Jul 31 2010

Lisa Dean, the legs in ‘Dirty Diana’, also died at age 50 in 2009

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Model Lisa Dean was the ‘legs‘ in the video ‘Dirty Diana‘. She had the ‘best legs in Hollywood‘ and this is what got her the part, as evidenced in this letter of authenticity accompanying the 3-piece leather outfit she wore in the video.  You can see the outfit here. I’d be wary of any site claiming to have the actual outfit for auction now, though I’m not sure if it ever sold.  The outfit had originally been up for auction at Nate Sanders Auction House, accompanied by this letter of authenticity from Lisa’s close friend Jennifer, to whom she left her possessions:

Certificate of Authenticity for Lisa Dean's leather outfit worn in 'Dirty Diana'

Certificate of Authenticity for Lisa Dean’s leather outfit worn in ‘Dirty Diana’

Lisa’s comments about Michael, from the clipping below:

As for Jackson: “He’s quite magical, sweet and gentle person” who never flirted — but did spend a lot of time on the set with his favorite chimp, Bubbles.

Lisa's legs in Dirty Diana video

Lisa’s legs in Dirty Diana video

The rest of Lisa Dean

The rest of Lisa Dean

News Clipping about Ms. Dean

News Clipping about Ms. Dean

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28 Responses to “Lisa Dean, the legs in ‘Dirty Diana’, also died at age 50 in 2009”

  1. Ananias says:

    RIP Lisa Dean. I never knew you personally, but I loved the music video you featured in, and went to find out the whereabouts of the fine lady. From testimony of others, you were an angel. Hope you’re in Heaven.

  2. Stewie says:

    Is she the girl from the Ratt video Round and Round? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u8teXR8VE4

  3. Nick says:

    The most incredible green eyes…she was fawn, she was light, at the dawn of a night spent talking about things to come she was body of perfection alive, as I looked to see her there laying next to me I knew that it would pass as a comet in The night over the roof tops of a warm la Jolla night. I think I gave her one of her first modeling jobs…she brought me back to fashion as I was walking down via Veneto and saw her face on the cover of vogue shot by Arthur Elgort…one regret I have is not saying yes…to her. I should have been there when she asked me to… like a whisper of something that echoes through your mind she was always there as the muse to my work…but we were ships in the night living in the air age, she loved Steve Martin he made her laugh, …I always wanted to see her again…just to say hello or to bring her a rose. Or just to say that if even in a very small way I loved her so….but I kept wondering through this world without looking back…when I did she was gone…

  4. Darrell says:

    I met Lisa in a gay disco in Phoenix Arizona, she was a cheerleader at West High School. She was with her step mother , Mya and her girlfriend Marianne Simon. I saw her watching us all dance and I could tell she wanted to dance but looked afraid or shy. So I walked up to her and grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. That began a friendship that lasted til she passed away, 32 years. We became dance partners during the disco phase of the 70’s, that was 1977. Lisa was 17 years old. After Lisa was discovered by Plaza Three modeling agency she was wisked off to NYC and signed with Wilhelmina agency, I believe. She became one of the first super models with Gia and Janice Dickinson.
    Lisa was the kindest person I have ever known and I truly loved and love her.
    She was Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (her favorite movie).
    You are missed everyday Lisa. Thank you for your love and light. I am a better person because of you.
    Thank you jenni and Stephen for your kindness and love taking care of Lisa in her end of days. Jenni, you are a true friend and sister.
    Lisa, you are in the spirit world with everyone now and you epitomize the word FABULOUS.
    When Lisa passed so did the last fabulous person on earth.
    I love you Lisa
    Your friend

  5. Sumantra says:

    RIP Lisa. Love always.

  6. Leon says:


  7. Adina says:

    Lisa Dean is the one video girl that PRAISE GOD, DIDN’T use MJ!

    I adore her!

    Even though she WASN’T seen in ‘Dirty Diana’, she had intrigue and naughtiness.

    Oly Ray in ‘Thriller’ is number 3, Kishaya Dudley in ‘You Rock My World’ is number 2, and Lisa Dean in ‘Dirty Diana’ is my number 1!


  8. Patrick says:

    Some of the best times in my life were spent with Lisa when she was a model in New York. When I first came to Manhattan, Danny came to live with me and I reconnected with her after having met her while I was in Graduate School in Phoenix. Dean (Danny’s brother)had been my boyfriend for a short while and I met Lisa at Hisco Disco in Phoenix. While in NY we became best friends. We partied at Studio 54,(Warhol loved her..they would later be on the “Love Boat” together) then she was to Europe for a while but when she came back we became even closer. I lived thru Garret’s death with her, met Howard thru her, was her gay boyfriend (she would always accompany me to corporate advertising events in the 80’s) and escorted her to the Michael Jackson Concert at MSG where she introduced me to Michael backstage. Michael lit-up when he saw Lisa. When Lisa moved to LA we kept in touch for a while, she was living with a guy from Indiana for a few years whom I met on a trip out to LA. When they broke up I went out to LA to console her. It was soon after that in the early 90’s that we lost touch. Ironically last year I tried to contact her but was unable. I am so sad to hear about her passing. She was truly “one of a kind”…the ultimate showgirl…and I loved her….Howard, she loved you very much….what times we 3 had together…and Jenny and Stephen, we never met, but thank you for your eternal devotion to her and being her family…RIP LISA….YOU WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN MY HEART

  9. Howard says:

    To Lisa,

    you really were a remarkable human being. i knew you like most did not, as we spent 2 years of our lives together (after Garrett).

    Jenny and Steven, as you read this, please try to get in touch with me. she will always be in my heart…you will be missed Miss Dean!

  10. Catherine Gross says:

    I think it is sad that we did not know who she was in life. I never heard her name mentioned at all. It is now almost December of 2010, and I am just learning that she died in December 2009. Sad,indeed

  11. Elizabeth says:


    Lisa was my modeling teacher from around a year ago. She was my teacher at a modeling school for 2 and a half years, until she called in sick one day. For a long time, we were belived that she was on a short trip. We didn’t get the news that she passed away until a week later. I really miss you Lisa. Lisa Dean actually was still very skinny, but with short cropped hair..and a very nice person. R.I.P =( Your student forever,

  12. Douglas Barton says:

    Lisa and I met in the first grade and remained friends throughout our lives. She was a good girl, always kind, super sensitive, sheltered and demure. Even though she spent the majority of her life in Los Angeles, she never drove, as she was afraid of driving. This made her somewhat of a recluse. We rode twin ponies (Sugar & Spice) together in a parade when we were twelve. We started sneaking into discos together back in 1974 to dance when we were only fourteen. We hung out at STUDIO54 as teenagers and ended up partying together with countless superstars and 21st century legends. I brought Mohammed Ali to Lisa’s 21st birthday party (at Dean & Danny’s on Alta Loma), to wish her a happy birthday. Lisa never had anything but nice things to say about anyone. She was truly in love with a wonderful young man in New York City named Earl. We called him Garrett. She went off to do a modelling job in Europe, and while she was gone, someone murdered Garrett. He was thrown out a window of the hotel Navarro on Central Park South. We were devastated. I don’t think that Lisa ever really recovered from his loss. I’m sure she’s found him in heaven. I love her eternally.

  13. andrea says:

    omg icant belive she died!/x
    she didnt loook 50!
    she was my awesome modeling teacher\& image developmetn
    she worked at JRP,
    r.i.p lisaa, may i model & work in yout honor thanks too!

  14. Justine says:

    Rest in peace Lisa [r.i.p]

  15. TaRaysha says:

    Thank you for the article (and all the others) Very sad news and coincidence. side note: I too was mislead into believing that they were Sheryl Crow’s legs and had my doubts when I saw Sheryl’s legs.

  16. Vagelis says:

    Sad news.Dirty Diana is amongst the godly Michael’s songs for me.I wished to be part of the live crowd on that video..And of course many times i was wondering about how is the whole girl in the video.Do we know anything more about Lisa’s life?

  17. Cookie says:

    Gosh, I had no idea. All this time I thought it was Tatiana!

  18. Karin says:

    Stunning girl and gorgeous legs. It’s a bit uncanny that she died the same year as Michael at the same age.

  19. Seven says:


    I’ve heard that story, yes! Do a search on Diana on this site. The two of them were very good friends.

  20. Joyce says:

    I agree with your certainty! Just watch any video of the Bad Tour and it is obvious those are not the same legs!!
    One more comment or question. Have you also heard the story regarding “Dirty Diana” and the London Bad Tour performance. Supposedly, Michael removed that song from the set list because Princess Diana was going to be at the show and of course he did not want to risk causing her any possible offense. Michael always thought about the feelings of all people. He then met with Princess Diana right before the show and she told him that “Dirty Diana” was one of her favorite songs but it was too late to have it put it back in the lineup. I just think it is another wonderful Michael story. There are so many!

  21. Seven says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I can say with a good bit of certainty that those were not Sheryl Crow’s legs.

  22. Joyce says:

    Oh thank you Seven for another reason to watch one of my favorite Michael Videos! I never knew who the “legs” belonged to but I really wasn’t watching those legs anyway!! I do remember seeing some “top ten” video thing on VH1 or somewhere like that and I swear that the host said the legs belonged to Sheryl Crow who of course was a backup singer for Michael at that time. I had my doubts about that! I don’t remember ever hearing anything about Lisa Dean but she was certainly a beautiful woman. So sad that her life also ended too young.
    I must add my totally superficial comments about “Dirty Diana” and why it is one of my favorites: First there is gorgeous Michael in plain white shirt and tight black pants(need I say more), then there are the incredibly sexy moves such as the slow wipe of his mouth with the back of his hand, the “back bend” dance move with the guitarist, the heartstopping tearing of the shirt and of course the wonderful pouty lips at the end! Did I forget to mention Michael’s unbelievable voice! That sums it up!
    Thanks again Seven!

  23. Ali says:

    That is sad, poor girl.

    But imagine strutting for Michael and he chooses YOUR legs!!! Wow!
    and what about the girl dancing on the table in the Blood on the Dancefloor video – when he’s holding her legs! What would that have been like?!! Love that video.

  24. Joy John says:

    Oh….that’s so sad. She has really cool legs though :/ she does become part of a legend though…

    She is really sweet…..I think it just showed that she is a really simple, natural, normal girl….who just was very professional and didn’t try to ruin stuff up… you know, he didn’t flirt…she didn’t speculate… R.I.P Lisa

  25. David says:

    @ Justice4MJJ

    I agree, it’s good to finally find someone who knew MJ that DID NOT try to sell stories to the tabloids after all of the scandals! If only more people would have followed her example!

    Conversely, Tatiana Thumbtzen from “The Way You Make Me Feel” wrote a tell-all book in 2005 during the trial. She says it was her “autobiography”, but would anyone give a damn about her life story if she wasn’t in MJ’s video? If it was about merely telling people your life story, then why release it during the trial?

    Here she is on -you guessed it!- MSNBC promoting the book! Notice how the anchor condescendingly asks her if she STILL supports MJ during his trial, implying that he might be guilty:

    Here she is being interviewed for Martin Bashir’s second hit piece in 2005. She arrogantly says that their video was the first time that the public saw MJ as a “believable” heterosexual male! As if his heterosexuality wasn’t “believable” prior to the video! I’m sure Bashir told her to say that in order to make viewers question MJ’s sexuality, because if they fell that MJ is gay, then they’re more likely to believe that he’s a child molester.

    Here she is at MJ’s funeral:

    RIP Lisa Dean!

  26. Michelle says:

    I didn’t know she died last year either. Seriously? Only 50 years old? That’s not old! R.I.P Lisa.

  27. Seven says:

    Yes I never heard much about or from her before or after his death. I did find a couple tabloid articles about her but who knows if those have any truth to them or not?

    It’s sad that she died at the same age as him – too young, and in the same year as him yet her death went unnoticed while she was certainly significant in his career. I read that she died of colon cancer.

    R.I.P. dear Lisa. 🙁

  28. Justice4MJJ says:

    OH, I didnt know she died last year as well, why was their no reporting on that? At least, I didnt see any. I’m so relieved she limited herself to a nice truthful comment about Michael, and never “came forward” used him (you know, like furthering her career by sensationalism ect), or lied about him, her entire life.