can bet John Branca is behind it funneling the money to some corprat entity he’s on the board of.  It’s quite an interesting little racket you’ve got going there, Mr. Branca.

Here is just one comment from Lynton Guest about what is behind $ony’s financial abuse and manipulation of Michael Jackson. Mr. Guest knows the inner workings of $ony Corporation because he has involvements himself there:

…So those at $ony had to find a way to rid the company of Jackson but keep hold of the rights to his recordings. There was also the matter of Sony ATV, in which the Japanese were determined to acquire a controlling interest. Norio Ohga could not have envisaged it would take ten years, a high-profile criminal trial, and the personal destruction of music’s greatest talent before the objective was finally realised. -Lynton Guest

Now, let’s look at some visuals regarding this issue. Below is a video detailing what Michael himself has said about $ony over the years, along with some very interesting details of $ony’s various abuses of him during his career:

Hmmm…hardly what could be called a ‘mutually beneficial history‘, is it Mr. Branca?

We think not. So, as for your blatant attempts at rewriting history regarding $ony and Michael Jackson and their relationship over the years?


Given this contentious and abusive history $ony has had with Michael Jackson during his career,there is another thing Michael’s fans know Mr. Branca, no matter what propaganda you put out there to the contrary and that is that there is simply no way that Michael Jackson himself would have E V E R signed another multi-year, multi-album contract with $ony Corporation.

And particularly not the unprecedented sweetheart deal you’ve negotiated with them recently when there were other record labels who could have released this music, instead. Let us use the words to one of Michael’s songs to get the point across:

If Michael Jackson were living, he would not let this be, no, no.  All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us.

Nor do ‘they‘ (ie: $ony Corporation or you, Mr. Branca) care about Michael Jackson or his family. They are just an afterthought to you and $ony and your other profiteering corprat friends, aren’t they? It’s all about the MONEY you can make for yourself and corprat friends off of Michael’s estate, isn’t it?  Thus, that deal wherein yourself and McClain get 10% of the profit right off the top, of any profit the estate makes, which is a direct violation of  probate law, specifically Probate Code Section 9657.

And that deal, inexplicably allowed by the court, although clearly illegal, was struck only weeks before the lucrative $ony deal was made.

Coincidence?  We think not.

No you don’t care about us – the fans. Nor do you care about Michael Jackson or his family. What you care about is funnelling as much money off of Michael’s legacy and name to $ony as possible. And we know that, Mr. Branca. It’s quite obvious at this point. Blatant, in fact.

Many fans will not buy anything from $ony because they know Michael despised them, that they abused and manipulated Michael in life, and that he would therefore have never signed another major contract with them, save a one-off or album of re-mixes. But the sweetheart deal you just gave them?  We think not.  A member of his inner circle, when asked if Michael would ever sign another major contract with $ony,  responded with an emphatic “NO! He’d DIE first!” Lo and behold, that’s just what happened.

$ony continues to abuse and profit from Michael Jackson in his death as well, with your inexplicable help (inexplicable except for the PROFIT you and your good friend $ony are getting off the deal).

We are also aware that,  just as with the ‘This Is It‘ film footage, where there were numerous other companies that you could have chosen to release that footage who placed higher bids, you chose $ony, instead, Mr. Branca.

And the same with these new albums of Michael’s.  Other record labels could have been chosen to release these songs and in fact if another label had been chosen, fans would have gotten entire albums of new Michael Jackson music, rather than albums of mostly re-releases and a couple of new songs or a single, like $ony is apt to do.

So, this deal is not only unfair to Michael Jackson, but to his fans, as well.

Can you tell us how the following is NOT a conflict of interest, Mr. Branca?

But still, Sony has an upper hand in the bidding due to the strong bond between the company and Jackson’s executors John Branca and John Mc Clain. -An insider in the music industry

LINK to the above quote: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2393364/michael_jacksons_new_album_to_be_released.html?cat=33

Michael Jackson may no longer be here to recall his own past and history or to speak out for himself or for the truth regarding his relationship with $ony Corporation. However,  enough of his fans are still here who remember well the events of both far and near history and who remember Michael’s own words regarding his relationship with $ony. It’s on video, it’s on tape in numerous interviews over the years, and in writing in various books on the subject.

Attempts by John Branca and $ony Corporation to beautify their collective avarice by attempting to rewrite that history and hide the truth of what they’ve done to Michael Jackson in the past, and what they’re continuing to do to him now,  and by extension his family and children, shall be met with the likes of this article, debunking the propaganda.

Michael’s ‘HIStory’ with $ony Corporation is not so pretty as John Branca states. And we’re not going to ignore that fact.

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22 Responses to “John Branca Attempts to Rewrite History Regarding Michael Jackson and $ony. Not So Fast There, Bucko…”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    I have missed this sie and am glad to find it again. Why are so many of Michaels songs and videos disappearing om you tube?

  2. carina for mjj says:

    I recall that still in 2009 and some time after Michaels death there was exellent mjj -music and videos on you tube and occasionally on various blogs. Some or many were my very favotites. Little by little the have disappeared and you get that black box with a red line smeared over.
    I have wondered if this is Sony´s doing. The comments are not in English but are some thing that:” cannot be shown due to producer”. This may not be the correct wording or interpretation,but something like that. I have a good sound system on my computer .but all you hear are some re-mixes or productions you don´t know what they are.Or performances of imperonators.The real Michael is fading from youtube. Youtube has music going back 100 yearsBut
    Michael´s is getting scarcer and scarcer.ps sorry my old e-ail went out,I am still the same carina.

  3. MJSupporter says:

    I am a big supporter of Michael Jackson’s. I adore Michael, his children, and his entire family. I believe Michael when he said he made billions of dollars for $ony and he called Tommy Mottola the Devil. Michael was a Billionaire when he was murdered and his estate is bringing in millions of dollars annually to this day. Also, Michael declared himself a Free Agent, come on, let’s just tell the facts, Michael Jackson fired this John Branca guy and stated he never wanted the dude involved in his life ever. He also separated himself from that John McClain. Michael Jackson warned us long before it happened that they wanted to kill him for his music catalogue, if only someone could have prevented it. Well, what we can help prevent is any further deception, stealing and misrepresentation from Michael’s estate, and we can do this by supporting the entire Jackson Family, and helping to get honest and fair Probate Attorney’s and Judges to handle the case on the up and up. How John Branca, John McClain and $ong are getting away with this craziness is absurd. How are they getting away with this bogusness? We know the WILL is Fake; Michael Jackson has documented footage of just how he felt about all of them, and he wanted nothing to do with them. Let’s help support the Jackson Family in getting control, Power of Authority, Executiveship of Michael Jackson’s Estate. Michael would want his family to handle his estate before those murdering evil greedy blood suckers. The current co-executor’s John Branca and John McClain working together along with $ony to separate Michael Jackson’s Estate from as much money as they possibly can all while damaging his legacy is their objective, and it is obvious. It is also obvious that they have corrupt Judges on their side at the moment. We are hopeful that will turn around. How are they getting away with the deceit? Oh, yeah, Billions of Dollars are at stake. Michael Jackson worked hard for his money all his life, and his family line has a right to make sure his legacy and heirs are receiving what is rightfully theirs. No artist, singer, songwriter ought to ever sign with a major music company again. Be Independent Artists, or you too might get murdered and your legacy robbed from under you, your heirs stripped of their inheritance. Now $ony is trying to steal Mijac Music from Michael Jackson and get the rights to his songwriting publishing, along with as many other artists as they can, because they know that the major music business industry companies time is up, so those no good flea’s are stealing as much as they can get a hold of from legitimate artists, and filtering out all the money that they can get away with. Here is the bottom line, as Michael Jackson supporters, friends, family and fans, we must help to return the Executive Power of the Michael Jackson Estate to the Jackson Family. We must reject all the lies and propaganda being written about the Jackson Family by mainstream media. We are Supporter’s of the entire Jackson Family and his children. Michael Jackson would have wanted it that way. Michael Jackson gave us love deep from his heart; let us show our love for Michael Jackson by loving his family, the Jackson’s and supporting them.

  4. vanessa says:

    wasnt Arnold Schwarzenegger the gov when mj died? cause Howard Weitzman & him r pretty close Weitzman is or was Schwarzeneggers lawyer.

  5. carina for mjj says:

    I could not see the video either, because it´s contents are from Sony. Neithere could i get the link youi gave. Sony again? It just said ” the content you are looking for is unavailable.” So
    we here are left ignorant. Thanks to your post info is still coming.-I have a suggestion,that maybe could work , ;Publish every cover of this blood-music on your post and stick a red flag on the album poster.That will inform othrwise ignorant buyers. It appears that big business and the legal suystem are married in California.

  6. mjbluemoon says:

    Michael would’ve never done business with $ony! The catalog he purchased 26years ago with his own money is what’s at the bottom of of this, I recall telling my sister back then, that $ony will never allow Michael to walk around holding part of their co & being a FREE AGENT! Now here we are 26 year’s laterf and look what’s happened. What ppl don’t understand is this!These ppl are living off of Michael’WEALTH! That he worked all his life for, and he left it to his children, his catalog was for his children. Probate laws should kick in some where, to put a stop to this! Michael NEVER wanted to do business with THEM, as for his DEBTS ! Questionable…Michael himself set up a catolog of items to auction off items to take care of his DEBTS!

    I That catalog ! Was Michael’s future & $ony stole it!

  7. carina for MJJ says:

    Tank you seven for making these older posts available.-I am so sorry that I did not know of this 777 site earlier.Also it is not so easy here to get the books written re the late developments in Michaels life.This site has given insights I only could intuit before.
    In general I do not believe in “conspiracy theories” but what happened to Michael has completely changed my mind.-I cannot understand the judges in California: There is no conflict of interest.And murray has been pampered and protected to the n,th degree. Is there no way the veracity of the will could be proven or disproven?–The judge told murray “not to put people umnder”, he was never,ever authorized to do that anyway.It is like telling a thief not to steal.

  8. Seven says:

    Diane –

    I can assure you MJJ-777 did’t remove it! Must have been someone/something else! Thanks for pointing out that it’s gone! Odd how much stuff has been “disappearing” lately – especially anything mentioning $ony. The owner or creator may have removed it too, perhaps in favor of another one. Hard to tell at this point.

  9. Diane says:

    What happened to the video detailing Sony’s abuses of Michael?? Did mj-777 take it down or was it someone/something more questionable??!

  10. marilyn dolor says:

    the systems sucks… murray can still practice…its soooo obvious…there is no justice…though dr murray is just a fall guy (I believe)..he is at least has been suspended from practicing as doctor while the trial is on going…no system…no justice…no hope…that’s why the economy never recovers…no blessing from ABOVE…!!!!

  11. Mildred Brown says:

    Everyone of Michael Jackson fans will Boycott Sony. The fight is not over.

  12. tracey burzynski says:

    There has got to be someone out there who has Micheal Jackson’s current will that would over write the one that ‘just turned up’ . There MUST be a lawyer who drew it up, a witness that saw it being signed, I cannot beleive that all this could have been ‘cleaned up’ while Dr Murrey delayed calling for help??? What about the music lawyer that suddenly ‘committed suicide’ maybe he was the link??? for goodness sake there must be some honest person with the power to sort out this mess. how many more murders to keep this under wraps for $ony?? If we manage free Richard I Fine and get his case in a decent court then the corrupt courts and judges would have to back off…

  13. Cheryl Gross says:

    I just got wind of this, and I am mad as hell. I will be damned if I let this happen. This man is systematically hijacking Michael’s Estate, and if it had not been for HTWF we would never had found out. For those of you who have not seen it yet. It is on YouTube as The Hijacking Of The Jackson Estate Parts 1&2. We, as admirers/fans have to stand up, and defend our beloved Michael, and his family. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!

  14. DMoran says:

    by the way, i am not powerful, but i am investigating it and so should all his fans with suspicions of sony and Branca

  15. DMoran says:

    Does anyone know about Peter Lopez the solicitor on the MJ aeg contract committing suicide recently.within the last two weeks – no-one knows why- he left no reasons – he was working on the anniversary thriller album to be released for his 5oth birthday

    was this album being released through sony – or someone else?

  16. MJJ-777 » Evading the obvious. Perpetuating the ignorance. says:

    […] I don’t know about YOU but I don’t like being manipulated. Especially by $ony – a sneaky, silent entity that abused and manipulated Michael for years behind the scenes. No matter WHAT John Branca says. […]

  17. Bonnie Cox says:

    Seven, I agree with you in your response to “curios” and I would caution those reading this that the press is not the only entity out there with trolls crawling over these blogs.

  18. Seven says:

    Why yes, “curious” I am.

    What I wrote was that Michael would never sign another MAJOR contract with $ony.

    What that means is that I do not believe Michael would have signed any multi-album, multi-year commitments with them for new music.

    He did in fact do THREE other ALBUMS with them after 2002-2003, I think. His obligation to $ony under those ‘contracts’ included the ONE album – such as “Thriller 25” – of re-released/remixed music, NOT new music.

    A contract for ONE album of re-released music or remixes is quite DIFFERENT than an extended 7-album, 10-year, long-term contract/sweetheart deal such as the one Branca just did with $ony for NEW music. And with unheard-of royalties going to $ony for the stuff to boot.

    THAT is what I’m saying Michael would have never done with them again – a MAJOR multi-album, multi-year commitment of NEW music with them. He NEVER wanted to be obligated to that entity like that again because when he was, they financially abused and manipulated him.

    There’s a BIG difference between the scope of obligations to $ony for a single album of remixes/re-releases — and 7 or 10 albums of new music over multiple years. Hardly the same type of deal, I’d say.

    If you’re of the “Oh but Michael kissed and made up with $ony after Mattola left!” camp, well I disagree with you. I do not believe he did.

    $ony – with or without Mattola – is still the SAME entity and it still operates the SAME way as it did when Mottola ran things in the U.S.. (ie: they STILL wanted their grubby paws on those catalogs – especially MiJac – and they still wanted to continue to profit handsomely from his incredible body of work (past and future) whilst simultaneously distancing themselves from the media-created ‘scandals’ surrounding him).

    That did NOT change when Mattola left. And Michael knew that. He wasn’t stupid.

    Now, with Michael gone, Branca is free to deliver all of the above to them and MORE without him ‘in the way’.

    Mattola got his orders from JAPAN and that’s still where they come from – down to whoever is in the U.S. managing affairs here. It’s still the same entity, Mattola or no Mattola.

    And I continue to be of the firm belief that Michael never, ever wanted to have any more major obligations (such as multi-year, multi-album contracts with them for new music) to $ony ever again.

    So yea, I’m aware.

  19. Curious says:

    Okay I read this part “A member of his inner circle, when asked if Michael would ever sign another major contract with $ony, responded with an emphatic “NO! He’d DIE first!” Lo and behold, that’s just what happened.”.

    and I’m just curious – Do you realize that Michael actually signed another contract and did “Thriller 25” with Sony at 2008? and that he would have released “Off the Wall 30” in 2010 again with Sony?

  20. Advocates For Michael says:

    If Michael Jackson were living, he would not let this be, no, no. All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us.

    That’s why it’s time kick ass!


  21. Jennifer says:

    I signed for petition http://mjcase.epetitions.net/. I desperately hope this petitions does work. For everything that happened to MJ, I feel LA is like Sodom in Bible. Because of the people, TS, Steve Cooley, Branca, and so on…

  22. Kathy says:

    I believe that Sony tried to get rid of Michael Jackson for years they want the ATV catalog that is worth by now 2 billion nothing is a coincidence in this life. Branca came in to the picture 2 weeks before Michaels Death, DiLeo same thing most of the people Michael fired suddenly appeared. I do not understand why the courts just hand over everything of Michaels without any investigation ? This is BILLIONS of dollars involved for that kind of Money so much corruption people would do anything for that money , Judge just handed over very strange.I hope that as they say what is done in the dark will be revealed in Light. I Trust God but even God needs help so i hope someone very powerful will investigate this whole mess. Michael worked from the age of 5 very hard he earned every penny and why should they Rob him? that money belongs in proper hands and his children.

  23. CoCo Browne says:

    Everyone must understand, this article is the true story of a conspiracy of greed against Michael Jackson, which is executed on the financial, political, and spiritual levels.

  24. appleh says:

    I can not see the video, because in content´s music from $ony !!!. Laughable if it isn´t so sad, what they did to Michael !!!