May 31 2010

Sunflower Symbolism in Lore and Performance

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Much ado has been made about Michael and sunflowers after Lisa-Marie Presley shared her memory of his love for the flower. And not least by MJJ-777 itself with the “Sunflowers for Michael Program“, an effort to keep our King’s resting place showered with these happy flowers.

Different flowers are said to have different meanings or symbolism and the sunflower is no exception. Sunflowers are typically seen as a symbol of loyalty and constancy. Their petals resemble bright yellow rays of sunshine, evoking feelings of warmth and happiness from their big resplendent faces. In addition, the sunflower is often associated with adoration and longevity.

Not so oddly, since it was allegedly his favorite flower, sunflowers have also appeared in some interesting places before Michael was taken from us too. Places that may have previously gone unnoticed.  Some astute fans have picked up on this, particularly in the ‘This Is It‘ performances, as well as in a previous performance of ‘Earth Song‘.

Although some have questioned the legitimacy of LMP’s claim that sunflowers were Michael’s favorite, maybe these “Sunflower Sightings” from before Michael left us will lend credibility to her claim.

For instance, ‘Light Man‘ in the ‘This is It‘ production, was seen for an instant or two to be covered in sunflowers:

Light Man Covered in Sunflowers

Light Man Covered in Sunflowers

And did anyone notice that one of the zombies in the ‘This is It‘ performance of ‘Thriller‘ had a hat full of sunflowers?

Zombie With Sunflower Hat

Zombie With Sunflower Hat

And in a previous performance of ‘Earth Song‘, the little girl comes out with a sunflower in front of the tank where Michael and the guy with the gun are standing:

Sunflower Girl in Earth Song

Sunflower Girl in Earth Song

Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. They are of course taken from screen grabs of their respective videos.

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{ Thank you to my friends Insanity X and Karen K. for finding these interesting ‘Sunflower Sightings’! -Seven }

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7 Responses to “Sunflower Symbolism in Lore and Performance”

  1. oufouche says:

    there is a sunflower called moonwalker

  2. Susan T says:

    Maria, bless you Dear Lady, for providing that YouTube link. I sat watching him with tears falling freely. Awestruck, mesmerized. You can clearly see the effect his performance had on President and Mrs. Clinton. They were true fans.

    So many precious memories. As Berry Gordy so poignantly proclaimed, Michael Jackson was an artist that comes along only once, period. I never met him, never saw a live concert but I still feel so very privileged to have lived during his time on Planet Earth.

    May He be entertaining and amusing everyone in Heaven. And may God tenderly care for him until we can all be together again…forever!

    It’s all for L.O.V.E.

  3. sue says:

    Thanks for this – interesting.
    Thanks also for help organise the sunflower project with Sandy.
    I’ve donated today and am very grateful to you and Sandy for making this possible.
    Love the idea that the flowers are slightly different each week.
    Looking at the flowers has made me cry – they are beautiful just like he was.
    Have a feeling there will be lots more tears especially this month….
    Thanks again Seven.
    Sue X

  4. Ruby says:

    Hi Seven…I’m an MJ fan from long ago…you guys maynot recall this one, but I watched it the other night…in the movie ‘The Wiz’, where Mike is hanging from the pole in the garden, there are dryed Sunflowers in the garden…I noticed them during the song “You Can’t Win’….loving Mike then and now and forever…

  5. Sunflower says:

    Hello Seven!

    Here’s some other connections:
    When Michael first appear as Scarecrow in “The Wiz”, he stand
    in front of a field with sunflowers.
    And also inside the cover for the cd “The very best of Michael Jackson with the Jackson five”, there is a picture with Marlon and Michael wearing blue sweaters with sunflower applications. On Michaels the yellow flowerleaves is around his neck, so his hair becomes the brown part in the middle… I love that one 🙂

    Maria S

  6. Seven says:


    You know, I noticed that and thought he’d made a little mistake – but maybe it was deliberate. ?

  7. Maria says:

    Hi Seven! I found another reference that Michael made to sunflowers that I wanted to share. During the performance for “Gone Too Soon” that Michael sang for Bill Clinton’s Inauguration he sang the line “like a perfect sun…flower that is just beyond your reachhh–gone too soonnnn” It starts at about 1:28 in this vid. 🙂