May 30 2010

Heal the World for Children: Carrying on His Message of Love, Healing the Children, and the World

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Heal the World for Children

Heal the World for Children

I have been aware of this organization since its inception after Michael was taken from us, but today I want to highlight their work because I’m so impressed with it and how well it aligns with Michael’s message.

Most of his life, Michael cared for the less fortunate and sick and needy. Even when he was a child, he took his allowance and bought candy and gave it to other children in his neighborhood. He and his mother would both cry when they saw television documentaries of starving children. Michael vowed then that he would do something to help Heal the World. And he did. He did SO many things, some publicized, but most not even known, since many people only listen to medialoids and sensationalist lies about him.

When he toured, in most every city he stopped in (not every country, every CITY), often even before going to his hotel room, Michael would visit an orphanage or children’s hospital to bring toys, games, hugs, a tender touch, and a little joy to those sick, disadvantaged, or abandoned children. Even when not on tour, when a child died or was sick or in dire need, often Michael knew about it when the rest of the world wasn’t even listening. And he helped so many of them with no fanfare or publicity at all, a book could easily be written about Michael Jackson’s humanitarian legacy. It is surely as extensive and storied as his artistic one. Stories of Michael’s love and caring abound and more are coming out all the time.

This work that Michael did wasn’t highly publicized because the media prefers sensationalist, negative stories to good and heartwarming ones. The bad stories get them more profit. Also, Michael didn’t do this for the publicity anyway. He did it because he cared and he felt that this was truly his purpose in life. He was the Childrens’ Angel, uniquely attuned to their voices and cries.

Heal The World for Children‘ seeks to carry on his message and his work.

This organization is not in any way affiliated with Michael’s estate, or with ‘Heal the World Foundation. HTWFC is an organization created by Michael’s fans after his passing to carry on his dreams and his legacy of healing the world by healing the children and the planet.

If you can volunteer or donate, or have other questions as to how you can become part of their work, please contact them.

A Children’s Festival is coming up August 29th, 2010 to honor Michael on his birthday with something near and dear to his heart – a day dedicated to children! HTWFC wants to make this an annual event and this would be the most magnificent way to honor Michael!

Also, pick up one of their newsletters to keep up with their latest work.

Their Facebook group is called ‘Heal the World for Children‘, and many Events are listed on the ‘Events’ tab of their Facebook page! Check it out and get involved if you can!  On Twitter, they are

I really admire the work these wonderful MJ fans are doing to carry on Michael’s legacy of L.O.V.E. and Healing the World.  I’d LOVE to see a HTWFC -affiliated group doing such work in major cities around the world!   There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as One. . . .

Inspired by Michael Jackson’s message of love, our mission is to bring joy, fun and laughter into the lives of sick and underprivileged children.

We are Michael Jackson fans from around the world who have made a commitment to carry on Michael’s humanitarian efforts. Michael cared deeply about children and their welfare, and we will do all that we can to help the needy and underprivileged children of this world.

As he taught us through his example and music, we simply wish to do our part to help “Heal the World For Children,” in honor of Michael’s memory. Michael planted the seeds within our hearts that gave us this inspiration, and we are committed to carry on his legacy and make him proud.

-Heal The World For Children

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  1. Kathleen J says:

    As you know, I read your blog every day. Today as I read about MJ and what he did for children his song “Childhood” began playing on my ipod. Is that strange? I always set my ipod to random so was it just a coincidence that this song began to play? Was Michael’s voice telling me to work harder to help heal the children of the world? All I could think was “Wow!” I will do my part every day to make a child’s life better. I will honor him this way for as long as I possibly can. There are children everywhere that need something. Maybe just a smile or a pat on the back and maybe more. Thank you again, Seven, for being one the of faithful.

  2. Seven says:


    I don’t believe in coincidences! I also have an iPod set on ‘random’ and it awakens me every morning from a group of his songs. It’s always interesting to hear what songs come on. . . I think he still speaks to us through his music.

  3. blythe says:

    speaking of talking to us thru his music, i bought a dvd of some interviews of his and in one he was in court about three of his songs , so he’s telling the lawyer how a song is made and as the lawyer was asking him questions i would yell out the answer and he would say exactly what i said like ‘knock on wood’ you know and it sort of blew my mind. it was like i was reading his mind and the lawyer didnt get it. wow , i love him so much.

  4. Gavin Saunders says:

    I hope you don’t mind but below is a letter I just shot off to another website (Michael whose list of ways Michael Jackson tried to change the world for the better did not include his visit to our local hospital and then by chance (synchronicity) I accidentally caused this very page to pop up when I was trying for June 2nd’s instalment. (Strange but good?!) So I thought it was maybe meant to be that I add it here given the page’s topic.


    I got an unexpected chance to meet Michael back on Friday the 13th, Novenber 1987 after his Bad concert performance in Melbourne, Australia.

    Not sure if you are adding to or updating the list of Michael’s charitable works but thought I’d let you know that the next day, as we discovered from the newspaper article chronicling my niece’s conversation with Michael (and from our next appointment at the cancer ward of the Royal Children’s hospital) that he and Frank Dileo [?] (“It was very low key. There was no entourage, just Michael and his manager.” Mr Kinsey said.) visited the cancer and intensive care wards the following afternoon.

    Mr Don Kinsey is the hospital’s public relations manager who also said… “It was magic, fantastic for the kids’ morale,” as well as “Some of the kids hadn’t smiled or talked for a couple of days before he came. Then all of a sudden they were laughing and talking- it was wonderful.”

    The article also states that the visit was arranged at Jackson’s request. “He visits children’s hospitals at every city he goes to, but there’s never any publicity allowed.” Mr Kinsey said. “It is one of those things he likes to keep quiet, it’s part of the private Michael Jackson.”

    “Mr Kinsey described Jackson as a ‘nice young man” who was interested in everything going on at the hospital and with the children. Jackson’s personal photographer took photos throughout the visit for Jackson’s personal photo album. Jackson was given a rousing three cheers from the children as he left.”

    Also tabled is a sweetly deprecating encounter with a young patient of the ward.

    The article appeared in The Sun, Monday, November 16, 1987.

    Thanking you for your time,

    Gavin Saunders.

  5. CIB says:

    I´ve just found your blog and I´m very happy to be here! so many informations new to me..Thank you for taking action against publishing such a horrible book (if we can call it a book at all!).As for messages through his music: I belong to people who REALLY knew almpst nothing about Michel till the end of June 09,and I´m very unmusical.One day I told to my children:”I don´t know why ,but I have to go to the forest and grieve”.So I did because I always try to listen to my inner voice.From this moment I have been getting messages everyday for a couple of months.I had a thought and after that a song was coming via internet or radio with exactly my thought or as an answer.I was doing sth and photos of Michael or reffered to him in such a situation were shown to me.As I noticed all this I was in a state of shock and realized that I probably went insane 🙂 I tried to stop this so many times and was always coming back on this path,because in fact this was an incredible year for me,a wonderful year with Michael,with his soul,the year of accelerated learning .Thank you Michael ,or whatever your name is :)Love

  6. Seven says:

    Gavin! Thank you for that wonderful story of Michael’s visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital!

    These wonderful stories are ones I love to publicize – they show who Michael truly was – and all that he did that went unnoticed in lieu of tabloid garbage about him.

  7. Rose says:

    Ich bin soeben auf diese Seite gestoßen . Ich komme aus Deutschland ,und ich arbeite schon lange daran die Botschaft M.J. zu den Menschen in meiner Umgebung zu bringen. Es ist eine große und schöne Aufgabe die aber viel Kraft und Unterstützung braucht . Wie kann ich Hilfe und die Unterstützung von namhaften internationalen Leuten bekommen? Heal the world Rose

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