Jul 24 2010

Michael didn’t befriend and mentor only boys and young men. Meet one of his last female proteges, Nisha Kataria.

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Nisha Kataria

Nisha Kataria

…His room is a 2-story duplex. A huge duplex. Women stayed there, mothers stayed there, kids stayed there, parents stayed there.

The quote above is from an interview Tom Mesereau did on the Jay Leno show on June 17th, 2005.

Now, the media were all busily either stating outright or thinly insinuating that Michael “lured” little boys to Neverland and up to some dark, dank, “room” to molest them. And in 2004-2005 and beyond they’ve done this with the help of Michael’s disgruntled ex-PR man-turned-tabloid-journalist Bob Jones, who created stories and published a salacious book to get back at Michael for firing him in June 2004. Jones was Michael’s PR man for 30-some years. (I am deliberately NOT linking to Jones’ trashy book here).

It is unclear why Jones was fired, but if you remember, it was Bob Jones, along with Frank Dileo, who were feeding garbage stories to the press and/or at the very least, doing nothing to rebut them back when Michael wrote that heartwrenching note to the press in 1987.  He may well have been fired because it was finally discovered that he was a backstabbing leech – one of many around Michael during his life.  True to his form, within 2 months of his firing, Jones was shopping his book of salacious boy stories around. Jones also testified against Michael in the 2005 trial.  You can read about him in Aphrodite Jones’ ‘Conspiracy‘ book. Jones had a vendettta against Michael for firing him and this was his way of retaliating and he was therefore thoroughly discredited in the courtroom. The media, of course was glad to join him on his bandwagon and they likely made a lot of money scratching each other’s backs in this regard.

As for the media, they never bothered (and still haven’t to my knowledge) to tell the truth about “Michael’s room” or what it really consisted of, or the fact that not only boys, but also girls and their parents stayed there. And, not only did Michael show an interest in befriending and mentoring boys and young men, but he also befriended and mentored girls and young women too – with their parents full knowledge, participation, and approval – which obviously no parent would give if they even remotely suspected anything untoward was going on.

As a matter of fact, you might have noticed that Jordie Chandler and Gavin Arvizo’s parents were fully involved and in approval of Michael’s relationship with their boys — until they discovered they could get a lot more (money) from Michael by falsely claiming he’d molested them. In the case of Evan Chandler, I suspect (and Chandler’s own words show without any doubt) a good bit of jealousy and bitterness contributed to a vendetta to destroy Michael because Michael was being the father to Jordie Chandler that Evan Chandler never could or would be.  And, Evan Chandler wanted $20 million from Michael for a film – and then some. Once he figured out his extortion scheme to get back at Michael and to get the money he wanted, Michael was suddenly labelled a ‘child molester‘ by him.

And we don’t even need to mention the subsequent hit piece on Michael by character assassin Martin Bashir, do we? Bashir, the notorious media mercenary built his own career by destroying Michael Jackson with a mockumentary that is as false, out-of-context, dishonest, and twisted as the recent framing of Ms. Shirley Sherrod – except that Bashir’s video was 2 hours long. In fact, there’s no doubt where the likes of Breitbart (the racist who created the chopped-up video to frame Shirley Sherrod as a racist) learned their “skills“: from the likes of Martin Bashir, of course.  Destroying people’s lives based on lies and innuendo has become an industry unto itself, thanks to Bashir and the bottom-crawling likes of him.

Revenge. Greed. Jealousy. Money. Status.  All of these were the daggars that others stabbed Michael Jackson in the back for, or because of.

Anyway, back to the girls who stayed with Michael and whom he was mentoring. The webmaster of AllForLoveBlog shared this with me: “Lottie Rose, one of Michael’s hairstylists who worked with him in the early 90s, said she often stayed over at Neverland with her daughter, and that sometimes her daughter, like many of the kids, fell asleep in Michael’s room. Nothing happened, and I’m sure Lottie Rose would have been singing a different tune if she even suspected anything improper had gone on”. You can learn more about Lottie Rose in this article from Ebony Magazine, printed in September, 2009. So, that’s one example of girls staying in Michael’s room at Neverland. There were not just boys staying there, contrary to the popular meme shouted by the media and Michael’s vengeful ex-employees. As Tom Mesereau stated, there were girls and boys and parents staying in the condo that was “Michael’s bedroom“. It was hardly a place where anything unsavory could or would happen.

I want to introduce you to another young woman Michael befriended and mentored. Her name is Nisha Kataria. She and her family moved into Neverland in 2003. She was his protégé, and he was grooming her for a musical career because he was so impressed with her vocals. They were going to travel together in 2003, and the plan was apparently that she would be his opening act for some of the shows in the “This Is It” tour, as well as having a cameo appearance in the “One More Chance” video, which never happened because Michael was hit with the trumped-up allegations against him before it could be completed.  Just as she was hoping to be an opening act for TII, Michael was gone.

You can hear her amazing vocals here, as she gives a small idea of how her first audition with Michael went. Nisha had a different song in mind to sing to Michael, but Michael wanted to challenge her so he asked her to sing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You“. Nisha did so and you can here it here:

Nisha also appeared on Larry King. Here is part one of her appearance:

Part two is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8nJKlEwt5g&feature=related

And here, Nisha sings ‘Earth Song‘ at Energy Globe 2007:

And Nisha sang ‘We Are The World‘ at “Tribute to Bambi” 2009 in Berlin and presented Michael Jackson’s Scream Guitar for Charity.:

Michael was my teacher, my idol, my inspiration. I will never forget the precious time that we shared together. I hope that a part of Michael Jackson will continue to live and to shine within my work that is so heavily influenced and rooted by him.

Michael Jackson was the greatest artist of our time. His musical and cinematic legacy will live on forever.

Nisha Kataria

AllForLoveBlog will have a more in-depth piece soon about the other girls whom Michael befriended and/or stayed at Neverland, so keep an eye out for that. It’s bound to be very informative!
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{ Thanks to David Edwards for the information about Nisha in this piece, and to AllForLoveBlog for the info on Lottie Rose. -Seven }


18 Responses to “Michael didn’t befriend and mentor only boys and young men. Meet one of his last female proteges, Nisha Kataria.”

  1. Lisa says:

    Seven–thank you-again..Before Michael Jackson died, I was never a ‘Fan’ in the fanatical sense (now I am) Though-I have always loved his music, and knew he was a creative genius,and never believed the lies. I have somewhat of a higher level of intuition than most people. I knew Michael was never what the media slandered him with. When I look at people I see their heart, their spirit, their soul. I also question everything-especially if it is about famous people or something I am interested in. I have been extremely inquisitive since I was a little girl. I am one of those people who want to know why we are the only planet that has living beings..and I will research it-until I am satisfied with the answer. And so when Michael died, I did massive research..and EVERYTHING that I knew instinctively–was proven correct. See, this is my theory about all these backstabbers, in Michael Jackson’s circle-GREEDY..GREEDY..and more greed! (and maybe-just maybe a little bit of envy and jealousy too). Yes, greatness and a pure heart–attracts those who are of like…and we must remember every positive virtue has an opposite. See,greed, malicious and envy/jealous people ARE the weak ones..not the other way around. The word VICTIM has had a twisted kind of meaning, esp. in our society. We think only women, children, and animals get victimized. Anybody can be a victim..period. And VICTIM does not all ways mean being CONQUERED. And than we must questioned how someone was conquered?? If it was through lies, or violence..is that really FAIR-NO-because a human right was violated. It simply means being TARGET–first. When I talk to people about MJ being the victim of malicious slander, and extortion..people are like..well he put himself out there…And this is exactly what I say; ANYONE ONE OF US..can have someone we know or don’t know..simple say–“My daughter, spent the night at your house last night (both parents children are friends-reason for the sleep over) and she said, that you rubbed her private area the wrong..) This person is completely lying–but this person is wanting this other parent out of the picture..because he has fallen in love or lust of the mother. Can’t happen?? Yes–it can..and did..(one of my friend’s father)..AND this happens more than people think–and this wasn’t even about money at all! It was about envy! and lust! Now lets talk about MJ–one the riches, charismatic, easy going, giving people in the world..how many people do you think will target him? And how far will they go to do it? And as far as the stupid comment-“well, he shouldn’t have put himself there” We can take all the self-defense lessons in the world, we can live like a hermit-and never leave our house, and yes be more aware of snakes and parasites..and guess what AS LONG as there are sick, greedy, insecure people in the world–there WILL ALWAYS BE PREDATORS. Predators only want to survive..survival in its most primal form; to hurt another to get what they want. Instead of working for it, earning it, or just simply asking for it..they will destroy lives, destroy reputations, etc..Look around, it happens every day–from wars to a simple slight, sentence; ” you touched my daughter, and I am taking you to court.” Michael Jackson, I believe to be the most envied, most targeted person in the world..or least the top 10. Maybe the two reasons; his openness to the help anybody and everybody, and his money. Are these the reasons why, he was victimized? YES..as well as other reasons..so who is to blame..Isn’t it the person victimizing?? We need to stop blaming the targeted person..and start looking for the truth..The predators need TO LEARN their lessons, and not just punish the act itself. What was Michael’s message? LOVE, PEACE, and Unity..Maybe just maybe, if these predators will learn how to love-themselves, have peace-in their lives, and Unite-in harmony with the general population, maybe they will stop TAKING from people..uhhh..just a thought.I will continue Michael’s legacy of LOVE and also to fight to bring justice..for his death..RIP..my king of music..king of hearts..

  2. Simona says:

    Nisha seems a very sweet girl and a very good singer (of course, or Michael would have not been so interested in launching her career… he was always the perfectionist!) –
    I don’t find it easy to comment on this kind of posts – and for the very simple reason that I choke up out of rage, and I find I cannot think (let alone talk) straight…. I truly admire and respect all of you (especially you Seven) who manage to convey their rage into action – positive, goal oriented and helpful. This is of course the right (the only!) way to go to honour Michael. I hope with time I too will learn to channel my feelings into the right direction …. I am still overwhelmed, disgusted and sick…. THEY twist EVERYTHING, there’s nothing that would surprise me by now, they could easily make something bad even out of Michael doing a wheather forecast.
    Keep it up… love.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Nisha is so beautiful to listen to as well as to look at . Wow those eyes , that voice , that heart . Michael sure has an eye for beauty. I hurt to know how certain people in this world could not recognize what a gift Michael was to us. And how he would bring out the absolute brilliance in people and he showed them how to shine . Like with Orianthi I remember in TII he said to her ,, this is your chance to shine and I am right there with you . Imagine being nervous in audition with Michael and he could gently say the right words to allow your confidence to take flight . I wish more people would practice kindness . And speak with love .

  4. gigi says:


    Miss Raymone Bain tried to swindle Michael http://mjandjustice4some.blogspot.com/2010/06/on-michael-jackson-todays-example-of.html

    Someone I follow on twitter came across the website listed above a few days ago. The author of this website did the research behind a TMZ article posted June 23rd 2010 which was slanted to say that Michael had owed money to Genesis Group International a company that filed a creditor’s claim. The owner of GGI, Kevin Kinsey falsely represented himself as a representative of MJJ productions. The author of the website found the information of the facts behind this bogus creditor’s claim, which was all caused by Kinsey who told a investment group he was lead adviser for MJJ Finance Restructure Project & Bain who got involved claiming she represented Michael under a company called North Star, when in fact Bain was fired in 2007. In short Bain was negotiating loans and deposited $46 million in escrow for him all WITHOUT Michael’s knowledge. Kinsey and Bain was gonna spilt the fee Kinsey requested, which would be $2.3 million apiece. Michael and his legal representatives knew nothing of this deal at all. Michael’s legal reps told this investment group to recoup their money. Michael never even saw or received any money from the investment group.


    With all of the finances and different aspects of Michael’s company there was no way in the world he could manage company finances himself. So, obviously he would have to have a business manager’s, legal reps accounts, etc. help him in that aspect. It just seems to me no matter who was hired they just lost all integrity and had their own agenda when it came to working around Michael.

  5. Sina says:

    Wiesner is another one in the endless line of vultures in the same category as the fake rabbi.
    Saw him all over the place after Michael passed, talking about how paranoid Michael was. And yes he had every reason to be, considering how Wiesner sold secret recordings of heartbreaking phonecalls of Michael to the highest bidder. And still talks about him as if he was a friend.Shame-less. One who definetely needs to be exposed as he is also suspect of embezzeling a fortune from Michael. Do these people even see Michael as a human being , dont they have a conscience? Whats wrong with them?

    On topic, Michaels love for ALL children was pure and sincere.
    When you watch him interact with children its so natural, he enjoyed taking care of them and it was there from an early age on. People who have doubts about it should take a good look inside their own twisted mind.

    Watch him in a vid on you tube, taking care of little Dexter Wansel while in the studio with his brothers. Even combing his hair with a serious afro comb. So sweet.
    And another one when he was even younger ,with his family in happier times. Very funny too.

    Cant c/p the link, check and enjoy ‘jacksons interview with Dexter Wansel’ and ‘MJ Rare Home Video Never Seen Before’

    Sorry Seven for this intermezzo, need a little breathingspace and lightnes once in a while, to balance the anger and frustration. And not forget the sunny side of Michaels life.
    How can one not love this God sent gift.

  6. Seven says:


    I agree about Ebony. They always were good and respectful to Michael and let him speak for himself, not adding any stupid ‘spin’ to his own words.

    I have watched some of LunaJo’s vids but due to time limitations – not nearly enough of them!

    Michael was honest, generous, and innocent. The whole world was family to him and he gave them free access to his home – and look what some of them did to him for it. Just pure brutality and psychopathy.

  7. the arabian nights says:

    bob jones wrote his own book, after he was fired. i think much of what he wrote or said was put in a mini series/drama thing.

    i dont like to speak ill of the dead but i think mike was ill advised for years, decades. bob jones was in his life since the jackson 5 days.

    delio was feeding the press with stuff, but he also caused major problems with a tour and mike lost millions.

    bains was a snake – she said during a press conference in 2005 “if” mike got off. sneddon’s camp – sounds like it.

    these people schmoozed and he listened to them –

    i also think that sometimes he didnt trust people to accept their advice and listened to people he should have stayed clear of.

    but how can you tell – who to rely on with all these schmoozers around. the evil comes in many forms. he always wanted to think the best of people. it is a pity that some did not put his interests first as their client.

  8. gigi says:

    Seven, I have the Ebony magazine article too. Ebony was always respectful to Michael and he trusted them. Personally to me out of all those tribute magazines Ebony was the only one that presented a respectful tribute of who Michael was.

    Miss Lottie Rose’s article is another slap in the face to the twisted media’s lies. Miss Lottie Rose said in her article her and her daughter would stay the nights at Neverland. Miss Lottie Rose said while she be working on Michael’s hair, her daughter would fall asleep in Michael’s bed. Michael’s bedroom like you mentioned and others that have been there said it was a 2 story bedroom, basically an apartment. I think it was Azja Pryor who said during an interview that it has 3 bathrooms in there. Michael opened his room up to everyone from his own family to friends to parents and their kids.

    The medialiods and other people with a twisted agenda completely bypassed the fact that parents even said they spent time and stayed the night in Michael’s room.

    Oh Seven, have you seen LunaJo67’s channel on YouTube? She created a series “What Happened to Michael Jackson?” its a 62 part 10 minute videos about the coverage of the 2005 trial. Showing the real facts of what actually lead up to the trial, discusses all the characters from 90’s up to 05, provides the cross-examination information that was deliberately left out of the media coverage. Shows all the manipulative biased talking heads like Dimond, Bashir, Legal analysts who were bent on Michael’s guilt. Showed the abuse of authority by Sneddon. I don’t think the series is complete yet cause most of the videos covers the weak case the prosecution put on that unbeknownst to the public was completely disintegrated by the defense during their cross-examination. I watched these videos this weekend, the whole time all I could do was just shake my head.

  9. Saskia says:

    Thanks for posting something on all the girls he guided. The media only have eyes for the boys, because of course they make a better story.

    She seems very nice and she has a beautifull voice. I hope she will continue in the spirit of Michael and becomes a great star.
    The only thing bothering me was that she only spoke of the biggest artist ever, talented, nice and down to earth. It would have been nice if she mentioned the word friend. That’s what Michael needed, real friends.

  10. Seven says:


    I dunno, not sure. Well, actually I have a suspicion about this one but will keep to myself. 🙂

  11. the arabian nights says:

    why does the truth produce so few comments?

  12. Sumi says:

    I agree, appleh, Wiesner is a suspicious person around Michael. Yesterday he was on TV again here in Germany and interviewed as an MJ friend, intimate and expert within a biased documentary. In Germany almost no one knows about the role he played in the 2005 trial. Everybody thinks he was his best friend ever. I wished more people would read AJ’s book or read the trial transcripts to learn about him.
    He always tells some positive things about Michael, but I think this is only his method to sound more credible or “balanced”, as they always call it.
    Who can be a friend when he records confidential phone calls and makes them public afterwards?

  13. solar says:

    As God’s messenger, Michael dedicated his life to preserving childrens’ childhood as he saw “children” as the future and salvation of the world.

    Evildoers had to use the word “boys” instead of “children” in order to carry out their evil agenda.

  14. Michelle says:

    Nisha is real pretty and seems very sweet. Thanks, Seven!

  15. ella says:

    Yes, they conveniently forgot that Macauley Culkin, Gavin, and Jordan had sisters who stayed in Michael’s bedroom. Somehow the media never mentions this. It doesn’t fit his image. They’ll keep planting stories that fit the anti-MJ agenda

  16. appleh says:

    Hi truth seeker,

    Dieter Wiesner is absolutely no friend of Michael. He betrayed (I don´t know when it was) him, so that he did loose
    the rights for his own trademarks in Europe. After MJ´s death he was on every news channel and told his stories
    about drug abuse and blah, blah, blah. He was the guy who maintained in 2002 that Michael wound on his leg was from a needle (drugs), when it truly was from a spider bite. He is an awful liar and I don´t trust him for an inch. I learned he is the owner of a death hoax website (don´t know which one). This says it all. Here in my country he tells everyone how a good friend he was with Michael and that he is still in contact with the family. YUK, YUK, YUK.
    Be aware of this guy, that´s all I wanny say.

  17. Seven says:

    Furthermore, Sneddon’s name is the one that ought to be covered on the building it’s on – NOT Michael’s. (Michael’s name remains covered on Gardner Elementary while Sneddon’s is on some court building in LA). Sneddon – the criminal – is honored while Michael – the innocent – is shamed. That’s the society we live in. Pfft. Bassackwards.

    Weizner: In my notes, I have that he was somehow involved in the tapes Daphne Barak sold to The Sun. And, that he owned sex shops in Germany and was dating Janet Arvizo at one time & working with them for MJ’s downfall. If any of that is remotely true, sounds ‘foe’ more than ‘friend’ to me. Maybe others can fill in the details.

    I figure that Michael’s convos were being recorded all the time by unscrupulous vultures because – well, how much did The Sun pay Daphne Barak for those tapes? And in the case of Rabbi Schmuck – er, Schmuley – he used tapes to write a book to sell after Michael died. I suppose that’s why Michael’s convos were taped all the time. They sell.

  18. truth seeker says:

    Just another great Michael Jackson project squashed because of the Bashit hit piece. Bashit is responsible for so many deaths in a way: Michael’s death and the death of all these dream projects he had with so many other people. Bashit kill their dreams too.
    He and crooked DA Sneddon should’ve been on trial. Not Michael Jackson.

    What’s the real story with Dieter? Friend or Foe?
    In that released taped conversation when Michael calls him all desperated about not letting the system destroy them (or something like that)he seem to like him a lot.

    Why were Michael conversations being recorded all the time???