May 24 2010

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Indeed. Let Me Introduce You to ‘Carl Toms’

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Carl Toms aka 'Tom O'Carrol' - Child Abuser

Carl Toms aka 'Tom O'Carroll' - Child Abuser

Not only is this book a piece of poorly written fiction, it is also written by a twice convicted pedophile.

Carl Toms‘ is an identity created by convicted pedophile Thomas O’Carroll, and the name – ‘Carl Toms‘ – is as fictitious a name as the content of his book. O’Carroll himself admits his real name on page 572, 577 and 592 of his forthcoming book.

Dual nationality Anglo/Irish writer Thomas O’Carroll, was arrested and charged with distributing child pornography in 1981 and again in 2006. O’Carroll is also a well known activist and advocate for the promotion and acceptance of pedophilia.

Thomas O`Carroll – aka ‘Carl Toms‘ – is a former chairman of the now defunct Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and was at one time a prominent member of IPCE, formerly known as the International Paedophile and Child Emancipation. The goal of O’Carroll and all those connected via the pedophile networks – is to normalize pedophilia in the media and thus the public arena as part of wider, more insidious pro-pedophile agenda. Examples of O’Carroll’s writing;


Distorting the nature of Michael Jackson’s relationships with and interest in children to rationalize his own sick sexuality and abuse of the most vunerable amongst us, Thomas O’ Carroll is also using the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death and Michael Jackson’s name as an easy way to advance the sales of his book.

Supporting the ‘work’ of a man who promotes the lowering of the age of consent to 12 years old and beyond, who wants to normalize the description and actuality of sex between adults and children in order to convince the public of its acceptability, is in reality – the support of child abuse.

Do not buy this book.
Do not endorse this book.
Do not mention the book’s title.
Do not ‘do’ Thomas Carroll’s ( Carl Toms) promotional work for him.
His new book on Amazon is the work of a criminal.

The truth is this simple: If you buy this book, you will be supporting pedophiles and the pedophile networks agenda. Think about that for a minute. Think about where your money would be going. You would be supporting the abuse of children – the complete opposite and negation of everything Michael stood for and advocated.

Thomas O’Carroll’s book – aka Carl Toms – is yet one more utterly false, slanderous insult to the life and legacy of Michael Jackson.

We ask all of the worldwide Michael Jackson community to support the offical boycott of this book.

Michael Jackson is not here to defend his name – or that of his children.

So we must.

31 Responses to “‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Indeed. Let Me Introduce You to ‘Carl Toms’”

  1. Seven says:

    I agree June! KEEP THOSE LETTERS AND EMAILS going! We also do NOT want this piece of filth to resurface anywhere again. Let them know we will NOT have it.

    Child abuse and pedophilia are illegal and a crime and NO books promoting these things ought to be sold by Amazon or any other booksellers, nor should they be printed or published by any publisher. This one seemed to want to fly ‘under the radar’ with their garbage — but MJ’s fan-mily investigated the author and read enough of the disgusting thing to be able to alert those “in power” to get some apparently stern legal advice issued to this publisher about it.

    Both the author and the publisher of this book are sneaky dirtbags. Hopefully they’ve been thwarted in their “agenda” at least this time.