Jun 15 2010

More Mad Dogs and Media: Martin Bashir and Book Publishers

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MORE Mad Dogs & Media

MORE Mad Dogs & Media

Last week, in ‘Mad Dogs and Media‘ I presented what is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to media bias and vindictive schemes against Michael Jackson. This week, I’ll venture in a little deeper to this barbaric practice that is still in full swing today and is a clue into why REAL journalists with integrity such as Charles Thomson can’t get a platform for sharing their expertise, but the likes of Diane (Demon) Dimond or Ian (Hairpin) Halperin can. Charles himself has called them out on this barbaric bias multiple times, and of course they do just exactly what he has rightly accused them of doing: they ignore and completely redact him in the lame$tream media (which is why I call them “lame$tream“).

Consider some of those that the lame$tram give credence and a platform to when it comes to Michael Jackson: Ian Halperin, Randy Taraborelli, Diane Dimond, Martin Bashir, and many others. For anyone to therefore believe that they are getting factual, unbiased, complete, untwisted and un-sensationalized information from these corprat-owned, profit-driven entities, is similar to believing the earth is flat and the moon is made of green cheese. Same with the magazines, tabloids and many books out there about Michael Jackson. Yes, even publishers are in on the profiteering bias as well.  Remember, publishers told Aphrodite Jones, author of ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy‘ that they would not publish her book because it was a ‘pro-Jackson‘ book and “pro-Jackson books don’t sell“.

But let’s talk about Martin Bashir for a bit. Yes, the video swindler du Jour who the media not surprisingly still employs though he produced a video that outright lied about Michael Jackson and Neverland and in doing so, was key in destroying the man’s life and sending him to an early grave.

Why in the heck did Michael ever agree to deal with this man? Well for one thing, Martin is a typical abuser. That is, he’s two-faced. He has one face for his victim, and another completely different one for the public. Notice how charming and sweet Martin was with Michael in the videos, particularly Michael’s rebuttal video “Living With Michael Jackson, Take Two” – where Michael’s own cameras captured the footage that Bashir deliberately left out of his version in order to give the impression of Michael as some sort of child-luring, scheming demon at Neverland.

Yes, Martin was so sweet, flattering, and sincere in getting Michael to let him into his life . . . but when Bashir’s piece aired, we saw a 180-degree different story, with Bashir claiming that Neverland seemed to be a place to “lure innocent children”.   Thus is the modus operandi of any abuser, whether it is a pretentious, self-serving parasite like Martin Bashir seeking to build his career upon destroying the lives of celebrities, or whether it is the man next door battering his wife. They all operate the same way: two-faced – Jekyll & Hyde personality.   They are excellent at ‘shaping public opinion’ in their favor and against their victims. It’s pure and simple abuse.

Another significant fact is that Martin Bashir promised Michael that he would allow him to view and vet (approve) the video before Bashir aired it. But, that never happened. In fact, Michael attempted to sue Bashir after the trial was over claiming breach of confidence for just this reason.

One of Michael’s attorneys, David LeGrand, assertedBashir never followed through on a promise to let the pop star “screen and edit” the final product. LeGrand said that in January 2003, before the program aired, he was asked by Jackson to assemble a team of lawyers in Britain and the United States because he was concerned that no one in his camp had been allowed to review the final work.

One of the most damaging and iconic scenes in Bashir’s hit piece on Michael was the one where Michael his holding hands with Gavin Arvizo and Gavin has his head on Michael’s shoulder.  But it was Martin Bashir’s idea to have Gavin lay his head on Michael’s shoulder and hold Michael’s hand during the filming, while Michael talked about sharing his bedroom with children. Unbeknownst to Michael at the time, Bashir asked Michael to do that to further give the impression of something untoward going on.

Aphrodite Jones reveals this while giving an interview promoting her MJ special on ID (Investigation Discovery). Her interview is around 35 minutes long, and at the 19 minute mark, Aphrodite talks about how Bashir told Gavin to lean his head on MJ’s shoulder, and at the 23:30 mark, she talks about how Bashir told Gavin to hold MJ’s hand, in order to insinuate that something improper was going on.

Back to books, I mentioned publishers above, and how they refused to publish Jones’ book because it was ‘pro-Jackson‘.  Well, the book-publishing vultures, smelling money when the trial was over, were swarming around the jurors from the trial, trying to get them all to publish skewered books claiming that Michael was really guilty.

Two jurors accepted such book deals. Their names were Ray Hultman & Eleanor Cook. Ray Hultman announced in September 2005 that he was going to file a lawsuit to get out of the book deal he signed, because his co-author Stacey Brown (who also co-wrote “The Man Behind The Mask” with Michael’s former publicist Bob Jones) plagiarized one of Maureen Orth’s slanderous articles on Michael in Vanity Fair. I don’t know about the outcome of the lawsuit, but neither book was ever published, and that speaks volumes about the lack of integrity of the books.

The article linked in the above paragraph also mentions the violation of the stipulation that jurors were not to accept any offers to publish anything relating to the trial or their verdicts for 90 days following the end of the trial. With dollar signs in their eyes, these jurors apparently ‘forgot‘ about that.

In a press release for Aphrodite Jones’ book “Michael Jackson Conspiracy“, Jones mentions how other jurors were also offered book deals to lie and say Michael was guilty, but they turned them down due to their integrity. They called Ray and Eleanor “traitors” and I agree with them.

In 2005 Aphrodite Jones was one of only two authors granted access to every day of the Michael Jackson trial. With seven New York Times bestsellers under her belt, her book looked set to fly off of shelves when it hit stores.

But when Jones came to write her book she hit wall after her wall. As one of the only journalists willing to admit that Jackson’s 2005 trial had proven his innocence once and for all, Jones found that publishing houses were unwilling to give her a deal.

Thomas Mesereau, Jackson’s defence lawyer, encountered the same problem. After the trial almost every major publishing house in the US approached him with lucrative book deals. When he maintained that Jackson was truly innocent and he wouldn’t write anything to the contrary, every publishing house retracted its offer.

Jurors were offered book deals too. Two jurors claimed after the trial that they really thought Jackson was guilty, but only after they had signed six figure book deals. Other jurors claimed that they had been offered identical deals by the same publishing companies – but only if they too would change their opinion from innocent to guilty, casting enormous doubt over the sincerity of both rogue jurors’ u-turns.

One juror, Ray Hultman, lost his publishing deal after it was revealed that his manuscript included portions plagiarised from an inaccurate Vanity Fair article. These included allegations that the former juror couldn’t possibly verify, such as claims that Jackson had a detachable nose.

The book was co-written by Stacy Brown, a serial Jackson detractor who also co-wrote a book about the star with Bob Jones, Jackson’s former aide. Jones was forced to admit on the stand in 2005 that portions of his book ‘The Man Behind The Mask’ had been fabricated by Brown in order to boost sales.

Hultman’s crediblity was further damaged when it was revealed that after the verdict he had commented to one reporter, “The evidence just wasn’t there. We couldn’t have gone any other way.” A strange comment from a man who would later insist that Jackson had been guilty.

Jonna Spilbor at Findlaw.com takes these jurors to task for endeavoring to undermine their own verdicts for profit:

The Case of the Michael Jackson Jurors: Why Did They Come Forward Now?

Looking at jurors Hultman and Cook, I asked myself this: Why come forward now? For that matter, why come forward at all? If they cannot change their verdict (and they can’t), and therefore cannot change the outcome of the case, why speak out?

The answer, sadly, requires little imagination. Obviously, something happened in between what appeared to be an unwavering “not guilty” verdict following several days of deliberation, and August 8th, when they appeared together – on a primetime cable news show – to announce their about-face.

What was it? Did these two people happen to show up at some “Jurors Anonymous” meeting, only to learn the Step Six is admitting when you’ve rendered the wrong decision? Or, were they approached with the prospect of a book and movie deal which (wink, wink) just might make them a whole lot richer if there were (hint, hint) a controversy of sorts surrounding the verdict?

I can’t truly know these jurors’ motivations, but I can hazard a guess based on the timing of events, and the statements they’ve publicly made. I’m putting my money on the book and movie deal because, simply, the revelations of jurors Hultman and Cook coincide with the announcement of their individual books deals and combined television project.

Each juror will be coming out with his or her own book, and both, not surprisingly, will be published by the same publisher. Hultman’s is to be entitled, “The Deliberator”, while the title of Cook’s tell-all is to be, “Guilty As Sin, Free As A Bird.” I imagine that books entitled “Yup, Like We Said, Still Not Guilty” would be a lot less saleable.

How The Jackson Jurors Broke the Law: They Were Supposed to Wait Ninety Days

In California, Penal Code section 1122 states, in part: “After the jury has been sworn and before the people’s opening address, the court shall instruct the jury…that prior to, and within 90 days of, discharge, they shall not request, accept, agree to accept, or discuss with any person receiving or accepting, any payment or benefit in consideration for supplying any information concerning the trial; and that they shall promptly report to the court any incident within their knowledge involving an attempt by any person to improperly influence any member of the jury.” (Emphasis added.)


Looking at the calendar, it has not been 90 days since Jackson’s jury was discharged. Clearly, the pair is in violation of the statute — a statute punishable by contempt of court.

In the end, it wasn’t about getting the truth out there for these publishers – or these two jurors. It was purely about making money by selling lies about Michael Jackson. It’s the same with the lame$tream media. Be they tabloids or “news” media – all of them are guilty and all of them helped send Michael Jackson to an early grave by persecuting and lying about him on television, radio, in print, and on film, all for profit.

Along with various corprat vultures and their extortionists, the media (including publishers) and an abusive legal and political system which worked in tandem with them had as much to do with destroying Michael Jackson as Conrad Murray. All together, they took away his livelihood and destroyed him financially. They destroyed his ability to make a living and support himself and his children. They caused him incomprehensible anxiety, stress and insomnia, and were certainly a large part of sending Michael to an early death.  Remember it was his inability to sleep that lead to the use of propofol – the substance that finally physically killed him.  The line and the dots that connect it all is quite clear in my opinion.

It wasn’t just Conrad Murray – a greedy, money-driven sociopathic “doctor” who murdered Michael Jackson. The decades-long crucifixion of Michael Jackson for profit began long before that. What really killed Michael Jackson wasn’t propofol. It was MONEY.

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{ Many thanks to David Edwards, whose information and research form the bulk of this piece. I did the writing. THANK YOU DAVID!  -Seven }

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21 Responses to “More Mad Dogs and Media: Martin Bashir and Book Publishers”

  1. Refuting the Legal Analysts Who Lied About Michael Jackson | Michael Jackson Vindication 2.0 says:

    […] which juror what was?  Ray Hultman! The lawsuit was settled out of court in the fall of 2005, and neither juror released any book. (The fact that Brown chose to plagiarize Orth is indicative of the lack of quality of her […]

  2. David says:

    So let’s get this straight.. …………..Martin Bashir leaves Nightline for MSNBC in August 2010…… ..

    ……and then Nightline subsequently earns the top ratings in its time slot for the first time ever?

    Is that a coincidence? I think not!

    Bashir is nothing but a sleazy, two-faced, deceitful, lying, tabloid trash peddling, yellow journalist !

  3. Lisa says:

    Thank you Seven..for all this valuable information..I hope to use your information about the money hungry media in my book about Michael. Please go into my website for more information about me and the book; essenceofmjj.com My instincts had already told me all this crap about Michael Jackson was media-bull..sh..t and the devaluing of human dignity. Then for the past year, since june 25, of 2009, I dove into obsessive mode, in researching about Michael..it only proved what my heart was telling me all alone..LIES, and more lies..Yes you are right the motivating factor is MONEY-for all these parasites. But before the MONEY–envy, jealousy (two different things), prejudices, racism,and yes- money itself. See, I think some people do not understand is this–it is the oppressors that are WEAK..they need to slander or violate someone’s human rights because, they do not have the means to do the right thing.. so they victimize GOODNESS..I can get really deep into this..but it would take a book. I love Michael Jackson with all my heart, not only because he was a musical genius, it is what he did with his God given talent, that I admire the most..GIVING LOVE and Joy to the WORLD-since the age of 5!I hope you continue to spread the message of TRUTH about this EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN BEING , as I will also..I have dedicated my life in honoring him in my art; writing, collages, poetry, and soon, I am hoping to establish a non-profit..to help continue his beautiful legacy..I hope to talk to you soon..

  4. me moon says:

    This is what the entertainment business has always been abou,sadly. we are now seeing this kind of stuff in every aspect,like in the U.S insurance companies/government and so forth.
    I live a form of it,breathe it,I see it everyday. I am relieved that more people are taking the blinders off. It happens even to us little people in the biz. Most of the times Artist dont have the means to defend themselves and are never heard from again.Its cut throat.Its killing yourself to get to the top that once u do others are instantly killing you and or your career off.Money is the root.Fans have more power then they probably know.There are however,a few good people or were.

    Peter Lopez was one of them.he was a protector, a wonderful human being,he was loyal and fierce.he was a “rainmaker.”quiet and soft spoken,I will never forget how he helped my family(he represented my husband).he did it with nothing to gain on his part. he was sensitive and caring.Many times he’d pick up the phone from home as he would be ill but still there for you.Words are not enough,I so desperately want it known how special he was but alas words fail me.He was my hero,I wanted to be just like him.Peter represented many legendary stars that many were fans of,yet I was a huge fan of his.I collapsed to the ground when I got news and have been there ever since.He was more than just a lawyer.When Michael passed he was visibly shaken and would even cry.They were described as real friends.It is an enormous loss. Not everyone around Michael were out to hurt him.It is my belief especially when Peter was around.I simply want to give a tiny spec or hint of the human being Peter Lopez was.He grew up in the ghetto and made something of himself.To many latino’s he is definitely someone to be looked-up upon.He was a pioneer.Great, father,husband,brother,son,friend.My life is all the more richer having known him.I will cherish our times and everything he taught…I will Love him and continue to pray for him all the days of my life.I wont allow a man of his caliber to be forgotten.I simply love& respect him too much…he and Catherine were eachothers soulmates.

  5. Vicki says:

    Seven, As usual You are right about those standing in line to hurt and manipulate our Angel’s plight. WHY would we not expect them to attack the MJ3 next? This is the next open market for those hell bent on continuing to go after Michael, but now throught his children. The laugh is on them. The children have proven the few times they have been put in the unexpected spotlight that they are not only beautiful, but gracious, well mannered, thoughtful in acknowledging their father’s FANS and most importantly Michael’s Legacy. The children, although young have shown that they will continue their father’s journey for Peace, Love and Truth. The time you dedicate to your passion and our passion for Michael is beyond words. Your research and work keeps Michael’s unconditional L.O.V.E alive.. Thank You Seven <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Vicki mj

  6. BG says:

    The fight for truth and justice is to expose those who sought to bring Michael down for their own ends. By doing this it will also reveal the truth about Michael – his true spirit, his love of humanity and the planet. Not everyone knows about Michael’s love – those people only know what the media has force fed them for decades.

    It is not in the media’s best interest to reveal the whole truth about Michael because it will reveal the terrible injustice against him the media itself is guilty of. This is why the media will try to continue its negative campaign and cover up the truth.

    The fight for truth and justice is not about hate, it is a fight for the opposite of hate and it must continue.

    The strange thing to think about is Sony’s position. In the past they were aiding if not instigating the injustice against Michael because it was to their advantage. Now, it is more to their advantage that Michael is shown in a good light. However, Sony still wouldn’t want the whole truth known because it will reveal their role in trying to bring Michael to his knees. Sony is surely in a strange position now.

  7. Joy says:

    If I was there…I’d hide those kids somewhere. Where they can grow up with everything they need and not have to face the evil world. They are so lonely!

  8. Joy says:

    How backstabbers disgust me! They should be ashamed of themselves, I hope they’re having fun. That was childish and totally non-human. They have a gift to change the world and they use it to destroy someone’s life. God forgive them and change them.

    I was so pissed off with Hairpin’s thoughts about Michael. He used a beautiful technique though! I hope you’ve noticed, he shows people the softer side of Michael’s heart to “allure” their thoughts and then babbles all that blasphemous bumbling that babboons do! (Sorry for the harshness). I must say, he’s cunning. He told that Michael didn’t molest a child…and then he says Michael was into young men. YUCK! Disgusting!

    how can they? We are not robots…we’re humans! Michael has been extremely godly, inspite of all the brokeness. And I believe, truth alwaya wins long runs. Lies dont stand. I only pray his kids stay away from this blunder. I cant even imagine what would happen if they fell in the wrong hands! Jesus, Save them! They should be kept in private till they grow up strong minded and confident!

  9. Heidi says:

    We now fully understand the demons and evil we are up against while on this earth plane, but, nothing will ever change if we keep focusing on THAT. What we must move towards is effecting a change in whatever way possible. To start, remember hate begets hate, and as I’ve said before, isn’t the REAL tragedy in all this that, once again, completely lost in all the swill is the beauty, the magic, the essence that is Michael. If I’m wrong, everyone please forgive me, but perhaps one change we CAN effect is a change in focus to the love Michael encouraged us all to be. The injustice of all this enrages me as much as anyone, and eternal thanks to Seven for all her tireless efforts, but as much as I hate to admit it, “they” could care less HOW infuriated we get. I just wish the focus of our thoughts could finally become wrapped in the messages of Michael instead of the messages of the world, because for as long as we keep feeding the beast, even if it’s only in our heads, aren’t they winning? This coming week will be as painful as life can possibly get. Lets send out strength and love to each other; we all could surely use it. And…what a horrible week for Michael’s children…their first Father’s Day without their beloved Daddy, followed within days by the first anniversary of his departure. Let’s all BLANKET them with as much love as they can possibly contain.

  10. Dialdancer says:

    It is because of the lack of productive material available that programs such as Ms. Jones’ True Crime and the recently aired “The Trials of Michael” on the Documentary Channel is so important. There is a great need for a generation of documentary film makers who will look at Michael Jackson’s life and see something other than his artistic performances and court appearances.

    Even now when the major publishers understand it is a Fan market they still will not publish anything but the gutter press writings.

  11. Amazing says:

    So now the media is stalking Michael’s children. How come they’re not stalking that so-called doctor who’s still practicing?

    Here’s a petition to the Medical Board of California demanding the suspension of Murray’s medical license:

    Let’s sign and spread…


    Thank you.

  12. Jeanne says:

    Michael prepared his children for what is to come. They are loved by the Jackson family . They will be ok . Michael would thankyou for your concern and love for his children . Keep all children safe and thankyou for loving them. This is what makes this world a better place .

  13. Georgia says:

    OMG… June… Sorry Seven… you are so right about the Julien’s auction. I was so sickened by what I saw… what is wrong with these people. It’s like they do not care at all for Michael. Like he meant nothing, nothing to them. I actually was in tears over some of the things that were up for auction. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It pains me to see what money hungry people will do. I grew up very poor and today I am average. I don’t understand why people throw away memories… Michael was not something to be sold or auctioned away. He was a friend, a father, a brother, and by all means he was very much a human being. He wasn’t a piece of art or a car that you auction away to highest bidder. That’s just how I felt when I looked at the Julien’s book. I had to look, maybe its best that I did because those things that make my blood boil only make me want to more for our Michael. When I was finished looking and being so disgusted and beaten, I thought that of all things his children should have say over most of those belongings. Some of those items are so much a part of Michael… they belong with his children… not over in Asia… or where ever they may end up. Most of all those things belong to his Prince, Paris, and Blanket. These people are vultures. I was so saddened and disgusted… then only in one more day to face what happened in court… I felt so defeated. Where is our world going? Our own justice system seems so corrupt. They can’t seem to discipline a doctor for taking a human life. I don’t get it. The part that gets me, is the whole airplane saving incident was so staged and any “normal” person outside of the circus it is becoming could tell. Sorry for calling it that but I feel like they are just passing the buck and each other’s strings… I even looked it up afterward to see who was responsible for pulling a docs license and it is a courts responsibility… so I am not sure where the judge was getting his info. I wonder sometimes if these people have a soul… Do they realize that the lives they are making these decisions about have an effect on many? Why??? Why??? Why??? I am so frustrated!!! and I know so are many others… I hope everyone has someone to be with on June 25th.. I think it may be easier to not be alone. Me, I will be up in the air on a plane headed back home to visit my sick father. I didn’t make my arrangements, I would have much rather been on the ground spending it with all of you online or where ever most will be… <3 <3 <3

  14. Seven says:

    I know Joyce. I’ve said before “Mark my words, his children will be next, how that he’s gone”. And they’ve well started in on them – exploiting them and nosing in on their lives and telling lies about them for money. They won’t even let them grow up first.

    I unplugged my T.V. in 2001. This kind of stuff is why.

  15. Joyce says:

    Sorry for another question but I just found out that TLC (The Learning Channel, that is laughable) is showing the following very questionable program next week: Copied word for word,

    “The Secret Lives of Michael Jackson’s Children (wt)
    For all of their young lives, Michael Jackson has kept his three children cloistered, going so far as to hide their faces with masks and veils. This special takes an inside look into the lives of his three children since his death.”

    Have you seen anything about this? I have no idea who the source is for this show or what the intention is but I have a very bad feeling about it. I guess the greedy, biased lamestream media now has no problem invading the privacy of Michael’s children if they think it might earn them a few points in the ratings!
    I have no more words to describe my feelings about what “journalism” and the “media” has become over the past couple decades. I have certainly used up way too much of your valuable space venting my feelings. There seems to be no credibility or ethics left. What they did to Michael was hateful, inexcusable, and unforgivable. Unfortunately, they refuse to see it or admit to it and instead continue to destroy their profession.
    You have the right idea to just unplug the T.V.!

  16. June says:

    Seven – this is off topic and I apologize, but I just have to vent! On the Today program this morning was a preview of Julien’s auction of MJ’s clothing, etc., being held June 24 and 25 in Vegas. Mr. Julien himself appeared on the program. The items being auctioned are those which Michael himself GIFTED to friends, children and fans during his lifetime. Mr. Julien opined that the skys the limit as to what these items will go for. Among the items was a pair of Aviator sunglasses gifted by Michael to the actor Corey Feldman with a handwritten note from Feldman. Is Corey Feldman that hard up that he would auction something given to him by his “friend” Michael? Again, all about $$$$$$$. Another item is an autographed pair of loafers worn by Michael on stage. If Michael had given me anything I would treasure it forever and no amount of money could get it from my clutches. Mr. Julien ends with saying there is huge interest in Asia, and while Michael loved his Asian fans, many of these priceless treasures will wind up in the ownership of monied interests outside the USA; nothing was said about proceeds going to charity, gone forever, gone too soon.

    Your blog here is so full of the truth, it hurts. Thank you for your perseverance and tenacity.

  17. Justice4MJJ says:

    Injustice is everywhere in society today, ever increasing, but that’s why the Bible calls it: the End Times. Another great article Seven, thanks!

  18. sd says:

    yes, there is plenty of injustice to go around. LA County and Santa Barbara County judicial systems have exhibited their ability(s) to address injustice over recent years. It’s important for those of you who can vote this year in California to look real close at the contest for the statewide office for Attorney General. One of the candidates for this office is current DA of LA County and overseeing Mr. Michael Jackson’s, a/k/a “The Public vs. Dr. Murray” case. Pls. think long and hard about your choice for California Attorney General. How does this balance with your expectation about a Justice System vs. just a being a system?

    “Law never made men a whit more just.” ~Henry David Thoreau.

  19. Kozue says:

    Amazing read! Thank you for writing this! It’s beyond terrible, what happened to Michael. It’s beyond injustice. 🙁

  20. alicia says:

    Hi, seven,,,,It hurts sooooooooo much what has become of human nature and what they did to MICHAEL.Am dying gradually on the inside and i don’t know what to do.I will continue to have MICHAEL in my heart till the day i die.I just want to say thank you, and continue the good work.

  21. Jaqueline M. says:

    Hi, Seven… You know, before Michael’s death I had no idea about what kind of world we lived in, but now I have. I always knew that evil and cruelty were part of human nature, unfortunately, but now I realize that the extent of mess, injustice, cruelty and perversity in this world is impossible to imagine. I think I will never recover from this happening, from what they did to Michael, they killed him day by day hurting his soul and using him to make money. I will never be able to forget that. You will never be able to forget that. Noone of us will. It’s very sad. I remember Michael every moment of my life, I’ll remember him until the day I die. Those evil people, Bashier, Diamond, They have a piece of stone inside their chest. Michael was very naive, very innocent, he had a good heart and thought everybody was like him. That’s why he trusted Bashier. And the worst is that we still see these people with NO remorse about what they did to Michael. Any dog, any animal has more feeling than these demons. God bless you, Seven.