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The Heartbreaking Backstory of Michael Breaking His Silence to the Press in 1987

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Note written by Michael in Capitol Tokyu Hotel in Taiwan, 1987

Note Michael wrote to the media from the Capitol Tokyo Hotel in Taiwan, 1987

Many of us are familiar with that note that Michael wrote back in 1987 from his hotel room in Tokyo during the Bad tour. In case you’re not, you can see it to the right.

The following was written by ‘Justice4MJJ’ and edited by Seven

In reading Katherine Jackson’s book, ‘My Family, The Jacksons‘ (C.1990), I happened upon an incident that is often written about by Michael Jackson fans, but the backstory of it is rarely if ever touched upon. I myself had never known about the details behind it. As most of you know, Michael wrote a letter to the press, in 1987, from the Capitol Tokyo Hotel in Japan. In it, he very eloquently & wisely reaches out to the media (& the public in a sense), telling them how their cruel slandering deeply hurts him. In addition, the public (which is blinded daily by constant media lies), gets a glimpse of Michael’s insight and the unique way he thinks. He expresses some of the many wisdoms he lives by, Indian proverbs and so-forth. He is so kind to not attack the press in retaliation for the way they had been slandering him, but also, for the way he tries to understand WHY they do this. His love & dedication for children is spoken of also. Basically we see how he has a clear understanding of God’s purpose for him, and how he is extremely disturbed by the press’ actions.

However, what we had not heard about (unless you’ve read Katherine’s 1990 autobiography), is the context of this letter which makes the emotion and significance contained in it ever more heartwrenching.

First we must realize that Michael had not addressed the press since the early-mid ’80’s and they had used this as yet another excuse to fabricate outlandish stories about him. In addition to this as Michael always said, as soon as he started breaking major records, gaining massive amounts of revenue, and therefore becoming a superstar greater than past white artists, the mud-slinging, jealously, and anger towards him escalated.

Another fact for contextual purposes is that Michael had hired Frank Dileo during the Victory tour period, and without going into too much detail about Dileo’s life, Dileo used many tactics & plans to climb his own way to the top, which he continued to utilize during his time working for Michael. In short, one questions Dileo’s motivations and whether or not a self-serving agenda was forming in his mind, even back then.

Now throughout the book, Katherine speaks of many points in the past, and phrases things in such a way seem to indicate that she may not have understood her own son or what was truly going on behind the scenes with his management and PR people. For instance, she takes many pages to dispel old rumors (lies) about Michael but then in the same breath seems to cast doubt that they were concocted purely by the press. However there are other points throughout where she shows her devotion to him.

Page 137 of Katherine Jackson's book 'My Family, The Jacksons'

Page 137 of Katherine Jackson's book 'My Family, The Jacksons'

In her book, Katherine outlines how Michael had to leave for his first tour dates in Japan, just as his album was being released. So she promises to keep him updated on all the progress it makes, in addition to the daily phone calls they make to each other already. Now, here’s where it get’s upsetting: Katherine speaks of the ridiculous stories in the press, by “Michael’s re-emergence to dwell on tired gossip“, but also says; “to be fair, a couple of the stories had been spread by Michael’s own people.

She was not aware that Michael had not authorized anything of the kind but also states that she never directly questioned him about this. So she didn’t “know what role, if any, he had in putting the stories out“.

If one knows Michael, he would NEVER encourage or spread lies about himself. That goes entirely against his ethics and he way he was brought up. Katherine goes on to say how she was upset that Dileo had been continuing to, “play up the stories to the press“. She confronted him before Michael left for Japan, saying, “You shouldn’t be spreading stuff like this. It makes my son look like an idiot“.

Dileo responded by saying, “Oh it’s good to do it. It makes people wonder about him, and this is what we want“.

Katherine confronts Frank Dileo about spreading rumors to the press about Michael

Katherine confronts Frank Dileo about spreading rumors to the press about Michael

Later on, after Michael was in the midst of his tour, Katherine had called Michael, expressing her concerns over the increasingly negative & ugly press he was receiving: “Michael, I wish you could put a stop to these stories. Your public relations people don’t even seem to be countering this trash with the news about all the good things you’re doing“.  But to her amazement, he was in disbelief and surprise over her words, he had no idea of how the press was portraying him. “Mother that’s not true. I’m getting good press.

Page 139 of Katherine's book

Page 139 of Katherine's book

He said he would send her copies of “the articles that his public relations people had supplied“. Katherine said she surmised even before she received said articles, “what his PR firm had been doing“.

Michael, the loving, trusting, giving soul he was, had assumed that Dileo and his PR company would be protecting him properly and showing him all of the press he was receiving. Michael had paid these people to counter negative press with the truth, but not only did they not fulfill that obligation, they also were spewing & enhancing the lies! On top of all that, they’d been “keeping the upsetting stories from him”. Katherine took it upon herself “to keep him informed about everything the press was saying“. She would call him routinely now, to keep him informed of what his PR people would not.
Mother, he said to me after one phone call too many, “it’s gotten to the point that when they tell me you’re on the phone, I don’t want to take the call because I’m afraid that you’re going to have something else that’s negative to tell me. And it’s hard for me to work when I hear these things, because they bother me”.

Katherine’s recollection of the letter writing was thus: “Unfortunately the stories disturbed Michael to the degree that he wound up penning an open letter to the press from his Tokyo hotel room.

Katherine said she cried when she read the letter, and that she wishes the press “knew the Michael I know“.  In Katherine’s book, the context of this letter is brought to an end with this: “Michael’s letter represented his “final word” to his critics. By the time Joe and I joined him in Japan for his final concerts there, his focus had returned 100% to his tour”.

Katherine cried when she read Michael's letter

Michael might’ve thought that the media would understand him or at least, take his message and leave him be. In any case, he at least decided to ignore them, and not let it consume his world or creativity.

The press negatively defined Michael's letter as "twisted, strange, frenzied, and pleading"

The press negatively defined Michael's letter as "twisted, strange, frenzied, and pleading"

And if you will all recall, that letter,was printed by tabloids like People magazine et cettera, who labeled him “twisted, strange, frenzied, & pleading“. The media in its typical willful ignorance, completely ignored Michael’s message instead choosing to define Michael in as negative terms as possible, this being the precursor to the “Wacko Jacko” moniker and all the stories where Michael was negatively defined as a “freak” and a “weirdo“. Because you know, that SELLS.

Their reaction calls to mind the same willful ignorance they displayed in response to his “Black Or White” video. The deeper meanings, symbolism and important messages he always included in his work were completely lost in favor of denigration of the work as a whole, and tabloid sensationalism. The deeper meaning was willfully ignored and manipulated to define Michael as a weirdo or as someone “we don’t understand“. They never tried to understand Michael Jackson because they were making too much money NOT to.

This is just a small example the abusive, vindictive, self-serving and hateful ignorance and abuse Michael had to endure throughout his entire life, both from the media and from those were were supposed to be working for him and looking out for his best interests and career (Dileo and his PR team). It seems everyone had a knife in his back from the very beginning of his stardom.

This is an important time in Michael’s life to take note of because after this point the media’s slander, lies, and constant denigration, ridicule, and negative definition of all things Michael Jackson increased and never seemed to stop – especially when the allegations surfaced and they smelled blood money to be made off of convicting Michael Jackson as guilty in the court of public opinion. This letter makes the heart ache horribly, even more so when one learns of the context and the entire backstory.

Why was this done to him by the media? Well, in addition to the ratings and the money they bring in, much of it also had to be jealousy over his popularity, his stunning talent, his never-ending love, and quickly-growing career, along with racism being a definite factor.

One can’t help but repeat the oft-quoted excerpt from Michael’s 1993 Grammy Legend speech: “I dont read all the things written about me. I wasn’t aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre. But when you grow up as I did in front of 100 million people since the age of five, you’re automatically different.

To conclude, we borrow the words of a discerning seven-year old child’s letter, Dominic Cisco: “Stop the reporters from bothering Michael Jackson” (1994).

_ _ _

NOTE: Richard Wiseman was credited as co-author of Katherine’s book, but I’m assuming it was more of a ghost-writer deal, where Katherine would relay stories and Richard would interview her for sections of the book they’d planned, and he would add the “bland”, already-published details that go along with her recollections of the past. My assumption is founded mostly on how many sections of the book read rather like a music biography/timeline of Michael’s work. One such instance I noticed, was even taken from the actual 1987 People Magazine article that twisted his heartfelt letter!  -Justice4MJJ

28 Responses to “The Heartbreaking Backstory of Michael Breaking His Silence to the Press in 1987”

  1. Armedwithlove says:

    This is the best information I’ve come across in a while…and it was written beautifully SO Thank you so much for it! I’m very thankful. My heart is hurting right now (physically)-(hurting in my chest 4 MJ ) wow Michael was super Super STRONG & most people wouldn’t make it to age 50 with what he went through in his life as it was one big contradiction..he was so DIFFERENT & amazing! This information needs to be more available as there’s a lot of sad facts that help to explain or understand Michael & atleast the misinformed the ignorant could be SCHOOLED!! but this right here explains ALOT about MJs challeges he had to suffer through… I still have hope that Michael’s vision well come to be!! Make that change!!! 🙂
    ps I have that People Magazine from the United States…. this information along with be Jehovah Witness trouble.. (together)…. IS information THAT NEEDS more attention or be more readily available ….as it is a HUGE changing point in MJs LIFE!! People are evil!!!! BUT WHOAA did Michael Jackson have heart!!!
    I always bring the truth to the light when ever I encounter someone who thinks he hurt children!! Well I’m rambling and I’m sorry about that !!
    peace to you all, with lots of love,
    Rayne from KS

  2. juanita bowling says:

    i googgle michael every day to just show he is remembered. It so tragic that the world can’t believe there can be a truley good honest and godly person as michael without tring to find fault in his gentelness. they had no stories of womanizing so they call him gay they could not link him with a man lover so they called him a child molester because that all they had was his closeness to children michael was crusified there is no better word to decribe what happened to michael jackson. he was a great person and he was crusified for it I pray daily that the media never does this again to another person I hope that Michael’s suffering not be in vain. I love him more

  3. the arabian nights says:

    the problems mike had with his staff, and the spokespeople are so tragic. bains also is another one, during the 2005 trial she said “if” michael gets off or something similar.

    look also at bob jones – the list of people does go on.

    they made problems they were not the solution.

    no wonder he felt so alone.

  4. Elsie Crean says:

    From research I found that SONY was secretly sabatoging MJ through the media and fed them with the hyperbaric fiasco and the elephant fiasco. They wanted to bring him down and ruin his career. They wanted to tarnish him and tarnish him they did. However, his fans knew better and they know better today. Thank you seven for the great articles!

  5. dez says:

    thanks seven, your very welcome!…as i love ure site..i wanted to share also what ive come across to , to spread MJ’s love & legacy. Godbless always! More to come & more power to you♥

  6. Seven says:

    Hi Dez,

    I have serious reservations about Uri Geller. I’ll look at the links and may post them.

    Thanks so much for your support!


    WONDERFUL piece by you and AllForLoveBlog. I’m sharing it on FB and Twitter! Thanks!

  7. dez says:

    hi seven its me again… you might want to look at this & add on you blog http://site.uri-geller.com/mj and http://site.uri-geller.com/my_friend_michael_jackson_

    a very good read and you can see the devotion of MJ on his fans. I love your site. I tweeted u also hehe.

    This topic is just heartbreaking, Mj is just too kind, he didnt even thought what the Media was making. Thank u for this. God bless u & keep MJ’s Legacy alive♥

  8. David says:

    Hey Seven, a few weeks ago I sent you a report I wrote up about biased legal analysts who have lied about MJ to the public, like Nancy Grace. I don’t know if you ever got the chance to read it, but Raven posted it on her blog in it’s entirety, so I wanted to let you know it’s finally up.

    It’s very long and detailed, but I know you’ll like it! Enjoy!


  9. tic tac says:

    About Taraborrelli, yeah that dude is a joke. It seems that the books that he writes about him are mostly filled with sensationalism. I remember in an interview that he said that MJ was sexually confused! I seriously dislike Taraborrelli.

  10. Susan T says:

    I read that note a long time ago. It bothered me then but it takes on a whole new meaning now that Michael is not here any more.

    I’m still reading, still researching and, at this time, I’m left to wonder who really did have Michael’s best interests at heart. Forgive me for what I’m about to say, but when I look and certain individuals who were in Michael’s circle, I get a very uncomfortable feeling. I don’t trust these people just by looking at them. They come across as arrogant and self-serving. I just recently paged through a “tell-all” book by Bob Jones who supposedly was Michael’s PR person for many years. He was in charge of “damage control.” I was shocked at what I read. Here was someone who Michael trusted and he’s turned around and written a disgusting piece of editorial trash.

    All I know is that this gentle, angelic soul was manipulated and controlled by an evil cadre of staff and executives all through the music and entertainment industry. Frankly, I don’t think Michael really trusted anyone. Did he know? Of course he must have but how was he to extricate himself? I’ve heard stories and I tend to put some stock in them that certain companies and individuals behind the O2 concerts were forcing him to do the shows because of the enormous income they’d generate. I believe they threatened him in the worst possible ways. I believe when they found out that he probably wouldn’t be physically able to do 50 shows, they moved on to the next phase of their mastermind plan.

    Key people were aware of Michael’s health issues. Those who were his confidants, his true friends, tried desperately to get the attention of the concert promoters, to have them postpone the concerts. But the clock was already ticking and to stop now would have altered the course of their intended outcome–to take control of the valuable catalogues of music Michael owned half interest in. The threats are heartbreaking because Michael not only feared for his own life, but that of his children.

    Most of us never thought Michael Jackson would die as a result of a homicide. Most of us didn’t understand that everyone, including the King of Pop– is expendable IF they stand as an impediment to their plan.

    If I were a prosecutor, I’d be delving deep into the history of the big players–the attorneys, the promoters, the music companies and their involvement and relationship to Michael Jackson. These people know who they are. And, sadly, as much as I believe that Michael’s family really loves him, even they are suspect but to what level, we may never know.

    I think that Michael’s two ex-wives probably know alot about the seedy dark life into which they became a part of during the really troubling periods of his life. I also think they can’t, or won’t, talk because they’ve been effectively “silenced”. If someone is threatening you and your family, you will do whatever it takes to try to remove yourself from that frightening situation.

    I hope and pray the Jackson family will do whatever is necessary to protect his children. They will clearly become the next targets in this never-ending quest to make money off of Michael, either in life or in death.

    Will we ever learn the truth? Will we ever be able to challenge the media every time a story hits the airwaves or appears in print?

    Well, I’ve got my chance to speak up. My local paper published an editorial on Friday about Neverland being considered to be turned into a California state park. The title reads…’Neverland Park’ must never happen. I read it with interest. While I do agree that Neverland should remain in private ownership, much like Elvis Presley’s Graceland Estate which is now a public museum, drawing thousands of visitors each year, I am not in favor of turning it over to the state for management. California has trouble maintaining its existing state parks. It would be foolhardy to attempt to take on Neverland. I do believe it should be kept in the Jackson family. The reason I’m responding to the editorial is not so much to support their opposition, but to call them on the way they refer to Michael in the article. IT NEVER ENDS! And I vow to contact every editor, newscaster, etc. that continues to use derogatory words in describing Michael. They refer to him as a talented, deeply troubled–yes, wierd–popular culture icon. He was not deeply troubled–he was incessantly tortured and torn apart–he had no peace. A deeply troubled man could not have bravely endured what Michael Jackson endured and continued to work tirelessly to help children and our planet. His troubles were not self-made–they were the creation of an evil media. The media, the fame machine and the entertainment industry did everything it could to destroy this man, finally succeeding by “murdering” him.

    If you have a chance to speak out to defend Michael, don’t pass it by. Write and let them know they have NO RIGHT to speak of him in such an disrespectful way. Give them links to the articles, books, and stories that set the record straight–that tell the TRUTH! If we don’t fight for him, the stories will never end. This character assassination “terrorism” must stop. We have to make it STOP!

  11. mica says:

    Thank you for answering, nice blog by the way ! 🙂

  12. Seven says:

    Hi Mica,

    I guess it’s possible that Dileo and his PR people did not tell Michael or admit to spreading the rumors to the media, even if he had confronted them about it.

    It seems that a lot of dishonesty and self-servitude was endemic within the ranks of those who worked for Michael Jackson – even so much that some of his own security guards were stealing and selling autographed items that fans had given them to have signed. Some of Michael’s employees were honest and had Michael’s best interests at heart but more of them were dishonest and only out for their own agenda and their own profit or fame. Like I wrote, it seems almost everyone had a knife in his back.

    As far as Taraborrelli – self-proclaimed is right.

    I think his book is full of a lot of falsehoods, made-up “facts”, erroneous assumptions, and outright lies meant to enhance the sale of the book. Some of what he writes is probably true, and a lot of it is not. And who knows which is which? That’s the problem with the book – no one knows what is truth separated from the lies and ’embellishments’ that Mr. Self-Proclaimed MJ Biographer put into the book.

    I think Taraborreli is a grossly overrated “expert” on Michael Jackson and a grossly overrated profit-seeking author, who is overly-promoted by a profit-seeking media.

    He may have known Michael for a brief time early in both their lives but he relies on second and third-hand information after that, and rumor and innuendo to fill in the blanks once they went their separate ways.

    I could not myself (nor could most of us) honestly call ourselves anyone’s “Personal Biographer” simply because we knew a person for a few years as a pre-teen or teen and then never saw them again. It’s just rediculous.

  13. mica says:

    Hey, please don’t get me wrong, but I wonder why hasn’t Michael fired Dileo & the others from his PR team that were spreading stupid rumours about him? I mean, if he had been upset with the rumours, he would have done something about it, so the story wouldn’t repeat itself, right?
    His self-proclaimed biographer, Taraborrelli, says that Michael himself was involved in spreading those rumours and, overall, in his book he portays an image of Michael that I don’t like very much…It seems really different from the way I perceive Michael through his music, gestures, words…What do you think about Taraborrelli’s book, “The magic and the madness”? Have you read it?

  14. BlueLotus says:

    Michael Jackson really amazes me, I think of what he ACHIEVED and what he ENDURED. No one in this world achieved what he did and at the same time no one endured what he endured…mind blowing.

    Just think about it: a very sensitive boy abused by his father (father was also a genius manager), a teenager hurt from “rejection” (he is not little Michael anymore), horrible pimples which make him too shy and make him a bit too self conscious, dad makes it worse by making FUN of his looks, this self conscious and sensitive boy gets Lupus and Vitiligo at the peak of his career and also gets 3rd degree burns on his scalp. Then people accuse him of turning against his race.

    Can we imagine the PAIN, the STRUGGLE and CONFUSION through it all?

    And now add the betrayers, the hangers on, the false accusers and the satanic, unrelenting and merciless press to this deadly cocktail…Can we IMAGINE what Michael went through? Both physical pain and that inflicted by others and the PRESS. Its hard to even imagine. I am scared to even go there mentally.

    Now think of what he achieved in spite of all he had to ENDURE….the records broken, his lyrics, his dance, his angelic voice, his compositions for every age, every mood, to soothe, to uplift, to inspire. The barriers he broke, nations, colors, races, religion…

    His achievements should be seen in the light of what he was growing through…that should make it even greater.

    Finally, look at this HEART…that is something absolutely disarming about Michael. This message by Michael to the press is written in 1987 when Michael was all of 29 years…have you ever…really…have you ever seen/heard anyone responding to unjustified, hurtful lies and criticism like the way he did in his note? The wisdom is beyond his years…and so is the L.O.V.E. he had not of this world. Have you ever seen people remaining loving, innocent and giving through the kind of circumstances Michael had at hand till the end?

    In the end I conclude with my head and heart firmly in the right place that Michael Jackson was really an unearthly being. He really was.

  15. Gavin Saunders says:

    Back in the day, before we were naive about how completely devoid of scruples tabloid hacks/editors are, a sincere call for fairness by Mike seemed logical and direct.

    However, I guess the tabloids calculated correctly that by writing crazy, negative stories about Mike they’d have the ability to attract the attention of Mike’s jealous detractors as well as his millions of fans, who’d feel compelled to keep themselves informed of the attacks on him.

    I’d like to think that at least heaps of tax revenue was being generated along the way for hospitals and important services but disgustingly, Rupert Murdoch and another Aussie media magnate, Kerry Packer were able to evade paying too much of that too.

    Can’t help thinking how bewildered he must have felt when the press started turning on him not terribly long after he experienced the disapproval of his Jehovah’s Witness elders. Surely he’d be feeling and thinking he hadn’t changed and if anything, he was able to do even more for others and for charity, and yet all this was befalling him.

  16. Jacqueline M. says:

    Very beautiful post, Seven. And we have to remember that, in 1987, the media had not even started to slander Michael. And I don’t know if the hate will stop some day. Seven, some days ago I was reading something in the website “vindicating Michael” and there is a girl, Desiree, she was saying the most horrible and perverse things about Michael, as if he was nothing but a “serial pedophile”. I wish I could simply ignore her, but I can’t. I felt nauseous reading what she wrote about him. I seems she gets pleasure doing that. It’s very sad to see a person who has nothing but hate in her soul. Well, I love to read the things you write about Michael, Seven. Very amazing things.

  17. SWB says:

    Btw, I don’t mean to sound harsh. Like everyone here, I’m just angry and appalled at what happened to Michael Jackson.

  18. SWB says:

    The problem with Michael’s so-called PR was that it was not actually the professional public relations needed to protect him and his image. It was Dileo’s publicity chasing and show biz promotion that hung MJ out to dry. Before Dileo, I think, Susan Blond may have had something helpful to offer, but I’m guessing until I research it further. Stuart Backerman and Michael Levine were supposed to be professional PR people, but, again, publicity is only one aspect of public relations and when it came to crisis management none of them seemed up to the task. Poor Michael was left swaying in the breeze and taking hits like a pinata in a drunken brawl.

    I have a master’s degree in public relations and have worked in concert promotion, advertising, media relations, crisis management and other aspects of this field for over 2O years. Don’t call what Michael had PR; he had nothing of the sort.

  19. Joanie says:

    Discovering and realizing more and more of the abuse and exploitation that Michael endured throughout his career, and his life, makes me literally feel sick to my stomach. My heart aches for the tragedy that Michael played out, but my heart also takes flight on the wings of his artistic genius. Michael left us a legacy that endures beyond time and space. We are blessed immeasurably with the joy of his music, dance, poetry and persona. We are inspired by the sweet goodness that he humbly lived.

    Thank you, dear Seven, for your diligent efforts in setting the record straight, and disseminating truth on Michael’s behalf.

    Michael forever in our hearts!

  20. Seven says:

    Thank YOU Justice4MJJ for this write-up! This is an important part of Michael’s life to be aware of as this is when the media’s abuse of him began in earnest – well before any extortionist allegations against him and it only escalated from there.

    Yea Micheline, Frank is still around, and Branca et al. Many of these people were around Michael from the beginning of all this and remarkably, they re-appeared at the end. . . . and while Michael is gone from this world, they are still standing, thanks to him.

  21. Lisa says:

    I am the furthest thing from MJ as far as creative genius, fame, and money..in fact the total opposite, i am a struggling single mom, who has had to work hard all my life..just to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Yet, I feel blessed and I am happy. — I too, have been through very similar circumstances as Michael had…I lost my apartment and was homeless with 3 small children because an insecure, jealous apartment manager thought i was having an affair with her husband. Her husband was having an affair with 2 other young women at the apartment complex-so she thought I was the 3rd one. Besides don’t you have to be alone at least once with someone and be attracted to somebody to have an affair in the first place?? And have no respect for other people’s relationship?? None of it happened. I had and have too much respect for myself as well as for other people’s lives. I too helped allot of people get back on their feet, and twice was robbed; both times during the holiday session. I don’t think i am anything special, there are allot of prettier women then me and women who have had a charmed lives..Yet, I have encountered more envy and jealousy,than most people. No matter what- if people are so insecure and feeling as though your strength is their weakness, they can literally destroy lives and make people suffer. Michael Jackson had a massive amount of users, enablers, jealous, envious, racist, greedy, and prejudice people surround him almost his whole life. He was and still is the biggest superstar in the world..his torture was 10x greater than mine–then again suffering is relative..Thank you Seven-again, for your wisdom and vision of the truth of our beautiful Michael Jackson..I used to think that for the most part people were intelligent and/or at least want to find out the truth. The older i get, I am realizing that it is not true. I think there a lot of people who can not seem to bring forth their light because their shadow has taken over their heart..Any hint of compassion is destroyed. Behind the malice printed on the pages of these magazines, it come from the heart first. I still see good in people the way Michael did, yet, i am just as aware that i am also part of a world of full of people who seems to allow darkness and indifference to rule their live..At the end of day, truth always will prevail..and for truth to be glorified..it must be challenged by lies..I miss Michael still, as if he passed away yesterday. I know in my heart I will see him someday, my spiritual connection to him consumes my whole being..and until it is time for me to go..I made a promise to GOD, to myself, to Michael I will do what ever it takes to help continue is amazing legacy of love as well as his creative genius..Thank you Seven for doing the same thing..Your website, tells truths..and I know as well as all those who love MJ..this is your way also. YOUR research and words are helping all of us..to heal from his death..I love you.Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing..God Bless.

  22. Micheline James says:

    Seven, thank you for an absolutely beautiful narrative! Many of us have read that sad and touching letter in Michael’s handwriting, which really pinpointed the beginning of a campaign of destruction that started long ago. It’s even sadder to know he felt so desperate that he wrote those words in a Tokyo hotel room between concert performances! To be so far from home, performing for thousands of people, feeling such despair, it makes me cry to see how truly “alone” he was. The letter was written 22 years ago! Twenty-two years of “Open Season” on Michael. He tried to send a message to the media about his pain, while filtering it through his beautiful soul, and all they saw was a reason to mock and ridicule. Oh, but Frank Dileo and his ilk are still standing, aren’t they? And where is Michael???

  23. Bonnie Cox says:

    Wow! Nice article. So DiLeo, according to Katherine, was behind the rumor mill withMichael? And who is DiLeo tied to? hmmmm. Way back then. And they knew he had the ATV catalog at that point.

    Thank you Justice4MJJ and thank you Seven for posting this!

  24. blythe says:

    they treated him like a fool who couldnt think for himself. it brings tears to my eyes. i kind of picked that up when i watched THIS IS IT . it seemed liked they were pacifying him. and it seemed to aggravate him. i think that’s what he meant when he said real ppl. not yes men. it really hurts when i read this stuff. but thanks for the post

  25. Joy john says:

    Well the letter just shows the depth of knowledge that MJ had…and the innocent warm heart that people never actually wanted to see. In fact, that kind of humanism just scares these TV people cause they start to see their own faults. Its altogether sad that he was misjudged and misunderstood all his life and was backstabbed and taken advantage of….I will rather let these people be and hope that MAYBE one day they come back to their senses and realize the loss the world has faced. They did the same with Jesus Christ…..

    Anyways, I totally admire Katherine Jackson…she is such a great mother. She is actually PERFECTION…as MJ called her, I would never agree to someone being called perfection, but to her…I’d agree.

    Thank you Seven, I sincerely pray and hope that FINALLY people will start to see who the real Michael Jackson was. Maybe they’ll think of him as a person and not a personality as MJ wanted. And stop making rumors about him, his kids…or his life!

  26. jeanne says:

    No one , and I mean NO ONE knows more about Michael or LOVED Michael more than his mom , Kathrine Jackson. I tell you now as a mom myself , that a mom knows when there is shifty business or deception against their own and wheather the child will see it or not the MOM knows and you can see that Kathrine’s aim was to protect her son against the snakes even though her own son could not see the snake hiding in the brush. I love Kathrine . She knows her son better than any one person on the face of this earth and was in her gentle and loving way attempting to protect him and they the ones who had their own best interest in their own hearts did everything in their power to stop a mothers love . To me that is the worst crime EVER !

  27. Justice4MJJ says:

    Thanks Seven for letting me contribute,& the media edit :}