May 08 2010

The Warrior is a Child

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The Warrior is a Child

The Warrior is a Child

I wrote about this subject previously: about Michael being a child inside one part of himself. While a creative genius, he possessed a very innocent, childlike mind.

But when he was alive, most people generally didn’t bother to even try to understand this about him. And he certainly wasn’t difficult to understand.

Much of what people saw as ‘strange‘ behavior or chose to define as ‘criminal‘ behavior (when it benefitted them to define it that way) was nothing of the sort. It was innocent. What was not innocent were the thoughts in other people’s minds. Because they certainly didn’t come from Michael’s mind.

Michael Jackson could never conceive of, much less do the hideous things he was accused of by those who stood to benefit from such accusations.

And, some of his ‘odd‘ behavior or appearance was due to psychological or physical health problems and damage that Michael Jackson had no control over.  Some of it was because, yes, he was different!  He was a musical genius. He saw beauty in the world that you and I can’t even imagine.  None of this is a crime. The extent to which he was demonized for it is a moral crime though.

Especially when he donated almost half of his lifetime earnings to charity. $300 million dollars, at least. Who else do you know who’s done that? Who else do you know who would put out an APB for an organ for a dying Hungarian child at his own expense and pay for the surgery for him too? That child still lives thanks to him. But Michael Jackson, the man who did this for him, is dead.  Who else do you know who would befriend a child dying of AIDS that everyone else in society ignorantly treated as an outcast at the time and provided moral support and happiness to this child during the last years of his life?  Michael even continued calling Ryan White’s mother for years later on Mother’s Day just to make her feel loved since she surely missed her son. Who else do you know who would adopt for life a little brother whose father doused him with gasoline and set him afire, disfiguring him for life and who kept in close touch with that abused child all through his adult life too – just so he’d have a father figure in his life?

Who else do you know who would call a fellow artist on Father’s Day knowing he didn’t have a father because he wanted to bring warmth to his friend’s heart on that day?  Who else do you know who kept cash money in their house in case a mother in need contacted him with a dying or very sick child who needed help, so he could be ready to send money sight unseen?  Just because he cared – no matter who it was or where.

Who else do you know that is in the Guinness book of world records for being the pop star who contributed to the most charities – 39 of them but we lost count after that?  Who else do you know stopped in every city they traveled to on concert tours to visit children’s hospitals and orphanges – to give love and moral support to sick and dying children the world over and to bring them toys and gifts and a few moments of love, happiness and tenderness? Who else do you know who turned a dismal Romanian orphanage around in 24 hours, refusing to go on stage and perform if there were not new beds, clean sheets, and more personnel to care for the children there by the next day?

Who else do you know who considered all this their job – their sole purpose in life?  And you want to tell me this man is a demon? A child molester?  I call bullshit on that theory.  How many ‘child molesters‘ do you know who have selflessly done this much to help children, the sick, and the poor all over the world?

I know of no one else in today’s age who did such things. I know of no one else who would bring sick and dying children by the busloads to their home, even when he wasn’t there himself, so they could ride carnival rides, watch movies, see animals in a zoo, all for free – just to bring some joy to their dismal lives.

But he was demonized for that, too, by a “journalist” named Martin Bashir who decided he’d launch his career off of destroying this man.

And so the parents of a couple of the children this selfless man tried to help decided, due to contentious divorces and custody battles they were amidst of and due to sheer greed and the opportunity to extort money from a very well-to-do pop star, to have their children lie about him and make false accusations, ruining his life. And a rabid and racist DA with a vendetta against the star, helped them in their quest.

And all he’d done for children all over the World, and all he’d given to the world just disappeared in everyone’s minds, in favor of the lies and the media’s penchant for having a guilty verdict just so they could build a profitable industry off of reporting on this innocent man’s life in prison.

But many people never thought of any of this. They never thought of Michael at all. They just swallowed the lies wholesale and never asked any questions or looked further for the truth before judging him. And when Michael himself told the truth to the media (about the vitiligo for instance), they just ignored him and continued to insist he ‘bleached his skin because he didn’t want to be black‘! And the public turned on the evening news and read the tabloids and believed what they said, instead of what Michael said.

And they judged him. Ignorantly. And they still do.

I wonder how these same people who judge Michael so harshly would feel if someone had done this to themselves, or to someone they love who had given so much to the World?

If themselves or someone they love were treated with the same barbaric injustice and harsh, ignorant judgement as Michael Jackson was – just how would they feel?

If you’re one of these judgemental Ignorami, there is something you need to do now. Learn the TRUTH about Michael Jackson.  Turn off the TV. Put down the newspapers and magazines and tabloid rags.

Read his lyrics. Listen to his songs. Read his books (Moonwalk, Dancing the Dream).  Watch his interviews.  Read the books or watch the films that do not parrot the party line in the tabloids and in the media – because the media have their own agenda and the truth is not part of it.

Find books such as Redemption by Geraldine Hughes or Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones.  And films such as Michael Jackson: The Untold Story of Neverland by Larry Nimmer.

These books and films tell about the things behind the scenes that you and the media didn’t see or they didn’t report on because it didn’t suit their means – making money via ratings by printing or broadcasting sensationalist stories about people that aren’t even true.  And what if those stories were about you? What would you think of them then? Would your opinion be different?  No doubt it would.

Please. Educate yourself.

Michael didn’t believe in this but I do:  Karma.

I also believe in justice. Do you?

If you judged Michael Jackson harshly and ignorantly during his life or just ignored the controversy around him, you’ll do yourself a big favor by correcting that now.

If you believe Michael Jackson was guilty of the accusations against him, then you’re ignorant.  It’s that simple.

Learn the truth about Michael Jackson. He isn’t who or what you’ve been told by the media, magazines and tabloids. If you believe he was, then you are ignorant.

And if you undertake this exercise, you just might learn some things from him. Like, how to make the world a better place. Starting with yourself. You know – The one in the Mirror. Right now. Stop feeding from and breeding the ignorance and hypocrisy that punishes the innocent for being different‘, while the truly guilty go free.

Make that change, starting with yourself.

I think justice is important. There are many injustices in the world & I hate injustice. People get away with it. I don’t believe in karma because so many mean-spirited people are on top of the world and doing well, no matter how evil they are. -Michael Jackson

Are you going to be one of those mean-spirited, ignorant people perpetrating injustice and destruction upon the innocent? Or, are you going to be part of the change we need to see in this world by rejecting ignorance and the injustices inherent in it, and learning the truth – starting with learning the truth about Michael Jackson.

Finally, let me share a definition with you. This is an important one so pay attention:

Acquittal: In the common law tradition, an acquittal formally certifies the innocence of the accused, as far as the criminal law is concerned.

Michael Jackson was acquitted on ALL 14 counts against him by a jury in a court of law. Nobody gets to overturn that verdict just because it suits their own agenda, whatever that is.

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25 Responses to “The Warrior is a Child”

  1. skydance says:

    We dont see things as they are,we see them as we are. Anais Nin said this and that is what happened to Michael. Bashir or DS saw what THEY were/are.

    As fan we must becaome ramparts and defend or protect his legacy, I do and Seven so do you. In a public and state simlpy as it is.

    Maybe one day things will be as seen,our egos wont get in the way of the reality of what is happening. No spin, no lies just open eyes and hearts.

    Wonderfun vidoe too…I see it 🙂

  2. carina for MJJ says:

    You are so right, Michael was able to retain that child,and like any genius he was able to move to the depths of the unconsios and back.He was much misunderstood, he was not bizarre, what he had to deal with was bizarre.Eccentric, yes,but so are most highly gifted persons.
    Thank yoy again for photo&article, Seven!

  3. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    heart-wrenching; yet a beautiful video – – –

  4. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    This is by far one of the very best Michael Jackson web-sites.

    As per the piece about Gavin Arvizo, it’s such a shame that the social worker never spoke out publicaly.

    “And they judged him. Ignorantly. And they still do.”
    This breaks my heart everyday, no exaggeration. “why, why…” MJ

  5. Isabelle says:

    I am just speechless…. all that article just took my breath away, as did the video! It is all I wanna say but can’t find the words because it hurts that people ever believed all those lies, and never looked further! I know exactly how they do it, because some of my family and friends do! but now that he’s gone, they don’t care anymore! they don’t care that an incredible selfless man died because of lies… Michael was right about everything : how to heal the world, the power of love, the power of a smile… but what he was the righter about was that THEY REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT US!!! They don’t care that we are millions grieving the lost of Michael, and that we wouldn’t have to feel that pain if media didn’t take Michael as their target… Will there ever be a time when they’ll all pay for destroying Michael’s life?

  6. Bridgett_361 says:

    You forgot something who eles you know buy bags of toys and spend the whole night putting batteries in them to make sure they all work,
    I don’t know only MJ

  7. Kathleen J says:

    I have found myself trying to be a better person as a personal tribute to Michael. I think that is his legacy; to teach us to be more giving and compassionate. We may not have a lot of money but just putting a hand out to someone who needs a friend is a tribute. I work with kids and I have a framed picture of Michael’s giving tree on my desk. It is a reminder to me every day that I can be better, do better, make someone’s life a little better. It’s sort of like getting a pat on the back from MJ and it makes me smile.

  8. Bella Jackson says:

    Seven I think that this – exactly what you have written – is what needs to get to the President and all the people in high power that have a heart and can help us in our quest. I believe that the receiver of a letter or information has to be lured and made interested in what he is about to read or he/she will not read it. This is great and I think you should consider sending it to the President.

  9. Seven says:


    I agree with you about that disconnect. Definitely. People need to connect to each other, to their children, and to the planet. That disconnect is, I believe, a big part of our lack of compassion or understanding in today’s world.

    That’s a great point and I 100% agree.

  10. Heidi says:

    A flood of tears came as I watched this video. I would say it broke my heart, but my heart was already shattered on June 25, 2009. LOOK AT MICHAEL’S FACE as he walks into the courtroom. It says it all right there. Look at that part, and then think about how Michael LOVED to laugh. Think about all the footage of him throwing water balloons and pies, and romping and playing behind the gates of Neverland. Michael knew full well how HEALING laughter was and one of his GREATEST JOYS was bringing it to others. And contrast that to THIS. Someone once said, I believe it was Barbara Kaufmann, that Michael was like a beautiful dove who had rocks pelted and pelted at it until it died. And now, as if it’s death wasn’t tragic enough, the dove is being vilified for not getting back up. How DARE it die?? To me, the real tragedy is not the vicious lies and untruths constantly perpetrated against Michael, it’s that Michael FELT everything, and NOBODY FELT HIM. There was a COMPLETE DISCONNECT to what this was doing to him and his soul. What must also STOP, in the name of Michael, is this DISCONNECT one to another that is rampant in the world today. We can start by teaching our children to put down their endless texting, pull out their earplugs, and CONNECT to the world and people around them!

  11. Seven says:


    “Perhaps there is a purpose in all MJ’s suffering, to bring our attention to his message of love and social injustice etc, too?”

    I believe that may have been part of it. Too bad the lessons weren’t learned while he lived. He was the mirror in which was reflected all that is wrong with society today.

    People need to quit fingering HIM and start looking at themselves instead. Nothing will change until they do.

  12. Anne says:

    Michael Jackson loved children just like Jesus. He began visiting them in the hospital as a child member of the Jackson 5. He desperately wanted to help children in an effort to give something back to the public who had given so much love to him. I am 55 and an RN and MJ was NOT a pedophile. I think MJ had his mother’s personality but in guy form. MJ was the most misunderstood person and most cruelly treated person in my lifetime. It makes me very sad that he suffered so much abuse from the media and public and legal system. It makes me ashamed of being an American where the media can create or destroy a human being’s career and life. Many many people should be on trial for killing MJ and they did it over a period of years. How will we ever come to peace with this? MJ would not want us to be sad. He would want us to immerse ourselves in his art and spreading his messages and promoting his legacy. From a young age, he wanted to be the best and the greatest in the entertainment industry and he succeeded. He will always be remembered as a superstar. Now people who never knew him are discovering who he really was and how great his music is. Jesus’ death on the cross brought all our attention to his message for over 2000 years. Perhaps there is a purpose in all MJ’s suffering, to bring our attention to his message of love and social injustice etc, too?

  13. Seven says:


    I hate to say it but the psychologist is obviously very ignorant and he or she had no business telling you what Michael was or was not. Psychologists are not to inject their own personal opinions into their patients. This seems very unethical and wrong. This person is not a professional and this person is very ignorant.

    You are right sweetie. Michael was INNOCENT. I am sorry an Ignorami ‘psychologist’ tried to sway you from what you know is the truth. Again, that seems very unethical.

    And you are not alone with your thoughts and feelings. Know that.

  14. Jaqueline M. says:

    Hi, Seven. My name is Jaqueline and I am from Brazil. Brazil loves Michael very much but there are those who do not like him because they simply don’t know him. I love Michael so much. I wish he was here with us but sometimes I think: do you know? it’s sad but I really believe he is better now. I believe in God and, as a matter of fact, this life in this world is short, sad sometimes and full of injustice. Seven, I can’t sleep atnight when I remember everything they did to him. He did not deserve that. He was so kind of heart. I do not remember the first case in 93 because I was a child, but I remember what happen in 2003. Poor Michael. Why was the world so cruel to him? I am crying now and I always cry when I remember those facts. I pray to God and I know He will heal all Michael’s pain. Now He is in a place where there is NO pain, hurt or tears. I do not know if we can say the same about people who did that to him when they die. It’s what I think.

  15. Jaqueline M. says:

    Hi, Seven. I’m very sad today. I always feel sad when
    I think about all the injustice. Michael had such beautiful
    heart… He did not deserve to be judge. I wish we could
    go back and change this, but we can’t. I don’t know if I
    believe in justice in this world. But I believe in God’s
    justice. I really do. I’m sure Michael is happier being
    with God. I imagine people that made this to him. Are they
    able to sleep at night? What do they have inside? do they
    have a heart? I’m so sad, Seven… I just pray for God and
    ask Him to take care of Michael. Michael deserves to rest…
    I got so sad after he passed that my mom took me to a
    psychologis. The psychologist tried of all ways to make me
    believe Michael was a pedophile. I got angry because I
    know He was INNOCENT. I’m still sad, and what makes me
    feel better is that I think: God knows everyone’s heart
    and Michael is fine resting in Heaven. I’m sure He is…

  16. shine says:

    …………..refusing to go on stage and perform if there were not new beds, clean sheets, and more personnel to care for the children there by the next day?

    That statement above broke my heart when I read it… 🙁 ((crying)) Michael not to perform if now new stuff and helpers for the orphans… Aww, Mike.. I wonder if those kids still remember you when u kissed them sweetly in their cheeks and hugged them warmly and humbly..? 🙁

  17. Ieva says:

    Thank you Seven! 🙂 I want to ask you one question,have you ever met Michael in person? 🙂

    Where are you now,cause I’m thinking of you?!You showed me how,how to live like I do.If it wasn’t for you.I would never be who I am! Thank you about it, Michael! 🙂 I miss you so much!

  18. debby says:

    Seven… Thank God there are people like you in this world who pick up the torch for the one whose light was snuffed out… Michael’s message was L♥O♥V♥E…. pure and simple… I think that is why it was ridiculed… Scripture teaches us that God uses the simple things to confound the “wise”…Truth is clear; it’s message is easily digested and if given a chance it changes the way life is viewed… The prism of Love is like this definition of optics: “a prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light.” I like to think of Michael message as a prism in a mirror .. reflecting his light as truth.. The message is L♥O♥V♥E…. if enough of us get the message and make changes in how we treat our fellow man, then Michael’s message will not be in vain.

  19. moonsurace says:

    thank you for always talking the truth about MJ. he was crusify by not only the tabloid media but also mainstream what those that say about us as society. in 100 years from now when historians study this part of history they will be apaled by the treatment of this humanitarian and musical geneis…

  20. Joyce says:

    I can’t find the words to say what I am feeling after watching that incredibly beautiful video and reading your wonderful words once again. Jeanne’s words also speak volumes. The world just wasn’t ready to understand the power and strength behind Michael’s gentle, caring, loving ways. I continue to learn so much more about this incredible man with everything I see and hear. I don’t ever want to stop. I will do everything I can to make sure I am a messenger of the truth and hope that someday there will be real justice for Michael. He continues to guide us. I feel it every day!

  21. Seven says:

    VERY well written Jeanne! Beautiful! And very true.

  22. appleh says:

    Me too, he is such a great inspiration for me in many ways !!!

  23. Kathleen J says:

    what a beautiful video and such a befitting song. I’m typing through my tears. Seven, thank you so much for your blog! I read Aphrodite’s book a long time ago because I always thought Michael had been wrongly accused. I pray that the world will one day know the injustice that was done to this man, this genius.

  24. jeanne says:

    Gentle kindness , and loving ways are not weaknesses . What people need to realize is , that these are strengths . How hard is it to forgive and move on when someone hurts you . Imagine doing this and then telling that person you love them as well knowing they had NO reason to hurt you to begin with . Michael often said in his music words like ,, “when you bury me underneath all YOUR PAIN ,, Im steady laughing while surfacing , Dont you ever make NO mistake baby I got what it takes and there is no way youll ever get to me . WHY cant you see that youll never hurt me cause I WONT let it be ! Now that is strength , courage , confidence . So to those who say Michael was weak ,,,, I say look again !! He had a quiet strength. Fueled by his love for you and I . Those who seek power seek it in the wrong directions.

  25. MME says:

    I’m reading, listening watching …. and learning.