May 21 2010

‘But I have this weakness—I love looking at girls!’

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Yes, Michael loved looking at GIRLS – from a very young age. I was around then and I am the same age, so I remember this distinctly!  Does this sound ‘gay‘ to you? Michael Jackson liked girls. Women. Any and all claims that he was ‘gay‘ are self-serving and/or ignorant. Here’s what Michael had to say about that, and I’ll take his word over anyone else’s on the subject:

I really don’t want to offend anyone by watching them. Some people really get uptight if they know someone is looking at them. But I have this weakness—I love looking at girls! Just watching a girl can give me the best reason to smile. Girls are something very special and you got to treat them that way. That’s why I always say don’t stare right at a chick. She’ll begin to fidget, wondering if her hair’s messed up or if her make-up is smeared. It’s kind of like going to an art gallery to see beautiful paintings. If you look at a painting just the right way, you get the most out of it.

The way a girl walks. You can tell a lot from the walk. If she’s happy or sad—if she’s proud of being a girl. And then, there are the chicks that look so helpless that I want to rush over to them and put my arms around them!

And if I’m lucky enough to be close enough to see her face—well, that’s like your favourite dessert after a fine meal! -Michael Jackson

Master Girl-watcher. Tiger Beat Magazine, 1972

Master Girl-watcher Michael. Tiger Beat Magazine, 1972

A young lady’s physical beauty can by no means outshine the inner beauty that radiates from her heart and spirit. -Michael Jackson (1976)

Another MJ quote about women (more recently of course):

I don’t like the women who are always saying,”My nails need to be done. I have to do my toes. I need a manicure.” I hate all that. I like it when girls are a little more tomboyish. If they wrestle, climb a tree…I love that. It is sexier to me. I like class though. Class is everything. -Michael Jackson

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17 Responses to “‘But I have this weakness—I love looking at girls!’”

  1. Neha Jha says:

    Well,no doubt,its absolutely true! I don’t know why the media potrayed Michael as being anti-female! He never said he hated women! I still don’t know whether to believe in those Rabbi tapes or not!But,yes,all a girl wants from a guy is protection,even when she’s capable of protecting herself & love…girls who want materialistic stuff are not true lovers!I have to thank Michael for making me feel good about being a tomboy! My dad brought me up like that,but,as I grew up everyone wanted me to be girlie..I tried being so! It was Michael who made me realize that I’m great the way I am..his words matter to me more than anybody else!
    And,if the SEXIEST MAN WHO EVER WALKED ON THIS PLANET says-“Tomboys are sexier”..why the hell should any tomboy care what other guys think! I don’t care what other guys think about me! And,if I ever propose a guy,I’d sing-“The Way you make me feel” & dance the same way as Michael so that the guy sees my real,true side & then decide if I’m the one! Tonnes of thanks to Michael for making me feel good about myself as a tomboy & also as a woman..yes,we are loyal in love!!

  2. Cindy says:

    Klien & Pfieffer are like the Kato Kalins in this scenario… They just want to keep the air time going, get their 15 minutes of fame & no better way than to slander MJ. After all, isn’t that what the media has been doing all along? Isn’t that what people wanna hear? Negativity sells! It’s disgusting….

  3. deirdre pierson says:

    It wasn’t only in his words,it was also in his actions and reactions. You simply can’t fake that. Michael loved women, no doubt.

  4. Erica Ribeiro says:

    É claro que ele gostava!! Basta olhar as letras de suas músicas. Algumas me deixam sem fôlego!!!! Uau!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jeanne says:

    Are you kidding me what does a woman most want from a man . Gentle kindness and sweet gently loving touch , yet firm security as if to say , You are safe with me . LOOK at Michael ,, look at him seriously , he is every womans dream . Playful loving gentle fun funny yet powerful ,, and strong ,, You guys need to learn from Michael thats what I SAY !!

  6. Lisa says:

    There was never a doubt! You can see and feel how much WOMEN and only women are what he is attracted too. He is a true gentleman….the attention and affection he showers women, it is so obvious that he loves women.. In some videos of him and Diana Ross, he is literally checking out her butt! In another video or picture he is looking at Elizabeth Taylor’s breasts! Who we are attracted too, is a very subconscious thing..even when we tell ourselves oh, I am not going to look at her butt–it happens anyway. Even the way he hugs women vs. the way he hugs men–totally different. And the info. about being attracted to tomboys and classy women..I always felt that..and also seems to like women who are independent, and have self-confidence..We would have made a great couple..RIP my KING, King of Music, King of Hearts..


    If you want to read some fun things about Michael and the women in his life – log onto the LA CIENEGA JUST SMILES website. There is some amazing stuff on there.
    Michael is an angel but he is also a full blooded male who is more of a gentleman than most other men on the planet. He is also the sexiest man to ever walk the planet in my opinion.

  8. Indria Wantah says:

    Thank you for posting, seven… and this is another reason why MJ loved women (in his own words) >> “Yeah, they are loyal, women. They have been loyal. They are activists. They will fight you about me.” <<

  9. shine says:

    Mike’s just exposing my best favorite areas of his body…. LEFT EYE AND LEFT ARM… Anyway, Mike have said it a lot of times I can’t even count—– HE IS NOT GAY! Period!

    Thanks, Seven, as always! 🙂

  10. Christina says:

    I always got the vibe that MJ was old school and classy when it came women.

  11. 111FAS says:

    dag gone it…I’m a tomboy all the way, climbing trees and wrestling – that’s how I roll, 24-7! What is a manicure anyway! if only we met, IF ONLY! MJJ ~ forever

  12. blythe says:

    my kind of guy, im lucky if i have 5 pairs of heels in my closet. totall a jeans and tshirt kind of girl. my mom always hated it.

  13. Seven says:

    Exactly Michelle! He was a LADIES’ man!

  14. Michelle says:

    Michael always favored women. Just think back to his younger days, when he had posters of Brooke Shields in his room, or the crush he had on Diana Ross. He was a ladies man! A “Smooth Criminal” who managed to steal our hearts away!

    He always allowed lady fans on stage with him at his concerts to dance with him–but not just dance–the way he bowed to them like a real-life Prince Charming–the way he lovingly cradled the back of their head with his large hand and long fingers. He was a helpless romantic at heart–and he caused the world to fall in love with him!

  15. Seven says:


    He obviously did do it for the money because I understand now that he is now being sued for million(s). Who knows how much the tabloids paid for the ‘story’? I do know they offer tens of thousands of dollars (at least) for ‘dirt’ (true or not) on celebrities. So yea, money. That, and if he is implicated in the investigation surrounding MJ’s death/murder, then he wants an alibi for the frequency with which MJ visited his office during the last weeks and months of his life. Lying to say Pfeiffer and MJ were ‘lovers’ gives him that alibi. So, could have been a couple of reasons – both self-serving. And as for the media, they just want to dish dirt for ratings and money. It’s all a filthy game.

  16. appleh says:

    These two guys are awful liars, not only with the gay rumours, but even with all the stuff this so called “friend”
    told about Michael soon after his death. He did it obviously all for money !

  17. Linda says:

    Of Course he loved women; I never had any doubt whatsover.