Apr 29 2010

This brand of GREED is what killed him. And still they continue.

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Extra LIES

Extra LIES

They continue with their slander and destruction of his name, his memory, his legacy, his family and children.

On Thursday, April 29th, not coincidentally the same night that Aphrodite Jones’ special on the 2005 Michael Jackson trial aired on Investigation Discovery (ID), revealing the media’s bias and slander against Michael, ExtraTV aired the first part of a nasty smear in which a paid backstabber claims Michael was gay.

The lame$tream medialoids are already slamming Aphrodite’s show. They hate it when the truth is shown about their decades of lies-for-profit about Michael. They shriek from truth like tossing holy water on flock of vampires because it threatens to interrupt their profit-stream, which has been significantly driven for the past 3 decades by telling lies about and slandering Michael Jackson with twisted, sensationalist bullshit. It gets a lot of viewers, readers, website clicks – and a lot of profit.

Nevermind that it destroyed an innocent man’s life and ultimately, cost him his life. That is irrelevant to the lame$tream media and medialoids. Tabloids, “news” media, all of them are guilty in his death. All of them have Michael Jackson’s blood on their hands.

Charles Thomson details how one outlet dismisses Ms. Jones’ show by calling it a “love letter” to Michael.

As for how the 2005 trial and the media circus surrounding it and subsequent to it is connected to Michael’s death, Charles explains the premise of the Aphrodite Jones’ segment, which is quite relevant and explains the media outlets’ efforts to distract from this matter and therefore their own culpability:

Jones asserts that the media ignored the not guilty verdicts in Jackson’s trial and continued to portray him as a predator because it made ‘great headlines on the covers of rag papers’. Mesereau adds that the media was ‘humiliated’ by the verdicts because reporters had been predicting a conviction and ‘almost salivating about him being hauled off to jail’. Jones concludes that the trial traumatised Jackson to such an extent that he was unable to sleep, and this is why he died of a propofol overdose last summer.

Interestingly, ExtraTV are also portraying this bogus claim by this tawdry money-grubbing Jason Pfeiffer as a “love story“.

The media seem awfully obsessed with something they know nothing about: L.O.V.E.

What they do know a lot about though, is money. And they’ll call anything “love” that can be made part of a sensationalist story to get ratings, sell gossip rags, and make money.

Let me make readers aware of something:

Media outlets will often pay big money to anyone to dish dirt on a celebrity, true or not. Especially Michael Jackson. They always have. And when self-serving, greedy ‘friends‘ (ie: backstabbers) and doctors with no morals or ethics such as Arnold Klein are offered sums such as $75,000 USD to lie about a celebrity, they’re more than happy to do it.

What do the medialoids/tv shows get from it? Ratings. And with those, lots of money.

This brand of GREED is what killed Michael Jackson. And now that he’s dead, they still can’t stop. They’re busy pecking away at his bones. At his memory. At his legacy. And – at his children who will see all these lies being spread about their father for the profit of the corporations that own the media. Only 5-7 very large corporate conglomerates own all the media in the United States: newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, all of it. Their only concern is profit. And they’ll destroy anyone or anything to get it.

Mr. J. Pfeiffer, Arnold Klein’s assistant at his clinic, makes certain claims about his relationship with Michael. Claims that are patently untrue. Klein backs them up. Now, this doctor was Michael’s dermatologist for many years. Since Michael died, Klein has been on every tabloid outlet who will pay him money, slandering Michael Jackson. I won’t repeat his ludicrous lies. I simply won’t. I won’t provide links to any sites or programmes. I will not give them that attention or traffic.

I know people who were with Michael every day during the last days and months of his life. Pfeiffer’s job was to ensure Michael got into Klein’s office when he had appointments. You know, the nurse or assistant that calls you into the room when you go to the doctor?  That’s apparently what Pfeiffer did. Pfeiffer was never seen at or in Michael’s home. In fact, they apparently barely spoke to one another. Pfieffer claims Michael told him “I love you“. Well, guess what? Michael said that to a lot of people. Everyone, in fact. Male and female. Young and old and in-between. That’s Michael. That’s how he was. That doesn’t make it a sexual relationship, as much as Mr. Pfeiffer apparently wishes it did. And of course ExtraTV gave Pfeiffer a platform upon which to verbally masturbate in public, his fantasies about Michael Jackson.

To say it’s disgusting is a monumental understatement. But as we know, the media will stoop to below-sewage levels to make their ratings and profits. And so they did. Again.

And that’s what killed Michael Jackson. GREED. A $150,000/month doctor who was more concerned with that money than proper and medically responsible care of his patient, for instance. Same brand of greed. It’s all the same. Who knows what else Conrad Murray was offered or by whom to kill Michael. One thing is certain: he did not have the best care of his patient at heart. What he had was his eye on was that money, and possibly more.

The ‘gay’ rumours have been around for decades. Now that Michael is no longer here to defend himself, the medialoids/tabloids along with some backstabbing opportunists with their own agendas decided to reconstitute them for their own financial benefit. Michael’s own bodyguards and myriad others around him attest to the fact that he very much was not ‘gay’ and preferred women. They saw him on a day-to-day basis and were aware of some of his activities. In some cases, they had to be because it was part of their job. And, over the years, I found the fact that Michael liked women rather obvious myself as did many others. And how is it that Michael allegedly had a ‘gay lover’ for two months yet there were no photos nor were they ever seen together? With all the media and paps that surrounded Michael 24 x 7 this somehow flew under the radar? Oh. Please. I think not.

When Michael was alive, he addressed this rumor himself numerous times. For those who know and love Michael this is painful to watch, as he refutes rediculous tabloid claims made about him. I will quote:

I’m not gay” -Michael Jackson

Now, If I’m given the choice of believing Michael himself on this matter, or believing a blood-thirsty, murderous media, and some money-grubbing, fame-seeking, off-the-rails, batshit crazy backstabbers in his life who are most likely being paid by them to lie, I’ll believe Michael, thankyouverymuch.

The media finds Michael an easy target to sell the ‘gay’ stories because Michael didn’t screw everything that moved, just because he could – like most “men” in his position would. No, Michael Jackson was a gentlemen, with very strict morals and he was very selective about intimate relationships. Because he wore make-up and was a tenor, they also found it easy to sell these lies. But many men wear make-up as my friend Bonnie points out in her blog about this subject:

List of men who wear makeup:

Bill O’Reilly
Conan O’Brien
Arnold Schwartzenneger
Every male anchor on the ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox News and the Weather Channel.
Jackie Chan
Sean Hannity
David Lee Roth
Huey Lewis (Remember them?)
Tom Selleck (NRA and Mascara . . . yes!)
Sylvester Stallone
John Wayne (LOL, yes indeed! But mostly on the set)
Robert Mitchum
Johnny Cash (and he didn’t like it either!)
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
ELVIS, man!
Paul McCartney (all the Beatles except maybe Ringo Starr, because nobody could find his eyes)
Mick Jagger (and I don’t think it helps either)
Steve Tyler from Aerosmith
ALL MEMBERS OF KISS (lots of it . . . how come nobody questioned their sexuality?)

But – no one calls THEM “gay” or finds and pays backstabbing friends of theirs to come on trashy medialoid shows to make such claims.

Now I want to point out a couple of things here. One, Michael Jackson wore heavy make-up to cover and even out his skin condition, Vitiligo. And also because of that skin condition, he had to protect his skin from the sunlight because he essentially had no protective pigmentation in it anymore. He was therefore very susceptible to skin cancer. This is a side-effect of vitiligo. A person essentially becomes an albino in the parts of their skin effected by the disease and those areas of skin must be kept from sunlight. And for Michael, this was very extensive. Thus, Michael’s heavy make-up, hats, umbrellas, and clothing in the later years of his life.

Secondly, I want to mention is that this is not a problem with gay people or homosexuals. That’s not what this outrage is about. What it’s about is LIES. It’s about medialioids telling slanderous LIES about the intimate life of someone who is beloved the world over – just to make profit for themselves via ratings. It’s about destroying a man’s reputation, memory, and legacy for GREED. Not to mention how much this hurts his family and especially his children.

Let me put it this way:  If it was true, it wouldn’t be a problem. But the problem is that it’s not true.

These vile sociopathic medialoids have no respect at all for a dead man who did so much for this world that destroyed him for pure greed. When does it stop?  We’ve Had Enough!

Here is yet more evidence that Michael Jackson Jackson was not gay (or bisexual):

1. In that interview with former $ony executives Cory Rooney and Chris Yandek back in July 2009, there is reference to another interview where Michael was asked that question. Here’s the quote and a link to the clip on YouTube:

CR: (Cory Rooney) “He was smart enough to video camera it and it clearly showed that the guy just twisted everything and made it, he turned everything into a false or a lie. They ask Michael a question. Are you gay? And Michael said, ‘I don’t want to answer that question.’ Now that was the one that he said. So it quickly edited to Bashir going, ‘Obviously he didn’t want to answer for obvious reasons.’

So then when Michael showed his version, he said, ‘Are you gay?’ Michael said, ‘I don’t want to answer that question.’ Then he said, ‘But if you turn your camera off, I will answer your question.’ Then the guy said ok, turn the camera off. Then Michael said, ‘No. Absolutely not. I am not gay, but I have millions of gay fans and if they believe I’m gay, then let them believe I’m gay.’ He said, ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to offend anybody.’ You know?”

-Cory Rooney. former $ony Executive

That clip is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78nZTqpYvgQ&feature=related , and the relevant part is at 5:40

2. In a Time Magazine article called “Icons, Intimate Portraits” by Denise Worrell, Seth Riggs, Michael’s vocal teacher, comments on a conversation he had with Michael.

Everyone thinks Michael is gay, and I said to him one day. ‘You know Michael, a lot of people think you’re gay.’ Michael started to laugh. He said, “I know. The other day a big, tall, blond, nice-looking fellow came up to me and said, “Gee, Michael, I think you’re wonderful. I sure would like to go to bed with you.” I looked at him and said, “When’s the last time you read the Bible? You know you really should read it because there is some real information in there about homosexuality.” The guy says, “I guess if I’d been a girl, it would have been different. And I said, “No, there are some very direct words on that in the Bible too.

-Seth Riggs, Michael’s former voice coach.

As I stated previously, Michael had some very strict morals he lived by and the above quote where he references the Bible is evidence of that. Michael Jackson, because of his religious beliefs, was neither a womanizer, nor was he gay or bisexual. That does not mean, as you can see by the first quote I referenced above, that he was ‘against’ gay people. That simply meant that he would never live that way himself. Michael loved everyone. Unfortunately, many people took Michael’s love as sexual when it often was not, and went off the deep end with their own fantasies about it, such as Mr. Jason Pfeiffer.

Michael very much lived according to his moral/religious beliefs as we all know: being childlike, being kind and loving to everyone, being generous and charitable, etc. People can make rediculous claims about the man now that he isn’t here to speak for himself. But Michael’s own words, the memories of those who knew him best and worked with him over the years and most of all his own actions and ways of living according to his own strict moral standards during his life, — show us more than any paid profit- and fame-seeking buffoon who and what Michael Jackson was, and who and what he most certainly was not.

There is another potential angle to Klein’s penchant for peddling this lie about Michael Jackson to the media: If Klein is implicated in administering drugs to Jackson before his death, then he will want an alibi. If he can say that Jackson and Pfeiffer were “lovers” – then he can assert that is why Jackson was visiting Klein’s office so frequently before his death, rather than doing so to get drug injections that Klein administered. So, Klein may be just setting up his alibi with this trashy story.

Arnold Klein says that he is not ‘betraying‘ Michael. He’s right. He isn’t ‘betraying‘ Michael. He is lying about Michael. That’s a different thing. To believe he is betraying Michael is to believe the false premise that what Klein and Pfeiffer are saying is true. And it’s not true. Beware the false premise when people talk about Michael Jackson. Especially these people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want to take ACTION against this slander?  Here’s what you need

Email, Twitter and/or call:

Bruce Rosenblum
President Warner Bros Television Group
[email protected]

Phone line for EXTRA is 818-954-6000  – ask for Mario Lopez – leave voicemail.

Arnold Klein’s office:
(310) 275-5136
435 N Roxbury Dr, #204
Beverly Hills, CA
Alternatively, leave your thoughts on Arnold Klein’s website – please be respectful, no threats. Questions as to why he is supporting and perpetuating these ludicrous, slanderous stories and what that says about his ethics are appropriate though.

Arnold Klein on Twitter: http://twitter.com/awkmd @awkmd

Facebook page of Mario Lopez on ExtraTV

Facebook page of Alicia Jacobs – who was gloating about the “fireworks” this slanderous story about MJ would create.

Alicia Jacobs on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AliciaJacobs @AliciaJacobs

Facebook page of ExtraTV – (leave your comments)

ExtraTV on Twitter: http://twitter.com/extratv @extratv

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UPDATE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Even though ExtraTV temporarily delayed airing the second part of their lie-filled hit-piece on Michael due to “fan reaction” (but not because they were LYING about Michael Jackson again for ratings and profit, which they’d never admit), please continue to contact all of them and leave Mario Lopez voice messages at Warner Bros (818) 954-6000 asking for an apology to Michael’s family and children along with a retraction for first part of story which aired on April 29th. Also, please go on their FB page and twitter and ask them to remove the story from their website.

Why?  Because it’s a LIE and it’s hurtful to Michael’s family and children.

They’ll likely air that second part later or elsewhere – they’re not to be trusted, certainly.  Remember, that $$$ bottom line is all they care about.
_ _ _

{ Thanks to my friends Bonnie, Rashmi, and Anne for finding the additional information I was looking for to add to this piece! -Seven }

46 Responses to “This brand of GREED is what killed him. And still they continue.”

  1. Lisa says:

    Again–THANK YOU Seven for putting the truth out there about our beloved Michael. I never believed the lies..All these people are all trying to cover their own a..s and are extremely greedy. The irony of all these vampires after MJ is this; they are the weak ones..The oppressors are the WEAK ONES–who also seemed to target the STRONG ONES. For many reasons, but the main ones seems to be THEY WANT, WHAT THEY DO NOT HAVE THEMSELVES..Michael had alot of money..Michael had decency..They DO NOT, it was astonishing to THEM how a human being can LOVE SO Much UNCONDITIONALLY-why couldn’t THEY? So they take by SLANDER, they take by trying to disgrace a man’s good name..why do they do this? BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THE HEART to Do OTHERWISE. I can understand why Michael didn’t agree with the concept of karma..I truly understand his viewpoint..yet, we do not always see karma, but trust and believe it is in effect as soon as it his happening. We may not see it in our moment of space and time, but it does happen…Michael never wanted to be white; from 1979 to 1988 he tried his hardest to keep his skin black. The proof, look closely at a video of the behind scenes of the photo shoot of Thriller. Michael was ABSOLUTELY NOT GAY..I have watched every video with women; HE LOVED WOMEN–he was openly flirting with them..and he said he wasn’t many times over and over again.And a child molester? NEVER…watch him with children; he respected children and sees them as his own..in fact he has said this too, in many of his speeches. I am myself and several people in my family have been molested..I can smell and feel a child molester..MJ is the FURTHEST thing from these sick human beings. RIP King of My Heart–I will defend this man’s legacy till the day I die, along with millions of his fans and people who are about TRUTH.

  2. ‘But I have this weakness—I love looking at girls!’ | MJJ-777 says:

    […] to you?  Michael Jackson liked girls. Women. Any and all claims that he was ‘gay‘ are self-serving and/or ignorant. Arnie Klein and his pal Jason Pfeiffer for instance in the ‘self-serving‘ department, […]

  3. jeanne says:

    Guilty DOGS bark first and the loudest . Who jumped on TV right away when Michael passed.

  4. Angelica says:

    Kliein was probably drugging MJ everytime he went to his office so they could keep control of him and then finish him off. Im sure he is also part of this whole fiasco with the bad guys you know $$oney talks.. Now he is trying to cover his tracks with BS stories.. It won’t work Klein give it up you will go down soon with the others…

  5. Nandini says:

    Seven, thanks for defending Michael here. There are not many who do it, either before or after his death. We still need to garner support to defend these evil people, who want to profit off Michael and his family. They are lower than scum. The only way we can defeat them is to create mass awareness and overpower them. Make them feel so small, boycott them completely so they can never say a negative thing about Michael. At the end of it all, I truly believe that whatever people do, comes back to them. But still, as fans let us unite and fight this menace. Thanks again.

  6. Bridgett_361 says:

    yep This so-call doctor is getting him self a alibi
    from MJ died last he has been putting up smoke screen after smoke screen.
    OK MJ fans lets be bold and call KLEIN OUT what his he hiding ?
    anyone but me smells a rat a big one
    where there is smoke there is fire
    if you ask me Klein need to be sitting along side murray for his part in mj death, his hand are not clean.
    I laught when i read the story our man MJ up and be gay for the last two month of his life , really ?
    come again backstabing Klein. how about the truth you drug mj more than needed and know you are trying to wash your bloody hands clean.
    we need to get on the case and look at KLEIN FOR HIS PART IN MJ DEATH?

  7. MJJ-777 » “You have to understand Frank, this is our job. Not on the stage. This is our job. To make somebody feel good.” says:

    […] But THIS is what he DIED for . . making money for people who only wanted to make themselves happy. […]

  8. Karin says:

    Seven, wonderful news. Apparently yesterday there were 63 stories on Google about this stupid Extra story and two reviews on Aphrodite Jones’s show. A fellow memeber at MJtruthnow.com was so upset, she undertook to google each Extra story (63 is a lot) and post this link to Aphrodite’s show:


    If anybody else here has some time, could they please do something similar. We all need to support Aphrodite in any way we can.

  9. BG says:

    Hi Seven, sorry to keep going off the original topic but I listened to the recent interview with Darren Julien on Ustream and while he did sound sincere, he mentioned that a charity Julien’s Auctions donate to is MusiCares. Found that interesting as well.

    I find myself being suspicious of everything including the death of Peter Lopez.

  10. Seven says:

    BG – thank you – yes that IS indeed very interesting. It seems everywhere you look, as I’ve written – there is $ony’s tentacles. They’re incredibly insidious.

  11. Ali says:

    I agree with all the comments, its about whats the truth not about whether Michael were actually gay or not – which he wasn’t! anyone that bothered to look further than tabloids can see that, all the evidence you have put already, also video clips of him with girls – and remember the ‘gold pants’ clips! Sorry everyone – and sorry Michael, but i expect you would laugh!
    But enough of that distraction.

    Make up – yeah, he needed that to cover the effects of vitiligo, and you can’t just wear foundation,it makes you look really pasty, you have to add colour on lips, eyes, cheeks to balance your face.

    Absolutely, if he were gay , he would NOT go for the fat bloke! “Tubby”! LOL – thats an understatement Seven! He is morbidly obese! (as well as ugly with piggy eyes) and I speak as a woman with more weight than I should have. even in my dreams I am under no illusion that he would have fancied me or anyone overweight. Its laughable really if it were not for the slander, greed and visciousness of it. Imagine him trying to dance with Michael!
    Wishful thinking jason! Get a life!

    but another topic Seven, it is always sad to hear about anyone’s suicide, it happened in my own family so I know how awful it is, but is Peter Lopez’s death really suicide? if it was, WHY?
    with all the suspicious circumstances around Michaels’s death, the 2002 will which cannot possibly have been his latest will, it instantly struck me as odd to read he had been Michael’s lawyer in 2006. What work did he do for him? What did he know? I don’t want to see conspiracy where it isn’t, but I think we should be watchful. If our suspicions about Michael’s death and will are right, there are people out there with a big dirty secret to protect.

    a gunshot wound to the head?

    Evan Chandler – a gunshot wound to the head, and no suicide note? and complete silence on this since november.

    If Michael Jackson, King of Pop, worldwide megastar, icon, millionaire and bringer – in – of – billions, a man beloved by millions around the world, a man who spoke out against injustice and important issues, who had many friends, contacts and business dealings around the world, was indeed murdered, it cannot stop with his murder. How could it? If someone could kill Michael, they could certainly kill others and this may be essential to keep the secret.

    All the rest of the bullshit – useful smokescreen that focusses the public’s attention on a ‘media – fabricated -Michael Jackson’ instead of the real Michael. meanwhile quiet murders can happen that seem like suicide or accident and appear unrelated and nobody questions – those that do can be labelled “obsessed”, in keeping with the general style of ‘reporting’ that everyone is used to after over 2 decades, and so the “obsessed” can be dismissed.

    Tell me I am crazy if you think I am on the wrong track and I will put it out of my head. at the moment I can’t.

  12. BG says:

    Hi Seven,

    Sony has two of its executors on the board – Howard Stringer (Honorary Chair) and Martin Bandier and John Branca is the Chair Emeritus. It’s a wonderful charity and I’m sure it’s doing a necessary service, but it’s interesting to make the connection of Stringer (Sony), Bandier (Sony) and Branca.

  13. Seven says:

    Board of Directors – MusicCares:

    Neil Portnow

    Howard Stringer
    Honorary Chair

    Paul Caine

    Ken Levitan
    Vice Chair

    Scott Pascucci

    John Branca
    Chair Emeritus

    Martin Bandier
    Steve Canepa
    George J. Flanigen IV
    Fletcher Foster
    Doug Frank
    Jerry Greenberg
    Jimmy Jam
    Tim Leiweke
    Tero Ojanpera
    Mary Pattiz
    Big Jon Platt
    Tom Poleman
    Gary Veloric

    MusiCares Executive Staff:
    Neil Portnow

    Kristen Madsen
    Sr. Vice President

    Scott Goldman
    Vice President

    Dana Tomarken
    Vice President, Events

    MusiCares Staff:
    Dee Dee Acquisto, MS
    Senior Director

    Mohsin Adam
    Senior Staff Accountant

    Andrea Adelman
    Executive Assistant

    Cortney Bailey
    Administrative Assistant

    Danielle Bowker

    Brett Bryngelson
    Senior Coordinator

    Erika Bustos

    Debbie Carroll, LCSW
    Executive Director

    Christina Cassidy
    Communications Manager

    Ryan Donahue
    Accounts Payable Coordinator

    Charity Felton
    Accounting Coordinator

    Loren Fishbein
    Senior Coordinator

    Carol Flores
    Senior Accountant

    Marisela Huerta
    Project Coordinator, Events

    Dorit Kalev
    Director, Events

    Erica Krusen
    Director, MS, MFT

    La Shon Malone
    Executive Assistant

    Kristin Murphy
    Senior Coordinator, Grant Program

    Harold Owens
    Senior Director
    MusiCares / MAP Fund

    Hilary Ratner
    Executive Assistant

    Shireen Janti Reid, CADC II
    Manager, Addiction Recovery Services

    Judy Wong

    Wynnie Wynn
    Senior Manager

  14. BG says:

    So great of Debbie to do that. She truly loved MJ. But what is it with Klein? Why is he backing up this garbage? He runs off at the mouth any chance he gets. What is his motivation? I’m starting to think he’s doing it because he doesn’t wanted to be seen as being too pro-Michael. Could he be scared of something or someone?

  15. TLS says:

    Thanks Karin! I”m glad to have a link to that program; spent a lot of time on YouTube NOT finding the part I remembered!

    And I’m glad to sign the petition; I’ve already written ABC directly to say I’ll never watch Nightline as long as Bashir is on it; and that I’ll tell everyone I know not to watch either and why. Since there’s no professional board to censure him, we have to make it in ABC’s financial interest to get rid of him. I hope they’re persuaded by the petition. And I hope the ratings of Nightline go down the toilet until Bashir is given the boot.