Jun 18 2010

It wasn’t an accidental overdose.

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"Buprenex does the same as demerol, the only difference is you cannot become an addict on Buprenex. Buprenex Synthetic Demerol. 2 vials I would feel safe. Have it in case of accident."

Buprenex does the same as demerol, the only difference is you cannot become an addict on Buprenex.  Buprenex Synthetic Demerol. 2 vials I would feel safe. Have it in case of accident.

Michael evidently wrote this note to himself. As you can see, he was very concerned about not becoming addicted to painkillers and requested a non-addictive alternative for his needs.

This is not something an addict who was seeking substances just to get high would care about. Michael did suffer some physical pain. Because of the extreme physical exertion, stamina and athletic ability required in his dance performances, he was at risk for injury and sometimes did become injured, such as when the ‘bridge‘ in an Earth Song performance collapsed. Michael continued performing after that bridge fell, but apparently collapsed after the show was over. He was injured and in a great deal of pain. Michael had subsequent back pain and back problems after that. He also had a bit of arthritis in his fingers, back, and knees in his later years.

This means he was an addict? Is everyone who has been injured or has arthritis an addict? I don’t think so.

In my own opinion, and I have addicts in my own family, this is not a note an addict would write, or a concern an addict would have. Addicts only want to get their fix, their high. That’s all. They don’t care if the substance they get it from is addictive. They’re way beyond that. Michael wasn’t. Because Michael wasn’t an addict or misusing ‘painkillers‘ or any other drugs at or surrounding the time he died, IMO, given the facts.

At one time years ago, he did become addicted to painkillers. However, he received treatment and since that time, from what I can tell, he was very careful what he used and put in his body.

Aphrodite Jones mentioned this in a recent interview with a fan group on UStream. Ms. Jones stated that she knew that Michael was very particular what he put in his body as far as food and drugs were concerned. She didn’t give specifics, but the note above corroborates that. That interview with Ms. Jones can be heard here.

A recent comment from his own Mother, whom he was quite close to:

A year on from his death, Michael’s mother does not accept he died of natural causes. ‘He was too young for that, but something happened. I heard from people he was taking prescription drugs but I’ve never seen my son in any way…even talking to him on the phone, he was always himself. I never asked him about that as he was always normal. I don’t think he just died of natural causes. I don’t believe that. It was someone who was watching over him…and he died. If I could see him again I would ask him, “Who did this to you?” -Katherine Jackson

Michael suffered physical pain like many of us do and when it was necessary to function, probably sought pain relief. But I don’t personally believe he was anymore an ‘addict‘ to ‘painkillers‘ when he died than I am an addict to Ibuprofin that I take for headaches or muscle aches.

A friend of mine says: “It’s time they started treating Michael’s death like a murder, instead of just another celebrity drug overdose“.  I agree with her.

In a previous piece here co-written by the friend (Nikki) who made this statement, it is explained why and how the “Michael Jackson was an addict” and “this is just another celebrity drug overdose” meme the media is pushing doesn’t quite wash.

The drugs that contributed to Michael’s death were benzodiazepines (Valium, Versed, and Avitan) and the sedative/hypnotic propofol. Benzodiazepines are for insomnia and anxiety. They are not painkillers. Michael was not addicted to painkillers and did not “die from an overdose of painkillers“, like the media seems to have a penchant for repeating over and over and over again. Propofol is also not a painkiller and I am quite frankly sick of the media calling it that.

Michael died because a negligent doctor (who I am convinced knew exactly what he was doing) gave him a lethal combination of drugs, (none of them “painkillers“) topped off with a large amount of propofol (which is sedative hypnotic agent used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia in the surgical suite, not a painkiller). Michael’s levels of propofol were consistent with that of someone who was completely sedated for major surgery and Dr. Calmes made this statement in the autopsy report.

The cause of death was not “overdose with painkillers“.  The cause of death was “acute propofol intoxication” – “administered by another“, according to the coroner’s report.

How the sam hell anyone gets that Michael Jackson died “from an overdose of painkillers” from all this is beyond me, but that is what I hear time and time again even now, almost a year after Michael’s death, from the medialoids. Michael was murdered in my opinion, and I am personally unconvinced that murder was not intentional. Here’s a bit of the reason why:

My friend Nikki has researched cases where people have died from propofol and her conclusion thus far is:

When one looks at previous cases where propofol ultimately caused the death of someone in a residence, though they are few and far between, all were either ruled accidental or pre-meditated murder. It was already ruled that Michael did not inject himself–that drops the chance of this being accidental and leaves pre-meditated murder as the only other option.

Now, if you want to read about a real drug addict and how drug addicts behave, have a gander at this or take a look at Ozzy Osbourne who is an addict and who even himself stated in regards to Michael’s death:

If you or me had given him that medication, we’d be up for murder. So why isn’t the doctor? That stuff they use only anesthetists should use. Doctors get away with anything. It’s like a club. -Ozzy Osbourne

From the previous piece on this issue:

Propofol is not structurally or pharmacologically related in any way to other common anesthetics such as opioids (narcotic pain killers), barbiturates (such as phenobarbital) or benzodiazepines. Propofol has no attraction to receptors that the above drugs commonly interact within the brain–meaning that potential for abuse and/or addiction should be limited. It is actually chemically similar to vitamin E and aspirin.

Information from Table 3A in the autopsy report shows that Jackson did not appear to be a compliant patient–he rarely finished or took his medications as prescribed, including antibiotics which should be finished in most situations. He underutilized almost every medication he had in his possession. For those medication bottles found empty, based on the date the medications were filled at the pharmacy, it is appropriate to have found them completely used. The amount of benzodiazepines remaining and the length of time since being filled/written do not correlate with an addiction. However, Murray’s benzodiazepine-prescribing was more encouraging of establishing a tolerance in his patient (with no apparent tolerance) rather than trying to prevent one from occurring.

Conrad Murray’s defense and the media are having a field day spouting misinformation to the public about all of this. They are pumping the lie that Michael was just “another washed-up drug addict who killed himself with drugs“. It’s great for Murray’s defense, but it is scientifically and patently untrue. The evidence is right there in the autopsy report and even in Michael’s own handwriting, above, as well as brief comment from Aphrodite Jones and the evidence found in Michael’s home after his death.

Michael’s death was not just “another celebrity drug overdose“. It is clearly a case of murder and it is about time it was treated like one. John M. Curtis at the Examiner certainly is another who agrees with that assessment as well. Curtis states that Conrad Murray has gotten away with murder and indeed he has, as was evident by the pretentious little show put on for us on June 14th in the courtroom and the fact that Michael’s murderer is still fully licensed to continue his ‘practice‘.

My friend Nikki had one nit to point out though, about Mr. Curtis’s article and his assertion that Murray used a drip to administer the propofol to Michael. Nikki explains why that could not have been possible and how the administration of the gargantuan amount of propofol to Michael had to be repeated manually via bolus injections. This fact adds even more credence to the likelihood Murray’s actions had to be intentional (ie: voluntary manslaughter aka murder) Nikki says:

I agree that this is murder. However, Murray did not set up a drip. There was no mechanical pump available. He likely was unable to set up a gravity system as well considering propofol comes in a glass bottle and need special tubing to flow. That being said, he was having to administer boluses of the drug, confirmed with the syringes that lie on the floor. Murray may not be an anesthesiologist but that does not mean he would be a fool to medications like propofol, Ativan, Versed and Valium. Murray likely used the latter three drugs for sedation to do cardiac catherizations on a regular basis and may have even used propofol before for cardioversions. Many times critically ill patients, including cardiac, are placed on propofol to keep them from fighting the ventilator. Murray is no lay person–he has been an M.D. about 22 years–he knew exactly what he was doing the morning of June 25th. He wasn’t dumb to the risks that he failed to plan for, either.

See the comments below where details are given about the rather odd insurance policy AEG took out on Michael and the shows. This policy apparently ONLY covered “accidental drug overdose“. If it did not cover injury or death of natural causes, then in order for that policy to pay out, Michael has to be (they NEED him to be) defined as an ‘addict‘, and his death defined as an ‘accident.

Here is a video where Phillips himself admits that the insurance will only pay if it’s an “accidental overdose“, which could be why it’s being defined that way – besides that it helps Murray’s defense tremendously, as well.

Unfortunately, it appears those ‘in power‘ have already been bought and sold and will not do any justice in this case. We’ve witnessed their recent dog & pony show in the courtroom on June 14th – that pretentious ruse they set up to make a good show of caring about justice, whilst in action, they have no intention whatsoever of appropriately investigating, charging, or punishing Michael’s murderer(s). They intend to let them all off scot-free, while Conrad Murray’s defense, along with the help of the establishment media, misleads the public once again and as always, about Michael Jackson.

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{ Thanks to Nikki Evans-Taylor for her help with this piece. -Seven }

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58 Responses to “It wasn’t an accidental overdose.”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am sick and tired of them trying to portray Michael as a drug addict also. Anyone who has knowledge of addiction knows that Michael was not an addict. Thank you Seven for showing clearly why the media wants to label him as an addict. His family needs to stop playing into the hands of the media and AEG. Seems as though Joe is the only one going after the true murderers. When Branca finishes with the Estate will there be anything left for Michael’s children. And yes, June 14th was a joke. What can we do to push Justice to prevail in this case? They used Michael’s money to help the bankrupt city LA. The conspiracy and corruption goes deeper and deeper.

  2. Amazing says:

    We can all take a stand now and DO something about all of this for Michael. Here’s a petition that we can all sign and spread around the world to get some long overdue justice for Michael:


  3. MJ-DarkChild says:

    I am lost on the heart cath and the cardioversion idea.

    1) Cardioversion: brief procedure where an electrical shock is delivered to the heart to convert an abnormal heart rhythm back to a normal rhythm. Can be elective or for an emergency. (Why would Michael require a Cardioversion?)


    Heart Cath: Why perform cardiac cath on a regular basis? Especially on a patient with no known problems with their heart. Heart cath is for known problems with the heart.

    This is a procedure to examine blood flow to the heart and test how well the heart is pumping. This test can measure blood pressure within the heart and how much oxygen is in the blood. It’s also used to get information about the pumping ability of the heart muscle.

    (Many times critically ill patients, including cardiac, are placed on propofol to keep them from fighting the ventilator). This I have personal knowledge of:

    My husband was on a ventilator and somehow was able to push the tubing out by using his tongue to continuously push until the ventilator tubing came out. They had to have an Anesthetist hang propofol to keep him sedated. But, he was in an intensive care unit and had a nurse at all times. He was properly monitored while under the sedation of the propofol.

    I also agree with the idea that the doctor may have given bolus injections; if there was no mechanical pump found at the site. Even the best anesthetist, I don’t think, would risk given a bolus of propofol….the pump would be safer….and they would not risk giving it bolus or using a mechanical pump without having emergency equipment and meds in place.

    The chances Dr. Murray took does appear to be intentional and very foolish…..he admits to giving the propofol nightly…….though I, too, will be careful in my accusations……Seven’s friend does make some valid points, to me…..just can’t understand the cardio cath concept.

    Cardio Conversion may come into play; if a situation occurred where conversion became necessary to correct abnormal heart rhythm (An Atrial Fib or Flutter).

  4. MJRedSilk says:

    Why do so many people insist that Michael was an addict? Some members of his family say it, people he worked with, even fans! Read the Autopsy report. The only drugs in his system were the ones Murray gave him. Also an “addict” would never have so many bottles of presciption drugs that were unused!! They would take them.
    It pains me to think that Michael was in this hell that he couldnt escape from. That there was no one for him to turn to, to trust.
    May the truth and justice prevail.
    Please God.
    Thank you Seven. For everything.

  5. Joy Schaper says:

    I know Michaels pain. I suffer from very bad arthritis, border on lupus, and some mornings find it vey hard to get up and walk, I need pain killers to survive each day, so I know what he wss going through, with his very active dance routines etc he would have been in a lot of pain when he was rehersing for that up coming concert. When you finish heart rate things like that even lots of exercise, it is very hard to come down and sleep, and Michael was rehersing late into the night so would have found it very hard to sleep. I can go round the clock 48 hours without sleep, unless I take something. I am 13 yrs older that Michael was. The DOCTOR should never, ever, have given Michael that coctail of drugs that night, I am sorry he was in the wrong, and HE should never have left the room because the breathing and heart needs to he checked and kept an eye on. Even a lay man knows that.

  6. Susan says:

    Hi Seven;

    In your Comment No. 7 from your friend “AEG only insured for drug overdose and nothing else”.

    If the victim had been Joe Public and not Michael Jackson, and Joe Public had died as a result of a massive overdose of a drug administered by a doctor who was under a proposed contract with Joe Public’s employer and then you discover that Joe Public’s employer had an insurance policy that covered Joe Public for drug overdose only, wouldn’t you think some bells might go off and somebody would connect the dots?

    Do you think the state is serious about justice for Michael or is this going to be all done for show. Right now it looks like a bad episode of CSI.

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi Seven,

    Thanks for the very informative articles. I agree with you whole heartedly that Michael was NOT the party-seeking drug user. In fact, that was NEVER who he was. He was always a very clean-cut guy, and the “party animal” persona was very much out of character for Michael. He was NOT the street-corner “junkie” looking for his next fix, but a man who had incurred serious injuries in his lifetime and through his work. Having experienced the pain of a herniated disc in my spine, I can fully understand the need for pain medication because of an injury.

    Propofol is not a pain killer, but a medication used to induce a coma usually for people having surgery. It should ONLY be administered by a board certified anesthesiologist in a hospital setting for people who are undergoing a surgical procedure. Murray knew this, yet despite the fact that he was severely underequipped, understaffed, and totally out of his scope of practice, he gave this medication–ignoring all the safety risks.

    Then, to add insult to injury, he makes himself seem like a hero because he supposedly “saves a life on an airplane.” Where were all of his life-saving skills on 6/25/09? He’s a cardiologist who couldn’t even fake CPR properly! Why did he delay calling 911 for such a long time?

    It’s “plane” to see what’s going on here! Michael’s fans are not blinded by the “flight!” I believe this life-saving effort in the air was a staged event to make himself look good right before a court hearing–of a murder case!

    Michael’s former addiction to pain medicine is NO DIFFERENT than any one of us on the same medication. Addiction is a risk to certain types of prescribed medication, and it could just as easily happen to you or I if we had to take the same medication. Murray should have known he was out of his league in treating Michael, who clearly needed a sleep study specialist, and perhaps an anesthesiologist who was trained in administering pain-managment options to patients. If you are at the point where you need to be induced into a coma with such a powerful medication, something is very wrong, and Propofol is NOT the answer–anyone with a medical license should automatically recognize that fact.

    17 years were spent on investigating Michael Jackson–an innocent man, for a crime he NEVER committed. I sincerely hope that the next 17 years will be spent investigating his murder, and that all who had a hand in digging his grave will be held accountable to their disgusting acts.

  8. nessie says:

    AH–access feels good! Access to the TRUTH! THAT note is very telling..makes it obvious that Michael was concerned about being able to receive treatment, when necessary, from substances that wouldn’t encourage addiction. This is the mindset of ‘recovery’ not active addiction. I wonder too, along with appleh..what’s in it for the siblings to come out and say that they ‘tried interventions’ and had concerns, etc.? Those statements would make me cringe because is there not a trial still to take place? Why would any of them label their brother to the media like that?! Resentment over not being named in the ‘will’?

    It’s impossible for those of us who [try to!] keep up with Seven and her friends to keep a complacent brain on these matters. My little head keeps reeling reactions to the ‘lamestream’ media’s upcoming features on MICHAEL’s LAST DAYS!!! I want to scream…”HOW DARE YOU?!” etc. etc., but instead, I do hope to settle into a more reasoned response.
    Love you, Seven!

  9. Julia Foster says:

    I am sick of people calling Michael a drug addict all the time and no matter how many times I try to explain it they don’t listen. This article is great I am going refer people here to read it thank you so much for this, hopefuuly people will read it and understabd the truth.

  10. BG says:

    Hi Seven,

    AEG definitely relied on “the story” about MJ being a drug addict – their insurance cover depends on it.

    Here’s a comment from Randy Phillips in a Billboard article from July 2, 2009:

    But Phillips says part of Jackson’s advance came in the form of AEG paying certain of Jackson’s obligations, as well as Jackson’s housing and living arrangements. Such expenses are “100% recoupable” if insurance pays off, Phillips says.”

    From a ContactMusic article from July 3, 2009:

    If drugs are proved to have played a part in Jackson’s untimely passing, AEG executives will be able to recoup some of their massive losses – but not if he’s ruled to have died of natural causes, according to the company’s chief executive Randy Phillips.

    From TMZ July 3, 2009:

    A spokesperson for Lloyd’s of London tells us she’s never heard of a case where her company has insured someone for a drug overdose.

    AEG, the company that was promoting Jackson’s London concerts, claimed yesterday the policy it took out from Lloyd’s did not cover death from natural causes but did cover overdoses.”/

    In March 2009 there were reports that Michael passed “a grueling five hour medical.” Also, sorry to mention the autopsy but the report showed a very healthy heart and no signs whatsoever of drug abuse.

    There has been much written about the many drugs found in MJ’s room but I have come across a site which details these drugs, when they were issued, what they were for, how many should be taken and when and how many were left at June 25. The drugs found don’t suggest MJ was addicted. They point to the opposite.

    I have been given permission to link to the site. The owner of the site is willing to answer any questions anyone has. Be careful though, the site has links to other graphic details, which you may not feel comfortable reading about.


  11. Cautious says:

    It’s true you cannot follow the media; they will never get it right. Simply following on from some previous bit of media they stole from some unresourceful media.

    If MJ was addicted to prescription drugs then many of us who have to take prescription drugs on a regular basis are addicts. MJ had to take precription drugs for pain.

    Propofol:So when does it become illegal? It doesn’t, not until it has been overused, abused or used in the wrong manner. Dr Murray is just one of the doctors, there are more out there. Just that he got caught.
    It pains me to think of it. Would anyone treat their pet the same way?
    You dont treat anyone suffering insomnia with Propofol. Crazy.

    The conspiracy: I’m unsure if he was murdered for his catalog, but due to the previous business arrangement he had with Sony, it is clear they were heading for his Beatles catalogue to do business with, as an item – an asset and extremely valuable one too. MJ knew he had to keep something for his children, and quite right too. But with McCain and Branca overseeing as executives to the will, they will make arrangents as they have with Sony and AEG etc. The Jackson family don’t even have a mention.

    It’s very frustrating and like looking at two sides of the Berlin Wall.

  12. sublimare says:

    I found an error in my message:those pictures were taken in 2002 and in 2009 they were AEG LIVE courtesy according to CNN.


    Further more, the video shows and is “supported” by so called “professional comments” of a Michael with needle marks and suggesting drug abuse and not at all spider bite infection as what in reality is. So called “specialists” were used to explain a drug addict behave and how hidden parts of the body were used blah,blah,blah. Note the airing date and how they try to paint Michael as a drug addict with all suggestions,explanations and observations. Whatever it takes.

    Michael used those photo in court in 2002.IF there were needle marks as they claim now than this would have been “suicide” in 2002 for Michael. The severity of the trial and accusations would not permit ever to hand over to the court, pictures of himself with needle marks.

    This is another prove of “media” distorted “truth”. I am not sure who is media serving anymore but if media is private than why should I demand and expect transparency and honesty while is serving interests of his owner? Media owner airs and writes whatever suits his and friends interets. Michael was treat by media for so long with manipulative remarks and documentaries (wonder who paid them?) and in the end all the organization capable of “rise or fall” for Michael disclosed themself as self-interest, manipulative,sensationalisme-deliberating spreading lies and promote false accusations/observations that would damage Michaels image. Actually,this is all about: Michael´s image had to be distroied, manipulated to suits someones interests.Let´s not forget Michael had lupus and because of it he had chronic pain. Read what people are experiencing with this illness. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080323111449AA8rV2O
    I was surprised few days ago reading an article about Lady Gaga and the posibiltity of lupus for her. Media treats her very respectful and all kinds of info in regard to illness and symptoms (pain, pain and more pain explained) while for Michael never bothered to explain and teach the reader of the severity of the illness.

  13. Seven says:

    Mel – I do remember the bit about Liz Taylor bringing him to rehab so it probably was 1993. I changed the wording just to say ‘in the past’, but I do believe it was probably 1993 or so.

    Regardless, I do not see where or how Michael continued to behave at all like an ‘addict’ after that and it it my belief that this definition of him is being propagated out there to keep AEG, $ony, Murray, and the media all safe from any culpability in his death, and swimming in $.

    The drugs found unfinished in his home, the details and lab results in the autopsy report, and his behavior/concern about addiction after that time is not the M.O. of an addict, regardless what happened in or before 1993. I believe he was addicted in the past – but after receiving treatment, was very concerned about what he used in his body so as not to fall back into addiction. I just don’t see the ‘addict’ behavior from him when or even in the several years before he died given the actual FACTS.

    Thanks for the info on the note.

  14. Mel says:

    I too thought it was 1993 after the allegations. I also remember reading that it was Liz Taylor bringing him to rehab in the UK after the Dangerous Tour.

    I believe the picture was taken during one of the raids in Neverland in the early 2000s… Nikki probably knows though

  15. Nagla says:

    Great work, Seven! This will help many people understand the true nature of Michael’s dependency on medication, which is being constantly referred to as a “drug problem” or an “addiction”. Will definitely link to it on FB. Thank you and keep it up.

  16. Susan says:

    Hi Seven;

    Brilliant investigative work as usual.

    “AEG only insured for drug overdose and nothing else”.

    So if this was John Q. Public who died from a massive amount of drugs administered by a doctor, said doctor under contract with the deceased’s employer, and employer obtains insurance for death by drug overdose only, what is wrong with this picture?

  17. Seven says:

    Sublimare and Karin,

    I would put NOTHING past AEG. Now you know why that comment from my friend jumped out at me like it did. – “… They NEED to have him portrayed that way“.

  18. Seven says:


    I do not know when Michael wrote that note. I wish I did.

    I thought that the addiction occurred after Michael’s scalp burn and during and after recovery from that, which was excruciatingly painful for him. Does anyone else have other info?

  19. Maria4MJ says:

    Dear Seven,
    Powerful article.Thank you for your unyielding efforts to expose the world’s worst liars who shamelessly stole away from mankind the greatest gift of all.
    Your loyal reader and fellow traveller on this journey,

  20. Karin says:

    This is a significant issue. With his control of media groups, Philip Anschutz has the capacity to portray anybody in any light in the media. This man has unlimited power. Watch the video from about 2 minutes on:




    Is it any surprise that AEG is never mentioned in a negative light in the media?

  21. sublimare says:

    Excellent site.Excellent work. Excellent written articles. I do think there was an undeniable “effort” from many parts to make Michael look as an addict in every media- and this happened right after his death.
    I always wondered who is behind this discredit of Michael and what are the reasons? I was very surprised to watch a CNN video on utube where some pictures of MIchael´s spider bite were aired-right after his death. Odd, CNN writes all those pictures are “COURTESY: AEG LIVE”. AEG LIVE? That AEG LIVE? How AEG is the owner of Michael´s photos used 4 years ago under the court trial? How those specific photos showing a nasty spider bite and a report about Michael drug addiction got aired right before Michael´s death?

  22. Cherry says:

    Thank you Seven for collecting all the information we have so far here again, it’s very useful because there is so much to know, I forget certain details…

    And thank you sooo much for this hand written note, do you know when Michael wrote that?

    I just have one question: You wrote that after the burned scalp incident Michael became addicted to painkillers and then received treatment. Was that still in the 80s? Or do you mean the 1993 rehab? I thought he had become addicted to painkillers or sleeping medication in 1993 because of the Chandler allegations…Can you clear that up for me a little bit? Thank you!


  23. sd says:

    Over the last year, and most certainly in 2009, AEG has issued mixed messages about their relationship with Dr. Murray. Acording to AP News (yesterday) Dr. Murray supposedly submitted a request to AEG for a heart resuscitation machine and another person with medical training.This is based on sources revealed in e-mails and a contract drafted by promoter AEG Live and sent to Murray. This proposed contract between Dr. Murray and AEG, was to include a monthly fee of $150,000, but the written agreement was not executed, was not finalized before Mr. Jackson’s death. Murray never received payment for his services. Mr. Joe Jackson (Michael’s father) has filed a complaint with the California Medical Board against AEG and Dr. Murray.
    Link: http://www.freep.com/article/20100617/ENT07/100617015/1035/rss04

    Also yesterday we learn from a press release issued by the City of Los Angeles in LA Times that Anschutz Entertainment Group and the estate of Michael Jackson have agreed to provide $1.3 million to the city of Los Angeles to help cover the cost of last year’s memorial for the entertainer at Staples Center. This sais according to Councilwoman Jan Perry. AEG is keeping the politicos calm is my read of this action. The City of Los Angeles had much to do about getting itself in its own fiscal mess.


  24. Seven says:


    One thing I do believe is that it suits AEG and just about everyone else as well to have Michael portrayed as a drug addict – AEG only insured for drug overdose and nothing else – can you believe that?? They need to have him portrayed that way.

  25. Kim Bailey says:

    Hi Seven, I love you so much and am so grateful to call you friend. You do so much to honor Michael and to set the facts straight for everyone. Another thing I would like to add to his pain is that we also need to remember his burns. He had severe burns on his skull. Burns at that level would have continued to plague him with pain. Also, he had Lupus another painful, crippling illness and yet he always persevered. God bless you Seven! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  26. Karin says:

    Great article, thanks Seven. I agree with Ozzy Osbourne’s comments about doctors. When doctors maim or kill it is called malpractice and not treated as a criminal action. I don’t get this. With their position of privilege in our society, they should be more accountable and not less accountable. But here we have Murray still hanging on to his licence go figure.

    Do you ever wonder if Murray paused to think about Michael’s three children before he murdered Michael with that lethal injection? That’s what it was – a whole bunch of muscle relaxants which would have had to slow the heart and breathing, followed by a huge dose of Propofol. Same as an execution of sorts. Did our Michael deserve better than to be put down in such a way? I can’t help but maintain the rage, especially when we witness certain parties getting wealthier and wealthier because of Michael’s death.

  27. appleh says:

    Thank you Seven, I released it !

    What I really don´t understand, what is the purpose that some of his siblings say that he had a problem with medication. They should have known better !

  28. Seven says:

    Appleh, sure. Just provide the link.

  29. Justice4MJJ says:

    Another wonderful work, thanks again Seven! Added it to the site, and further evidence against the killers!

  30. appleh says:

    Hi Seven,

    may I connect this article with my FB page ?