Jul 27 2010

What more could he give? God, what more could he take?

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Stop Doggin' Him Around

Stop Doggin' Him Around

In the past few days, a few things have come to my attention. All of them put together made me realize once again just how much Michael Jackson gave for his art, for his fans, and to the world. The more I read about his commitment to his work, I realized that like most of us, Michael’s self-worth was measured by his success at his job. Except that Michael was probably much more committed to his job than most. He must have felt he had to earn love by being the best entertainer we’d ever seen and absent that, he was unlovable. He learned this from his father at a very early age. The fear of being unlovable is one of the worst fears a person can have. He also seemed to be that way because he loved the world and wanted to save it, he loved children and saw them as the key to saving the world, and he loved his fans. But just as much, he desperately needed love in return and to know he was loveable. He received that by making others happy.

These things made me also realize that no matter what Michael did, no matter how much he gave of himself, his heart, his soul, his energy, his talent, his money, his care and his time, he’d be crucified for it by certain factions, namely the media(loids). Why?  Because it’s profitable for them. I also think there is a good bit of jealousy, projection and self-loathing involved on their part.

The first thing that popped up was an article from Sawf News revealing how twisted, out-of-context, and inaccurate a particular story was which appeared on both Trash Media Zone’s (aka ‘TMZ’) website and the New York Post website. Dripping with ominous innuendo, both sites chose to twist a rare film shop owner’s story of Michael’s interest in purchasing and studying films on the Nazis and Hitler, into a definition of Michael (as if they hadn’t already called him every name in the book) as a Nazi, or Nazi sympathizer.

Trash Media Zone even went so far as to post a photo of Michael right next to Adolph Hitler, in order to further embed in the reader’s mind how evil Michael Jackson surely must be if he bought and studied these films. Oh my! I will not provide the links here because I simply cannot and will not give these cretins the website traffic they must so badly want by smearing Michael’s name with this putrid, fly-attracting horse-puckey.

Now, anyone who knows anything about Michael Jackson, especially during the HIStory tour, knows that Michael loved military-style clothing, and the lockstep marches of military armies, and he incorporated these things into many of his performances and videos – such as ‘The Drill‘ in ‘This Is It‘, most recently.  Norman Sherer, the former shop owner, was miffed with the way in which his words were twisted by these tabloids. The Sawf News article says:

While telling the NY Post about the MJ’s purchases, Scherer also told them that he thought the pop star had purchased the documentaries because he just loved the military garb and lockstep marching. The NY Post carried Scherer’s explanation, but smothered it under its MJ-was-into-Nazis spin. TMZ completely ignored what Scherer told the NY Post, and to make their sinister spin stick they put a photo of Hitler in full Nazi regalia next to a photo of MJ. Scherer, who has since moved on from his rare tape business and is now into educating kids about NYC history, is pained at how the tabloid press has slanted his statements.

A dear friend of Michael’s, having worked with him ~30 years had this to say about this ridiculousness:

You may want to look @ the HIStory trailer and all MJ’s marches with police forces all over the world. Michael loved the graphics of the military, marching, uniforms, the symmetry and grandeur. No one had command over their forces and designed more extensive and impressive graphics than the third Reich. He studied Leni Refeinstahl’s filmography. Maybe we should be in awe of Michael’s extensive research. He even studied medical journals. Just amazing he would pay $45,000.00 to research, just to entertain the world. This just shows you the cruelty of the media and the people who CHOOSE to believe the worst about others and how people prefer to spin a lie and spread it like a virus. I am so sick of ignorance.

The second thing I saw was a YouTube video of Geraldo interviewing of all people, Tommy Mottola, about Michael Jackson. I don’t have to explain to any reader the significance of Tommy Mottola and $ony in Michael’s tortured life and career. Both of them contributed mightily to his misery once he had the audacity to buy the $ony catalog. Though we’ve blissfully heard nothing from him in years, Mottola has been much bolder about coming out from under his rock in Hell to talk since Michael died. What caught my ear was this little bit in particular, uttered by Beelzebub himself (Mottola):

Its amazing to me that he was able to withstand even this long. -Tommy Mottola

Well yes I suppose it is Mr. Mottola….much to the chagrin of some people, like perhaps – you?   Here’s that video:

The third thing I saw was a blog entry by Karen Faye, Michael’s make-up artist and hairstylist for many years. She was there during the June 27,1999 show at the Munich Olympic Stadium where the bridge Michael was standing on while singing ‘Earth Song‘ collapsed and went smashing to the floor, horrifying her and others working the show. This is a testament to how much Michael was committed (even to own detriment) to giving his fans the best show he could – no matter what.

Though it was drilled into Michael not to disappoint his fans no matter what, and though he seemed to base his self-worth so much on his work, I hope he learned as the years went by that many fans loved him not only when he entertained them or did a great show – but that they also loved Michael Jackson the human being. I feel very unsettled thinking he may have died not knowing that.

Here is Karen’s horrifying account of what happened that day, in 1999:

The children and adults slowly entered and filled the stage. The song builds…. Michael flies up the bridge and gyrates and pounds his feet, twirls as the bridge lifts away from its braces. Smoke, explosions, bombard our eyes and ears…the bridge continues higher and higher, but unlike rehearsals, and the last show…. it didn’t pause at its pinnacle… INSTEAD it came careening down gaining speed with Michael tightly grasping the railings… still singing. I started screaming, but I could not even hear my own voice over the pyro, music, and the audience. I started running out from behind the stage in horror as the bridge quickly disappeared below the front of the stage, slamming down on the concrete floor. Security grabbed and stopped me, thinking I was going to ruin the performance. Backstage, there was crying and screaming, only the crew and performers knew there was something desperately wrong. From our vantage point we had lost sight of Michael, as the bridge had fallen below the front of the stage. My heart stopped beating, while in the strong arms of a perplexed security guard. Even though the show continued for everyone else, time stood still for me, as I could not imagine how Michael could have survived such a fall. But slowly, and after what seemed like an eternity, as the music and applause continued, I saw one arm reach for the floor of the stage…then a long lean leg, another arm, another leg…he was up, center stage… finishing the end of Earth Song! My mouth dropped open in relieved amazement. Looking dazed, he made his way to our side of the stage. “Michael, sit down….” ”NO!” He demanded. ”Security… please get him to the hospital!” I was begging. “NO!” He grabbed the microphone and ran out to finish performing “You Are Not Alone”. I could not believe what I was witnessing. He finished the song, took his final bow, and returned once again to his stage dressing room and then… collapsed. Security whisked him off to a hospital in Munich. Band members, dancers, Slash and crewmembers all shocked and amazed at what we had witnessed wrapped up the show with prayers in our hearts. Once back in the hotel… I started making the phone calls to find out how he was. I got the reports that nothing was broken, but he was badly bruised, and his back was very badly strained. It had been a miracle. Being the performer he was, he knew how to land. The next day we were to leave for Paris for a photo shoot. This had been postponed until he was better. I asked him…why did you continue? I cannot believe you were able to do that. ”You know Turkle, the only thing that I heard in my head, was my father’s voice saying to me, MICHEAL, DON’T DISAPPOINT THE AUDIENCE!

Here’s the video of the accident. If you haven’t seen it, I have to warn, it can be painful to watch:

The Innocent Man

"Sometimes I feel just like a fugitive, I'm running for my life and deep inside I ask the question why. But I'm not running at all, I'm just healing a lonely wounded heart. The truth becomes the lie. I wish I could fly away." -Michael

Also, On this day in 1992 – the Daily Mirror ran a full, front page picture, allegedly of Michael’s face, which they described as “hideously disfigured” by plastic surgery. Michael sued the tabloid and they agreed to an out-of-court settlement. (At the High Court, the Mirror’s former editor acknowledged that after meeting the singer in person, he believed that Michael was neither hideously disfigured nor scarred at all.)

Michael was neither hideously disfigured nor scarred at all…..

Of course not. The ugly caricature of Michael Jackson created by the media(loids) doesn’t exist! Michael gave his fans, his art and the world everything he possibly could, and then some – until he could give no more because of his prematurely ended life. And this treatment of him is what some in our world evidently believe he deserves in return: ridicule, defamation, destruction, lies, and being defined as some evil, ugly caricature that never existed, in order to attract money to those entities peddling the lies. Meanwhile, they’ve destroyed and prematurely ended the life of a beautiful, generous, innocent human being in the process. And now that they’ve succeeded in destroying his life, they’re furiously hellbent on destroying his legacy, too.

We’ve had enough. Enough is enough of this garbage, and I encourage Michael’s fan-mily to (continue to) call out these ridiculous lies wherever they see them.  Seek the truth. Speak the truth. Don’t let them twist it into lies.

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  1. Seven says:


    Best thing to do is subscribe to the RSS feed. 🙂

  2. Emz says:

    I’m not good at this whole website thing, I was just wondering if there was a way I could subscribe to your website? I love your posts! I’m nearly always posting them on my Twitter, Formspring and Facebook because you make a lot of REALLY good points. And from your posts, I’ve learnt a lot and trying to spread the truth the best I can.


  3. Susan T says:

    Seven, you are spot on with regard to challenging the press about their continuous misrepresentation of Michael. Most of the time when an article appears, the author’s name includes a link to their e-mail or other contact. I have no qualms whatsoever about writing to them and taking issue with their comments.

    I really believe that as long as we have a voice, we should speak up. But remember to speak respectfully because what you say is a direct reflection on Michael himself. Watch his videos and how he responds to questioning. He never looses his cool. He never responds with even a hint of anger or disgust. He is ALWAYS softspoken, but incredibly powerful. When you speak softly, people usually listen because they want to hear what you have to say. It took 25 plus years of constant regurgitation of the same ugly distorted stories to create this massive misconception of Michael Jackson. It will take even longer to correct it, but if we care, we won’t give up until we see an obvious change. Love plus perseverance equals transformation. NEVER GIVE UP!

  4. Seven says:


    I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    I do know that other personnel were forced on Michael when he probably would rather have others instead. Some choices were made for him or foisted on him because of connections with Travis Payne/AEG, but I don’t know about Ortega. Michael certainly didn’t have much control over the operation, I’ve heard that from a few sources, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, but I do not know for sure.

  5. June says:

    I’m still trying to find out if Kenny Ortega is related to Randy Phillips of AEG. The story that Michael himself asked Kenny to work on TII, the tour, is not accurate in my opinion; I believe there is a connection between Ortega and Phillips and that Michael did not hire Ortega; O was shoved down Michael’s throat by AEG/Phillips? Ortega was FORCED to apologize to Michael for the production problems ten years earlier in Munich so that Michael would have some “trust” in him for TII.

  6. Dialdancer says:


    There is something which has bothered me about the “Bridge to Nowhere” accident. This entire concert in fact. This was not the first accident which occurred during the tour. The first I believe was in Seoul when the curtain rigging fell down on him. It can be seen in Michael’s MJ & Friends video. There are post still on some of the fan sites during that time, which claim Michael was almost burned by the pyrotechnics and there were other small incidents. Michael had approximately 20 entertainers who were to also perform. It was part of one of his charity events. He and Mariah Cary were to do a duet, but she did not arrive in country until an hour later. Her solo performance in Korea is the only one found on youtube and is not part of the DVD. Suddenly Lionel Richie is not participating in the program. Others did not make it either. By production standards it considered Michael’s worst show. (I use to love it because it displayed his showmanship)

    But the strangest part of this is, after Germany he went to Paris, while going shopping, “Michael was wearing an Arabian disguise and tried to pass unnoticed. A few fans recognized him and tried to attract his attention but he didn’t acknowledge their presence the way he usually does. Michael’s bodyguard asked the fans to respect Michael’s privacy and leave him alone during his stay in Paris”. Michael Jackson gave far more to us than he should, but not once did he fail to acknowledge his fans. He waved after being burnt, just to reassure us. I have hunted the Internet looking for more footage, but found nothing. 10 adults who were all individually heavier than Michael march across the bridge, but it does not give way until he is on it by himself. Of course this video was never meant to be released. It would not have met Michael’s standards. Oh and Steven Seagal is part of the 20 or so artist. He is definitely not a musial performer.

  7. june says:

    Seven, almost immediately after Michael passed, I read an article about Kenny O. and how he became involved in TII, the tour. He says that one night a child family member answered his phone and told him it was “Michael”. Kenny couldn’t believe it, he says, when it was Michael Jackson, asking him to become involved in the tour. KO was all gushy in the article, stating his great love for Michael and remembrances of times past. With the passage of time and much information obtained, I now know KO was employed for TII (both “tour” and film) by AEG. When I saw TII, THE FILM, I was really put off by KO’s condescending tone toward Michael. And I believe much of the voice accompaniment to the footage was added after the fact to make it seem somehow “believable”. Karen’s revelations of KO’s treatment of Michael in 1999 only confirms my suspicions of them all, Ortega, Phillips, and others with AEG, that there was no humanity there, only a greedy lust for the dollars to come. Michael was a commodity to them all. Last time I tried to post on KO’s website, graciously asking for information, my inquiry was deleted, so what does that tell you?

    Off topic, just today, I found out through ONE mainstream media newscast that the investigation by Calif state and federal authorities into seven of Michael’s doctors’ prescribing practices (not including Murray) was being discontinued. Hence no charges will be filed against any of them. In my opinion, although I would personally like to see Arnold Klein introduced to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, this is a good thing, as it focuses the investigation squarely back on Murray, whose purported defense of being the last in a long line of prescribers, is now not available to him. And I believe he could be twisted (if the DA had the guts to push it) into revealing his deeper corporate connections to Michael’s demise. The issue concerning the media, however, is that this news concerning no charges against the “other” doctors, was NOT widely disseminated anywhere! Then I had to hit myself in the head to remember: WHY WOULD MAINSTREAM MEDIA PUBLISH ANYTHING REFUTING THEIR IMAGE OF MICHAEL JACKSON AS A “DRUG ADDICT”?

    Thank you for Karen’s enlightening information regarding KO. And I’m also reminded of his self-serving “outtakes” which suddenly appeared on YouTube a month or so ago, showing KO all cozy toward Michael. What a hypocrite!