Jun 02 2010

It’s a Small World After All . . .

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The Discussion Started with Fox News

A recent conversation about the Fox News/Murdoch/NewsCorp media juggernaut resulted in some very interesting (IMO) information about the interconnectedness of his empire with those connected in business dealings with Michael Jackson.  Am I advocating conspiracy theories here? No. But I do believe in the old adage: “follow the money“.

Doing so usually results in some very interesting “beneath the radar” manipulations or at least connections that people are otherwise unaware of.

Draw your own conclusions.

Fox News is owned by NewsCorp, which in turn has Rupert Murdoch and Kingdom Group (Prince AL Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud) as shareholders.

Murdoch owns tabloids ‘The Sun‘, ‘News of the World‘ and the ‘The Times‘. Also Fox, Sky and ITV were the creators of  the ‘Living with Michael Jackson‘  hit piece and were Martin Bashir’s former employer.

Prince AL Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud was in parnership with Michael Jackson. The company was called Kingdom Entertainment which went into business with Sony. AL Waheed’s media consultant Tarek Ben Ammar became Jackson’s business manager and HIStory Tour manager.

AL Waleed also has shares in Disney and they were planning a theme park based on Peter Pan’s Neverland.

Michael Jackson’s Adventures in the Arabian Magic Kingdom:


Here is the theme park they planned:


This bit is really interesting:

Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Al Saud (Kingdom Group) became involved in Fairmont hotels and formed a partnership in 2006 with Colony Capital.

Remember this?  Neighbors say Never Never to Neverland Theme Park plan:


Now this - MJ Memorial Complex May Include Golf Course, Neverland-like Theme Park:


Speaking of golf courses, Colony Capital and Sunrise also merged. Who owns Sycamore Valley Ranch? Sycamore Valley Ranch (aka Neverland) is now owned by a partnership between Colony Capital and The Estate of Michael Jackson (formerly Michael Jackson).

Years of media abuse and 1993 extortionist allegations ->
Martin Bashir’s hit piece portraying Michael as a pedophile ->
2003-2005 extortionists allegations, legal & media crucifixion ->
Michael spiritually & financially depleted -> Neverland debt-> Fortress ->
Jermaine -> Tohme -> Colony Capital -> AEG -> Michael dead.

Fortress Investment Group – a hedge fund – bought some of Michael’s loans from Bank of America after he failed to make some payments. In December 2005, Fortress was ready to foreclose on the Neverland property. A restructuring of his finances with CitiGroup failed, and in 2008, in swooped Colony Capital to buy Michael’s loans from Fortess, avoiding an auction. It was Thomas Barrack, CEO of Colony Capital, who hooked Michel Jackson up with AEG for the O2 shows while Tohme Tohme as his manager at the time, signed the deal. And it was Jermaine, Michael’s brother, who contacted Tohme to help Michael save Neverland in 2008. Tohme was working with Colony Capital and enlisted Thomas Barrack of Colony to help save the ranch. They were initially reluctant until they figured they could profit off the deal if they could manipulate Michael into touring and performing again:

His backers envision the shows at AEG’s O2 as an audition for a career rebirth that could ultimately encompass a three-year world tour, a new album, movies, a Graceland-like museum, musical revues in Las Vegas and Macau, and even a “Thriller” casino. Such a rebound could wipe out Jackson’s massive debt.

…he (Barrack) was drawn to the deal. He owns a ranch five miles from Neverland, and his sons were among local children Jackson invited over for field days at the ranch. The financier retains close ties to the developer who built Neverland and is friendly with Wesley Edens, the chairman of the property’s debt-holder, Fortress Investment Group.

With the auction of Jackson’s home and possessions just days away, Barrack made the singer a proposition.

“I sat down with him and said, ‘Look . . . we can buy the note and restructure your financial empire,’ ” Barrack said. But, he told him, “what you need is a new caretaker. A new podium. A new engine.”

Tohme, who acted as Jackson’s manager until recently, recalled the urgency of the situation. “If he didn’t move fast, he would have lost the ranch,” Tohme said. “That would have been humiliating for Michael.”

Jackson and Barrack reached an agreement within seven days. Colony paid $22.5 million and Neverland averted foreclosure.

After buying Neverland, Barrack called his friend Anschutz (AEG). Barrack said the prospect of helping Jackson, given his recent criminal case, gave Anschutz, a devout Christian, pause. (Anschutz declined to be interviewed.)

Barrack had spent significant time with Jackson and praised him as “a genius” and devoted father. Ultimately, Anschutz agreed to put Jackson in touch with Randy Phillips, the CEO of his concert subsidiary.

Phillips had his eye on Jackson for some time. In 2007, Phillips approached the singer with a deal for a comeback, but Jackson, who was working with different advisors, turned him down. “He wasn’t ready,” Phillips recalled.

Why did the AEG O2 deal go from ten to 50 shows overnight? Greed. My own suspicion is that 10 shows plus other surrounding deals related to the tour would have paid off Michael’s debt. But when AEG found out tickets were selling like crazy they just kept adding shows and adding shows, unbeknownst to Michael. What may have started with an idea for Michael to pay off his debts to various entities, ended up with those same entities drooling over the money they’d make and blinded by dollar signs in their eyes. Blind to the fact that Michael would not be able to perform 50 grueling 2-hour shows at age 50 and not having been on a stage performing in over a decade. In other words, they saw a way to not only ‘help‘ Michael pay off his debts, but also a way for them to profit very nicely in the deal, too. And if he died trying? Well, he’s worth more dead than alive anyway. To these entities, it’s probably just collateral damage. They knew they’d get their money either way. Michael never wanted to tour or perform again and had said so on numerous previous occasions, stating that it would kill him. Thus, it seems to me, and is apparent judging by the above quotes, that Michael was manipulated into those shows because of his vulnerable financial condition and by those who stood to make money off of him.

The Jackson Family Trust

Now, the recently and disrespectfully released trust details apparently state that the trustees of  the ‘Michael Jackson Family Trust‘ can at their leisure, lease or sell rights to oil, gas, and minerals beneath Neverland/Sycamore Valley Ranch and I’m reading these natural resources may be significant, but I do not know that. It’s just something worth mentioning.

Apparently, that trust also states that the trustees may sell off any estate assets that are not profitable or not making money for the estate. It is suspected by some fans that at first opportunity, Michael’s share of the $ony/ATV catalog will be labeled ‘not profitable‘ and then offered up for sale – likely to $ony as preferred buyer.  That seems unlikely though.

More likely, $ony will exercise its option to take over the catalog at its first opportunity that it can do so without arousing a lot of suspicion and anger among the very Michael Jackson fans whose money they need in order to profit from Michael’s name and legacy of music posthumously. $ony is, after all, the one entity that stands to profit most from his murder. It is also suspected by many fans that this is why Michael was murdered. In a word: money. Billions of dollars worth if you count the catalog(s).  Michael was known to be worth more dead than alive. I’m sure that fact didn’t escape $ony, nor did it escape a few other entities.

About Trusts: Trusts are a responsible way to leave your family and children a protected inheritance and are usually structured such that the money in the trust and/or control of the trust or estate is not granted until the children are of a mature age range (20s – 40s or thereabouts), nor is the money or control granted all at once. The way in which the ‘Michael Jackson Family Trust‘ is structured is not at all unusual in this regard regardless of what tabloids say.

What is unusual is that music industry lawyers with a known cozy relationship with $ony are named as executors and trustees.  A probate judge interestingly enough saw no conflict of interest in this arrangement. These music industry lawyers are attached to Michael’s estate for its most profitable lifetime, by being named executors and trustees of the will and the trust, respectively.  They get 10% of all profits made by that estate right off the top.

Add that to the fact that Branca was conveniently re-hired by someone just weeks before Michael’s death, that the old 2002 will was conveniently produced by Branca himself after Michael’s death (what was he doing with that?), that the will was signed in LA on a day that Michael was in New York City, and that the children’s names are incorrect on the will.  Given all this, the amount of suspicion about ethics and motive of this entire setup increases, at least for me.

Another advantage of trusts: unlike wills, they are usually private. Unless some self-serving inside maggot sells the details to the tabloids for a nice and tidy sum, like someone did with Michael Jackson’s, evidently.  I won’t link to any tabloid articles referencing the trust here because I hate tabloids and out of respect for Michael. This information should have NEVER been publicized under any circumstances.

$ony/ATV again

John Branca has previously insisted that the $ony/ATV catalog is not for sale. However, like kudzu, and never ones to waste time moving in to grab the spoils of their kill so-to-speak, Colony Capital keeps cropping up everywhere – and here they are again. Apparently they along with other investors, had inquired about buying the catalog already in July 2009 – only weeks after Michael’s death. On the other hand, I’m told those loans using the catalog as collateral are due to be payed off or refinanced this Fall. What will Branca do in this case?  We’ll see. Thus far, he has been quite generous with $ony, having given them the ‘This is It‘ film footage even though there were higher bidders, and signing that sweetheart $250 million deal with the label that Michael himself likely would never have agreed to. $ony has been chomping at the bit to get their grimy hands on that catalog, having manipulated Michael for years over it, and having apparently manipulated his contracts after 2002 so that he could not leave the label while owning half of it.

Wondering why Michael released albums on the $ony label after protesting their mistreatment of him and then claiming he was a ‘free agent‘ in 2002?  That’s why. It’s nothing to do with having ‘kissed and made up‘ with the label. Quite the contrary.  They manipulated his contracts I’m told, so he could not leave the label. Because of the way Sony treated him, it is my opinion that Michael himself would never have signed any $250 million deal with the label such as Branca recently did.

Here’s a relevant quote that we all ought to be aware of and concerned about regarding $ony and Michael’s half of the $ony/ATV catalog. I’ve posted this on other pieces here but it’s worth a repeat. This was released, interestingly enough, on August 19, 2009 at SonyATV.com:

Despite media reports of investor interest in Jackson’s half of Sony/ATV, Sony Corp. remains in the driver’s seat. When a cash-strapped Jackson refinanced his debt with the Fortress Investment Group in 2007, Sony Corp. helped facilitate the deal and in return secured the right to purchase half of his share in Sony/ATV at a predetermined price; it also became managing partner of the publishing company, giving it operational control. Sony also obtained the right to match any future offers on Jackson’s remaining 25% stake. Separately, sources say that Sony/ATV also gets a first look at purchasing Jackson’s own Mijac catalog upon the expiration of its administration deal with Warner/Chappel.

Notice their interesting choice of words above, that they “helped facilitate the deal“. Here is a quote from another article on April 13, 2006, that gives a better idea of what $ony’s true motive was:  getting and maintaining control of that catalog. To summarize, $ony inserted themselves into Michael’s finances when he was at his most vulnerable in order to gain and retain control of that catalog. That’s all they cared about:

Sony has a longstanding interest in keeping Mr. Jackson solvent. If Fortress had moved to foreclose on Mr. Jackson, he might have been forced into bankruptcy protection, where his stake in the publishing company could be put up for auction.

In negotiating the deal, Sony seeks to avoid the prospect that another bidder could gain ownership of the stake, which the company has long hoped to control.

Justice in Michael’s Murder?  Forgetabouttit.

If you’re expecting justice in Michael’s murder, think again.  It seems unlikely given the known corruption of justice officials in LA and the flow of money to the relevant candidates’ coffers from those involved. AEG and John Branca give copius amounts of money to both AG Jerry Brown and DA Steven Cooley’s campaigns in California. Politicians can be bought and as a matter of fact, they usually are. District Attorneys and Attorneys General are one of the most corrupt  kind of political characters usually, simply because they are  a combination of both lawyers and politicians.  They can ignore, misinterpret, double-speak, manipulate, swerve around and beneath any law there is, and protect the worst criminals, while persecuting the most innocent among us – and they usually do. AEG in particular has business hooks well inserted into LA business and politics and their name will be protected at all costs, no matter what they did that may have contributed to Michael’s early demise. Same with $ony, Colony Capital, the various corprat-owned media giants one of which is NewsCorp, or anyone else who helped send Michael to his early grave.

And Conrad Murray above all, who is being treated more like Michael should have been treated than like the negligent criminal Murray certainly is. In fact Colony Capital Investors II, L.P. owns Red Rock Country Club where Conrad Murray’s house is. That house was in foreclosure,  but oddly he still has it and no proceedings are known to have been initiated against him on this issue. One has to wonder what makes him so special.



So there you have it. Small world, isn’t it?
_ _ _

{ Thank you to my friend Karen who helped immensely with this piece. -Seven }

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  1. MJJ-777 » August 2012 Interview with Reverent June Juliet Gatlin (MJ’s spiritual advisor) for Vanity Fair says:

    […] and in the process of taking complete charge of his life. Michael, she says, was puzzled as to why Jermaine would introduce him to Tohme and she expresses surprise (like many of us did) as to why Tohme jumped into the media spotlight […]

  2. carina for mjj says:

    The powers hiding truth and justce seem all the more powerful as time goes on + all the info re their magnitude.I now reside in a small European country, but when ever I visit an electronics shop I see Sony TV sets and AEG washing machines, refridgerators and more.It is incredible to me that their tentacles encompass the whole globe.

  3. carina for mjj says:

    I fear justce will not be served.murray is still free,going on vacations,has kept his medical licenses and his debts keep disappearing,his home was saved from foreclosure.Protection from someone or many.MJredsilk-I had the same reaction as you when I saw a video clip of thome -thome,creepy to say the least.The pair murray&thome-thome are harbingers of death.Now murray is
    going towards the BIZARRE,he intends to ask Michaels children to testify for him, murray.To tell
    how thin and fragile Michael was.And HE was the “personal physician”,as if Michaels general health did not concern him.He is a disgrace to the medical profession.
    I found this site rather late.Thank you so much for all the info and work.

  4. littersusie says:

    @post#48, there are people who’ve been talkin about this stuff years ago, it’s just that you haven’t paid attention to it!

    btw, I’ve always believed that if Akio Morita was alive, the conspiracy wouldnt have worked! That’s what I believe. If anyone remember the story told by Akio’s wife about MJ seeking help from Morita in 1997? She said she didnt return his call as she’d to look after Morita as he was very sick.

    And infact, Sony Japan was the one who fired Tommy Mottolla! It’s Sony US that’s involved in his murder, not the whole of Sony.

  5. me says:

    you guys all talk and talk abt the bad guys, the guilty guys and that they will be punished after all….well, listen to this….these guys, my friends, are like ghosts…they practically dont exist…they have others for their filthy freaking actions,without being implied any name or person…its professional, it always was and always will be…their god is THE MONEY…they breathe, they live, and would do anything to achieve them..these monsters are everywhere….they hide behind religion,humanitarian org.,and have puppets who work for them…this always was and will always be, and noone can ever dig them out of their holes…as someone said they r like roaches, when the light turn on they dissapear…they are professionals, there are cartels,highly organized till the last detail…and i repeat…no one can ever uncover them..the only thing i can say is that michael is finally being left alone…finally he will rest in peace..we will always love him!!but there is sth i dont understand….why all these things come out now when he’s gone?why noone ever came out and say these things when he was still alive?just asking…:/

  6. ButterFlyGirl says:

    When MJ bought that catalog in the late eighties, it angered a lot of people. Then during one of the trials it was reveled how much that catalog was worth, it was estimated to be worth about 500 million not including the little stuff like ringtone with or without lyrics. That in itself generated millions to the catalog.

    So fast forward to today and that same catalog is easily worth in excess of 2 billion dollars. Remeber he only paid 37 million dollars for that catalog originally.

    All you have to do is look at the line up of artist that are on that label and see why it is so valuable. MJ through is music always spoke about the powers that be and what was happening to him when he had to deal with them, you just have pay attention to his lyrics. IMO it is Sony who is holding the smoking gun.

    PS. When MJ originally bought the catalog, Little Richard songs had been included in the catalog, when MJ took possesion of the catalog, he turned over the rights of Little Richard’s song to him. How cool was that. The demise of MJ was years in the making, and it is horrible what they (Sony) have done.

  7. Lisa says:

    THANK YOU SEVEN–I have always known there were vampires behind MJ’s 1993 and 2003 sick allegations–now his DEAD..ALL this makes so much sense..the BIG ISSUE IS THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE so powerful..that REAL JUSTICE is in the hands of GOD..I believe with ALL my heart and soul that ALL OF THEM WILL GET THEIR KARMA HERE IN THIS LIFETIME..They took advantage of Michael’s situation to the FULLEST EXTEND OF THE THEIR SICK WAY OF THEIR Comunistic way of business..I have worked in several busiensses where underhanded things were going on..and these are small businesses, with small money..I can’t even imagine what the EVIL is lurking and being done in a BILLION DOLLAR empire; Michael Joseph Jackson. And for all those who say will Michael should have better control?? REALLY-Michael jackson is allot like allot of US..with money mangement issues..so DOES THAT MEAN parasites like these monsters, can come in and manipulate someone’s good name, or steal from him, or take advenatage of a situation–and by making sure, that maybe the only way THEY were going to profit and profit some more..billions..is to MURDER A HUMAN BEING?? As God is my witness, they will ALL will get their JUSTICE..MICHAEL J. JACKSON..I will fight for you until the end, and carry out your legacy of love, peace, and unity..unitl the day that I am no longer here..and I am going to gather as many people who want the truth..I have already boycotted the tabloid and now I am going to boycott Sony..I have always known SONY was behind all this …RIP king of Hearts, King of POP, King of MUSIC, King of my heart..LOVE IS FOREVER..

  8. Power of love says:

    Van der sloot and OJ thought they could get away with murder too!
    The Universe will balance the greedy, murderous rats fate! It is just a matter of time and they will get payed back double for the killing of a true angel.
    Michael, you are forever in our hearts!


    Seven; you are amazing – I would like to share this link with everyone if that is ok with you.
    I saw a video clip a couple of days ago that I haven’t posted anywhere yet in which Michael is admitting he may have signed documents whilst under the influence of painkillers, but doesn’t really remember. It was very disturbing – I just wonder if that is how this was pulled off, or is that so simplistic that it’s not possible.
    For Branca to appear 8 days before Michael died is suspicious in itself and of course the probate judge would ignore any conflict of interest – it is now fact – that there are United States law enforcement agencies and particularly certain named judges, who are so corrupt that truth and justice have long been buried in certain states.

  10. June says:

    Re the contributions by Anschutz and the Ziffren law firm (Branca) to Cooley and Brown, any idea why such relatively small amounts? Perhaps so they would not be obvious to someone searching for them? And have there been any further political contributions from these entities to either Cooley or Brown? Because, if there are monetary limits on one-time contributions, say no more than $4,000 or $6,000 at any one time, perhaps on other dates and at other times, they made further contributions. And the timing of at least one of these contributions (by Branca’s firm) is particularly suspect, just a few days after Michael’s death.

  11. Silkie4MJ says:

    Seven, thank you for the feedback from Randy’s twitter-chat. that was nice of him to do. I hope he really will be able to do something about the will.
    About the tribute, the website for it lists Brian Oxman as one of the participants and includes this brief comment:Brian Oxman former adviser to the Governor Jerry Brown, now Attorney General of California. Lawyer who represented Michael Jackson in the criminal process in 2005.
    Interesting. Makes it sound as if he was the only one!

  12. Seven says:

    Silkie4MJ – let me share with you the words of Randy Jackson, Michael’s little brother, who had a ‘twitter-chat’ with MJ’s fans on Sunday afternoon:

    Sunday, June 6, 2010 – Randy Jackson on Twitter 3:00 PST

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I know my brother is at peace although I miss him so much. Now that he is gone, my job is to uphold his wishes & make sure justice is served.

    How do I cope? I have a strong Christian faith & find power in prayer… although this month is hard.

    I love my mom & dad, they r both in their 80’s. My concern is mostly about the people around them and how they take advantage of them.

    I didn’t abandon my brother in 2005, and I sure as H*** won’t do it now!

    i know fans have rallied together against this tribute & thank you for your help. I also have not given up on trying to stop this tribute.

    I can’t promise but there’s a possibility that fans will b able 2 go inside. I have 2 discuss this w/my family as well, I’m fighting for u

    We met with Forest Lawn – its true they agreed to let the fans go up 2 Holly Terrace on the 25th & I’m working on something even better. . .

    My siblings & I knew nothing about this foundation or museum in Gary, nor r we a part of it. I do have concerns & I will be addressing it.

    These things take time. Please don’t be discouraged because you see nothing happening.

    Re: Mesereau. Tom’s been a friend for 20 yrs. I hired him 4 the 05 trial. We discuss all of the discrepancies about my brother’s passing.

    The will: Me knowing my brother, Yes I believe its fake. I’d love 2 talk more in depth, but can’t. Am I doing something about it? of course.

    Yes, they r still trying 2 do the tribute in Rome. But I stand firm in my position about the fraud & deception from the organizers.

    Thank you everyone. I do read ur tweets. Don’t forget, ur support gives me power. Let’s do this again soon.

  13. silkie4MJ says:

    June-AGREE AGREE AGREE with everything you have written! I just CANNOT understand why it seems this is getting a free pass by all concerned, by this I mean his family. Unless all concerned have too much to lose. Thinking about this can drive you nuts. Didn’t LaToya say last year that Michael made a new will every 5 years or so? Didn’t she say another, more recent will would surface? Of course, a will is just a piece of paper and ultimately disposable. And LaToya might not be the most reliable person. But.
    Too bad his fans can’t hire an invesigator to prove or disprove him traveling or being in Cali. on 7 July. Heck, maybe it was an impersonator who signed it!
    Now I AM going nuts!

  14. june says:

    Silkie and Seven – I’m still hung up on this 2002 will business. I could find no visual proof of MJ being in California on July 7th, the day the will was signed, but I believe there is stuff on you tube of him being in NYC on July 6th with Sharpton and on July 8th and 9th. As for the question of wouldn’t it have been simpler to take it (the will) to NYC for him to sign, it would seem so, yes, but not if those in charge of drafting the will (and we know who that is) have a hidden agenda, and want certain people (not just disinterested NYC parties) to be witnesses to the will at 5 pm on a Sunday, i.e., Trudy Green, allegedly Michael’s part-time manager, music exec John McClain, and the third witness, I believe attorney Siegel, all of whom work and live in Cali. It’s no wonder they can ALL recall witnessing the will; it was executed (misspelling of names, incorrect attestation clause, inconsistent initialing by MJ) at 5 pm on a Sunday afternoon, unusual even by Cali standards. The unanswered question remains: was Michael fearful enough for his life to fly back and forth across the country to sign a new will, OR, was he COERCED UNDER DURESS by someone else to make that trip?

  15. Silkie4MJ says:

    The connections all seem so clear, now that you have set them out. There are just so many “coincidences”. What is that saying: once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action? I find it too unbelievable that all these connections are ‘accidental’ or unrelated. When you see it laid out as you have done here, really, the word conspiracy just naturally leaps to the front of your mind. All these tentacles wrapping themselves around him… And so(ny) many have gained so much by his death. About that will. Any ideas as to what on earth could be so urgent that it required him to fly to Cali. and back in one day to sign a will? Is there any visual proof of him being in California? Did he go commercial or private jet? Either way, wouldn’t there be records or documents of some sort? If it was so important for him to sign it, wouldn’t it have been simpler to take it to him in NYC?
    As always, Seven, a thought provoking and well set out read!
    Thank you!

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  16. Seven says:

    June –

    I don’t know. I suppose ‘duress’ is possible. Michael was often being manipulated by people, it seems. The entire will thing needs some serious investigation, I think but the judge apparently decided all was hunky-dory and there was no conflict of interest so he let it slide and no one else is interested (in any official capacity) in even looking at it. Half of the Jackson family can do nothing and the other half won’t or if they did, it is looked upon with suspicion.

  17. june says:

    Seven – what do you think of the “duress” angle? Under the circumstances he WAS under duress; to have flown across the country just to to sign a will on an extremely odd day and time (Sunday at 5 pm) in an attorney’s office (or at least with an attorney and a “music exec” present); these circumstances are most odd. He WAS under duress; in the law offices I have worked, we had several wills tossed when the testator died for just that very reason; it was proven they were under duress at the time of signing.

    As for Branca, he did not turn over the will when requested, just hung onto it, and poor Michael was so messed up with the Bashir nonsense and the trial, that he probably didn’t even know it wasn’t turned over; then Branca shows up with it shortly before MJ dies, just all too pat for me. So who is there to present this evidence? Joe is discredited due to perception he only wants money, and Katherine won’t go against the estate. Maybe Mesereau in an amicus brief as a friend of the court? I see there are petitions to get him involved, but not sure if he would take on something other than criminal defense. That 2002 will was signed under duress and should be tossed out, that fact along with the other inconsistencies should be enough; then the 1997 will appertains under which I believe, but correct me if I’m wrong, the kids, grandma and charities get the same, there may be other executors, and that’s prior to the falling out with Sony, which may change a lot of this. Thanks for listening.

  18. Seven says:


    I mentioned in my post above the oddity of Michael’s allegedly signing that document in LA when he was in NYC that day and how that aroused suspicion. Many MJ fans suspect the will for that, and other reasons. The children’s names are incorrect, also, apparently. Branca was fired in 2003, and re-hired in 2009 – just weeks before MJ died. He then comes with this 2002 will – pretty old one, naming himself as executor.

    I’d like Branca to explain this, frankly. This, combined with his oh-so-cozy relationship with $ony makes me more than a little suspicious.

  19. june says:

    Seven – I am not sure where to post this thought and I hope this is a good place. Something’s been troubling me awhile about the legality of MJ’s will. When in California, I worked for many years in trust and probate attorneys’ offices preparing wills. The standard signatory line on a California, attorney-prepared will is “executed this ___ day of ____________, 2002, at ____________ (supposed to be the city), California. Michael’s says “executed this 7th day of July 2002, at 5:00 pm, Los Angeles (squeezed in), California. (The time of signing is customarily not used) The three witnesses appear to be Trudy somebody, John McClain and Barry Siegel. Now, I think we all know Michael was in NYC (not LA) on Saturday, July 6th, with Rev. Sharpton’s National Action Network concerning his troubles with Sony, and that Michael was also in NYC on Monday, July 8th, and Tuesday, July 9th, on the same matter. Much is on Youtube documenting these appearances. So, for Michael to have signed his will in Los Angeles on SUNDAY, July 7, 2002, at 5:00 P.M., he would have had to fly back to LA that same day, Sunday, July 7th; sign the will at 5:00 p.m. (according to what’s written on the document itself), and then fly back to NYC to continue his appearances on July 8 and July 9 concerning his troubles with Sony. Perhaps after his appearance with Sharpton on July 6th, during which some nasty (but necessary) stuff was said, Michael felt the extreme need to have an updated will in place! Why would he interrupt the NYC appearances to fly across the country to sign a new will ON A SUNDAY AT 5 P.M! Another typed portion of Michael’s will (and every other will I have ever prepared in California) states that the testator is of sound mind and not “under duress”. Are we able to conclude that perhaps Michael was indeed “under duress”, very much so if he felt the need to fly across the country to sign a new will (and back) in the midst of the chaos involving Sony in NYC? And if there’s proof of any misstatements in what I’ve written, I apologize; I’m putting my past experience together with what I see in MJ’s purported will and drawing what appear to be appropriate conclusions; that there are irregularities and hurry in signing the will, and the testator (MJ) was under MUCH duress at the time of signing, irrespective of what is in the typewritten will. I think this bears looking into if not already done.

  20. Jan says:


  21. Kathleen J says:

    Good Morning, Seven
    Just wanted to let you and readers know that Leonard Rowe’s book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.com for $14.95. I ordered it and will read it the moment it arrives because I am hoping that someone is finally trying to do right by our hero. God Bless you!

  22. Bonnie Cox says:

    Thank you so much Seven! I’ve gotten nothing new yet other than the info on Murray cleaning out storage units (or having them cleaned out) three hours before 911 was called. This is such bullcrud that the authorities are under-rugging this whole thing!!!!