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‘Michael Jackson bridged racial, cultural, language, religious and geographical divides to bring people together under the banner of humanitarianism and expressions of love’

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This is about a new and very positive book about Michael and his astounding legacy, both artistic and humanitarian. Please support this author if you can. We must support those few who do not wallow in ignorance about Michael and who portray him in a truthful manner rather than a self-serving, sensationalist and fallacious way.

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The Apollo Memorial by Frederick Monderson

The Apollo Memorial by Frederick Monderson

Despite a lengthy life of lyrical creativity, melodic song and entertainment wizardry pleasing to the mind and soul of all ages; as well as a humanitarian compassion devoted to healing and helping, Michael Jackson became a victim of unscrupulousness on part of enabling individuals and an unrelenting Media consistently portraying him negatively.

Equally, and despite his longstanding and enormous popularity and financial success, Oprah Winfrey believed Michael was a terribly “lonely man.” Never before in history has as gentle and caring a soul been so unrelentingly victimized in life, that even in death, such was equally expected because of the negative persona created around and to discredit Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, from his earliest age, developed a tremendously demanding work ethic that enabled him to master his craft, becoming the mega success he achieved. Evidence indicates he sold more than 750 million albums; created 18 Number One hit songs; and won 13 Grammy Awards. His song Thriller sold more than 109 million albums worldwide, all part of an unbelievable “Body of Work” that a “Time Line” clearly delineates. As such, for his labors, Michael Jackson was the only person twice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, first as a member of the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist.

In his career, Michael Jackson bridged racial, cultural, language, religious and geographical divides to bring people together under the banner of humanitarianism and expressions of love. He was respected by presidents, princes, prisoners and paupers reflecting the expansiveness of his influence due to his humanity and caring nature complimenting his artistic genius. The Guinness Book of World Records named Michael Jackson the most prolific, charitable entertainer ever, contributing to more than 38 charities some $300-500 million dollars. Yet, despite the seemingly unending negative campaign waged against the superstar in the Media; for many, there was a magical, mystical, almost mythical significance to this man, seemingly guided by divine inspiration and intuitive instruction.

The Apollo Memorial,” by Frederick Monderson, was therefore called to ensure Michael’s legacy would no longer be tarnished by the unending negativity that so disfigured his life and person. In some 20 Chapters interspersing 219 photographs Monderson chronicles and highlights Michael’s life and achievements and how Harlem celebrated his passing. As such, “The Apollo Memorial” preserves this unique experience in memorabilia format allowing posterity to recognize the goodness Michael Jackson represented and how the community of fans paid tribute for the wonderful milestones he provided to gladden their numerous rites of passage.

All of this the author seeks to capture in this volume in Tribute to a man of extraordinary artistry who worked tremendously hard to optimize his talents and become the very best in his profession, setting the bar above the rainbow and daring others to even attempt to reach much more scale it. Nevertheless, in process of his unspoken challenge, he dared others to do what he did through love, charity and his trust in humanity, all within the philosophical constructs of the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man.

About the Author: Monderson is a retired college professor and school teacher who taught African History in the City University of New York and American History and Government in the New York public schools. He has written more than 800 articles in the New York Black Press, Daily Challenge, Afro Times and New American newspapers.

Michael Jackson: The Apollo Memorial” is primarily available from the publisher and will be in bookstores as well as at Amazon.com. First Published by SuMon Publishers March 15, 2010, ISBN: 978-0-615-33289-5 LCCN: 22009943114

SuMon Publishers, PO Box 160347, Brooklyn, New York 11216. (718) 564-5635

[email protected]

Speaking Truth To Empower.

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12 Responses to “‘Michael Jackson bridged racial, cultural, language, religious and geographical divides to bring people together under the banner of humanitarianism and expressions of love’”

  1. Diane says:

    When I finished reading White’s “Keep Moving”, I closed the book and felt such sadness that a superficial world and hateful media understood so little of Michael’s genius. It is a tragedy of epic porportions that he was hunted and scorned and vilified when he gave so much of himself to the world. I’m not a betting person but I think it will be a long time before we are given another Michael. We seem he*l bent on destroying those with the brightest light and the biggest talent. We have a lot to learn.

  2. beverley sykes says:

    This is wonderful more honest people coming forward with the TRUTH!!!!

    Am so glad for this book, I hope more and more people will become to realise the TRUTH about Michael Jackson of how wonderful human being he is.

    The tears, sweat, dedication, hard work, and LOVE Michael gave to this world will never compare, and yet he was tortued by the media for years, trying to manipulating people’s mind’s in to believing the LIES.

    Thank you for a wonderful book about Michael Jackson

    I support this book all the way!!!

  3. Seven says:

    THANK YOU TLS. How could I have left that one out? I did mention that book earlier. Mr. White was the man who praised Michael’s astounding filmmaking artistry.

    Definitely get that one. In fact, I need to order it myself so thank again, TLS for the reminder!

  4. TLS says:

    Miranda–Seven gave you a great reading list. I’d add one more: Armond White’s “Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles.” IMO, it’s the best. White is as erudite and articulate as they come. He writes almost exclusively on the quality and intent of Jackson’s art. I’m interested in the social and political implications of Jackson’s work, and White’s book helps put that in perspective. It is White’s understanding of Jackson’s importance that will endure, not the mud slung by sensationalist media types. Seven already provided the link for this book in an earlier post, but I’ll paste it in here as well:


    you have to send a $13 check/MO to this address to get it:
    Armond White
    P.O. Box 20295
    New York, NY 10011

    It’s worth noting that White consistently praised Jackson’s work over many years, at times when all other media offered nothing but scorn. I’m particularly grateful that White calls attention to MJ’s work AFTER Thriller, while all the music media and critics did nothing but diss it.

    White is himself an interesting figure–constantly vilified in online forums and by other film critics. Before I actually heard him speak in interviews, I had a picture of a raving mad man based on all the trash talk. I was surprised to find him calm, wicked smart, reasonable and persuasive. Another case of media bashing/exaggeration/character assassination. I don’t agree with everything White says about the movies (I like a lot more of them than he does), but he’s absolutely right on about Michael.

  5. Saskia says:

    Already like reading about the proffessor, sounds like someone with a lot of knowledge.

    Trying to find if it’s available in Europe somewhere.

  6. Seven says:

    Miranda, it’s here:


    It’s $33.04 U.S. I’ve got it in my cart already. I see it as a piece of HIStory really. Michael Jackson made SO MUCH HIStory in his life and in his work – both humanitarian and artistic/musical. Unfortunately it goes ignored in favor of the more sensational (and UNTRUE) crap that people seem to want to consume instead.

    But this book seemingly (I haven’t read it yet, admittedly) deals with the IMPORTANT stuff about Michael – his contribution to the world, society, history, to truly changing the world or at least being the catalyst for that change – rather than the lies and BS and extortionist allegations against him.

    He was a magnificent and INNOCENT human being who gave SO much to a world that refused to even try to understand him (it’s NOT hard if one only looks just a bit past the self-serving lies) and a world that he only loved and wanted to be part of and accepted by.

    Along with AJ’s “Conspiracy” and GH’s “Redemption“, and Michael’s own books “Moonwalk” and “Dancing the Dream“, it’s a must-have, IMO. THESE are the books in my library that tell me who Michael really was – along with the many many testimonials here on this site.

    He was obviously nothing like the barbaric press defined him and the Ignorami who read and listen to them believe him to be.

    Perfect he was not. We ALL have our faults.

    But Michael Jackson just wasn’t what those who had to had the most to gain by tearing him down (extortionists after his money and the media after profits and ratings) defined him to be.

    Not at ALL.

    But these hideous definitions of him and allegations against him take center stage while the TRUTH about him and the MOST important things about the man and what he contributed to this world go unmentioned and barely noticed. “The Silenced Truth“.

    This is why it’s so important to support these authors, writers, websites that tell the truth about him and the allegations and to calmly and intelligently defend him when you hear Ignorami comments about him – use these sites, books, and articles for reference if you can give them the links.

    Some will read and listen. Others never will. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about willful ignorance and it is epidemic, especially in the U.S.

    But we all have to speak out for him. We have to try. Michael deserves that and so do his children.

  7. Miranda says:

    This is great! Where can we find this book? How much is it?

  8. Karin says:

    It’s really refreshing to see a positive book written about Michael, especially one which focuses on the gaps he bridged and his work for humanity. There’s so much rubbish and trash out there but a real shortage of this type of work.

  9. Alicia says:

    Susanne, you said it all…I couldn’t have said it any better….and I couldn’t agree more…

  10. monica says:

    Thanks for the book.
    It is time for more people to know the truth. The media extortS everything of MJ even in his death.
    MJ is the greatest thing that ever happened to the world. I love so much for the book’s perspective to write about MJ.

  11. Susanne says:

    Great article!! Unfortunately, so very true. The media spend decades destroying Michael Jackson in the eyes of the public. His many good deeds around the world, went unreported, and ignored. Michael Jackson had a pure and loving heart that saw the need to share his prosperity to help people in need. He’s generosity was unmatched to this day, by any other, in the entertainment world. Still, some 10 months after his death, the media continues to bring up the tabloid lies, smearing his reputation further, and allowing his accuser’s the free pass of never having to answer a single question. Michael Jackson was an amazing man, who did some much good in his life. I’m ashamed of our country and how we treated him. Michael was revered around the world for his generosity and recognized that praise not ridicule should be his legacy.

  12. Miz T says:

    You’re preaching to the choir here. I still want the book though…as soon as my budget allows.