May 02 2010

Aphrodite Jones connects the dots between the media’s slander and Michael Jackson’s death

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As vehemently as the media tried to distract from and bury it with an incredibly slanderous story about Michael Jackson, Aphrodite Jones, author of the only book in print that tells the truth about the 2005 child molestation trial against him, had a segment featured on True Crime ID (Investigation Discovery) on Thursday, April 30th, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. ET about that trial and ironically, about the media’s bloodthirsty slander of the man.

Below are YouTube links to the entire segment for you to watch and share.

This hour-long segment detailed why the jury found Michael not guilty on all 14 counts against him (natch, he was innocent). Ms. Jones also easily connected the dots between the bloodthirsty, money-mongering, slanderous media and Michael’s death.

Let’s face it, the media most certainly has Michael’s blood on their hands at least as much as Conrad Murray and the extortionists and other vultures who surrounded Michael during his life. They are undoubtedly among the guilty because for the media, negatively defining this innocent man for profit became a cottage industry unto itself during at least the last 20 years of Michael’s life causing him untold grief, pain, anxiety, and insomnia, particularly during and after that 2005 trial – insomnia which led to the use of propofol for ‘sleep’.  From Charles Thomson’s blog on the segment:

Jones asserts that the media ignored the not guilty verdicts in Jackson’s trial and continued to portray him as a predator because it made ‘great headlines on the covers of rag papers’. Mesereau adds that the media was ‘humiliated’ by the verdicts because reporters had been predicting a conviction and ‘almost salivating about him being hauled off to jail’. Jones concludes that the trial traumatised Jackson to such an extent that he was unable to sleep, and this is why he died of a propofol overdose last summer.

As Charles Thomson also said, one of the biggest problems with Jones’ segment wasn’t what’s in it, but rather what had to be left out since it was only one hour long. One hour wasn’t nearly long enough for Ms. Jones to go into all the details of that trial (many of which are in her incredible book), nor was it enough time for her to to provide the public with much other extremely relevant information she has learned about Michael, his true personality, and the penchant to destroy him by various parties who had much to gain by doing so.

DON’T MISS IT! YouTube links are below.

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

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Since Aphrodite Jones’ segment on Michael Jackson was buried in the slander, if you’ve got the time and inclination, Google for the ‘mj’s gay lover’ story and on each site, post a short comment containing a link to •Aphrodite’s• show, like this:

Aphrodite Jones’  True Crime ID segment connects the dots between the media’s slander and Michael’s death:

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13 Responses to “Aphrodite Jones connects the dots between the media’s slander and Michael Jackson’s death”

  1. MJJ-777 » ‘As long as Jackson was only successful within his own racial parameters, the media didn’t care’ says:

    […] definitions of him untrue is consistent, if nothing else. After all they are not about to admit their own culpability in his death. My knee-jerk response to Evan Chandler’s suicide was hardly charitable, though if I […]

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you Aphrodite. It’s about time someone in the media stood up for what is right. You may very well be the ONLY responsible journalist on the planet–use your gift to tell the public the truth it needs to hear.

    Unfortunately, many people in our world have missed the boat when it came to Michael Jackson. Our world has become so violent and insensitive, that it can no longer tell when a pure heart shows them what unconditional love means.

    Thank you Michael, for being a loving, humble, and generous spirit our world so desperately needed. I will always believe in you, and I still believe the very best of you. Your fans around the world are carrying out your legacy of love and generousity. We honor all of your fantastic humanitarian efforts, and we model our random acts of kindness after you with extreme pride.

    You were the sparkle, you were the magic, and that for me you will always be!

    To Michael, now up above. You didn’t go alone, you left with all our L*O*V*E*

    MJ hugs,

  3. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    I know, what you say of media/MJ is true yet we mustn’t ever be intimidated by them. I believe that all their perverse sensationalism of Michael is going bite them. It may take a while, but it’s inevitable. The harder we work to stand up to them, the sooner the day shall come.
    Their greed is so apparent now that what we need to do is continues to prove them wrong as far as MJ is concerned. For all Michael’s given, the least we can do for him is stand up for Prince, Paris & Blanket with a legacy of honor. Michael’s spirit matters too ! As does truth !
    Thank God for AJ & CT>
    See this article (though you may have already), it’s a gem.

    Anyone who cares to work to clear MJ’s name please visit
    This is a serious MJ site with work in progress.
    It’s also an excellent reference as far as Michael’s innocence.

    love, love…in Michael’s light of love…

  4. MJJ-777 » This is our job. says:

    […] quote above is from an anecdote Frank DiLeo shared in Part 2 of Aphrodite Jones’ Michael Jackson segment on True Crime ID, which aired on April 29th, 2010. Frank was in an orphanage with Michael visiting […]

  5. Seven says:

    MME – Yes, Michael had some real friends and advisors. But they won’t be seen or heard much with their faces in front of cameras, selling his personal information (and lies) to media and tabloids, nor will they be profiting off of his death with trashy films and tell-all books full of lies and embellished stories to sex them up and sell them, now that Michael is not here to speak for himself.

    His best friends avoided the media for obvious reasons and are not now out seeking to make money off of his demise.

  6. Ali says:

    Hi Seven,

    You are so right. Michael was strong – to go through what he went through,not just the 30 ( or 50) years of it but specificaly since 2002,which was the allegations and trial and the media torture which all cut to ther core of what was most important to him and his spirit but all this against the backdrop of previously ongoing criticsm,loneliness, being betrayed, being hounded for money, the list goes on – but to go through all that and not become bitter and hard and then just 4 years later – not long really – to be preparing such phenomenal concerts – thats truly amazing, he WAS strong, who else could have been doing that? i bet nobody.
    least of all the pathetic media nobodys who criticise and slander him because their lives are so sad and worthless they can’t think of anything else to do – even though there are plenty of better things to write about than ‘trippin’ on Michael Jackson or any other celebrity.

    I also think his insmonia went back a long time, but was made loads worse from the trial. from being a little boy he was never able to develop a proper sleep pattern – being taken round gigs all night and being woken up in the middle of the night to perform, and having to bear the reponsibility for the group, no way could he get normal biorhythms. and those patterns stick.

  7. MME says:

    Seven, I found this site last week. Thank you so much for putting together all this information about MJ. I’m in the UK and am still consumed with grief over his death. What I don’t understand is who, if any, are the ‘good guys’ in this whole sorry story. Frank Dileo sounds pretty genuine in these videos but I think his name appears on the credits of This Is It, which I believe is a Sony money making exercise, which makes me wonder if he was ‘involved’ with them. Do you think MJ had any REAL friends/advisors? It’s unbearable to think of him surrounded by leeches for half of his life, when he himself appeared to me to have the kindest, most gentle heart ever. I live in hope that the uncoming trial will uncover the truth and make the world see him for the great man he really was, and to see the media and powerful businessmen for what they really are too. For his children’s sake if nothing else.

  8. Seven says:


    Of course the media largely ignored or when it did bother – trashed AJ’s segment. She essentially outed them – called them on their role in sending Michael Jackson to an early death. Not to say they are solely to blame but certainly their culpability is undeniable.

    As Charles Thomson pointed out, a few of the media wasted no time in trashing her segment, one of them calling it a ‘love note’ to Michael.

    Well, I guess to them in their world, anything that isn’t negative about Michael Jackson is a ‘love note’. Their modus operandi of defining Michael Jackson always in negative terms and their sophomoric black and white “thinking” on all things pertaining to him is evident – though I hardly think their ignorance is anything but deliberate and willful.

    As for death threats against Klein – if that’s true, it’s shameful. Threats and violence are never the answer to anything and Jackson himself would never approve of his fans making threats on his behalf, no matter what Klein said about him.

    If it’s not true, Klein may simply be seeking sympathy and also seeking to further portray MJ fans as “crazy – as the lame$tream media does. Just as they always define Michael Jackson in the negative, they also always define Michael Jackson’s fans in the negative as well. The term “crazed Michael Jackson fans” is one they daily use – no matter how civil those fans truly are. There is NO phrase I hear uttered among them more often than “be civil, no threats, no violence, be nice, we represent Michael!”

    The media however, if a Michael Jackson fan did more than move a finger, would immediately and rabidly screech “crazed Michael Jackson fan!” Coming to demonstations, peacefully holding signs, singing and praying together is “crazed” dontchaknow. We are supposed to sit silently in our homes and allow the lies about Jackson and the daily lynching of him for corporate media profit to stand.

    It’s their M.O. – negatively defining Michael Jackson and anyone and anything associated with him – even his furniture. As I said, this is an entire industry for them. If the media could make money stating that the moon was made of green cheese and if enough ignorami would swallow that jizz, they’d certainly do it.

    Nothing stops them. Though some prickly media integrity laws absolutely should.

    And speaking of crazies – people like Klein give the media useful ‘tools’ for their (witch)craft. Any time someone like him is willing to lie for money, they’re a useful tool for the media, who gets ratings and beaucoup profit off those lies.

    Nevermind they destroyed Michael Jackson’s life with them. To a psychopathic entity, that is irrelevant. Only money (or whatever else IT wants) matters, and they will get what they want at any and all costs.

  9. Seven says:


    I remember reading that myself – that Michael often couldn’t sleep for the music in his head. His creative genius didn’t sleep. Of course that is true. But that was by no means the only source of his insomnia or his anxiety through the years.

    I still assert that the media significantly helped destroy this man and his life with slander and negative definitions to an extent that we’ve never seen them endeavor to destroy any other celebrity or person in our time. It was and is barbaric.

    Michael Jackson was absolutely not weak! He survived the constant and insidious attacks from the media, extortionists, and various and sundry other vultures around him for 50 years day in and day out – and his own non-stop creative genius that he couldn’t shut off.

    I in no way intend to portray this man as weak. I know of no other human being who could endure the barbaric abuse Michael Jackson did and still come out only giving and loving and being one of the greatest humanitarians who ever lived too, rather than being jaded and bitter.

    Had there been less suffering and more justice, I believe it’s a good bet that Michael Jackson would still be with us. God knows that trial and the media’s ‘convicting’ him in the court of public opinion before any verdicts had even been reached and their continuation of daily assaults against him even after he was proclaimed innocent – destroyed Michael spiritually and emotionally. If it weren’t for his precious children, I believe he’d have died even sooner.

    Even without the media’s barbaric abuse, he may have still died younger than most but I do believe he’d have had a few more years here with his precious children had he not been crucified by the blood and money-thirsty media almost every day of his life to an extent that we’ve never seen anyone else crucified by them.

    And still though they’ve undoubtedly helped send the man to an early grave, they have still not stopped crucifying him either. Now, they’re after his children, too.

  10. Heidi says:

    I am so proud of Ms. Jones for standing up for TRUTH in her chosen profession. We should let her know of our backing and support in any and every way possible. That being said, don’t hold your breath for all the other media whores (You’d do ANYTHING for Money…)to suddenly sit up in their beds at 3:00 a.m. with a painful revelation of how their lies cost a man his life. Unfortunately they will never realize a thing until THEIR world comes crashing down. Perhaps someone should call “Extra” and ABC news and inform them that Martin Bashir IS A HOMOSEXUAL. After all, the public demands the TRUTH! And,…he wears MAKE-UP!!! but,…keep it in the closet). Former L.A.D.A. Tom Sneddon is a WHITE SUPREMECIST and a member of the K.K.K. which is why he was hell-bent on taking out Michael, but hey, I’m just helping the public stay well informed…

  11. TLS says:

    I don’t mean to diminish the pain and suffering Jackson experienced during his life–particularly the early years of misuse and abuse during his childhood and the later years of abuse (torture) from the media and and its influence on public opinion and those whom he trusted who betrayed him.

    But he himself said one of the causes of his insomnia was also his greatest gift: his creative genius. He had trouble shutting it off. I feel I’ve read enough of his own words to know that one of the reasons he felt another tour would kill him is that he knew his level of involvement in tours was above and beyond.

    I find him so much more complex than a mere victim. He knew the cost of his creative expression, but he paid it over and over again. When Aberjhani said he had a choice to “either give the world his entire body and soul in the name of love, or die trying,” I truly felt he did both.

    And I believe he knew what he was doing–at least he knew what was at stake. He absolutely did NOT want to die and leave his children, but I think he knew, throughout his life, that for him, the dice were loaded.

    I’m sorry that I’m going on about this, but it’s very important, in my mind, to grasp his entirety as an artist, political activist, humanitarian, and human being (dad, son, brother, friend). And what I’ve concluded about the man is that he was EXTRAORDINARILY strong, not weak, not a victim–in spite of all the attacks, injustices and affronts.

    Those who read and comment on this blog know how he’ll be remembered. We know his legacy. And while we wish there had been less suffering and more justice, what will surface in the end is the brilliance and the beauty. Anything else is flotsam–like garbage in a pond.

  12. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    I have been beside myself, the last 3 days over this media sabatoge of ID True Crime, MJ epidode. Only 3 reviews ! And at least 2 dz ( more now probably) over that friggin’ Klein assistant demented crap.I posted to all those articles telling them that they sighted the wrong MJ story of the week. I swear it feels like this sabatoge; timing of this trashy story coming out is deliberate !
    Now today this – – –
    And the posting is worse than the article.
    This will end, one day. I thought this day may be sooner that it looks now due to this. Sooo sorry as far as MJ’s spirit & legacy.
    We won’t stop working to clear his name though !
    The truth shall prevail as love conquers. I know it’s God’s speed.

  13. LightSvet says:

    It hurts to watch “True Crime”. I feel so in tune with Aphrodite Jones’ thoughts. Last year I wrote several reviews on “This Is It” saying: Michael’s spirit was taken away by false accusation at that last trial after 16 years of torture and he never recovered, but the Efforts that’s what counts most…he died Trying…

    Yes, it should be shared around the world and the most important with non fans. More people have to know the truth.
    During last three days I try to spread the word around and send YT links everywhere. Got replies from Germany, Holland, Greece, Australia, Romania, Russia, etc. Unite!