Jun 11 2010

Randy Jackson: “My brother was being threatened…”

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This is Part 1 of the two videos from Randy Jackson’s appearance on CNN on Thursday, June 10th where he talks about the investigation into Michael’s murder and how and why it needs to go far beyond just Conrad Murray. What Randy says here corroborates with what at least two others have also said about AEG/$ony and possibly others regarding Michael being threatened and/or manipulated into doing these shows. Starting around 3:13 – 3:16 in the video, Randy says that Michael was being threatened with loss of his home, his children, and his assets, if he didn’t do what AEG wanted. Part Two of the interview is here.

Tom Mesereau stated when asked about the case that if Michael was being manipulated or controlled by people, then that was something that needed to be investigated. Well, it absolutely appears that Michael Jackson was being manipulated, controlled, and threatened by AEG et al. in regards to performing the 50 O2 shows. Whether or not he was being manipulated or enabled with drugs is a subject of much debate.

However, it is clear that Michael was being FINANCIALLY abused, manipulated, controlled and threatened by them.

If he was taken from us because of greedy, manipulative, unethical people, then they should be pursued.  -Tom Mesereau

Here’s what Randy said on Thursday. Note what he says starting around 3:13 – 3:16:

And below is another YouTube video where another person says that Michael was being told he had to do all of the shows or he’d lose his catalog, etc. This video was included in my previous post, ‘In Vulture-Speak, 10 shows is 50‘. Once again, please excuse the language in one part. But do note the part where threats are mentioned starting around 2:09 of the video. The person talking states that “His advisors” told him he’d lose his catalogs if he didn’t do all 50 shows. Who has control of those catalogs? $ony.

See the section entitled “$ony/ATV again” in my piece “It’s a Small World After All” for details of when and how $ony (by inserting themselves into Michael’s financial business with Fortress) got control of the catalogs back in 2006-2007. And along with gaining control of those catalogs, they also got control of Michael because $ony knew that those catalogs meant a lot to him even beyond monetary value.

In addition to these two video accounts, another person who was there working with Michael during these rehearsals for the O2 shows, also said that AEG were manipulating Michael. AEG were paying the rent on his Carolwood home, paying for his children’s schooling, etc. And this person has said that AEG threatened to ‘pull the rug out‘ so-to-speak, if Michael didn’t capitulate to everything they wanted him to do.

Michael was clearly being financially and emotionally threatened and controlled by these people. This is now at least three separate accounts from three different people, one of them Michael’s own little brother, all saying the same thing. And then there’s Leonard Rowe if we want to add a fourth:

In my opinion, AEG had a contract with Michael that was nothing less than a cocked financial gun pointed to his head.  It is my belief that he was being totally exploited.Leonard Rowe

Again, see my piece ‘It’s a Small World After All‘ for more background and detail of how Michael got hooked up with AEG and how $ony got control of Michael and his catalogs through the web of media and financial entities swarming around him during the last months and years of his life.

And all this is just “conspiracy theory“?  I don’t think so.  The dots clearly connect.

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  1. Patula says:

    Randy, My thoughts are always going to be with your family. One day the truth will come out about the Arviso family and how they lied and Tom Sneddon. The truth must come out. I hope that Oprah will have Christian author Geraldine Hughes on her show along with Civil Rights Icon and family friend Dick Gregory. I applaud Pastor Andre Crouch for what he did for Michael before he passed away. He and his twin sister Sandra loved Michael like a son this is what I heard. I wish that alot of those in the faith community could have worked with Michael and helped him more. He needed that because he was surrounded by bad people because of his wealth and gentle nature.

  2. Karin says:

    Seven, thank you for continuing to raise our consciousness and keep our focus on these important issues. Dialdancer, you’re not the only Michael supporter who has noticed mainstream media’s silence when it comes to the truth about Michael’s Estate hijack by Branca and $ony and Michael’s “killer” contract with AEG. It’s as if the media has totally pulled the shutters down on everything questionable about AEG, the Estate and $ony. These corporations have totally manipulated the media Buy nothing from $ony guys – not one cent and give your money to their competitors. Every small action helps.

  3. Ali says:

    definitely Michael has been murdered by corporate conspiracy, but Hiedi, I gotta disagree with you about Princess Diana, whether she was murdered I don’t know, I am not sure, its possible or it was an accident, but if she was murdered it was NOT by the royal family, i truly don’t believe that, The Queen would never sanction that and neither would Charles. Those myths are propogated by anti-royalists because they want to abolish the monarchy, its not to do with the truth.
    Diana was a beautiful fairytale princess and an icon and she did a lot of charitable stuff and was kind to children and people who were ill and marginalised. It was very sad and a big shock when she died. but maybe if she had been wearing her seat belt she might have survived. nobody could have guaranteed she would die from a car crash, if they were planning her death they, whoever they was, would have used a more definite method.
    I don’t want to make this into a separate debate because this site is about Michael, but in the pursuit of truth I can’t not make my comment about that point. I am not particularly a royalist, but I have respect for the Queen as an individual. If Diana was murdered it would not have been the royal family that arranged it.

  4. BG says:

    I so agree with you guys. Michael fought long and hard. The sharks were everywhere and there were too many for too long. But still he fought and never gave up.

    Evil had a mighty foe in Michael. I don’t think anyone else on the planet could have withstood the pressure, both financially and personally, like Michael did.

    Michael was a gentle man, yet so strong. I will never cease to be amazed by him in all sorts of ways.

    I will also never cease to be disgusted by those who tried to sink their teeth into him and bring him to his knees – those who gained through their persecution of him during his lifetime, and who now reap the benefits of his name and who he was, through their criminal activities and greed.

    To seek justice for Michael is to fight the good fight.

  5. Heidi says:

    Dialdancer…you are 100% SPOT ON, and Jeanne, you echo the truth exactly. Anyone remember the murders of J.F.K. and Lady Diana? J.F.K.’s assasination was made to look like the antics of one crazy person, and DESPITE ALL THE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY that’s how it remains. Diana was not killed because the media was chasing her car, her regular long-time driver was suddenly replaced by a man who was blindingly drunk and was allowed to drive them anyway. She was MURDERED by the royal family because, like here in America, you get a little too big for your britches and you REFUSE TO PLAY BY THE RULES of big money and be OWNED, and you easily become very expendable. And there’s more than enough to buy the judicial system and C.Y.A. along the way. HOW in the HELL is Conrad Murray still free to live his life AND still practice medicine?????? Because he’s just a paid-off, very expendable pawn in this whole mess. And yes, when you have been completely worn down, emotionally, mentally, and physically by the bogus trial from hell, how easy you then become to manipulate and control. And what is the DEAREST PRICE BEING PAID HERE? It’s the fact that, ONCE AGAIN, awash in this nightmare of sewage and confusion, the BEAUTY, the MAGIC, the GENIUS, the GIFT THAT WAS MICHAEL JACKSON HAS TO TAKE A BACK SEAT to all this crap AGAIN!!!

  6. Jeanne says:

    Dialdancer, YOU GOT IT ,, I cannot tell you how “right on” you are . The reason this truth is so unbelieved is because of the size of the dragon against the man . That man was Michael ,,the sad truth is his dragons are huge and more than one. Michael alone was fighting , reacing out to tell what is the truth yet he was hushed obviously , hurt obviously.. Michael , like Dialdance said , was on his way to a demise like that of Howard Hughes, if they had their way Michael wouldve been drawn to a demise in some way , 50 shows would have killed him for sure after all the previous efforts to wear down his body and mind . ( all the constant attacks against him ) this is a cooporate tactic and not a knew one our government has done this to individuals before ,,, omg I cant beleive someone else got this , wow I dont feel so all alone now ,, . I remember the Howard Huges story well and did not believe the paranoia ect ect , that ws not of his own accord , he was driven there by clever manipulative means .This is a well known torture tactic that drives sane men mad . Hughes was a genious . So was Michael. And dont anyone for a minute believe that geniuses are borderline insane . That is a crock of smelly sock . Michael did not give them what they wanted till the end and he did for the sake of his children . (ThisIsIt) UNDERSTAND . If your children are in danger you become quiet and co-operative. Michael had more than just his own safety to think of in the end . Dialdancer , Seven , you see the truth .Many more need to open their eyes . Michael was a warior for Peace and Love . How on earth was he expected to battle the giants all by himself ? He was worn out from fighting for his character , which he never shouldve had to . For so long he fought the good fight . Michael truly is a King. The public needs to stop believing everything they see on the tube or radio . We had a true beautiful gift among us . A true King .

  7. Joy Schaper says:

    Randy I knew Michael was in trouble when he made his concert announcement, it did not even seem like him, didn’t even walk like him either he was high on something or it was not him. and I had my suspicions there were many more people behind his death than Murray, someone is footing Murrays bills, WHO! Michael had a gentle nature and he was used and abused by all those money grabbing people,and the people that are running his estate now are no better. I really really hope you get justice for Michael, so his children can at least grow up with this knowledge. They are wonderful children and they deserve lots of love. Joy Australia

  8. Nefertari says:

    Dear Seven,
    Hello!! Just the other day I came across this article, wich I find very damaging to AEG,Live at al…

    Michael Jackson rehearses near Burbank Airport

    May 12, 2009 – Harriet Ryan and Chris Lee
    The Los Angeles Times

    Four mornings a week, an SUV with darkened windows bear Michael Jackson through the gates outside a nondescript building near the Burbank airport. Hspends the next six hours on a soundstage in the company of 10 dancers and a pop music’s best-know choreographer.
    The details of rehearsals for Jackson’s upcoming concerts in London are closely held secrets, but what’s at stake for him is not. The ambitious schedule of 50 sold-out shows could turn out to be the final, sad chapter of Jackson’s storied career or one of pop music’s all-time greatest come back stories.

    < For the Record
    Los Angeles Times Thursday, May 14, 2009 Home Edition Main News Part 4 National Desk 1 inches; 37 words
    Type of Material:
    Michael Jackson: An article in Tuesday's Calendar about Michael Jackson's upcoming London concerts said choreographer Todd Sam was collaborating on the shows. The promoter of the shows, AEG Live, says Sam has no role in the concerts.

    When — or if, in the view of many industry's skeptics — Jackson takes the stage at O2 Arena July 8, it will be his first extended concert run in 12 years. Doubters cite his long hiatus from performing, health problems, a onetime prescription pill addiction, age –he is 50 — and his reputation for flaxking out on performances and business deals.
    But the concert promoter, Los Angeles -based AEG Live, insists that Jackson is prepared mentally and physically and that the show, called "This is it", will break new ground in both artistry and sheer cost.The production budget is "north of $20 Million", a price tag that will include as many as 22 different sets, said Randy Phillips, the company's chief executive.
    "It's going to be the biggest,most technologically advanced arena show — and the most expensive — ever mounted,"
    On Monday, the company announced that choreographer and director Kenny Ortega, the force behind the movie "Dirty Dancing" and " High School Musical", as well as Jackson's Dangerous and HIStory tours, has signed on to direct and design the shows. Ortega agreed to work around his schedule as director of the planned remake of the 1984 movie"Footloose" to take on Jackson's shows, according to AEG.

    Well, after reading all that Seven…I have a question: So, on May 14, 2009 when this article was writen AEG was just signing a contract with Kenny Ortega…How they schedule the shows to start in London on July 8 or 9 as it says on the posters in England and then it was postponed to July 13…And why then Ortega said during Michael's memorial at Staples Center and Nokia Theater that "This was his house" if in reality Michael wa rehearsing in a Burbank Building? And when did they started to film it all? And who was the choreographer for 'this is it" if Todd Sam was no longer the choreographer and Ortega was directing…"This is it " didn't need a choreographer because they knew Michael was not going to make it..They had sold out the 50 shows in London…
    I don't know, but we may never prove anything..But these people need to be punished they used and abused Michael Jackson and They Killed Him…
    Thank you,

  9. Dialdancer says:

    Even read the story of Howard Hughes?…I just completed a book call Broker Trader Lawyer Spy. It is about the everyday practice of using moonlighting CIA, FBI, British Intel and old KGB operatives to either protect a company or destroy it from within. Very common. It spoke of Hughes last years and the technique his handlers used to isolate him and rip him off. There are marked similarities btw him and Michael as far as techniques used.

    People forget Michael Jackson is a brand name, above him being the son, brother & father, he is a brand name. I once said there were countries which knew of Michael Jackson and not Microsoft. He is that big. His brand is that big. I have often wondered if the real purpose of the allegations were to make him vulnerable, spend money, a take-over. Not meant to go to jail, but make him more controllable.

    Loans became harder to get, backing for new music, performances was not made available, was black balled so he wasn’t offered a record deal when he and Sony parted company and other performers were warned about working with him. When it did not completely work, they just decided to destroy him to get what they wanted. Joe is not a favorite of mine, but he did show Michael one thing, hold your head up, no matter what.

  10. Inga says:

    Hallo Seven,
    on http://www.jackson.ch under news is also an article- the most in german from “Jutta Müller”. Absolut new for me was,that
    the chauffeur of Tommy Mottola was the brother of Martin Bashir. Look at ” die Finanzen ”
    Sony Music – Mottola – Martin Bashir und sein Bruder.
    All this creepy people around Michael – of course it was a conspiracy!
    By the way, in my free time, I work for Michael, write letters to TV and newspapers in Germany in my own language.
    But sometimes I get overhelmed! What about justice in America??? It would be the biggest collapse in the
    music – history, if Michael Jackson,the greatest entertainer of all time and a wonderful man and humanitarian gets
    no justice?
    Keep the faith without hope we are lost, you know!

  11. Seven says:

    I have Lynton Guest’s book and have read it. HIGHLY recommended to get the gist of what $ony is about. Up to no good, insidious, and manipulative – to put it mildly.

  12. Dialdancer says:

    Just email a friend who asked if there was any reports by Mainstream Media or Tabloids. I Googled Randy Jackson on CNN and Randy Jackson’s CNN interview. What I came up with was damn near a total block of this interview.

    The first page is pretty much MJ Fan sites and YouTube, Lipstick Alley and a couple on American Idol’s Randy. The first page usually tells the story.

    On page 2 & 3, Randy on MJ Sites, old interviews and Idol’s Randy. no TMZ, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Radar Online, “News of the World” or even British/Chinese/India Tabloid commentaries. No one talking about the interview, just like the FBI File. ZIP…….silence.

    When you plan a war, the first thing you do is study the enemy. Sony is nothing to sneeze at. They have a foothold in almost every home which has a DVD/DVR Player, PC, Phone, Pod or whatever. They are Blue Ray, their designs and concepts are used by all major Military and Government agencies. Billions of $$$$$.

    To get a better understanding of Sony, how they came to be, who actually runs it and their dealings with Michael, I recommend reading “The Trials of Michael Jackson” by Lynton Guest for those who have not.

    It is a factual book, not a fan book, but you will find the author is not disrespectful to Michael, he just presents him as man doing business with sharks. What happens with the ATV’s and what may happen to them is of particular interest.

  13. Rosa Alers says:

    In one of the many Web sites I visited in the past few months of last year I remember reading on a person connected with Michael and I quote saying that if not to the concert: these people will remove the cap to the bucket and all leaves.

  14. Ronni says:

    To Randy…we will always support you and your Family. Michael was so unique in every way. To have him gone like this and the way it was done is horrendous. I know I think of him many many times during the course of the day..this month is hard on all of us and especially to his Family. With much love to Michael and his children and to your whole family…I am deeply sorry that you are going through this. Please stay strong.

  15. Amazing says:

    You’re absolutely right, Seven, this is NO “THEORY”! This IS PREMEDITATED MURDER! As Randy stated, this is “FIRST DEGREE MURDER”!

    In the criminal case, “The People (representing Michael Jackson) vs. Conrad Murray,” the job of the LADA is to represent The People’s side, prosecute on behalf of The People, and conduct a COMPLETE and THOROUGH investigation to bring about appropriate charges.

    However, in the current situation, the LADA/Cooley is taking the opposite (defense) role, by fighting AGAINST The People by NOT thoroughly investigating the case, and basically abandoning The People’s side! Under such circumstances, HOW CAN ANYONE EXPECT JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL (i.e., “The People”) TO PREVAIL?


    In the case of “The People (representing Michael Jackson) vs. Conrad Murray:




  16. Miz T says:

    I had an inkling of this when I heard about the 10 shows turning into 50…It makes me angry, it hurts, and it’s depressing…Michael deserved better…

  17. Barbara says:

    Oh Michael, how much suffering. We’ll always support you.