Jun 27 2010

Just a Few Notes After a Rough Day Friday

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The segment ABC’s 20/20 did with Karen Faye, Michael Lee Bush and Dennis Tompkins revealed what I’ve mentioned here on MJJ-777 before, about Michael’s condition during the ‘This Is It‘ rehearsals. Contrary to what Randy Phillips has said “I’d trade my body for his“, etc. Michael was NOT in good condition, nor in any condition to do 50 grueling 2-hour concerts, nor did he want to do that many concerts.

Why then, the question must be asked, did AEG continue with rehearsals for these shows? Of course they had invested money in Michael and in these shows and you don’t halt production unless you absolutely must. But when the star’s health is clearly failing, you do not ignore that in favor of the money or the shows. Why? Because the star may just die. And so he did. AEG didn’t seem sufficiently concerned about this prospect. If they were, they’d have halted the shows. That’s simply the bottom line.

The next question then comes to mind: To whom was his death of the most benefit? What was gained by this? Is it more than what was lost? The moral answer to that question has to be “No“. But in reality, it just may be something different. Given the circumstances surrounding Michael’s life and death, his own fears and those he expressed to his family that someone wanted him dead, this most certainly bears a sound looking into.

And then there is the likelihood that Michael was being manipulted by AEG and/or others; that he was being threatened, etc. into doing these shows. According to his brother Randy and others, he was being threatened with his life, his home, and loss of his assets (catalogs and things from Neverland and Neverland itself) if he didn’t do the 50 shows.

Here is a clip from the 20/20 segment, where Karen Faye, Michael’s friend and make-up artist and hairstylist for 20+ years, talks about what she saw and how frightened she was for Michael’s health during the ‘This Is It‘ rehearsals.

Karen tried to notify those in charge. She expressed her concerns. Did they stop production? No. They hired someone to make sure he ate and employed “Doctor” Conrad Murray to drug him to “sleep“.  *See what Dr. Patrick Treacy also has to say about that in one of his interviews, below. Karen was told “we have it under control.” Next thing she knew, her friend and employer of almost 30 years, was dead, just as she had feared.

I want to also share with you the thoughts of a couple of doctors. Doctors who have the proper regard for patient health and privacy that Conrad Murray and Arnie Klein clearly do not. First, Dr. John M. Curtis, writing for the Examiner on Michael Jackson’s One-Year Memorial:

Representatives from the Los Angeles District Attorney and California Medical Board dropped the ball, letting Murray continue to practice medicine. Whether he accepts responsibility or not, he administered a reckless procedure for which he had no certification resulting in Michael’s death. His attorney can point fingers at Michael’s history of whatever but he can’t ignore that Jackson died because of Murray’s direct actions. His “intent” is of no consequence to a gross act of negligence and malpractice causing Jackson’s death. What does the DA or Medical Board need to see before they act responsibly. No, Murray didn’t wield a knife or pull a trigger but he poked Jackson with a lethal needle.

-Dr. John M. Curtis

I’ve written quite a bit here about Michael’s time in Ireland before he left this Earth. The time he spent there was seemingly idyllic and I cannot help personally wishing he’d stayed there and believing that maybe if he had, he’d still be with us today. The people of Ireland treated Michael well and while they enjoyed his company, they allowed him and his family their personal space and freedom that Michael so badly needed and could not find anywhere else in the world, seemingly.

Dr. Patrick Treacy, Medical Director of Ailesbury Medical Clinic, Dublin, who knew Michael from his time there, has left these thoughts about Michael here on my blog:

In Mahavanain Buddhism, there is an enlightened existence known as the ‘bodhisattva’ who decides to postpone attainment of nirvana in order to alleviate the suffering of others. In my own lifetime, I have been fortunate to have met some of these visionaries, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Bono, John Lennon and Michael Jackson.

Only five people in nearly half a century, just enough to count on the fingers of one hand. Each of them, intrinsically motivated by a sense of great compassion, generating bodhicitta for the ultimate benefit of all sentient beings. Of course, there have been others, circulating on the peripheries of my own dharma. I knew Lady Diana Spencer during the mid nineties in a medical sense and I had been in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama without having actually met him. All of these people, hugely influential, global messengers using their powers to try and make the world a better place for each of us to live in.

Nelson Mandela stood against the injustice of apartheid, Mother Theresa and Bono against the injustice of poverty, John Lennon against the injustice of war but Michael Jackson went further. His body of artistic work carried a spiritual message for these and all of the other injustices of the human race…those of racism, inequality, disease, hunger and corruption. His song ‘Man in the Mirror’ makes us realise that the path to Nirvana starts within ourselves through meditation and self reflection.

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror; I’m asking him to change his ways; no message could have been any clearer; if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”

If Nirvana can be loosely described as an idealised state free of worries, pain and mental anguish, we all know that Michael never achieved this state, seemingly forever trapped in a state of the ‘bodhisattva’ with the temporal green grasses and sundials of Neverlands becoming its earthly substitute. His efforts at generating bodhicitta however are unfortunately rarely mentioned any more. Few people remember that he donated all of the money from the song we just mentioned above to charity.

Following the 1984 Victory Tour, he donated his $5 million share from the tour’s profits to charity. In 1985, he co-wrote the single “We Are the World” with Lionel Richie and donated all of the proceeds to help the needy in Africa. Almost 20 million copies of “We Are the World” were sold, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. The project raised millions for famine relief.

In fact, the first time I met Michael, his opening words to me were “Thank you for all you are doing for the people of Africa”. He then proceeded to take out an old magazine from his pocket, which had an article I had written back in 1992 called ‘The Silence of the Savannah’. The article detailed my experiences of coming across empty villages on route trough Africa to Capetown and it predicted to eventual rise of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. It began…

“Evenings in Kenya are enchanting. It is then that the sun takes on a light of deep red before setting, and barefooted women clothed in loose kangas stir up a light murram dust as they meet us on their way homeward for the night. As dusk falls the swollen rim of the sinking sun runs rivulets of scarlet colour into the skyline and silhouettes the acacia trees on the hillsides around us. This is the unchanging magic in the landscape of Africa, and it is our signal we have travelled enough for the day. We turn into the bush to find some shade and set up camp. In the distance we can hear some voices from a nearby ‘manyatta’, and the sound of barking dogs disturbs the stillness of the dusk…..

….later, we pass many empty villages, abandoned stores and vacant huts that are a testament to the destructive power of the plague whose path we follow. There is an eeriness about these deserted hamlets, and in the restless winds that stir the blue savannah grasses I listen expectantly to hear the noise of barking dogs, or the distant sounds of children playing ….. but no sound comes!

‘You know I cried when I read that’ he continued. “We must do something together for the people of Africa”

And his humanitarianism did not stop on the African continent. In 1984, Michael donated his out of court $1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Centre in Culver City, California. This facility was later renamed the “Michael Jackson Burn Center” in honour of his donation. Using this money the facility was able to get the best available technology for treating burn victims, especially children. In 1993, he gave all the profits from 67 concerts over eighteen months on the Dangerous World Tour to the Heal the World Foundation. In 1999, he organised a series of benefit concerts with Mariah Carey, Slash, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti in Germany and Korea. He donated the total proceeds to the “Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund”, the Red Cross and UNESCO. After 911, he helped organise the ‘United We Stand: What More Can I Give’ benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. He also was given a special award from President Ronald Regan for his support of American drug and alcohol charities.

His last album, Invincible has a song called Cry. It is a song about the collective humanity of the earth. It carries a mission to change the world and create a better version of the human. It is a cry from another world.

“You can change the world
(I can’t do it by myself)
You can touch the sky
(Gonna take somebody’s help)
You’re the chosen one
(I’m gonna need some kind of sign)
All cry at same time tonight”

That is how I will remember Michael Jackson on his anniversary and maybe in the evening sun as the restless winds stir the blue savannah grasses of far away Africa; ….this is the way his ancestors might also!.

-Dr. Patrick Treacy

Here is one of the interviews with Dr. Treacy, where he talks about Michael:

A couple of quotes I want to highlight from this clip concerning the media and AEG are as follows:

Michael was a creation of the media, and often, the media didn’t want to hear the truth about Michael….the media are chasing me right now. They want me to put some dirt out about Michael, and it doesn’t exist!…They wanted to hound him to death, to crucify him, to put him in jail.

. . .

*AEG, the company involved may have pushed his doctor to the extent that, because he wasn’t turning up for performances and that, that they wanted to get him technically – to cure his insomnia and of course a lot of drugs were given to him.

Now I know for a fact – and this is where Dublin will probably sit on the trial, that Michael would never involve himself with any of the drugs mentioned without the presence of an anesthetist.

-Dr. Patrick Treacy, Medical Director, Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin

Here is another interview with Dr. Treacy, where, even being the head of a Medical Clinic, he rightly refuses to discuss Michael’s appearance, surgeries, or his medical opinions about Michael with this interviewer and went right into his humanitarian work, changing the subject to one more respectful and appropriate.

This is personal and ethical integrity. This is what any doctor ought to do is to refuse to discuss his patient’s medical information with the media (or anyone). No matter if the patient is living or deceased, divulging the patient’s info, giving medical opinions about the patient, or reasons for visiting a clinic is unethical and illegal, though in Dr. Arnie Klein’s case, that law is clearly not being enforced. Dr. Klein could take a lesson from Dr. Treacy on this matter.

It appears at least to me, based on what Aphrodite Jones has said in a previous interviews with fans, based on medical fact, Michael’s own past behavior, the coroner’s report, and the evidence found at Michael’s Carolwood Estate after his death, along with Dr. Treacy’s opinion on the subject, that Michael Jackson was not a person to just use any drug haphazardly; that he was very careful what he used and under what circumstances; that relied on the advice of physicians (good or bad!) for proper usage and safety; that he was not ‘addicted‘ to any drugs when he died or misusing or copiously ingesting any prescription drugs when he died. Furthermore, the report states that Michael died of “acute propofol intoxication“, “administered by another” and that “circumstances do not support self-administration of propofol“.

Regardless of those facts, Conrad Murray’s only defense, since his actions on June 25th, 2009 are otherwise indefensible, is to claim that Michael Jackson was an addict, that he was ‘addicted‘ to propofol, and that he (even though the coroner’s summary clearly states that would have been impossible) somehow injected himself with a lethal dose of the drug. AEG, it’s worth mentioning, has some control over some of the media (that is, it owns some media interests), and it behooves them to have Michael portrayed as an addict, given the apparent stipulations of their insurance policy on Michael and the shows and their desire to avoid having themselves implicated in his murder. It’s certainly clear that Murray is being given the benefit of the doubt by the media and the authorities, medical and legal. Far be it that Michael Jackson himself had been given the same benefit when allegations were made against him.

Is our society so utterly bassackwards that innocent men are lynched, even after clear acquittal, whilst the guilty go free even when they are clearly guilty? I have to say I’d not be at all surprised if this is the case because when corporate money and profits are at stake, when political maneuvering is afoot, truth and justice go right out the window. That’s hardly any secret in these United States.

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47 Responses to “Just a Few Notes After a Rough Day Friday”

  1. Ali says:

    “That was Elvis telling me we got the house” !!!!! lol! I’m sure Elvis would have been ecstatic geller bought the house ! NOT! but he is so serious, he actually seems to believe it!
    Uri Geller is one of the lowest of the low. a narcissitic manipulative deceitful faker. a celebrity chaser. his moments of fame were over decades ago and he thinks attaching himself to others more popular than himself will make people like him again. he is so in love with himself he can’t see it doesn’t work and nobody likes him. most of us had forgotten he existed until he reappeared and linked himself with Michael Jackson!

    did you notice the other linked article on the page, about him breaking friends with Michael Jackson – supposedly! we all know it was Michael Jackson who didn’t want to know him anymore because of the bashir intro. but its interesting to read that and compare with his interviews after Michael died about what good friends they were.

    how he thinks he can fool people into thinking he was AT ANY TIME a friend of Michael! he was no friend to Michael, he used him for publicity for himself, that was all the exeter trip and the renewed marriage vows were about, its so obvious on the youtube footage, he is SO ungenuine. and I think Michael knew it from his reactions, but he went along with it.
    sorry to go on and on about it, but i hate the man!

    if he dares to touch a stone of Neverland i will be over on the next plane to punch his lights out! we english are belligerent you know! he might be able to bend spoons but i will show him what i can bend!

  2. june says:

    Uri Geller introduced Michael to Martin Bashir.

    After MJ’s death, Geller said he was sorry he had performed the introduction. Rumor had it that Mottola introduced Michael to Bashir; does Geller have intentions to go after Neverland with his monied cronies (CC?) as he did with Elvis’ former home. I was not aware of that, thanks for posting the video, Amazing.

    All these pieces are moving in the direction of proving the conspiracy that has existed since 2002. And I, too, wonder if Geller has the psychic ability to predict oil under Neverland.

  3. Amazing says:

    This article is quite eerie. Keep in mind Branca and the MJ estate connection.

    Elvis’ home sold to Uri Geller:


  4. Seven says:


    I had to laugh at that comment. Perhaps Geller does have such an ability. 😉

  5. Seven says:

    That IS an interesting article. Not surprising that Geller, like others, projected their own filthy thoughts about children onto Michael and climbed on the ‘blame Michael Jackson for our own dirty minds” bandwagon. Michael was innocent. Uri Geller? Not so much, obviously.

  6. Amazing says:

    Here’s an interesting article on MJ and Uri Geller:


  7. Amazing says:

    Does Uri Geller have the “psychic” ability to tell where oil is located? How and when did he come into Michael’s life?

  8. Seven says:


    I read somewhere that Mad Dog Sneddon wanted Neverland but there were not many details and I can’t remember what was written. If that’s so, then there should be suspicion that there could have been an agenda to get it away from him right from the beginning and that perhaps that was what was behind those events, yes.


  9. Ali says:

    Have you read ‘in search of neverland’ a book by the real estate agent who helped Michael buy neverland. she was a long time friend of both Michael and his family from their early days in encino. she wrote the book to clarify his motives in buying it and to show what it meant to him.

    it says that once they found the place it took over 6 months for any of Michael’s offers to be accepted by the seller (and builder) because they were so low and Michael almost didn’t get it. the reason the offers were low was not down to Michael, all the offers were controlled by branca and they just enraged and offended the seller. there was also a japanese company interested in the ranch, it doesn’t say which one and it might not be the one we automatically think of.

    anyway reading it it sounded to me as if branca didn’t want Michael to buy it because otherwise i can’t see why he would put so many obstacles in the way. why shouldn’t Michael have been able to get the home he wanted, he could afford it.

    add into that the fact that the land was obviously very desirable by others, as evidenced by the 1994 meeting when sneddon and co wanted to get their hands on it.

    now a nearby property has put in a planning application for oil wells – that surely must mean also there is oil under neverland too. whats with the ‘lot line adjustment’ i don’t know what that means, i wondered if it was to do with boundaries, and i wondered if given when it was 2003 – 5 i think, if Michael was even aware of it, as there seems to have been other things going on that he wasn’t informed of and he had other matters on his mind. in fact that was a perfect time to try and slip something past him.

    i wondered if there had been an agenda to get neverland away from him right from the beginning and if it had played an influential part in all events since.

    that all might be fantasy but i think it needs investigating before its dismissed but i don’t know who would investigate it.

  10. Amazing says:

    Tons of money are hidden through real estate deals. It’s extremely important to watch what happens to Neverland at the hands of the estate executors!

  11. June says:

    Hi Ali – since posting above, I’ve found other sources showing the NL address as being 5225, and it’s all public record; anyone can look it up. What happens with NL is just one part of the puzzle, along with Michael’s other “illiquid” assets, that could be sold and used to satisfy unpaid debts, even though the estate has purportedly brought in 1 billion gross since his death. It’s sad and troubling that his assets could be used to pay debts most of which he was probably unaware he owed, considering the posse he had around him in the last years of his life.

  12. Ali says:

    June, I wondered WHY really Michael was so desperate to hang onto Neverland when he had felt so upset about its violation and vowed never to live there again. I understand the issue of not wanting to let go of it because he had once loved it and it meant so much to him – but with the scale of his debts wouldn’t this have been helped by selling it then he could have moved on? its a compelling argument, but i know if the place was in his soul and he just couldn’t.
    But what if he also knew that if he let it go it would be turned into oil wells? He would certainly resist that.

    June I think this has potential to be getting into a part of the investigation that might be better not so publicly posted, just in case this track is significant and also because its speculation at present and we don’t want to malign innocent people. Primarily we don’t want to warn the enemy cos i’m sure a lot more people read this than ever post on it and we don’t know who, and information might be taken down or blocked. How can we get round that? I just had some suggestions for June to look at but i deleted it for that reason, I don’t mind using email or would facebook work?, i’ve not got an account at the moment but could start one.not too sure how it works, are there levels of privacy?

  13. Ali says:

    I watched the special features parts earlier – Travis Payne refers to 24th June as the last rehearsal but he seems to be saying it was INTENDED to be the last rehearsal because ‘after that Michael was going to travel to UK’.
    I didn’t realise it was intended as the last rehearsal, because i thought the others had been on way to staples centre when they got the news. i don’t understand. He also says it was all ready apart from dress rehearsals in London – but if it was ready why don’t they include footage of it being ready, it all looks like it was unfinished.
    I don’t get it.
    But Gavin i agree with you, so if that WAS intended to be the last rehearsal – then Michael dies from propofol “administered by another” – ?? WTF! OMG – if the 2nd physical resulted in cancellation of the insurance policy = no concerts and no insurance payout. and it was clearly a very expensive show. !!

    I’ve got angelic little Michael’s voice coming through my earpieces and i’m now contemplating that they murdered him to stop him getting to London – good job i’ve hardly eaten anything for the last few days.

    and Seven i just saw your additional comments re Billie Jean. i didn’t know about the audio expert.I have to explore that a bit more.

  14. june says:

    Yes, Ali, 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road is the address of Neverland. There was an article today stating that Michael was STILL deeply in debt, which I find hard to believe seeing as the estate says One Billion Dollars have come in since his death, and that $300,000,000 is owed on some loan by the end of the year. When I later went to review the article again, it was gone from the site, strangely, but I do recall my first view of it mentioned the NL address as being 5225. It’s a free search of California records and I’m going to see what I can find along the lines of activity since Michael’s death. And you are so right about Tom Sneddon; he started all this; he’s a mean spiteful little man and can be criminally charged with adequate proof of his falsification of evidence and witness tampering.

  15. Gavin Saunders says:

    Wow, if I was AEG I would have been plenty worried about the second physical in London. Michael was going downhill and fast. Even his young daughter noticed.

  16. June says:

    Regarding Tom Sneddon, there’s a reporter still working in Santa Barbara who is trying to solicit fan help in putting together a documentary of the 2005 trial where Sneddon committed at least three felonies, including falsifying evidence and bribing witnesses, in Michael’s trial. This reporter, William Wagner, sat through the entire trial and has many videos posted on his own YouTube site, you can google William Wagner’s YouTube Channel, and see what’s posted. Whether enough fans are interested in participating remains to be seen, and Mr. Wagner appears to personally intensely dislike Sneddon for many reasons. In my opinion his videos are worth watching.

  17. Ali says:

    June, I agree with you about ortega, in fact i really ‘hate’ him in this film for all the ways he speaks to Michael. Your word ‘deferential’ is a good one, and i know you mean it with all the fakeness about it, the ‘I’ll give you this false respect in order to make you do what i want and we’ll get this done my way but i’ll pretend i’m listening /learning from you just to make you feel you’re in charge ‘ sort of feel to it.
    in fact every time ortega speaks it puts my teeth on edge and my stomach gets angry contractions. and Michael is SO gracious and polite back to him, i wouldn’t have been – i know he felt put down on the cherry picker cos he wanted music and to sing and he’s not a kid and he not just had an idea what he wanted to do, he virtually gave instructions and was undermined, it was supposed to be his show, instead he was made to just try it gently and to ‘hold on’ and when ortega says something about loving him, he replies ‘love you too,’ but he looks away and he says it with a sadness and a distance which says to me he knows ortega is being fake and he feels disappointed with him. he must have been feeling manipulated at that point.
    I’m not surprised Michael didn’t go to rehearsals much if that was what he had to put up with, he must have felt he was being ordered about, ‘missed’ / not seen and manipulated. Like with the water, they’ve tried to show they were looking after him, but in fact in order to do that they’ve revealed they were not treating him very nicely.

    I’m convinced he was suffering post traumatic stress from the trial and everything since it, it was only 4 years after all (and not 4 peaceful years they were 4 years of still having to endure the insinuations, the accusations, the slagging off and suspicion and people turning their back on him and not wanting to publish his songs ), thats just not enough time to put that stuff behind you and heal and not to be carrying the effects of it – emotionally but also the stress has physical effects. and one of the features of post traumatic stress can be to withdraw and, from my own experience of workplace bullying over a period of time – (something that was traumatic and i was quite ill and came close to being suicidal but something that pales into insignificance alongside what Michael had to go through,) – to just crave space and peace and avoid people who try and control you or make demands on you. He’d wandered around a bit for nearly 4 years and now was suddenly back in a situation of having to deal with the stress and busyness of putting the concerts together and all the pressures and personalities involved and having to perform for people – not just artistically but in every way. The fact that he may (??) have wanted to do it,may have been well at the begining and may have been getting lots of creative ideas et.c doesn’t mean he was actually able to cope with it all – as has been proved, breaking all our hearts.
    It was too much too soon and those responsible for pushing him and manipulating him into it – and into 50 concerts instead of 10 – are responsible for his death, alongside bashirsneddon and the media who set the scene, whether or not there’s any legally provable culpability, they ARE to blame. and thats from the generous perspective there was no intent, which is also a debatable point but much harder to prove. no idea what role murray really played but he’s really small fry in the bigger picture and is likely to be the only one that pays anything for it unless something substantive can be found about the others.

    50 concerts just 4 years after the trial and 10 years after he last did any and at 50 years old with lupus and a back injury – that is f**** ridiculous! anyone with any sense would know he would need to build up gradually, on a smaller scale, maybe do a one off and see how he found it, maybe do a few up to 10, then just re-evaluate. 50 straight off!! no way! who are the ones who are supposed to view him as superhuman??!
    there was no need to do 50, they proved there was demand, in fact if they’d stuck to 10 and completed them, demand would only have grown and album sales would also have picked up. he could have included lots of songs from invincible and history as well as the older ones and showcased at least one brand new one that we would then all be clamouring for. His fans hadn’t gone away they were just waiting for him to be ready, READY.

    Paris knew her father and she said they were working him too hard. She may not have fully known the details and the way he was so perfectionist about his performances himself because she’d not experienced it before, but she knew her dad and she knew what she saw when he was home. those photos that were printed everywhere of them walking away from the studio, the first ones without masks, she looks deep in thought and worried!

    As Seven says, AEG should have stopped or postponed the project when they realised Michael wasn’t well.