Jun 03 2010

In His Own Words

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Berlin 2002

Berlin 2002

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  1. carina for mjj says:

    Sony kills. And kills again.The are picking off one after another of Michael songa and music from youtube here.Doesn´t Micael & Estate stilll own as much as before they killed him? Now
    they are taking over 100% !

  2. Yazmeen says:

    @AMAZING, yes I have done my investigation, I don’t post things if I am not sure. If he wishes to, Mesereau is eligable to handle the wrongful Death Lawsuit.

    I tweeted this awhile back, I hope this answers http://xltweet.com/show/?id=50595D5457

  3. monica says:

    Why did people do this? I have never ever seen more greedy, mean and selfish people…don’t want to be pointing at them, but what they did is so unhumane! Shame.

  4. june says:

    This is in reply to Gavin’s comment of June 3rd regarding involving Tom Messereau and a “decent journalist” to get to the bottom of this mess. Aphrodite Jones the author of Conspiracy is a great journalist who has for years been trying to get Michael’s TRUE story into the mainstream. Her story on True Crime has now been aired 2x but only on the Discovery channel which is not widely disseminated even in the US. She is willing to spread the truth everywhere if she gets enough support.

    Tom Messereau, bless his heart, is a criminal defense attorney; perhaps not his area of specialization to act in support of a plaintiffs’ class action (the fans) against the conspirators, although he may have a wide circle of attorney friends who would be interested. Someone has put out a fan petition which they hope to present to Tom with enough signatures for him to act as plaintiffs’ attorney in wrongful death action against Dr. Murray and others. However, if Tom would get involved I too would be willing to contribute financially.

  5. Amazing says:

    Regarding Peter Lopez, it was reported that he helped Michael create a label called IMC Records to release his Spanish songs, including his charity song “What More Can I Give?” which $ony had refused to release following 911.

    Many people believe that Lopez had info regarding the will, among other things, as well. Thus, his “suicide” is very suspicious indeed!

  6. Jessica says:

    Since some debts have been paid, is it still true that Sony can take MJ’s part of the catalog? Can you give me more info on this?

  7. Joyce says:

    This and your last post are so upsetting and painful for me to read. I had to take some time to gather myself before I could try to respond somewhat intelligently. Sometimes I really feel like the world is just not a caring or loving place anymore. I have known for a very long time that the “Recording Industry” and most of those who are tied in with it, are an absurdly greedy, unethical, ego maniacal, and dishonest business. Unfortunately, I’m sure Sony is not alone in that discription.
    Michael’s mind, heart, and spirit just did not operate on that level at all. Because of that he most certainly became a target and someone they felt they could control. The whole ATV music catalogue purchase only infuriated them more.
    I went back to Michael’s “Moonwalk” book to find the passage in there where he talks about purchasing the ATV music publishing catalogue. He writes, and I am summing up his words here, that most people did not know that it was Paul McCartney who introduced him to the idea of getting involved in music publishing. Paul showed him a book with “MPL” printed on the cover that contained a list of all the songs that he owned and told him that he had been buying the rights to songs for a very long time. When the ATV catalogue went on sale Michael decided he should put a bid on it. He goes on to say that he and Paul had learned the hard way about “business” and the importance of publishing, royalties and the dignity of songwriting.
    This is Michael’s quote about songwriting:
    “Songwriting should be treated as the lifeblood of popular music. The creative process doesn’t involve time clocks or quota systems. It involves inspiration and the willingness to follow through.” That is pure Michael. If you want to read the whole thing it is on page 189 of “Moonwalk” by Michael Jackson.
    Sorry for this very long reply. I just felt the need to put my thoughts in writing. When I get too frustrated and upset with all the greed and lies that surrounded Michael I just have to put on all of Michael’s Music, go for a long walk and let it bathe me in love and happiness!!
    I think I am in need of one of your beautiful poems also!!
    Thanks as always,

  8. Jane says:

    I ran across this article and I believe that the people involved with MJ’s death are part of a much bigger picture in the music industry. MJ was being controlled and manipulated at a very young age.

    Please read this article. See Brittany’s video specifically…


  9. Susan says:

    Hi Seven;

    After watching the video of Randy Phillips giving a resounding “Hell, yeah!” to the question if he would do this again given everything that’s happened, it’s mighty obvious they (AEG)cared nothing for Michael, and don’t even PRETEND to care!

    I wonder if Peter Lopez had some information they didn’t want exposed.

  10. mjangel says:

    Truth must be told…………….

  11. Amazing says:



  12. Seven says:

    This video, created just yesterday, should add additional depth to the subject of the world Michael Jackson lived in (please excuse the language in one part):

  13. Jane says:

    Knowing all that has been done to Michael, I don’t know if justice will be served agasinst the individuals that plotted against him for many, many years. The level of corrupation, deceit and lies involve sinister, evil people that will do anything to stop the truth from being known. Look what they did to Peter Lopez…I don’t believe he committed suicide.

    I always wondered why Micahel did not leave a “Will” with any of his family members, especially his mother or an updated Will with Mr. Mesereau? Any insight…

    MJ knew they wanted to kill him. He stated this in a few interviews, and I’m almost certain they threatend to hurt or kill certain family members if he did not cooperate.

    That does not mean we won’t give up trying to clear his name.

  14. Seven says:

    TLS and Kathy,

    I have seen the i-newswire piece. The author is a friend of mine. Her site is http://www.michaelsguardian.blogspot.com

  15. TLS says:

    Seven– Have you seen this:


    Could it be we’re finally penetrating the veil of silence on these issues?

  16. TLS says:

    Gavin: Thanks for the link.

    It’s a remarkable article for several reasons: First, the unbiased eye Taibbi casts on the trial. Second, it’s clearly marked “Commentary,” though it’s probably less opinionated than most of the supposed “news” coverage of the trial. Third, there are no comments posted after it. Unless msnbc purges comments after a certain amount of time has passed, that means no one felt compelled to weigh in on what he said.

    I didn’t follow online news back then and had long since stopped watching mainstream broadcast “news”–for the very reasons Taibbi details in his commentary. As a journalist myself, I understand his feeling “dispirited and soiled” by the trial coverage. I was one of the people who refused to watch the circus; I can’t imagine having to be there as part of my job. Even if you kept your own reporting objective, what was going on around you had to have been surreal and depressing. And the silence following his description of it must have seemed deafening to him.

    I still can’t bring myself to watch broadcast “news” or read the tabloids, but because of what I’ve learned about how Jackson was treated, I’ve become an active dispeller of rumors, innuendos and lies when I come across them. I post comments, write letters, sign petitions, etc., in the hope that some day we’ll have true news again. Getting Martin Bashir fired would be a good sign & I hope everyone who reads this blog has weighed in on that matter (Seven has the links posted somewhere, I think).