Jul 09 2010

A Modern-Day Stoning

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Michael Performing in Denmark, 1997

Michael Performing in Denmark, 1997

Much has been made of the brutal and inhumane stoning of a woman in Iran for alleged ‘marital infidelity‘, and this is a hideous and barbaric practice that needs to stop. It is a human rights issue. You can sign a petition with Avaaz now about this which will be delivered to the leaders of Iran. We must speak out about such barbaric injustices when we have the opportunity to do so and therefore I encourage you to sign the petition to Iran’s leaders.

Speaking of stonings, what about the kind of stonings or lynchings that happen in modern societies which are supposedly above such barbarism? Oh we don’t hurl actual rocks at our innocents. Instead we hurl abusive words and slanderous, negative, destructive definitions of them to the masses who then believe them, and then crucify the targeted person based on them.

Is this different? Not really. It’s just as inhumane, barbaric, and hideous. The abusive words and negative definitions, the sheer lies, propaganda and sensationalism spread far and wide are the rocks the innocent person is hit with. Again and again and again. Even after they’re already dead, the rocks still come hurling at the now limp body lying in the dust as the mobs sneer and cheer.

We are no better than this. Our media and our greed-driven society and greed-driven entities hurl the stones – and then our mob mentality kicks in and everyone starts doing it. The innocent victim hasn’t a chance against the onslaught.

My friend Micheline James wrote a bit in regards to our own brand of barbarism and I suspect many of us share her sentiment about the sheer brutality of human nature that sent Michael to an early grave. It’s not only the death of Michael Jackson that is left unaccounted for which we have trouble coming to terms with, but also the continued barbarism of humanity mirrored back to us by him, and what was his lifetime of abuse.

What prompted Micheline to write this was a video of Michael winning the first Humanitarian Award, created just for him and deservedly so, at the RMAs in 2003. Featured is the song ‘What More Can I Give‘ written by Michael to help those affected by 9/11.

Michael helped organise the ‘United We Stand: What More Can I Give’ benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C.  This was probably just before the crucifixion started.

Micheline writes:

Michael’s “friends” were nowhere to be found when he found himself so alone,..and INNOCENT! Feeling the incredible love and adulation coming from just one audience is something we have seen hundreds of times. This kind of affection is not bestowed on someone who deserved to be shunned by society. Michael was the most beautiful human being in the world, and the vulgar and psychotic media machine knew it all along.

The dredges and scum of Hollywood have many friends. It’s easier for society and the media to embrace a lower standard of behavior than to embrace the level of Michael’s greatness. It’s a form of “reverse projection” by painting Michael as sinister, when in reality those who judged him did so from a very dark place in their own psyche. We witnessed the most horrific example of what the politics of personal destruction can do do a precious life. To have lost the greatest ambassador of global love and healing to this kind of pornographic feeding frenzy is beyond comprehension. Yes, what the media did to Michael was journalistic pornography!

Michael’s beautiful soul held up the ultimate mirror to society, and the souls looking into that mirror have a lot to answer for. I have people telling me that I need to move on from Michael’s death. But his death alone is not where this agony comes from. It’s the agony of not being able to right the horrible wrong that human nature played in taking his life. In death you can’t stop nature from taking its natural course. But “human nature” in modern “civilized” society is conscious and voluntary – and in that regard, Michael’s death could have been avoided. His was a death by “stoning” of another kind. I cannot move on from this knowing our sweet angel will never see another sunrise or sunset. If there is a letter still left inside me to write, I will write it…for as long as it takes.

-Micheline James

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46 Responses to “A Modern-Day Stoning”

  1. Ali says:

    brief update re bootlegs – Victory tour dvd arrived – i was expecting it probably wouldn’t be that great a recording – its actually a blank disc!!

  2. jeanne says:

    You have to be kidding me . Nothing in the will or trust that turns the estate over to the children ?Are you sure? Woe I am surprised to hear this .

  3. Seven says:

    All – I agree with you re: not buying from $ony. To heck with that. I’ll wait for the bootlegs.

    As far as I know, there is nothing in the will or trust that turns the estate over to the children or any other family members at any point.

  4. Ali says:

    Heidi, i love your comment about ‘family’ versus ” responsibility-shouldering money-making icon”. so true! yeah, its not the family trying to fight and preserve his legacy.

    June you are so right about the estate being ‘tight’ about putting out what we want, dvd of tours et.c, and they push us to buy dodgy bootleg et.c (i’m waiting for my Victory Tour dvd as we speak, no idea if it’ll be any good, or if it’ll actually arrive, but hey! ) . However if they put it out now – who benefits? $ony, branca. I’d actually rather buy dodgy bootleg than line $onybranca pockets. i don’t know who makes it but i can pretend they are fans who love Michael! i’ll never know different, so….
    its just that it WOULD be lovely to have good stuff that isn’t unsynchronised and doesn’t get horizontal lines across it!!
    Seven, will there ever be a time when the executors have to end their involvement and hand over to Prince, Paris and Blanket?

  5. june says:

    Heidi – I believe when the Estate attorneys get wind of these “unauthorized” books, cd’s, etc., they go after the publishers, editors, etc., but that doesn’t stop the public from buying anything that says Michael Jackson on it. Especially when the Estate is so “tight” about putting out anything else. When will “they” release ALL Michael’s tours and performances in full? Probably never, or just when the money opportunity suits them. And these “unauthorized” bios, cd’s, etc., contain the very information that is most hurtful to Michael’s legacy.

    And I agree with your comment about Ms. Janet. Why WAS she not more vocal in her defense of her brother since 2005? And about the only thing I have heard from her since his passing is how much the family tried to work an intervention, please ……..

  6. Heidi says:

    So we would need permission from the estate to do a documentary that would honor him, but you don’t need permission from the estate to produce something that trashes him? HUH?? If you look at the store shelves right now they are still full of DVDs from anyone and everyone trying to make a buck. They are simply marked “unauthorized”. Maybe that would be an open door.

  7. Heidi says:

    Noooooooooo Ms Janet, you got it backwards. To YOU he was a responsibility-shouldering money-making icon. To US he is family. No?? WHO is fighting for the preservation of his legacy, and WHO is preoccupied with making movies, writing books, and planning comeback concerts??? To each his own I guess. All I know is if it were my family I wouldn’t be “moving on” while my brother was being slashed and slayed on a continual basis.

  8. BG says:

    You’re right Jeanne, Michael is family. We do feel that way, don’t we?

  9. june says:

    With the saying in mind that actions speak louder than words, I sent a few emails when I got home from work tonight. I emailed Geraldo R. concerning the concept of a documentary highlighting Michael’s philanthropic endeavors, I emailed the NY Post concerning that witch Andrea Peyser’s story excoriating Michael which appeared in the NYP on June 22nd, and I emailed LADA Cooley’s office with info which I thought might be of use in the investigation. Now, none of these emails may even be viewed by the recipients, but I tell you all I felt better for having sent them. I have sent many others over the past ten months in attempts to raise awareness concerning Michael’s death, nothing has ever been acknowledged, however, taking action helps defeat the hopeless feeling that sometimes overcome us when confronted with such a high hill to climb.

  10. Jeanne says:

    I think you are right BG . The Michael Jackson Estate would probaly want to have control of any venture on behalf of Michael Jackson. Wow though just think , who better to represent Michael than his young neices and nephews right . They love Michael as we do , they know their Uncle well and you are right . We sometimes forget that though we love Michael and he gave to the world , he is also someones daddy, someones brother, son, uncle. We all love Michael and ofcoarse we want many things for Michael but we have to not forget that Michael is not just OUR Michael , he is just like Janet Jackson said,, ( I am tearing up now ) …. To YOU he is an Icon , To US he is family. Thankyou BG for reminding us of this , But on a lighter side ,,, Michael you became a member of my family too . Got your picuture right up there with my family too ,, My husband scratched his head realizing he couldnt fight it and said,,,” ok hun,, if this makes you happy Michael can stay here on the family wall cause I know you love him too. My husband is pretty cool dont you think . Thats why I love him .

  11. June says:

    I would just bet the lawyers for the MJ estate would have a say in any such efforts outlined above. Everything has to be passed through them for “permission”, right, to use MJ’s likeness for any purpose; that would be a high hill to overcome as they don’t seem to like anything that doesn’t result in them collecting their 10%.

  12. ds4mj2 says:

    Well said. No doubt these are the heart felt thoughts of millions put into brilliant words. Thank you.

  13. BG says:

    What fantastic comments and ideas here.

    There are people who have spoken out about Michael already, interesting people with real stories to tell, people like Cory Rooney, Dr Treacy, the artists you have mentioned Seven, Tom Mesereau, singers and songwriters. Many interviews could be conducted as part of The Michael Jackson Legacy Channel. I’m even thinking Taj Jackson could be involved on the technical side :). Ahhh, the possibilities.

    However, a mainstream documentary on his humanitarian efforts would open a lot of eyes to the real Michael Jackson – definitely a must.

    Great idea for a paper too Ali. It could stand alone but also work in conjunction with a TV channel.

    Not to throw cold water on any of the wonderful comments and ideas but would permission have to sought from The Michael Jackson Estate for a Michael channel? There would be things to iron out but where there’s a will there’s a way, right?

  14. debbii100 says:

    The big problem for a lot of us is that we are so aware of the ‘dark side’ of the media and entertainment industry which was so responsible for Michael’s demise. Although we can pin point certain individuals (apart from the obvious Conrad Murray) from the Media, who were the main stone throwers (Diane Dimond, Bashir), there were countless others and we all know they will never be bought to book for the atrocities the perpetrated on Michael. Even Murray (I refuse to call him Doctor!) will more than likely get away with a slap on the wrist! That is where it gets so hard for us to move on….there will be no closure. No one person will ever be held personally responsible for Michael’s death – even Murray, since his was the last stone in a long barrage of stones flung under which Michael finally succumbed. What I personally find so difficult to deal with is the frustration of really not being able to right all those wrongs…to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. For it will (not on the level of Michael), the Paps are so voracious for new stories that sell and big bucks that it is only a matter of time before there is another tragedy.

    As for a dedicated MJTV Channel. I set up an online petition a while back to try to get Sky to provide us with one:- http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/dedicated-mj-tv-channel.
    It is worth a try…214 signatures so far..need at least 1000!!

  15. june says:

    Michael’s “Friends” in the song What More Can I give appear to be the same people who sang at his 30th anniversary party at MSG the day before the 911 catastrophe. Did you know that Michael gave hotel rooms and air fare to anyone trapped in NYC by that terrible day? Not just those who had come to see him the prior nite. Anyone who coudln’t get home because of the chaos that existed in NYC that day. And for his “friends” not staying by his side when he had such troubles in 2005, it’s well known that most entertainers value their careers over friendship.

  16. Seven says:

    Appelh, you can of course link to any articles here on MJJ-777 on your FB page!