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The Connection Between Martin Bashir and (MS)NBC (Part I)

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Since tabloid assassin and media mercenary Martin Bashir is in the news again, it seems timely to go into a little more background on this criminal and his cozy ties and allegiances with (MS)NBC, not to mention the similarities in the way these two entities (MSNBC and Bashir) operate.

Why spend so much time on this jerk?  Well, this jerk was one of the big boots in Michael’s backside that helped send him careening into an early grave, that’s why. That Martin Bashir is a major part of the destruction and subsequent premature death of an innocent man is indisputable.  The truth needs to be thoroughly and repeatedly exposed. Because truth is justice. Like Elvis once said:  “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.

Martin Bashir skinning his prey

Martin Bashir being his pretentious, backstabbing, pushy self as he lynches an unsuspecting Michael Jackson

I’ve mentioned before that after Bashir’s crock-umentary ‘Living With Michael Jackson‘ aired, NBC jerked Michael around about airing his rebuttal video: ‘Take Two: The Footage You Weren’t Meant to See‘, offering Michael $5 million to air the show and offering to cancel a scathing Dateline segment if Michael agreed. Michael refused and went with Fox to air his rebuttal footage. In retaliation, NBC not only aired the ‘Dateline‘ footage but also extended the program to 2 hours, and included segments about his plastic surgery and ties to gay porn producer Marc Shaffel (whom Michael fired the moment he found out what kind of films Shaffel produced).

To twist the knife further, NBC employed Victor Gutierrez as a consulting producer for the ‘Dateline‘ show. Why was this a nasty thing to do? Well, Victor was sued by Michael Jackson for $2.7 million for writing a slanderous book along with Evan Chandler called “Michael Jackson was My Lover“.  Now, Michael is not a litigious person at all. He got sued more than he sued anyone and God knows Michael had lots of reasons to sue lots of people but he rarely did. So this book was obviously seen by Michael and obviously Michael deemed it enough of a threat to his image (serious defamation of character) that he felt he needed to sue. And, for once, the damn justice system worked and a judge agreed, awarding Michael the damages. However, Gutierrez never paid one red cent of it. Instead, he skipped the country and went to live in Brazil, where US authorities can’t make him pay it. Not that Michael needed the money, but it was about justice and vindication, not the money.

Think about this: Victor Gutierrez is the guy (MS)NBC got to produce their ‘Dateline‘ retaliatory hit piece on Michael.  What does that tell you about the (non-existent) ethics of (MS)NBC? It tells me that they are very similar to Martin Bashir’s “ethics“.  No surprise then, that the two will now share a bed in the media landscape, is it?

To help you learn more about MSNBC and Martin Bashir, here is Part I of researcher David Edwards’ own write-up on this subject:


The Connection Between Martin Bashir and (MS)NBC  (Part I) by David Edwards

It seems that Martin Bashir is finally leaving ABC News after almost six years of “reporting” for their 20/20 and Nightline telecasts. Last week, it was revealed that Bashir will be joining NBC/MSNBC as a contributor to Dateline, and as a daily afternoon anchorman, respectively.

Bashir will likely replace David Shuster, who was suspended indefinitely in April 2010 for inappropriate behavior, and whose contract expires later this year.

While it may seem like Bashir voluntarily left ABC News, in all likelihood ABC News refused to renew his contract, but as a sign of professional courtesy they allowed Bashir to obtain another job first, and then let him spin the story to appear as if he left on his own terms. Similarly, Evan Chandler fired Gloria Allred for wanting to prosecute MJ in 1993. He had Larry Feldman break the news to her, and then she announced to the press that she was leaving on her own terms. In a statement, MSNBC President Phil Griffin called Bashir’s work “smart, original and thoughtful,” adding that he “couldn’t be happier to bring someone of his caliber to the network.”

I guess we could agree that Bashir’s work is pretty original. After all, can you name another journalist who has befriended not one, but two pop culture icons, lulled them into a sense of trust and security, only to take advantage of them and portray them in the worst possible light?

You would think that with that kind of resume, Bashir would be completely blacklisted within the news industry, right? Well, it seems that he’s being rewarded for his dirty deeds instead! But when you think about it, it’s only fitting that NBC would hire Bashir, because they have a horrible track record when it comes to bashing and trashing MJ! Here are a few examples:

After the Bashir crock-umentary aired in February 2003, MJ decided to air his rebuttal video “Take Two: The Footage You Weren’t Meant To See”, and since it was to be aired in time for February sweeps, all of the major networks were locked in a bidding war to get the footage. (Ratings sweeps occurs each February, May, July, and November, and this viewing information provides a basis the networks to set advertising rates. The higher the ratings, the higher the revenues! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nielsen_ratings#Sweeps). NBC offered MJ $5 million dollars to air the show, and in addition, they blackmailed MJ by offering to cancel a one-hour episode of “Dateline NBC” that would “investigate” the 1993 allegations. MJ went with Fox instead, and not only did NBC air the Dateline special, but they expanded it to two hours by adding in stories about MJ’s plastic surgery, and his ties to gay porn producer Marc Schaffel. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/21/arts/television/21NBC.html

To add insult to injury, they hired Victor Gutierrez as a consulting producer for this episode as well. (http://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/part2-more-lies-from-dateline-mjeol-bullet-192-b.html) This is the scumbag who teamed up with Evan Chandler to write the science fiction novel “Michael Jackson Was My Lover”. We call it science fiction because it came straight from Evan’s imagination.  How could an organization that prides itself as a credible journalistic outlet hire one of MJ’s sworn enemies, who was ordered to pay him $2.7 million dollars being successfully sued for slander, to be associated with this Dateline episode? More information on this can be found in this blog post https://www.mj-777.com/?p=4290.

Another example of NBC trying to sully MJ’s reputation is the fact that one of their top correspondents, Rita Cosby, was the first to “break” the story that jurors Ray Hultman and Eleanor Cook were writing their “tell-all” book about MJ being guilty. Her new primetime TV show premiered in August 2005, and those two jurors were her first guests. She was roundly criticized by her colleagues in the media for being so gullible to even believe their stories, especially in light of the fact that two months earlier, they both unanimously agreed that MJ was innocent! As a matter of fact, she practically mocked Sneddon when she interviewed him and sarcastically asked him if he still believed MJ was guilty.

But can anyone blame her? After all, she was an up and coming reporter, and she needed a “big story” to lure in viewers and boost her ratings. And she has a history of trying to spread rumors about MJ in order to boost her career. (Gee, does that sound familiar?) For example, she erroneously reported that MJ converted to Islam after he hired members of the Nation of Islam as bodyguards. She has also used her show to give Jackson family “spokesmen” a platform to spew their worthless opinions about the case:  http://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/rita-cosby-out-after-jackson-coated-start-at-msnbc-%C2%96-minibullet-32.html

The Veritas Project, an explosive 95 page expose on the connection between the 1993 and 2005 allegations, includes an amazing flowchart that shows that many of the major players are involved in both cases, and how different media outlets (NBC included) are connected to those players. In addition to hiring Victor Guiterrez as a consultant to that Dateline episode, they also hired Diane Dimond for the Today Show, and Sherriff Jim Thomas as a consultant to the Jackson case. Maureen Orth was married to the late Tim Russert, who hosted “Meet The Press”, and was highly influential at NBC, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Orth used some of her clout to dictate how MJ would be portrayed. That outline is detailed here: http://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/veritas-project/

The filming of “Living With Michael Jackson

Now, let’s discuss the chain of events that led up to Martin Bashir conning MJ to do the documentary. We’ll do a full “background check” on Bashir (something that MJ didn’t do, unfortunately), and discuss all of the events that happened before, during, and after the filming of “LYING To…..”, errrr, I mean, “Living With Michael Jackson”.

Before the filming of “Living With Michael Jackson

In 2002, Michael Jackson was going through some hard times. His latest album “Invincible”, was a commercial flop (by his standards. It only sold 10 million copies worldwide, including 2 million in the USA).  Due to disagreements with Sony Records, promotion of the album was severely limited. There were only two videos released (and MJ only appeared in one of them), and due to the September 11th attacks, any chance of a world tour was out of the question for security reasons. At that time, virtually all artists either cancelled or scaled back their tours. MJ felt that his album was sabotaged by Sony in order to ruin him financially, and force him to have to sell them his remaining 50% of the highly profitable Sony/ATV music catalogue. That conspiracy is discussed in detail in this article: http://mjthekingofpop.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/back-in-2002-why-invincible-became-invisible.  So he went on a rampage against Sony, publicly denouncing CEO Tommy Mottola as a “racist” and “devilish” for conspiring against and taking advantage of his artists, primarily black artists like James Brown and Sammy Davis Jr.

MJ’s public perception was at an all time low, and he needed a way to improve his image and make himself more appealing to the younger generation, to whom the name “Michael Jackson” was usually only heard as the punch line of a joke. Martin Bashir, who had been wanting to interview MJ for years (just like every other journalist on the face of the earth), decided that he would contact MJ’s close friend, Uri Geller, and try to convince him (or pay him) to talk to MJ about the possibility of letting him do a “fair and positive” documentary. So Gellar recommended Bashir to MJ, and stressed the fact that Bashir was able to improve Princess Diana’s image after their 1995 interview. This was enough to convince MJ that Bashir could be trusted, so he agreed to the interview. In addition to improving MJ’s image, Bashir was also going to introduce MJ to Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations at that time, in order to discuss ways to help disadvantaged children around the world, while all of the profits of the documentary would be given to charity.

However, there is some controversy as to whether Geller was truly objective when he recommended Bashir to MJ. According to Wikipedia, Geller allegedly turned down another bid to do the documentary from Louis Theroux, another British Journalist. It seems that Michael’s life was up for auction. Last July, MJ’s longtime dermatologist and professional backstabber Dr. Arnold Klein was interviewed by Larry King, and he said that Bashir (or ITV, his employer) paid $200k to Geller to convince Michael to let Bashir do the documentary. In January 2010, Geller filed a slander lawsuit against CNN after they refused to apologize to him for letting Klein imply that he sold Michael out. That lawsuit is still pending.

So what really happened? Were there any other journalists who were even considered? And why didn’t Michael do a complete background check on Bashir before he agreed to do the interview? If he had, he would have known that Bashir had been officially reprimanded for unfair journalistic practices. In 2000, there was a girl who went missing in England, and was later found. But before she was reunited with her family, Bashir managed to get the very first interview with her father, which was shot before the reunion. After it aired, the father filed a complaint that guess what Bashir misled him by promising to give him info about the whereabouts of his daughter in return for conducting the interview and (as a prelude of things to come) that he had been denied a chance to approve the program before it aired. Not surprisingly, the same M.O. of manipulations that Bashir pulled with Michael Jackson. The Broadcasting Standards Commission ruled that Bashir “misled the father about the nature of the program so that he would agree to be interviewed”. Again, sound familiar?  I’m sure Michael would have immediately rejected Bashir if he had researched this.

There also seems to be some controversy as to how Bashir was able to get the Diana interview.  This article mentions how Bashir hired a graphic artist to falsify the bank statements of Diana’s brother’s head of security in order to blackmail her into doing the interview. Bashir acknowledged their existence but insisted that they had never been used, and the disk that they were saved on just “disappeared”.  Bashir also questioned Diana about a rumored affair that she was having with her horse riding instructor James Hewitt. When she casually admitted that she “loved him”, it implied that she was indeed having an affair, and she also implied that Prince Charles could be cheating as well, and they subsequently divorced in December 1995. I guess Bashir just has a habit of ruining people’s lives.

Apparently, I’m not the only person who thinks Bashir ruins lives. Princess Fergie, the Duchess of York, claims that Bashir tricked Diana into doing that interview. He followed the same M.O. he did with Michael: he lured her into a comfort zone, and then got her to expose her deepest secrets about her marriage. She also blasted Bashir for his deceptive interview with Michael, and for not showing all of the footage. And most recently, Bashir tricked P. Diddy into doing an interview last week as well, where he was extremely condescending to Diddy.

Another interesting point is that Bashir spent 5 years trying to interview Michael, which probably means he started courting him around 1996-97. And not only did he refuse to give MJ final approval of the documentary, he also reneged on a promise to not show his children at all. This is a very important revelation. Remember, Bashir was with Michael during the “baby dangling” incident, and the second most disturbing part of the documentary (besides MJ & Gavin holding hands – which was suggested by Bashir and not Michal’s idea) is watching Michael nervously bottle feed Blanket after he dangled him. He was shaking and fidgeting, and MJ haters such as Gloria Allred and Carole Lieberman (who tried to use “phantom victim” Daniel Kapon to sue Michael for millions) have used that scene to paint MJ as an unfit father who can’t even properly feed his infant son. These women insisted that Michael should therefore lose custody of his kids.

Notice the complaints against Bashir made by George Best & Max Clifford in this article. With such a terrible reputation, it’s no wonder the article stated that when Bashir receives industry awards, there is barely a ripple of applause from his peers. Lastly, according the MJ attorney David LeGrand (whose testimony is included later on in this piece), Michael signed two, one paragraph contracts that were neither specific nor detailed, as such contracts usually are. If Bashir had any integrity, he would have at least drawn up a more professional contract. Those contracts should have been at least 10 pages long, and should have been thoroughly reviewed by Michael’s legal team!  Of course, the MJEOL fansite had a lot to say about Bashir after he was hired by ABC to host Nightline

During the filming of “Living With Michael Jackson

Now, for Bashir’s actions during he filming of the documentary, Aphrodite Jones stated in a radio interview that it was Martin Bashir’s idea to have Gavin lay his head on Michael’s shoulder and hold Michael’s hand during the filming, while Michael talked about sharing his bedroom with children. Unbeknownst to Michael at the time, Bashir asked Gavin prior to the interview to do that to further give the impression of something untoward going on. Aphrodite Jones reveals this while giving an interview promoting her Michael Jackson special on ID (Investigation Discovery). This interview is around 35 minutes long, and at the 19 minute mark, Aphrodite talks about how Bashir told Gavin to lean his head on MJ’s shoulder. At the 23:30 mark, she talks about how Bashir told Gavin to hold MJ’s hand, in order to insinuate that something improper was going on. She discusses this in more detail in this interview as well, starting at the 1 hour 07 minute mark.

Bashir also suggested that MJ invite a group of kids to Neverland in order to give viewers the impression that Neverland was a very fun and safe place for them to go and hang out at, but when the documentary aired, Bashir deceptively narrates that “Neverland is a dangerous place for vulnerable children” while showing the children who were invited. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there was the scene in Germany where MJ tried to take his children to a local zoo to learn about nature, and give them a chance to get out of their hotel room. Prior to going to the zoo, MJ’s team notified the zoo that he would be visiting, and they requested that the zoo be closed to the public so that MJ and his kids could have privacy, and they agreed. When MJ finally made it to the zoo, they had not closed it to the public as had been agreed, and he was absolutely mobbed by fans while his kids nervously held his hand.

It was a misunderstanding between MJ and the zoo as to when the zoo would actually close. The press was tipped off about MJ’s appearance, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Bashir himself was responsible for the leak. When MJ aired his rebuttal video, you can see clearly that MJ did indeed request that the zoo be closed down, and Bashir was fully aware of this but conveniently chose to ignore it, and instead give his insidious commentary about MJ not being aware of the “danger” his children were in.

(Zoo visit @ 6:45)

(MJ’s zoo rebuttal begins @ 4:00)

Keep an eye on this space. Part II to follow this weekend!
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{ Thanks to David Edwards for this great piece of research. -Seven }

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  1. carina for mjj says:

    To Simona says on post2: This image of Michael climbing up to his “Giving Tree” and asking bashir to join him, Michaels exptression was a bit disappointed and Bashir stod squarely like a block of dead wood on the ground refusing to try.For some reason this image has eched itself in my mind.
    I have come to believe that Bashir belongs to those psychopaths who superficially live ordinary lives, has some intelligence and is totally untouched by the evil and damage they do to others,He is a harbinger of destuction and even death,and being an expert at manupulation.
    Michael may not have been aware of Bashirs ill will in the beginning. but I think with time ha came not to trust him.And I have read he wondered “why was this kid leaning on me? .
    The trial will not be forgotten.In a way it was a farce,had it not been so damaging to Michael and also for Mesereaus fine work.