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‘I don’t understand why they want to tear me apart.’

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'I don't understand why they want to tear me apart.' -Michael Jackson

Vince Paterson worked with Michael Jackson for 16 of his (Paterson’s) 25-year entertainment career, which included directing, acting, and choreography. Paterson helped choreograph ‘Thriller‘ and was a zombie in that short film. He was the white gang leader in ‘Beat It‘ and he choreographed ‘Smooth Criminal‘.

Like so many others who knew and worked with Michael, Paterson knows and remembers him as a kind, sensitive, quite normal guy, apart from being a brilliant artist and performer – and very much unlike the ‘Wacko Jacko‘ character the medialoids defined him as.

(Jackson) never said a mean thing to anybody. He is very much alive in my mind and always in my heart.

Paterson talks about how much the negative press hurt Michael:

I lived with Michael through all of those years with the press. I would sit in the trailer and he would cry. He would say ‘I don’t understand why they want to tear me apart.’

And he talks about how Michael allowed the spirit of the music to speak to and guide him:

He always told me to let the music talk to you: ‘Don’t ever impose your thoughts on the music. The music will tell you what it wants to do.’

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20 Responses to “‘I don’t understand why they want to tear me apart.’”

  1. Nancy says:

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~ Albert Einstein

  2. MJJ-777 » Tears and Gratitude says:

    […] only his childhood, but also his life – for his art. And he certainly suffered for it. He was persecuted more than any other artist I know of in this age for his efforts to bring the World some joy, […]

  3. Seven says:

    FF –

    I agree with all you wrote and as a shy, creative introvert myself, I understand a small part of what MJ went through – though I cannot possibly grasp the scope of it because he was far, far more abused due to his celebrity and success, race, and as you say, introversion, sensitivity and shyness than I ever was. But it’s true that such people tend to be targets of abuse.

    As for the ‘ps’ part of your comment I will only say ‘yes’, and leave it at that. 🙂

  4. FF says:

    It’s always baffled me why people have been, indeed are, so vicious to/about Michael and yet exhault and overhype completely obnoxious untalented ‘celebrities’. And then it dawned on me why they did it: he was not just too good! Now this seems simple but is actually a bit more complex: he was so good you really couldn’t minimise it or make it disappear or downplay it. He was so incredibly celebrated and obviously incredibly talented – that they couldn’t really turn around and say (as they still try to to this day) that he wasn’t really that great. And even if they did, he’d then go and break another world record and embarrass his detractors.

    And that’s what the problem has been.

    So then when they couldn’t undermine him straight off they started a campaign that kind of spanned decades and then it kind of turned into a latter-day sport: bash Michael Jackson.

    And I always used to sit there and wonder what the hell he’d done that was so bad that they behaved that way. He seemed to be one of the few celebs you could count on to consistently put his money where his mouth was and help people – ALL WHILE making far-reaching and immense cultural and artistic contributions.

    I mean look at the last trial when a man’s liberty and life was on the block and people were cracking jokes about it every night on their TV shows (I really can’t stand Jay Leno now because he actually testified for the DEFENCE and THEN tried to find away around the court gag order so he could trash Jackson some more – I mean, what?! How can you contribute to a negative impression of Michael when you’ve actually participated in the court case?)

    I just couldn’t (and still can’t) understand how you could not stop and think of that man as the same guy who did all those good things, whose albums you can put on and they instantly cheer you up? How could you stop thinking of him as a person? I still don’t.

    But when I think of it in terms of his being so crazy talented and always trying to do good I can see why some people would feel that alone was making them look bad and have to bring him down in order to not feel so bad about themselves (all this opposed to actually TRYING to be a better person, this is what makes such actions evil rather than just plain lazy) – and that’s even before I get into stuff like money and racism.

    People just couldn’t deal with someone being so talented and so kind-hearted, actively breaking records throughout their career and selling consistently throughout their career and not having an obvious failing. So create one, of course; fake one, of course. So they had to talk about his ‘mutilated face’ or his ‘wacky eccentricities’, or his ‘sinister’ relationship with children. For some they had to make him heinous to ‘bring him down where he belongs’ and others just seem to think that there has to be SOMETHING sinister about a guy so obviously well-mannered and that looking for this SOMETHING clouds their perception when viewing him.

    It’s also worth noting that Michael was an introvert and introverts ALWAYS get projected onto – especially if they’re shy/quiet/seem vulnerable.

    But if you ask me how so few people stopped to consider him as a human being that’s another lot of issues. There are the obvious factors and there’s also the fact that I think post-the Nineties there seemed to be a dawn of an age of cynicism – it was starting at the end of the 80s but it got in full swing in the 90s and where people would be willing to see amazing talent and marvel at it before (in fact, I can see why Michael seemed to fit right in with all those golden-era cinema types) – now people start thinking there’s something UN-natural about it and start looking for the monster behind it. It’s the dark side of all this tabloid interest: people always start looking for the worm in the apple even when it’s not there. They’re so convinced it HAS to be there that they’ll make one up if they have to. So whereas the 80’s was aggressively upwardly mobile you had the fallout in the next generation which was people being sarcastic and ‘seen-it-all’ (and taking a lot of meds, it’s worth noting) and closed off to just finding the wonder in things – because you really can’t see things as wonderful if you’ve ‘seen it all before’.

    What I’ve realised is that the press isn’t representative of the opinions of the people and while a lot of people aren’t very verbal about it they did and still do have a lot of love and respect for Michael.

    But the press… well, Michael put it best himself when he called them parasites who’ll do anything for a story. Most of the media is controlled by a few like-minded individuals – it’s not this vista of opinion and truth that people seem to accept as a subtext. And these people like to feel that they create celebrities and they break celebrities. So some of it comes out of that… but back to my original point: they were so willing to tear him apart because they couldn’t minimize his contribution and talent – it was that immense and obvious and captivating that they really had to campaign ad nauseum in stages – first dehumanising him and then making him a ‘monster’. And yet, with the world’s genuine grief over him, you can see that they failed.

    So of course, keep pushing the ‘he’s a drug addict and a paedophile’ mythology. I just find it disturbing that people want to tear you down for being the best that you can be.

    Also, here’s the ridiculous side of it: the man has had a decade spanning career from childhood and you can find a million books that are based of pure falsehood and speculation – and have them held up as fact. YET, you can hardly find any analytical study of his work, contribution, and art? How ridiculous is that!

    ps – Seven, I’ve read some of your other posts and I don’t know that much about the Jackson family but why would you think some members are being opportunistic after Michael’s death? Maybe I read it wrong, but I got that impression and yet couldn’t find anything in detail here. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Kathy Mann says:

    I am always on the verge of crying for Michael everytime I think about how people treated him. It makes me physically sick to think about all the horrible things they put him through. I think they must of sensed what a wonderful person he is/was and when you are good on this earth you are open for criticism. It shouldn’t be that way but for some reason it is. They just watched him continuously pick himself back up everytime they threw him down and they could not stand it. They weren’t going to be happy until they threw him down to where he couldn’t get back up. I hope all of these so-called humans are happy now, because he cannot get up this time. God Rest Your Soul Michael. You were the BEST of the BEST!!!! I will love you for the rest of my days on this earth and afterwards too if I possibly can. “It’s All For Love. L.O.V.E.”

  6. Seven says:


    THANK YOU for all do for Michael and for all you do as a teacher! You sound like a fantastic teacher. Bless you and the important job you do for our future (the kids!)

    DON’T MISS the heart-rending video of the children at Gardner School singing ‘We Are The World’ for Michael:


    This made me cry – because Michael and those kids were so proud and it must have hurt him so much to have his name covered up, knowing full well he was innocent.

  7. luvuangel says:

    Hi Seven… I came back to this page to leave a comment because I’m all into justice for Michael today. I
    joined the MJFC Tribute project and got my dot in the portrait. I created a lesson for class for next week
    all about Michael and Ryan White (20th anniversary of the boy’s death from AIDS)in conjunction with Ms.
    Kaufmann’s Voices project for school curriculum. AND I wrote a letter to earl perkins about the auditor-
    ium. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages. I did it today. The comments are closed for that post but I
    wanted to share my letter with you. I don’t mind if you don’t post this… I know it’s kind of in the
    wrong place, but I wanted to share it with you, at least. Here it is:
    Dear Mr. Perkins:
    I am a teacher at an international school here in Spain. I teach history and literature in the Middle School. I dedicate lots of my curriculum to activities that inspire the kids to do some evaluating and critical thinking. And Michael Jackson is part of our curriculum. We read his poems, we watch him sing songs like “Earth Song” and we talk about the injustice he suffered at the hands of the unscrupulous media and some close-minded people. In class we talk a lot about justice and about how to read the newspapers and internet pages, sifting through the garbage to get to the truth.
    Mr. Perkins, I am writing you this letter because I truly believe that Michael Jackson’s name should be displayed openly and proudly on the wall of your auditorium. It would show the world that your school, your students and your community are fair-minded people and not afraid to defend someone who deserves it even if it is not popular to do so. It would be a big lesson for the kids at that school that if a person is innocent, he is innocent, no matter how loudly the media might scream against that.
    Michael Jackson, in my estimation, was an extraordinary human being, a beautiful man, a gentle soul, a musical genius. He was a gift to our world. If I were head of the school he attended, I would be shouting about it. I would be so proud to say I had a hand in the formation of his character, I would want the world to know it. In the name of justice and truth, Mr. Perkins, please take down the boards and show his name. It would be a very loud statement against ignorance, prejudice and injustice.
    Thank you for reading.
    Marcia Ann Venter
    Seven, I want you to know how much your page and your posts mean to me. I check in every day and I want
    to contribute in every way that I can, in his honor. Luvuangel

  8. Karin says:

    Luvuangel, I totally agree with you. Michael’s values were the right values. He had things in perspective. When he visited countries he wanted to see the poor and the suffering to stay motivated to help them. He could have wrapped himself in luxury and avoided that but he didn’t.

    There are shots of Michael arriving and and leaving that trial during those four months in 2005 where I didn’t think he would survive. He looked so devastated. I can’t imagine how he felt on verdict day – not knowing what to say to his kids when he left them not knowing if he was coming back to the. Thank God Tom Messearau did such a good job for him. All that time the media was feeding off his blood and suffering and he knew it. But he also knew there were those who loved him.

  9. Karin says:

    Ali, I can’t believe that parents would consider doing that stuff. What on earth is wrong with the world? The very same world that caused Michael so much pain. You’re right, these people are the freaks and not Michael who just enjoyed good clean and wholesome fun. I detest reality shows on TV myself. They’re really fake and phony anyway.

  10. luvuangel says:

    Hi Karin… yes. I can imagine how horrible he must have felt. And it’s clear because he cried, he
    freaked out sometimes about it. I like his video, “Leave Me Alone” because he tried to fight back
    by making light of it. But when the trial happened, then, it was the ultimate insult to his integrity
    and to his beautiful soul which was a shining light. If there is any reason to turn back the calendar five
    or six years, it is that… to make his pain, humiliation and suffering go away. Because it was all false,
    so wrong, so cruel, so unthinkable. I can’t wrap my head around it, what happened to our beautiful Michael.
    I just think sometimes that we are so petty, so absurd, in comparison to ONE who is so great and so mis-
    understood. Do you feel like I do? I luvuangel.

  11. Ali says:

    You are all so right – and he knew it too, did you notice the line in ‘Unbreakable’ where he sings ” when you bury me underneath all your pain”

    There was a programe on uk tv (More4)last tuesday called Starsuckers, a 2 hour documentary about the warped media (lying, making up stories et.c) where media people openly say what they do, how the media gets people sucked in, and also the trend for everyone wanting celebrity status, what i didn’t realise was the lengths some parents will go to get their very young children into TV etc. they did an experiment, set up a stand in a shopping centre called ‘exploit tv’ and by speaking really ‘tv – seductively’ (if you get what i mean) got people to sign up for screentests for their 3,4,5,6 year olds.one researcher was saying to parents “they want to do a programme where they take very young children into abatoirs and show them what happens to the meat before it gets to the shops” and the mother was standing smiling and nodding!!! then they were getting the kids (about 3yrs old) to try and chop the head off a plastic chicken – same response from parents!! same to the ones where they were giving them pretend alcohol and telling them to act drunk! – and some of the kids were in pushchairs! (not sure how ethical an experiment, but they were doing it).

    Whats more weird, – those parents, or a kind, gentle guy doing what he can to give kids and adults, fun and a childhood, letting them into his home, sharing his animals and his things?!
    the media is the freak in this world to deliberately twist the good things and ignore the really weird – like why the heck would anyone want to be seen on the toilet or on national tv, and watched gossiping nasty stuff about other people, for however many weeks? but they can make people believe its what they want!
    yet wantng to shield your children from their prying eyes is weird! Michael is normal, they are the weird ones.

  12. Karin says:

    Luvuangel, I forgot to say that the Freak and Weirdo label they put on Michael was just cruel and disgusting. Can you imagine how he must have felt when he saw that? Human nature can stoop to low low depths.

  13. Karin says:

    Guys, I think we are all hurting and angry over the hatred they poured on Michael. Susan, I agree with Seven that you are spot on. They just dumped their own negativity on him rather than dealing with it themselves. He was such a positive person and yes, everybody who knew him praised him for being a lovely human being.

  14. Dasha says:

    It hurts so much to…to know He was crying…of course He was…its so painful to know someone hates you for nohing and more they try others to hate you by writing new ‘interesting’ facts of your life which sometimes are their own perverse fancy. Why did they do it? For their own rating…? They just used Michael…they used him… Once people crucified Christ (sorry for this comparison)for nothing, for his kindness so maybe this human nature is… Sorry for my English))) Michael….my dear Michael….my friend… I love you. We all do)))

  15. Seven says:

    More Quotes from Goethe • • •

    For the Medialoids and Michael’s accusers (including Conrad Murray who seems to want to blame Michael for his own murder – blaming one’s victim being the mark of a Sociopath):

    There is nothing in the world more shameful than establishing one’s self on lies and fables.

    For those Ignorami who laugh at and ridicule an innocent man who never hurt anyone:

    Nothing shows a man’s character more than what he laughs at.

    For Michael, ever wise and ever truthful and who obviously knew this, having been so hurt by active ignorance:

    Wisdom is found only in truth.

  16. luvuangel says:

    I agree so much with you, Seven, Karin and Susan. When I think of our angel crying over their cruelty, it
    tears at me. It makes me cry because I feel so helpless. It is so hard to UN -DO what they have done. and
    of course too late. Why is it that the IGNORAMI are so damn powerful? Yes, Seven, you are so right, that
    tearing down our Michael doesn’t fix anything but just creates more evil in this sick world. I feel sick
    myself everytime I let it into my heart how they battered him. And they get in the way of a lot of people
    ever KNOWING WHO Michael was (is). So many people get stuck in the medialoid FREAK IMAGE and can’t see
    Michael, that awesomely beautiful man. I don’t know if it happens to you, but everytime I listen to a song
    or watch old interviews or watch him dance, I feel so elated, like I’ve been near something holy and sub-
    lime. I read his essay “Dance of Life” and I just want to hold him and that image of him dancing for the
    moon in my hand and press him to my heart. Then I read some horrid lies about him and I can’t get out from
    under the sadness. Thank you all for sharing on this… luvuangel.

  17. Seven says:


    You said it all here:

    Anybody who takes the time to get to know Michael on a personal level would not attack him but rather admire him. I see it as their loss really but remember Michael always talked about the problems ignorance caused.


  18. Seven says:


    I do believe you are SPOT ON about why people tear him down so – even now. Besides money and greed (profit for the medialoids and others), that is IMO exactly the reason.

    The people tearing at Michael in life and now in death have unresolved personal issues that they PROJECT onto Michael and then punish him for them. That way they don’t have to CHANGE THEMSELVES. It’s a Man in the Mirror problem. THEIRS. And they did it to him all his life and continue to abuse him in death. They made Michael suffer for their own personal issues.

    These destructive, toxic people are so self-loathing and insecure that they feel the need to tear this beautiful human being – this beautiful soul – apart to make themselves feel better about themselves.

    But THEY are the ones who needed (and still need) to change. NOT Michael. In fact, THAT WAS HIS MESSAGE! One reason I call them “The Ignorami” is that they don’t GET it.

    Michael sang: “Start with the Man in the Mirror” – “Make That Change”

    Michael didn’t say “blame someone else and make THEM change” – he said “Start With the Man in the Mirror – Take a Look At YOURSELF and Make a Change”. Not only did Michael sing that, he DID it. Just look at his humanitarian resume to see it.

    These destructive, toxic people who insist on tearing apart the very person whose message they need to be listening to and following most – is primo evidence of their OWN need to change – yet they still don’t GET it. They just point the finger of blame onto Michael – who only tried to get them to look at THEMSELVES instead of projecting their personal, internal issues onto someone else and punishing them for it.

    In this way, Michael was not only the Man in the Mirror – he WAS the mirror. And those who cannot face what is reflected in a mirror directed at themselves will project it onto someone else – like a personal trashcan that they dump all their own faults into, so they can toss that innocent person out – thinking this is ‘change’. But still, the issues within their own hearts and souls – that man in their OWN mirror, still remains until THEY CHANGE THEMSELVES. Attacking the person holding the mirror won’t fix the problem. You have to LOOK into the mirror and start with the man THERE. That’s what Michael taught us.

    The problem wasn’t with Michael or anything he did (or was alleged to have done by those who stood to profit by making those allegations). The problem is within those who ignorantly (without knowing or even CARING about all the facts) so harshly judged, belittled, and lied about him in regards to it. And they STILL do it. It makes THEM feel better. It makes THEM money! Or it launches or saves THEIR careers.

    But it DESTROYED Michael Jackson, who was and IS innocent.

    And this man was one of the most beautiful and wise souls that ever lived on this planet – as EVERYONE who actually knew and worked with him can attest. There are many accounts on this very website from people who knew, worked with and interacted with our Michael, and every one of them describes him as person that is NOTHING like the extortionists, and medialoids/tabloids defined him or alleged him to be.

    The Ignorami however, will continue tearing him down based on the ignorant and self-serving propaganda out there – because that segment of the population is exactly what that propaganda is designed to appeal to. The ‘lowest common denominator’ so-to-speak.

    But tearing Michael Jackson down doesn’t fix THEIR problem or OUR problems. It never will. And as long as they’re too busy tearing Michael Jackson down to just stop and learn THE FACTS about him, and then to really LISTEN to what he had to say through song, dance, deed, and word during his life, they’ll NEVER heal, they’ll NEVER get it, and they’ll NEVER “make that change” that so badly needs to be made within THEMSELVES and thus in the World as a whole. That’s what Michael said was needed to ‘HEAL THE WORLD’ – it starts within ourselves.

    Those who refuse to start there and insist on blaming others, including and especially Michael – will remain part of the problem – the infection in our wounds.

    Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean. -Goethe

  19. Susan says:

    What gets me is that the people who ACTUALLY DO KNOW him always speak so highly of him – his sweetness, his consideration, his beautiful manners, what a remarkable father he is – just a genuine wonderful man. Why DO people have to be so vicious to him? I believe they are the ones with the unresolved personal issues that place all of their negativity on to Michael. They can’t stand it that even after Michael’s passing he is so loved and will continue to be no matter what vile poison they throw at him. We know the light he is/was and that just drives them bonkers!

  20. Karin says:

    Lovely art work again Seven.

    It pains me to think of Michael crying over the bullying he suffered. Why did they tear him apart? Probably many factors. Michael himself always said the bigger the target. Look at the dreadful treatment Tiger Woods has received from the media in the last six months. His marriage should be a private matter and partners cheating on their spouses has always been common. Heck I reckon half of corporate America would be guilty of that. It’s absolute hypocrisy.

    I think Michael just became too successful, too loved, too talented and was a genuinely good person who didn’t do women publicly, trash himself at nightclubs and brag about his love life. So they started looking for chinks in his armour so to speak. To make it worse he was a black man with vitiligo and lupus with a very difficult upbringing leaving him with much of the responsibility of carrying a huge family to success and staying there at an incredibly young age. All of this must have been amazingly traumatic for Michael but nobody wanted to believe him about the vitiligo let alone contemplate how on earth he managed to transition from a famous child star to an even more famous adult star. The media couldn’t get their head around Michael because they didn’t have the capacity to want to understand him. They still don’t raise that effort.

    Michael was a beautiful and sensitive soul who devoted himself to assisting humanity and the world. That is all I know and all I need to know about him. Anybody who takes the time to get to know Michael on a personal level would not attack him but rather admire him. I see it as their loss really but remember Michael always talked about the problems ignorance caused.