Jul 01 2010

“Your innocence will get you in trouble!”


A while back, I wrote a piece called: “Michael’s only crime was being an adult with an innocent mind“.  Unbeknownst to me, a friend of Michael’s in Ireland, Dr. Patrick Treacy, perhaps agrees as it seems he pretty much told Michael the same thing while he was in Ireland.

While there, Michael fought with his friend Dr. Treacy to be able to go in and visit severely burned children at Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Dublin.  Dr. Treacy says he now regrets not standing by Michael’s side at that time and not allowing him to see the children.

Dr. Treacy was rightly concerned that the media would turn Michael’s visit around against him just as they did everything else, particularly so soon after the 2005 trial. And no doubt, they would have. Michael however, was more concerned about the children than the potential of negative publicity for himself. Here is the story about the horrific injuries suffered by these children, as printed in the Irish papers, and then the story of a conversation between he and Michael relayed to us by Dr. Treacy:

From the Irish papers:

Gavin (5) and Millie Murray (7) had been left scarred for life after flames from a petrol bomb from gang warfare, which engulfed them as they sat in the back seat of their mother’s car at Pineview Gardens, Moyross, Limerick on September 10, 2006. The children had horrific injuries and unbearable pain cast upon them following the attack. Such was the extent of Gavin’s injuries, his right ear effectively melted away after he was pulled from the burning car. He suffered 25 percent body burns to his face, head, back and hands and had to be sedated when his wounds were cleaned and bandages changed in Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin. Millie suffered 30 percent burning to her face, right arm, right thigh and lower back. Her wounds were reconstructed with skin grafts taken from her back and legs. Both children have to wear protective clothing and continue to receive daily treatment for their injuries.

People said “the children were turned into human fireballs“.

Sheila Murray pulled Millie from the inferno while Gavin was rescued by neighbours, including Robert Sheehan. The children were rushed to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital before being transferred to Crumlin Childrens’ Hospital. A statement from Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Crumlin, Dr David Orr said the children suffered life threatening burns and would have “severe permanent disfigurement”.

The mother said “When they were coming off sedation, they were in terrible pain but I had to be there to support them. Most of the time I had to leave the room because I couldn’t stand to watch anymore.” “They will be scarred physically for the rest of their lives. I have to sit up most nights with Gavin as he gets bad nightmares.

They are both frightened to sleep on their own so they sleep with me. Our lives will never be the same again.” she said.

Dr. Treacy remembers:

Michael wanted to go in and visit them and we discussed it at length. I thought it was a bad idea as the media did not know where he was, it would expose him to their hostility and it could be read totally the wrong way by seeing him going into a paediatric hospital so soon after the paedophilia case.

He wanted me to go in with him and I said I would go in and see how the children were as I used to work as a doctor in the hospital. He continually asked me: “are they in pain?” “would they be given morphine?” “how badly were they burned?” “will you go in and see them for me?” “would they be scarred?” “were they from a disadvantaged background?” “why could he (Michael) not go in to see them?

Michael: “Why do you say those things Patrick, that I can’t go in to see them? You don’t believe that I would ever harm children.”

Michael then told a long story about how he had been set up by a certain company regarding his Santa Maria case to hand over shares (least said the better!)

Dr. Treacy: “Michael, I don’t believe you would ever harm a child!”

Michael: “Then, why don’t you let me go into the hospital?

Dr. Treacy: “Because , your innocence will get you into trouble!”

Michael:  “What innocence?

Dr. Treacy: “You know, your inability to see what the media would make of it is the reason you are in trouble in the first place!”

Michael:  “Do you think I would ever harm a child?

Dr. Treacy: “No”

Michael: “You mean that from the bottom of your heart!

Dr. Treacy: “Michael, I think you are like a modern day Jesus Christ!”

Michael: “If Jesus was here now would you stop him?”

Dr. Treacy: “No!”

Michael: “You never met Jesus and you do not know him as a person yet you would stand by him. You say you know me and you won’t! That is being a hypocrite!

Dr. Treacy: “Michael you are right!”

I still felt he should not go into the hospital and stood against it and I must say I regret it to this day I did not walk beside him when he needed me most.

You know..the children have contacted me since thorough someone else and said one of the greatest moments in their lives was the fact Michael thought about them. I mentioned them a year ago in another interview. We also have another child who got severly burned whose mother is involved in the conversation earlier who Michael is also helping beyond the grave. I am sure she will not mind me posting what she sent to me: Adrienne O’Donohoe wrote:

Beautiful being. Thank you so much for giving Jodie the signed photo. Coupled with the fact that both of them suffered head fires and he died on her bday, we feel connected to him. He truly was one of the great humanitarians the world has ever seen. -Adrienne O’Donohoe, Mother of burned child given a signed photo of Michael

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{ Many thanks to Dr. Patrick Treacy for sharing this heartrending story with us. -Seven }

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48 Responses to ““Your innocence will get you in trouble!””

  1. Jane Heider says:

    I don’t even know where to begin….
    there are so many of us that have regrets…losing this great man is at the top of many list’s. He was at the top of your list as well Mr. Treacy. You were looking out for his best interests…
    Thank you for sharing this story. Michael said, “Money is the root of all evil”, he was so right. The media looking for the almighty dollar, would have put their own spin on the story. Where Michael was filling up on love…the media and those involved were filling up their pockets with cash.

  2. Pamela says:

    Apparently Michael did, eventually, do a walk-about of the Crumlin area – he was looking for a dentist!!

  3. why says:

    Michael should have never left Ireland and return to the US.In Ireland people respected him.In his own country hated him…

  4. Karen says:

    I feel sorry for the world. The world is a beutiful place but it is some of the people who have lost their innocence who are now ruling the world and making it unbearable for the rest of us. People in general are good spirited, but the media and the powers that be see only through eyes of suspicion and scepticism. Michael was a caring innocent person who was trampled by the media. His fans were great but they to lead to some of the problems by not allowing him any privacy where ever he went. Put yourself in his shoes for just one minute and think about how hard it would be to have a private moment in the bathroom or quiet moment to look at a monument or something of interest when he was in public (it would have turned up in print somewhere the very next minute). Body guards can do so much, but then they are accused of harassing the fans. Michael lived a life of loneliness and misunderstanding. May he rest in peace and dance with the angels. I do hope that the LA PD finally does something right, they have bungled so many of the recent high profile cases in their jurisdiction. Michael deserves justice in death that he never truely received in life.

  5. Ellen says:

    I have read all these comments with deep interest, as I, too, have always felt that Michael was an angel of God and “too good for this world”.

    I want so much for the truth about this magnificent man to come out loud and clear and the idea of a forum via Geraldo Rivera, I believe is a great one!! Until justice is served regarding Michael and all the lies come out, I cannot really rest. How can we who love him and know how wonderful he truly was start doing something truly significant for him and his children?

  6. Ali says:

    Yes Pamela,
    and we know who would have led the media – english tabloids the mail, the mirror, the sun and the news of the world. shameless and shameful, they would have been over on the next plane from england. by the way, Piers Morgan used to be the editor of one of these, can’t remember which, when the wacko jacko stories were at their peak. i read somewhere he was tipped for taking over from larry king, i sincerely hope that doesn’t happen.

  7. truth seeker says:

    We all know it’s Sony. Sony employs over 150,000 people. I want specifics. What names came out of Michael’s mouth? Mottola, Bandier, Stringer, the japs etc their hired goons names etc.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Michael’s confidants are lining up to testify. They’re all afraid for their own safety and who could blame them?:-(

  8. Pamela says:

    Michael Jackson found respite in Ireland and planned to buy a home here. For the first time in years he was able to go into local shops, take-aways (fast food) and even took his children bowling. None of these places closed down in order for him to visit. In fact, in the local bowling alley, the owner insisted he and his children had to wear the shoes provided just like any other customer. Michael had no problem with that and the guy still has the shoes! He didn’t ask Michael to sign them or invade his privacy in any way, nor have they appeared on ebay. The community, although I’m sure curious, accepted the fact that he was there and was deserving of privacy.

    Those poor children received horrific injuries. It was all over the news and Michael Jackson couldn’t possibly avoid hearing about it. The whole of Ireland was shocked. Doctor Treacy’s advice was absolutely correct. If Michael Jackson had visited those children in hospital, the world’s media would have descended taking away the little bit of peace he had found. At the time, Michael Jackson desperately needed that peace just as he needed to feel accepted. I, for one, am glad that he found it, if only for a while.

  9. Seven says:

    truth seeker,

    $ony. I think it’s pretty obvious. I want to say though, that is MY guess, not anything Dr. Treacy said. It’s purely my opinion.

  10. truth seeker says:

    [Michael then told a long story about how he had been set up by a certain company, regarding his Santa Maria case, to hand over shares (least said the better)]

    So here’s another friend who Micheal confided in about the conspiracy against him. And that’s another friend who won’t name names?????

  11. Micheline James says:

    Seven, thank you so much for posting a very touching article. The short conversation between Michael and Dr. Treacy was so profound – on both sides. Dr. Treacy understood that Michael did not assimilate the danger of the media’s warped perception of his innocent actions, and merely tried to protect him. And for Michael to challenge him for accepting Jesus sight unseen, but not him, was very thought provoking. Michael’s intellect could be startling at times and many people made the mistake of misjudging him. Michael was highly intelligent, but being innocent did not mean he was clueless. He was CORRUPT-LESS! How tragic that the media would stand ready to pounce on Michael for visiting children under these circumstances. We know he was innocent, and the media machine that shoots poison from their keyboard “guns” and printing presses are the real perpetrators of evil. By destroying this gentle humanitarian, we have lost one of the great – if not THE greatest forces for good the world has ever known. For every child who was touched in some way by the grace of Michael’s love and generosity, there are children who will never know the gift of his purity and kindness. The media can take a bow for their wonderful work – and while they’re down there, bury their heads in shame! In time, the world will come to know the impact this tragedy will have on society’s collective conscience. I love you, Seven. Your work is inspiring!

  12. Jeanne says:

    Ali ,, yes I do have some ideas . I think Geraldo should do a show ,, and in this show gather phone calls ect and people like this Doctor to be interviewed and do this show during prime time . There are unanswered questions ,,, Seven you did the homework ,, you should be on the show , people who worked with Michael should be on it . This show should not be a one time thing . It should be ON GOING,, like a talk show in which many get to call in and pose their questions and then Geraldo bring the ones in question ,, such as AEG executives , to answer questions. Bring the roaches out of hiding , so to speak .And those that refuse to reveal themselves and their lies will be forever known to the world as the evil doers that they are ,, and those involved in Michaels life will tell on themselves,wheather they were true good friends or enemys. We all know something is dirty and hidden. Lets expose it . Not just with one show . This show should be a weekly talk show . And on it many people will come foward either to spread their lies or tell the truth. Many know who Michael was ,, still many dont . This show could go on for a long time just talking about the many charitable deeds that Michael performed. The show could be a means for the continuation of Angels here on earth like Oprah did .Anyone know Geraldo or how to reach him ? I think it would be a hit show myself and I for one would tune in . I just want justice served on Michaels behalf somhow someway . Michaels life was precious and meaningful and has changed me and I know many people too. I now look for ways that I can make a difference . I did not do this before Michael passed .I gave up on humanity and kida just kept to myself , non involved , but knowing all the pain Michael suffered from other peoples lies he never gave up , he kept marching on . Michaels heart touched mine . Forever .

  13. Bonnie Cox says:

    This is Michael’s legacy and I agree with Michael. I wouldn’t have stopped either Jesus or Michael from walking into that hospital room. Just another reason to love him.

  14. Amazing says:

    This speaks volumes about today’s world in which love is only understood as being sexual rather than spiritual, Godlike. Michael was indeed too good for this world, and what a horrendous way the evil of the world made him pay for it!

    Thank you, Dr. Treacy, for doing your part to protect Michael when you had the chance, when his goodness would not allow him to quite fathom the evil of the world!

  15. Simona says:

    Seven, you are so right…
    the media have been (no, ARE) perfectly at ease turning ANYTHING Michael ever did or said – and loads of things he Did Not do or say – into something negative. Perfectly at ease, as we all know. It is so sickening. The sadness of this story is exactly in that Dr. Treacy made the right choice given the mad circumstances. This is what is so heartbreaking. That such a sweet desire should be denied. What an upside world are we living in…..

  16. alicia says:

    Dear Seven,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article,it makes the tears well up in my eyes again and reminds me of the angel we;ve lost and also to continue to pass on the love Michael left with us.In all of these,Michael continues to teach us one thing–LOVE,for that is all we need.
    Thank you Dr, Treacy.

  17. Karin says:

    Dear Seven and Dr Treacey,

    Thank you so much for sharing the truth with us. I also have many regrets that I did not stand up more for Michael during his troubled times. I assumed that my small measure of support would not have been needed but if you propagate it by thousands and millions of people, it really does matter.

    Blessings to you both for efforts in honouring Michael.

  18. Seven says:

    Most of his hospital visits, the press didn’t know about when they occurred. Michael didn’t publicize that much and probably rightly so for many reasons.

    The press didn’t know where Michael was at the time in Ireland which is one reason it was so peaceful for him there – and why he roamed the Earth looking for solace from them after his lynching in 2005, living almost like a nomad with his children.

    Had he visited this hospital, they may have found out, and it would have been turned around on him to sound negative, as they defined all he did negatively – even when it was done out of love. And again, this was only a short while after the 2005 molestation trial, in which the press had convicted Michael as guilty in the ‘court of public opinion’ even after his acquittal, so his visiting children could have been made into a salacious ‘story’ by them on this occasion, sleepover or none. I can still understand the Doctor’s concern – as well as Michael’s heart, which was always with the children.

    And yes, Dr. Treacy has been honest in stating that he has thought better of his decision since then. Many people wish they’d been more supportive of Michael when he was with us. I too have many regrets. I wish I had supported Michael much more than I did when he was alive and going through those worst times in his life so I undertand that guilt and regret. It has pierced me to the bone since his death, causing me many tears and sleepless nights.

    I think just before Michael left Ireland, some son-of-a-Bush had found him and blethered it to all and sundry, so I guess even if he’d stayed, they would have hounded him there too. Sheesh. I really deplore the media.