Jun 18 2010

It wasn’t an accidental overdose.

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"Buprenex does the same as demerol, the only difference is you cannot become an addict on Buprenex. Buprenex Synthetic Demerol. 2 vials I would feel safe. Have it in case of accident."

Buprenex does the same as demerol, the only difference is you cannot become an addict on Buprenex.  Buprenex Synthetic Demerol. 2 vials I would feel safe. Have it in case of accident.

Michael evidently wrote this note to himself. As you can see, he was very concerned about not becoming addicted to painkillers and requested a non-addictive alternative for his needs.

This is not something an addict who was seeking substances just to get high would care about. Michael did suffer some physical pain. Because of the extreme physical exertion, stamina and athletic ability required in his dance performances, he was at risk for injury and sometimes did become injured, such as when the ‘bridge‘ in an Earth Song performance collapsed. Michael continued performing after that bridge fell, but apparently collapsed after the show was over. He was injured and in a great deal of pain. Michael had subsequent back pain and back problems after that. He also had a bit of arthritis in his fingers, back, and knees in his later years.

This means he was an addict? Is everyone who has been injured or has arthritis an addict? I don’t think so.

In my own opinion, and I have addicts in my own family, this is not a note an addict would write, or a concern an addict would have. Addicts only want to get their fix, their high. That’s all. They don’t care if the substance they get it from is addictive. They’re way beyond that. Michael wasn’t. Because Michael wasn’t an addict or misusing ‘painkillers‘ or any other drugs at or surrounding the time he died, IMO, given the facts.

At one time years ago, he did become addicted to painkillers. However, he received treatment and since that time, from what I can tell, he was very careful what he used and put in his body.

Aphrodite Jones mentioned this in a recent interview with a fan group on UStream. Ms. Jones stated that she knew that Michael was very particular what he put in his body as far as food and drugs were concerned. She didn’t give specifics, but the note above corroborates that. That interview with Ms. Jones can be heard here.

A recent comment from his own Mother, whom he was quite close to:

A year on from his death, Michael’s mother does not accept he died of natural causes. ‘He was too young for that, but something happened. I heard from people he was taking prescription drugs but I’ve never seen my son in any way…even talking to him on the phone, he was always himself. I never asked him about that as he was always normal. I don’t think he just died of natural causes. I don’t believe that. It was someone who was watching over him…and he died. If I could see him again I would ask him, “Who did this to you?” -Katherine Jackson

Michael suffered physical pain like many of us do and when it was necessary to function, probably sought pain relief. But I don’t personally believe he was anymore an ‘addict‘ to ‘painkillers‘ when he died than I am an addict to Ibuprofin that I take for headaches or muscle aches.

A friend of mine says: “It’s time they started treating Michael’s death like a murder, instead of just another celebrity drug overdose“.  I agree with her.

In a previous piece here co-written by the friend (Nikki) who made this statement, it is explained why and how the “Michael Jackson was an addict” and “this is just another celebrity drug overdose” meme the media is pushing doesn’t quite wash.

The drugs that contributed to Michael’s death were benzodiazepines (Valium, Versed, and Avitan) and the sedative/hypnotic propofol. Benzodiazepines are for insomnia and anxiety. They are not painkillers. Michael was not addicted to painkillers and did not “die from an overdose of painkillers“, like the media seems to have a penchant for repeating over and over and over again. Propofol is also not a painkiller and I am quite frankly sick of the media calling it that.

Michael died because a negligent doctor (who I am convinced knew exactly what he was doing) gave him a lethal combination of drugs, (none of them “painkillers“) topped off with a large amount of propofol (which is sedative hypnotic agent used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia in the surgical suite, not a painkiller). Michael’s levels of propofol were consistent with that of someone who was completely sedated for major surgery and Dr. Calmes made this statement in the autopsy report.

The cause of death was not “overdose with painkillers“.  The cause of death was “acute propofol intoxication” – “administered by another“, according to the coroner’s report.

How the sam hell anyone gets that Michael Jackson died “from an overdose of painkillers” from all this is beyond me, but that is what I hear time and time again even now, almost a year after Michael’s death, from the medialoids. Michael was murdered in my opinion, and I am personally unconvinced that murder was not intentional. Here’s a bit of the reason why:

My friend Nikki has researched cases where people have died from propofol and her conclusion thus far is:

When one looks at previous cases where propofol ultimately caused the death of someone in a residence, though they are few and far between, all were either ruled accidental or pre-meditated murder. It was already ruled that Michael did not inject himself–that drops the chance of this being accidental and leaves pre-meditated murder as the only other option.

Now, if you want to read about a real drug addict and how drug addicts behave, have a gander at this or take a look at Ozzy Osbourne who is an addict and who even himself stated in regards to Michael’s death:

If you or me had given him that medication, we’d be up for murder. So why isn’t the doctor? That stuff they use only anesthetists should use. Doctors get away with anything. It’s like a club. -Ozzy Osbourne

From the previous piece on this issue:

Propofol is not structurally or pharmacologically related in any way to other common anesthetics such as opioids (narcotic pain killers), barbiturates (such as phenobarbital) or benzodiazepines. Propofol has no attraction to receptors that the above drugs commonly interact within the brain–meaning that potential for abuse and/or addiction should be limited. It is actually chemically similar to vitamin E and aspirin.

Information from Table 3A in the autopsy report shows that Jackson did not appear to be a compliant patient–he rarely finished or took his medications as prescribed, including antibiotics which should be finished in most situations. He underutilized almost every medication he had in his possession. For those medication bottles found empty, based on the date the medications were filled at the pharmacy, it is appropriate to have found them completely used. The amount of benzodiazepines remaining and the length of time since being filled/written do not correlate with an addiction. However, Murray’s benzodiazepine-prescribing was more encouraging of establishing a tolerance in his patient (with no apparent tolerance) rather than trying to prevent one from occurring.

Conrad Murray’s defense and the media are having a field day spouting misinformation to the public about all of this. They are pumping the lie that Michael was just “another washed-up drug addict who killed himself with drugs“. It’s great for Murray’s defense, but it is scientifically and patently untrue. The evidence is right there in the autopsy report and even in Michael’s own handwriting, above, as well as brief comment from Aphrodite Jones and the evidence found in Michael’s home after his death.

Michael’s death was not just “another celebrity drug overdose“. It is clearly a case of murder and it is about time it was treated like one. John M. Curtis at the Examiner certainly is another who agrees with that assessment as well. Curtis states that Conrad Murray has gotten away with murder and indeed he has, as was evident by the pretentious little show put on for us on June 14th in the courtroom and the fact that Michael’s murderer is still fully licensed to continue his ‘practice‘.

My friend Nikki had one nit to point out though, about Mr. Curtis’s article and his assertion that Murray used a drip to administer the propofol to Michael. Nikki explains why that could not have been possible and how the administration of the gargantuan amount of propofol to Michael had to be repeated manually via bolus injections. This fact adds even more credence to the likelihood Murray’s actions had to be intentional (ie: voluntary manslaughter aka murder) Nikki says:

I agree that this is murder. However, Murray did not set up a drip. There was no mechanical pump available. He likely was unable to set up a gravity system as well considering propofol comes in a glass bottle and need special tubing to flow. That being said, he was having to administer boluses of the drug, confirmed with the syringes that lie on the floor. Murray may not be an anesthesiologist but that does not mean he would be a fool to medications like propofol, Ativan, Versed and Valium. Murray likely used the latter three drugs for sedation to do cardiac catherizations on a regular basis and may have even used propofol before for cardioversions. Many times critically ill patients, including cardiac, are placed on propofol to keep them from fighting the ventilator. Murray is no lay person–he has been an M.D. about 22 years–he knew exactly what he was doing the morning of June 25th. He wasn’t dumb to the risks that he failed to plan for, either.

See the comments below where details are given about the rather odd insurance policy AEG took out on Michael and the shows. This policy apparently ONLY covered “accidental drug overdose“. If it did not cover injury or death of natural causes, then in order for that policy to pay out, Michael has to be (they NEED him to be) defined as an ‘addict‘, and his death defined as an ‘accident.

Here is a video where Phillips himself admits that the insurance will only pay if it’s an “accidental overdose“, which could be why it’s being defined that way – besides that it helps Murray’s defense tremendously, as well.

Unfortunately, it appears those ‘in power‘ have already been bought and sold and will not do any justice in this case. We’ve witnessed their recent dog & pony show in the courtroom on June 14th – that pretentious ruse they set up to make a good show of caring about justice, whilst in action, they have no intention whatsoever of appropriately investigating, charging, or punishing Michael’s murderer(s). They intend to let them all off scot-free, while Conrad Murray’s defense, along with the help of the establishment media, misleads the public once again and as always, about Michael Jackson.

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{ Thanks to Nikki Evans-Taylor for her help with this piece. -Seven }

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58 Responses to “It wasn’t an accidental overdose.”

  1. Sisca says:

    I love Michael with all my heart.I want my kid to grow up knowing the most intellectual, educated,loving, entertainer ever. In Oprah, Lisa Mary said that she asked Mike to choose only one:Lisa or drugs and Michael—according to Lisa—chose drugs. What do you think about it ? I also badly want to know about his lyrics in “Morphin”. He’s very sensitive emotionally and spiritually, rarely curse…You know what I mean, he’s just soooo loving. It seems that Michael in “morphin” is not the real Michael. I need your opinion cause I’m certain you do lots of researches. My kid is now 8 and my plan is to sit with her when she’s 11-12, browsing this website and MJAP, showing her that intelligent performers do much more than just singing:They heal the world. Thanks. I’m, waiting for your response.

  2. Amerie says:

    Thankyou for this article. Clearly Michael was not a drug addict. I was actually dumb enough to believe the rumors at first, but when the real autopsy came out it didnt make any sense nor did it corroborate with what the individuals who were actually around during his death were saying. I traced back to why the media said he was an addict and it was all sensationalism. Even the host of TMZ titled the report: A Healthy Drug Addict? Because they did all these reports on Michaels alleged drug addiction and it didn’t show in the autopsy.

    Brain Oxman is probably the one who started the drug rumors. Mark Geragos, who represented Michael briefly in 2003 said he saw no signs of that, and he thinks it was just speculation. Tom Messereau corroborates that as well. I know someone who at one point had been overly medicated, slurring their words, sleepy etc. that never had a problem with prescription drugs. They had a relevant reason to take meds after surgery and were gullible enough to take the medication as the doctor prescribed. It seems this was the case with MJ in 93. The problem is the doctors are greedy and will prescribe things that aren’t necessary, causing a high tolerance.

    Maybe that’s why Michael was not a cooperative patient. He only took what he needed and not what was prescribed because he was taken advantage of by doctors. It doesn’t end with him or other famous individuals, its with American doctors in general.

  3. Nikki says:

    I am currently doing some research on propofol and its propensity for addiction. Came into a LOT of info today. Will address later.

    Seven, couldn’t get enough strength to watch the 20/20 interview. But, if Karen Faye did in fact say that, that he had to go on tour before healing and was using pain medications due to not having time to heal, that to me doesn’t justify him being an addict. It makes me think back to what I just told Karin–I feel he was a victim of the pharmacology of pain narcotics, but not an addict. I also blame malpractice as doctors need to be helping prevent this dependence in patients. Addiction is usually a disease, a genetic disease. No one in Michael’s family apparently suffers from it and they were all in show business at one time or another–usually another reason (maybe not legit, though) to be an addict. He began using the pain medications for a legitimate reason then–and again I mention during that time he was wearing a lot of hats out in public which to me would seem to indicate he was having issues with the surgery and/or his scalp as he was covering his head because of it–so it seems that a tolerance/dependence to pain medications was from real pain–not for his need to get high, escape, etc. though I am sure the stress of the allegations did not help as they likely made him depressed and depression can indeed cause physical pain as well. Pain medications, well, opioids, have a ceiling effect. This likely happened to Michael and when it did doctor(s) did not treat it appropriately. It got out of hand. I think he really did hurt, though.

  4. Nikki says:

    Karin, good points. I have read about how you can have withdrawals off Paxil and other SSRIs. I cannot believe they give these out for anxiety when they can in fact make it much, much WORSE. Even kids are on Paxil and SSRIs for behavior. It is so sad.

    Doctors did, and probably still do, make big money from the pharmaceutical companies. It is a shame–it should be about the patient, not money.

    I know many people can use benzos, for legitimate reasons, and not be considered an addict, probably the same way with the SSRIs (most antidepressants) as most simply cannot come off of them or are afraid to come off of them. I know some benzos, like Xanax, are especially bad if you are really treating something like anxiety. It is short-acting, prompting the need for more medication. Xanax should not even be available on the market, IMO. Medications like Ativan and Valium are better as they last longer and do not end so abruptly. Benzos are known to cause tolerance and dependence, as they are Schedule IV drugs but I think many who become a victim of this are a victim to the pharmacology, not to the disease of addiction. That is what I think happened to Michael–he was a victim of the pharmacology of pain narcotics at one time, but not an addict. These drugs, by their nature, cause you to need more of them and more often. I think this article kind of hints at what I am trying to say, concerning benzodiazepines:


  5. Nikki says:

    Great comment Gavin.

    I understand what you mean Sabrina. As for being able to tell if Michael was awake or not, unless there were witnesses or video tape, it is Murray’s word against Michael’s silent word. If someone claims he was addicted (as Murray is pushing) then they could say he had built a tolerance to the benzos and was awake. However, considering he had so many tablets left over, I question that. He was able to take up to 4 Valiums a day beginning June 20th–only 3 tablets were missing, including one taken that night. Seems to me if Michael were addicted he would have taken more than that. I also do not see how someone could remain awake after receiving such a high dose of Valium, Versed, and Ativan–together. I certainly cannot picture Michael by any means “demanding” anything at that point. Murray also claimed Michael slept fine on Ativan and Versed on the 24th. Doesn’t sound like tolerance to benzos or addiction to propofol to me from that statement.

    I guess what is sad to me is Michael began using pain medications for a legitimate reason–surgery. Especially as I look more into that time period, Michael was almost always wearing a hat, too, which makes me think he really was having surgeries to his scalp. Knowing that pain medications, at least opioid medications (Lortab, Vicodin, Oxycodone, Morphine, Demerol, etc. etc.) cause dependence and tolerance in anyone over time, it makes me very sad to think that because someone becomes dependent on these from real pain that they must then be deemed “an addict”. Michael did not seek other drugs. He apparently never used cocaine, meth, heroin. It seems more like malpractice was coming into play with his treatment. I don’t think it is fair to call you an “addict” either. I know there are strict ways these terms go but it seems like if we dug deep enough all of us could be deemed an addict at some point with something.

  6. Seven says:

    Karen Faye addresses when the beginning of Michael’s abuse of painkillers started. She says it was 1993 after a surgery to help with the scarring from the burn to his scalp. He didn’t have time to heal before going on tour so he started using painkillers:


  7. sabrina me moon says:

    First off,I just want to tell you that I think you are doing a startling impressive job here.I have the utmost respect for you.I truly believe your writing is actually “art.” It is a true gift to write and express the way you do.Thank you so much for promptly getting back to me.It was a very nice surprise and honor.I also want to make clear that I 100% agree with you because I have been stumbling across so many sites surrounding MJ.Its highly blatant what unethical,illegal, crimes people committed against MJ.This is so deep and too coincidental for comfort.

  8. Seven says:


    You are right: once an addict, always an addict. Once sober and not abusing, you become a ‘recovering’ addict and you are ‘recovering’ for the remainder of your life. Once day at a time.

    When I say Michael wasn’t an addict, I mean he wasn’t an abusing or an active addict. He was what we’d call a ‘sober’ or ‘recovering’ addict (hadn’t abused since rehab – wasn’t actively abusing anything). Again, the coroner’s report validates that is the case. Otherwise, he’d have organ damage from years of drug abuse and he did not. Also, the many unfinished/unused meds in his home tell us he was not keen on taking drugs. ANY drugs.

    ie: NOT an active or abusing addict.

    I have members of my family who are ‘recovering addicts’ and have been ‘sober’ / inactive for over 25 years. They are *extremely* cautious about what they use for pain or about any drug or substance that might send them back down that road of actively abusing whatever substance they had been abusing.

    THAT is where I think Michael was and why he wrote that note – he knew he had ‘addictive’ tendancies and knew he had to be careful – and he WAS being careful. And, I maintain that this is not the behaviour of an active or abusing addict but rather a recovering one who is consciously avoiding becoming an active abuser again.

    What I get SO SICK OF is the claims that Michael had been abusing painkillers (or any drugs) for years and died from an overdose of painkillers. One can read the coroner’s report and the evidence found in his home after his death and conclude that those claims are pure bunk.

    If he was a recovering addict and not actively abusing any drugs (and he was obviously NOT) then his being an ‘addict’ was not what killed him. He didn’t take the propofol HIMSELF. It was administered to him while he was sedated with benzos.

    What killed him was a narcissistic “doctor” who pumped him full of benzos and topped it all off with about 100 ml of propofol and left him there to die.

    IE: he was MURDERED. And I don’t believe this “doctor” acted alone. I don’t believe he acted without intent. I believe he is being protected from justice for what he’s done by those who put him up to it.

  9. Karin says:

    Nikki, I wholeheartedly agree with what you say about doctors prescribing drugs for patients without educating them fully first of the side effects or dependency/tolerance problems. I know of a few people who have desperately been trying to get off anti depressants which all of the doctors claim are non addictive – which is rubbish, just ask the patients. The withdrawals of certain anti-depressants are horrible: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Depression/Effexor-Addiction/show/2076

    Who’s making money out of this misery? Well, the doctors make money for each prescription they write and the pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars and I have been told, entice the doctors.

    Same story with benzos. Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Valium and Serepax were being handed out to everybody from minor anxiety to marital problems. They were called Mother’s Little Helper. Then out of the blue nobody could ignore the fact that there were millions of people walking around addicted to these miracle drugs. Withdrawing off them is a nightmare. Just ask the rehab centres.

  10. sabrina Luna says:

    is there no way to prove that Michael’s 1st sedative worked therefore allowing Murray to inject him with the other benzo’s? preferably,can the coroner decipher the order of these medications rather than Murray’s word? I think it could be key to confirming murder.

    I am an addict,recovered that is. my vice was alcohol…I fall into none of the categories you referenced above.From my learning & following the 12 steps,I know that once an addict always an addict.I am very careful myself with addictive doctor prescribed medicines.Michael could have been a recovered addict.Many do not understand the terminology, perhaps MJ’S family are part of those who arent savvy to addicts.Hence some Jackson members said,”he was a drug addict” doesn’t mean he was infact abusing.There is no way one category can define addicts,each addiction is as unique as the person but there are similarities.

  11. Seven says:

    Hi Shell,

    Yes you can translate and post it to MJJCN. Please provide a link back to this original article when you post it. That’s all I ask.


  12. shell says:

    Dear Seven,
    Thank you for this powerful article. I am from China and Can I translate your article into Chinese and post in China MJ Fans Website: http://www.mjjcn.com? I believe this website is the one with the most members in the world and it has got authorization from Michael Jackson himself.

  13. Nikki says:

    I definitely agree with what you are saying Ali. It is sad to see this note–to me it is proof that Michael cared about his health and well-being–but it also shows him apparently being duped by doctors who likely did it to try and keep him as a patient, to make him satisfied even if that meant lying to him. I didn’t know Michael but I can almost sit here and promise everyone that Michael would never have done anything that he would think would have caused him to be separated from his children. He lived for them.

    As for taking propofol long-term, I do think Murray is the only one to have said it. I have a hard time believing this. I do believe Michael was introduced to its use for insomnia back during the HIStory tour, probably by Dr. Neil Ratner who actually is an addict:


    Ratner would qualify not only as an addict but an abuser as well. However, to think Michael had used propofol from that time on seems irrational. There are a lot of risks with propfol. Apnea (not breathing) and infection are probably the two most common problems. I think over long periods of time it would cause some liver issues, either a fatty liver or disease, because propofol comes in an emulsion–it is basically just fat (soybean oil). Most people don’t use propofol for long periods of time but patients who are sick in the hospital usually have to have their triglycerides checked to make sure there are no problems if they are on it for a while. I am not buying Murray’s statements at all. Only think he ever said that I believe is he did not give Michael Demerol or Oxycontin.

    I really believe Michael thought that he would be okay under Murray’s “care”. I think he was desperate to try and get through these shows. For a 50 year old man who had not toured in 12 years to come back and do 50 sold-out, high-intensity shows, way too much was being asked of him. He was merely human.

  14. Gavin Saunders says:

    And what is to be made of Michael’s own words when he’s often in interviews and conversation stated that he wants to understand how so many of the Greats of the past were lost to the world through different forms of addiction and wanted to learn from that knowledge.
    As was obvious Michael was an extremely studious and self-disciplined person, probably overly so. I believe once he understood the machinations of addiction he would have mastered those too.
    The very fact that he was sleep-broken for so much of his life points to his not medicating himself out of it (pardon the pun).

  15. Kathleen J says:

    It seems that my mind never shuts down as I keep trying to figure out what the outcome will be. I firmly believe that there was a conspiracy to get rid of MJ. When it looked like he was going to recover financially, then the BIG guys would never be able to get their hands on the Beatles catalogue. I find it all so disturbing that the most time Dr. Murray could spend behind bars is only four years. I keep wondering if there is a deal here to pay him off big time at a later date or we don’t know that there isn’t a swiss bank account with millions already deposited.

  16. Ali says:

    Nikki, just to add to what you’ve said, I just looked up Buprenorphine also and side effects listed are numerous but include :
    abdominal pain, loss of apetite, indigestion, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, fatigue, agitation, anxiety, taste disturbance, fainting, restlessness, slurred speech, impaired concentration and memory, dry skin and and lots of others.i just picked out the ones that could possibly relate to Michael if he had taken much of it which we don’t know too much about re the past. in extreme cases it can also cause psychosis so not a drug to be taken lightly.
    He clearly doesn’t appear to have been taking this recently but maybe he could have had it for a while a few years ago? but as you say, not realising its effects and potential for addiction – and during this time could have been induced to sign certain documents such as the one giving away power of attorney that he couldn’t remember signing, – and maybe the will – or maybe not signing it but being duped with regards to it.

    I agree with you that Michael was obviously being lied to about substances, cos I don’t believe he would have chosen to take the risk of some of those side effects, maybe he tried them but didn’t continue because of the side effects or because he could tell they were addictive. I also don’t think the side effects of propofol would have been acceptable to him when he was perfoming – a swollen throat and wheeziness? I don’t believe he was told the truth about the risks of it either. in fact any doctor who would consider administering it in those circumstances, would be likely to lie about the drug.
    Michael’s children were everything to him, he just wouldn’t have taken that risk if he had known the truth. He just wouldn’t. and if he had of being then it would have affected his relationsip with the children and their behaviour and emotional development – and this is clearly not the case.
    I just think, whose word do we have that he had been taking propofol long term apart from murray’s? i can’t remembr if anyone else has said it.

  17. Nikki says:

    Sorry Seven, another comment!

    I spoke to Seven about this before she posted the blog and think I will share a little bit here, or maybe all of it because I am sitting here getting angry at this doctor who lied to Michael about Buprenex. The note above was apparently taken from the raid on Neverland Ranch regarding the 2003 allegations. This note does imply Michael’s persistence at NOT becoming addicted, not becoming tolerance or dependent. It shows he valued his health and was attempting to look out for himself and he was TRUSTING doctors. I would think a doctor gave him this information as I saw with this link some time ago:


    Likely, this was the same doctor who could not even spell Buprenex correctly in the letter who told him that Buprenex was not addictive–this is a LIE that apparently poor Michael believed.

    A doctor telling him that it would not cause addiction (dependence/tolerance), which is evident or Michael would not have wrote it in his letter, is malpractice. This is what I wrote to Seven that I will now share with all of you so you can see how doctors were manipulating this man for some time and why it is evidence to understand how he could accept that propofol was safe for insomnia:

    “I looked up Buprenex, generic name buprenorphine, because I was unfamiliar with it. I really wish I knew which doc told him about this medicine because I personally would call him a quack for telling Michael that he would “not become addicted”. It is a Schedule III, meaning it has some potential for addiction/dependence though not as bad as a Schedule II which is what Demerol and morphine are (Schedule IIs are the things you keep locked up in a pharmacy!!). So, yes, it is better than Demerol but not “safe”. He was so misled. Michael wanted the IV/IM form which is indeed used for moderate-to-severe pain, and he did indeed only want 2 vials–obviously in case he had some horrible accident, not for chronic use/abuse. However, the tablet formation of this medicine is for opiate withdrawal, a yucky connotation. Granted, Michael didn’t ask for that one–again not an addict needing meds. Sad thing is, Suboxone, which is a combo product of buprenophine and naloxone (the opioid reversal agent) is not a “good” thing to me, either. It is only for opioid withdrawal. A lot of people think the naloxone is in there to keep you from becoming addicted. It isn’t. It is in there to keep people from getting high off the buprenophine if they decide to crush the tablets and shoot them IV. That makes me question this drug’s ability to cause dependence then, too. It is an opioid, too. Lexi-Comp also says that it is for short-term use as it has a “ceiling effect”, which then means of course if you use it for a while eventually it will plateau on pain relief and you will find yourself using more and more of it to try and get that relief again.

    I know Michael’s intentions were good, and he so didn’t want to become “dependent” but I see this as a doctor BSing him. I also see it as Michael not wanting to have had issues with Demerol, either. This makes me want to scream because some doctors were lying and misleading this poor man. And you wonder why I fight so hard to tell others that he was misled into thinking propofol was safe? It is no joke. Poor Michael, he knew no better. He just wanted to LIVE.”

    If anyone has any questions please let me know. I know this is a lot of information but I think it is important to understand it and see how all this blame on Michael is undeserved. Doctors are responsible for telling you the truth about medications, especially if one is concerned about addiction. Michael was obviously trying to help himself stay okay–but was being duped by doctors, or at least very misled. How many others did this to him?

  18. Nikki says:

    Has the insurance policy made it to the web yet? I would like to see if it really does say it covers for a drug overdose but not natural causes (I won’t take TMZ’s word). What kind of insurance policy is that?! Though this was a drug overdose let’s remember it was not an “accidental” one like so many are, be it from addiction or not, as most cases are from real accidental overdoses not attributed to abuse. People even die from accidentally overdosing on Tylenol in the US. A sad example: http://headaches.about.com/cs/medicationsusage/a/acet_death.htm Michael’s death was ruled homicide–via injection by another. So the connotation of “overdose” is almost void because it was not Michael’s doing, it was no an accident especially on Michael’s part as he did not even administer the drugs to himself. It was merely his cause of death but not his “own cause”. Michael was killed with drugs, simply put.

    I also wanted to say that I hate to hear it said that Michael was an “addict” from his 1993 admission. He actually used the word “dependence” himself in the video. I want people to understand that pain narcotics, especially ones like Demerol, cause dependence, tolerance, and addiction. Michael was using these drugs for a legitimate reason–surgery related to the burn to his scalp years prior. Such surgeries can be very painful and require strong medications to combat the pain. Over time pain narcotics do less and less for the patient, requiring they use more of it more often. That is what very well may have happened to Michael. It does not help the immense stress he was under from being extorted, either. These may have all had a role in his dependence in 1993 but that doesn’t mean he should be dubbed a drug abuser or, in my opinion, a drug addict. There is certainly no way Michael could have remained healthy if he had been abusing such drugs since 1993–16 years.

    Regarding the pain narcotics, I think that it should be known that not only were there none in the house but Michael’s toxicology screens were negative, too, for opioids/pain killers. If he was addicted to these medications, when he died, they should have shown up in his urine screening. I also don’t see how he would not have had some in his house as withdrawals from pain narcotic/opioids is a very yucky process and something I would think he would not have wanted to experience (as it would have been visible, too). That being said, the thought of him being addicted to pain killers when he died is almost laughable–none in the house, none in his system–he would have to have had some in his system in some form if he was battling an addiction to them, in my opinion.

  19. Nikki says:

    Ali–you are very right. I think many forget to realize how much of a toll insomnia can take on someone. People can appear very drunk when without sleep–in fact, once someone goes for so long without sleep their actions can be as bad as someone who is legally intoxicated. That is why some jobs limit how many hours a person can work.

    Michael also had to take prednisone, sometimes massive doses, likely for his discoid lupus though I am not sure. Prednisone is a corticosteriod and not considered an addictive “drug” but it can cause euphoria and even give the appearance that the patient is “high”.

    I have also made the comment before that just because someone may get drunk occasionally that does not mean they are an alcoholic. I am not saying Michael drank alcohol but just because at times he wasn’t completely lucid, whether it be from medications or something like sleep deprivation, that doesn’t mean he was a drug addict. I still say that for him to have been so healthy in accordance with the autopsy report I do not see how a years-long addiction to something, be it pain narcotics and/or benzodiazepines, could have occurred without any damage to his organs, mainly his liver.

  20. Nikki says:

    MJ-DarkChild says:

    I was in no way saying Michael had a cardioversion or heart catherization. His heart was in perfect condition. He was healthy.

    What I am trying to say with those comments is that Murray was not oblivious to propofol or benzodiazepines. Many people have said that because Murray was not an anesthesiologist that he knew nothing about these drugs (especially propofol) so hence–this was accidental. I am saying that is BS, that Murray being a doctor for 22 years, he knew about the dangers and risk of propofol and likely had even used it before, on other patients, for cardioversion, but not on Michael for such reasons.

    Also I am not trying to say Michael had a catherization but he did have a catheter line placed in his femoral region (vein)–a place familiar to cardiologists. What I was meaning with the catherization comment is when a patient gets a cardiac catherization they need to be sedated–usually it is conscious sedation (awake but loopy). I know personally many doctors will use Versed to do these procedures. I just want people to understand that again, Murray did know the risks associated with benzodiazepines and he had to have known how to dose them appropriately.

    I am trying trying to show that Murray had knowledge of what he was doing. Sometimes the media portrays him to be this poor man that Michael was pushing around. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Murray is a doctor, a doctor of many years. He is a knowledgeable man who understood the risks and dangers with what he was doing willfully.

    Hope that helps.

  21. Heidi says:

    Also,… with the watchdogs monitoring his every move to drag up every piece of dirt on him possible, if there ever WAS an “addiction” problem, you KNOW it would have been reported and SOCIAL SERVICES would’ve been all over it like $ony on a pile of money to take those children away from him. That would’ve been an irresistable sell which the media would’ve NEVER passed up!!!

  22. samhabib says:

    “Mr. Gregory further intensified his discourse by reiterating that the value
    of Michael Jackson’s catalog cannot be underestimated and asserted that Mr.
    Jackson could easily be killed, have it consequently ruled a suicide and
    thus his collection will be forfeited in lieu of his debt.”

    That’s all I have to say…


  23. Cherry says:

    Thank you, I think it really was only in 1993 that he had a serious addiction and went into rehab for the first time. But yes, I guess he took painkillers ever since the Pepsi incident.

  24. Ali says:

    I should have said also that sleep deprivation and being stressed out and maybe low mood could give appearance of being ‘out of it’ also, no medication needs to be taken. and Michael may have had post traumatic stress disorder from all the media bullying and the trial, which would cause feelings of confusion and not being able to get on with things. It would not be suprising or strange at all if he was actually feeling frightened of being on stage and in the limelight again after all the time but mostly after all the stress and criticism and tearing apart he’d gone through. what real support was he getting?
    Oh Michael..!

    The media says fans think he was superhuman and ‘godlike’ but its the media and the music industry corporations that forgot he was a human being, fans loved him because they SAW the human being and loved him for that.

  25. Ali says:

    MMmmm!! on the link BG gave for the list of medications, it says propofol has common side effects of, amongst other things, wheeziness and swollen throat – so why would Michael CHOOSE to take this when he was preparing for the concerts??? how do we know he willingly had this administered? do we know for sure he actually KNEW he was being given this? Oh, i just remembered what nurse Lee said that he asked her for some and she explained the risks. do you think thats true?

    Very interesting information about the meds and the bottles – clearly he couldn’t have been addicted or he would definitely have taken them all. true addicts will use anything they can find that does anything, like cough medicine even.
    But I don’t understand the family and some friends saying he had an addiction problem. what do they base this on i wonder cos nobody has said they ACTUALLY SAW HIM take anything. but the anti anxiety meds listed in the link, even tho he didn’t take many of them have side effects of drowsiness and stuff that could make him appear overmedicated especially if he was very sensitive to them, so if they only saw him the odd day he’d taken someting they could maybe assume he was always taking them – he maybe only took something when he had to see and deal with his family!

    Those children are just so NOT the children of an addict, they seem well adjusted and confident. no way could they have spoke at either the memorial or the grammys like they did if they’d had the life the media portrays.

    and i hadn’t realised he was only insured against a drug overdose – what?? thats ridiculous if it was all innocent by AEG. surely natural causes would be one of the first things and then maybe accident on stage with all the things that were going to be done especially as there was already the bridge accident before which could have prevented him from continuing the shows. so why not insure for them. the only reason can be that they planned a drug overdose.

    Have you seen the CNN report of Joe Jackson’s action agaisnt them, it says there is evidence murray asked AEG for recusitation equipment and a nurse to help and AEG never gave it, – for the biggest star on the planet! no way! – and it says AEG brought murray in in May, because Michael wasn’t attending rehearsals and to wean him off alleged drug dependency. Surely if you want treatment for a drug dependency you consult an expert in that field not a cardiologist! and its not for AEG to decide if someone needs medication for anxiety or needs to be weaned off, where’s the medical assessment and patient discussion? Michael knew if he needed help with anxiety or not and if he did, then he did, not for an employer to meddle in and try to control.

    Its hard to know how much Joe actually knows and how much he is just putting it out there to get to the truth.

    There is NOTHING about this whole situation that makes any sense except premeditated murder and cover up.

  26. Seven says:

    To back up what BG said about the very strange insurance policy AEG had on Michael and the shows:


    This is a tabloid, however, I’ve read the same elsewhere.

  27. Seven says:


    Nikki didn’t mean that Murray did heart-cath or cardioversions on Michael. She simply said those may be things Murray used propofol for on OTHER patients, and thus he certainly was familiar with its use and so this was no ‘accident‘ (ie: he knew what he was doing, meaning: intent)

  28. Jeanne says:

    I am going to be honest with you , if I had to deal with half the B.S. that Michael had to,, I would willingly take all the meds , alcohol , or whatever it would take to num the pain of such hatred and greed and unwaranted attacks against him . Michael was one of true love and heart and he was sensitive . He wounded easy , If he took even one pill to ease the pain of such hatred from so many,, who the hell could blame him , I know I wouldnt . I know he is much stronger than I would be,, but like I said if this was me ,,, having to live with what he had to ,,,, I KNOW for a fact I wouldve been doing all the drugs and alcohol I could get my hands on ,,to make it all go away and anything else I could to relieve the pain from such hatred and greed . Its hard as hell to do the right thing and know that everywhere you go there is someone out there just ready to take from you all youve worked for and all you stand for,, for thier own evil purposes and needs . I do not judge or condem even ,,,IF ,,,Michael took one simple asprin to relieve his pain . People targeted him and when he called out then,,, who came ? Michael more than likely was not willingly addicted but if he was who the hell could blame him , If it was me , dealing with what he dealt with,,I wouldve self medicated as well . If you have a tender heart you understand , YOU can only take so much hatred . If you love as freely as Michael did and as generously as Michael did youd understand. You would .