Jul 22 2010

Remember The Time (when Oprah interviewed some of Michael’s friends)?

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In 1993, before Oprah did her ‘big interview‘ with Michael, she interviewed many of his friends and people who had worked with him.  Someone has finally posted these interview segments youtube. I present them here for your perusal.

They are divided into 6 parts.  The first part discusses how the interview came to fruition, the making of a promo commercial for the interview, and Oprah speaks with Liz Taylor, Michael’s lifelong and very close friend.


In Part 2, Oprah interviews Brooke Shields. She gives a great explanation as to why people criticize and judge Michael so much. It’s amazing how Brooke and Liz both mention all of the garbage that was written about Michael. And consider that this was BEFORE the allegations!  It was likely worse than many of us thought even before the worst of it started!


In Part 3, supermodel Iman is interviewed about her role in MJ’s “Remember The Time” video. She highlights Michael’s wonderful sense of humor and really emphasizes Michael’s humanitarian work. I wish MORE media and celebrities had spoken out about this when Michael was alive, since his humanitarian endeavors were SO incredible.


In Part 4, Dick Clark, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, and Susanne DePasse are interveiwed. Unsurprisingly, they all unanimously agreed that MJ didn’t have a childhood.


In Part 5, Oprah interviews a young girl, probably around 10 years old, and her parents.  She met Michael while shooting a commercial, and became close friends with him.  Ryan White’s mom is interviewed in this segment, as well. During the clip, Oprah showed the beds that are installed in the walls of MJ’s movie theater, and she said this is a sure sign that he cares about children.

This is a very important segment because it shows a young female friend who spent time at Neverland, and her parents fully approved of the relationship!  Remember the media was all about Michael only spending his time with young BOYS.  That was not true, of course.  Tom Mesereau addressed the media’s lies about this in his June 17, 2007 interview on the Jay Leno show.


In Part 6, Oprah shows how MJ has been a “sex symbol” to many of his female fans around the world.  The funniest part is the white woman who said that when she was a young girl, she wished that she was black so that she could marry Michael.  Keep in mind, in the early 1970’s interracial marriage wasn’t as accepted as it is now, so that’s probably why she felt that way.  Today, this would not be quite such an issue.


Here is another interview with Oprah from September 2009.  She explains that the reason she didn’t go to MJ’s memorial was that she was not friends with him.  In light of what Mesereau said in Aphrodite Jones’ documentary about celebrities praising MJ after his death, but who refused to support him during his trial, Oprah’s admission seems noble.  Although I personally feel that she still should have issued a public statement, since her show garnered the highest ratings ever due to his appearance on her show.


Oprah also says that she always had “compassion” for MJ throughout the years, but I rather disagree.  Watch her 2005 interview with Lisa Marie Presley, and see how much “compassion” she shows.

Also, she condescendingly said after Michael died that “we’ll never know the truth” in regards to the allegations, which is tantamount to saying that he’s guilty.  But then again, what do we expect from Oprah? This is the same woman who thought it was OK to ask Michael if he was a virgin. In fact, she asked Lisa Marie if their marriage was consummated.

I wonder how Oprah would feel if she were asked on a nationally televised interview if and she Stedman Graham have had sex?  Hmmm?


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{ Thank You to David Edwards, researcher DuJour, for providing the info for this. I just did a little editing.  -Seven }

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46 Responses to “Remember The Time (when Oprah interviewed some of Michael’s friends)?”

  1. sanemjfan says:

    Seven, in July 2009 JC Agajanian, the father of Amy, the young girl in part 5, gave an emotional interview in which he vehemently defended MJ and blasted the media for their coverage of his death. I particularly liked the story he gave of how Amy was severely injured at Neverland in the early 90’s when she was thrown from the horse that she was riding, and MJ was worried that he would sue him, but JC declined to do so because he knew it was just a freak accident. He told MJ that “friends don’t sue friends over accidents!”

    They were also prepared to testify for MJ in 2005 as character witnesses, but weren’t needed.

    The Agajanians were true friends of MJ!


  2. nan says:

    i remember tom mesereau saying that they asked people to help mj during the trial and refused. he said many of them were the ones crying the hardest right after he died. for my own reasons i think lmp was front and center on that one.
    as for the arvisio boys, imo they are still scamming zonen because they will need a job reccomendation when they get out and someone to vouch for them..
    in my opinion in order for karma to work its magic , these young men will have to attain something in order to understand what it is like to have all you have worked for destroyed…..so far in life they havent accomplished much..its a long race…:)

    oprah winfrey is just envious of mj. her remark about never knowing the truth is telling, because people have been writing her to interview a jones for years and she wont…i thinks she needs a reason to feel superior to mj ..she isnt and all she needs to do is look at a picture of nelson mandela hugging mj to see know she isnt…jmo
    people always question her relationship with her bf gail and that steadman is just a beard.i dont know why she would question michaels lifestyle when her own is at the top of peoples lists.
    love your site seven .thanks

  3. Seven says:

    Oh Bo G thank you SO much for digging these up! I have to say the media – including Oprah – are very selective that what they choose to show about Michael fits their meme/lie about him being a freak, weirdo, child molester, etc. when none of it is true. That’s why it’s so important that we get and keep this information out there! THANK YOU for finding these!


  4. Bo G says:

    Seven, just found this and wanted to say how much I appreciate your excellent review of these videos I posted. When I first heard about them, I couldn’t believe they weren’t on YouTube, and went on a months-long hunt till I tracked them all down.

    When Oprah did her show on MJ after his death, the obvious thing for her to have done would have been to include excerpts from these pre-interviews of hers, since they had disappeared from public view and would have been a surprise rarity. Yet there was not one drop from the pre-interviews, and instead we see her worrying about her hair and clothes. It’s as if she wanted the world to forget they exist. And you can see why.

    The clip with the children is important on several counts. You’re quite right that the media selectively ignored Michael’s friendships with little girls, and the fact that they never mentioned this girl is proof. Also, this segment includes a powerful lesson in confirmation bias — how we’re prone to viewing facts as confirming our preconceived beliefs. Oprah and the audience are all charmed by the beds for sick children in the theater, and with the little girl when she innocently said she and Michael were “doing it” at Neverland. “Playing,” Oprah said, looking sternly at the audience when it giggled, but then laughing along with everyone at the cuteness. That same exchange just a few months later would have elicited gasps of horror, once the media had placed guilt-colored glasses on its public.

    It is also interesting to me how this was the last media discussion of Michael’s sexual appeal to women. It’s now very hard to find references outside of fanboards to his one-time sex idol status. The media reconstructed him completely to fit their narrative. Then it became self-reinforcing. I suspect Oprah is particularly embarrassed by this segment; she chimes in right along with the lusting fans and says she wanted to marry Jackie Jackson. She was probably embarrassed that Iman said in a sexy voice that Michael was a very good kisser… Oprah didn’t want to bring any of this back up, because it would have demonstrated just how much the media had remade MJ into something strange.

  5. *********** says:

    I love how Janet handled the Michael questions from phony Oprah in the video below

  6. rose says:

    Thank You David

    I had read that Gavin Arviso had changed his name to Anton and that he was attending the Military College. I also read that Sneddon had retired and when asked about the death of Michael he was being so called respectful and didn’t comment much.

    I have to admit that I am glad that Bashir got a demotion as you call it.

    David, thank you again for taking the time.

  7. David says:

    @ Rose

    Here are answers to your questions:

    1. Tom Sneddon retired a few years ago. If he had run for DA again, I’m sure he would have lost!

    2. The taxpayers paid for the witch hunt trial of 2005. Which is why if Sneddon had run again he would have lost! So it was wise of him to just retire!

    3. Unfortunately, I don’t think that any legal retribution can come to Sneddon or the Arvizos, because the statute of limitations has run out. If Sneddon wasn’t willing to prosecute the Arvizos, then it wasn’t going to happen! Any sane prosecutor would have properly investigated them and realized that they were lying, and wouldn’t have prosecuted MJ in the first place. But Sneddon maliciously prosecuted MJ, so there wasn’t any way he was going to charge the Arvizos with lying.

    4. The Arvizos live in Georgia. Gavin and Star are attending a Georgia Military College, and they are doing very well academically. It’s depressing to see that while MJ’s life was ruined with that trial, their lives have gone very well. Below is a copy of the Dean’s List for the Fall 2009 semester, and do a search of “Arvizo” and you’ll find their names.

    5. As for Bashir, actually he got a demotion! I’m sure his contract wasn’t renewed at ABC, but as a sign of professional courtesy, they let him find another job first, and then announced it as if he voluntarily left. That’s the way the industry is! Going from Nightline to anchoring the afternoon news is a big demotion!

    6. Mesereau said that before the trial, they asked some celebrities to publicly support MJ, but they all refused. Yet after he died, they were all over the place claiming how much they loved him. He didn’t name names, so we don’t know exactly who he was talking about.

  8. ella says:

    Oprah is a jealous ugly new-age mammy. She always had an unhealthy obsession with Michael and she always invited Janet Jackson onto her show, mainly to get dirt on Michael from her. It’s no surprise she’s good friends with Diane Sawyer (another VICIOUS MJ hater) who constantly grilled other celebrities about him in horrifying interviews(Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Lisa Marie Presley, and more) Oprah is losing her magnetism. People began to see through her fake ass “tribute” episode, her past 1993 interview, her comments before and after his death. She invited LMP and PP, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Diane Sawyer, Paul McCartney, and others to mock, denigrate and humiliate him. Then she plays all nice after Michael’s death (PHONY ASS HYPOCRITE)

    The hypOcrite questions Celine Dion on MJ

    The hypOcrite interviews Janet & pretends to sympathize

    She interviewed Kenny Ortega for This Is It too

    She question Whitney about Michael too

    She interviewed Janet in 1997 and asked some erroneous questions about Michael

    HypOcritprah will forever be a phony fake opportunist. She used Michael for ratings after his death for her crumbling shallow talk show. She’s losing more ratings by the day.

    FUNNY ENOUGH, Kitty Kelley’s book “Oprah: A Biography” (now a BEST SELLER) cites Michael Jackson as one of Oprah’s FAVORITE celebrities??? LOL
    If that’s the case, she’s even FAKER than I thought. She defamed Michael in public just to protect her image & maintain the loyalty of her audience. Michael was a diamond, Oprah is cubic zirconia. Fake and fraudulent.

  9. Heidi says:

    Oprah doesn’t like Michael Jackson. Then I don’t like Oprah. Simple.

  10. rose says:

    Hello Seven

    The more I get to know about Michael the more upsets me that the world is the way it is. I have many questions that I can’t seem to find an answer for. I watched a lot of stuff on youtube. Does anyone know if Tom Sneddon is still working for the D.A office? Is he still being taken seriously after making a fool of himself bringing the trial forward. By the way who paid for all this to happen? Was it really the taxpayers of California. If so is California still struggling trying to get itself out of debt. If the FBI found nothing on Michael, can the state of california go after Sneddon and the Arvisos?
    Where is Janet Arviso and Gavin, which I know is going by another name….which everyone seems to have found out. Sometimes I feel like I am going around in circles. I heard that Martin Bashir got a promotion. I saw that Diane Dimond was on the View, I can’t believe they asked her to be on the show after she is known for lying and not checking her facts.

    Do you all remember how Michael’s attorney said that they asked his friends if they would testify and a lot of them said NO. Larry King wanted to testify but they would not let him and Chris tucker testified but his life long friends did not come forward because THEY DID NOT WANT TO GET INVOLVED. Oprah chose not to go to the funeral because I am sure she was aware that his so called friends were in the audiance making an appearance yet when Michael badly needed them they did not show up. I wonder if Brooke and Lisa Marie were asked to testify?


  11. Ali says:

    I never see Oprah normally but i saw a bit on the internet recently – she looks about 30 years younger than she used to – Just HOW MUCH plastic surgery has she had??!!! Looks like tons! how WEIRD someone of her age looks after SO MUCH surgery to make herself look younger!! What a FREAK Oprah is!! There must be something VERY wrong with her to feel the need to have SO MUCH plastic surgery, just why is she trying to deny her own racial heritage that she needs to have it changed by surgery? She obviously can’t accept growing older. and WHAT is she trying to hide? I bet she’s taking lots of painkillers too, in fact I think she’s a coke adddict, i don’t have any evidence for that but that doesn’t matter, i think it so therefore it must be true.

    ‘Coki Opi’ is a freak and is trying to make herself look like a little girl! I don’t know the facts about that defamation case and i don’t need to – she is OBVIOUSLY guilty if she settled, and more obviously so because she has had so much plastic surgery, thats proof she must have done something wrong.

    Get the point Opi? – “Good, lets dance”.

  12. Gavin Saunders says:

    @Lisa D. I have not had time to view the videos here yet (and only read up to your comment so far) but I’ve watched Oprah’s shows (for decades it seems), and have formed my opinion of her from those.

    With regard to Mike, this is my take.

    Oprah is about being #1.
    Everything she does is to that end.
    Unfortunately, she perceived Michael Jackson as being or wanting to also be #1.
    Good deeds and benevolence have become her passion but are possibly, somewhat incidental to her ambition.
    What she believes about Michael Jackson (deeply influenced by her horrendous childhood trauma), to her mind is wise, reasonable and ultimately, advantageous.

    She regards herself as extremely professional: unfortunately these days this is subjective.

  13. Lilly from Brazil says:

    see the link below what I read just now on the site MJJCommunity, talking about Michael’s innocence.

  14. Seven says:

    Hi Arabian,

    I’m afraid I’m already spearheading too many things as it is. Your idea has merit though and I’d encourage anyone who wants to take on the task to do so!

    As for Oprah, I have sent her several emails via her show website and have never gotten a single response. One request was to do a show covering Michael’s lifetime of humanitarian work. I offered data, links, text, articles, a list of people she might interview, etc.

    Not a peep back from her.

    I think she’s not interested in Michael Jackson or anything about him except when it can boost her ratings, I’m sorry to say – much like the rest of the media.

  15. the arabian nights says:

    more randam thoughts

    how about and this is only a suggestion, and i am probably wrong…

    what about joining/ following oprah on your twitter etc and sending her and others eg the sun, mj facts of the day.

    i dont know if seven wants to spearhead this. so facts about his trial, facts about his good deeds, etc facts about his charity work, maybe seven can have a blog page so we can cut and paste the fact into our tweets etc.

    it should be short and snappy but accurate. positive press for mike, seeking a vindication and the restoration of his good name.

    what do you think?

    the drip effect – we have had it for 45 years from the media which included oprah.

    i want to repeat – always pleasant and with respect.

  16. the arabian nights says:

    @gotod you may be right, but historically the world has stood up and fought injustice, it does take one person to start, but the rest will follow it takes time. but the way we argue is important, and it must be done repeatedly.

    take slavery, take sexism, take rasism all the ism’s surely the truth can be fought for.

    yes maybe people do not want to hear especially with all the other things in the world to worry about but it is still an injustice.

    i do worry about the family, randy seems the most pro justice.

    why dont we do a campaign, an email campaign a twitter and retweet campaign referring to this site to all the major outlets. i dont know i am not an ideas person. but to get respect we have to show respect even if we feel passionately, nothing is achieved through aggression.