Aug 14 2010

Dear Michael…A Letter From the Heart, by Howard McCrary

You might find his name on some of the album credits. Grammy-nominated gospel/jazz musician and vocalist Howard McCrary and his family worked with Michael more than once through the years. On his passing, Howard wrote this letter and dedicated his and Linda McCrary’s song ‘I Love You’ to Micheal.  The video appears to have been made by Howard and Linda for all their friends, but was dedicated to Michael along with Howard’s letter below:

MJ, Bruce Swedien, Howard & Linda McCrary and ??

MJ, Bruce Swedien and the McCrarys

SOURCE: (reprinted with kind permission from Mr. McCrary)

Dear Michael,

My Daughter Sarah woke me up this morning at 7am to tell me of your passing. I was hoping this was some type of publicity stunt that only you or Houdini could pull off.

I remember the first day we met in the summer of 1979 when my family as on tour with your family. The Jacksons and The McCrarys. Did you know we used to be called The McCrary 5? Oh never mind, long story.

When my sister Charity introduced me to you with my brothers Alfred and Sam at that swanky Texas house party you asked me if I was married and I told you I was separated from my wife Chaye and we were going through a divorce. That’s when you folded your hands and said, “I will be praying for you.” Then you introduced me to your beautiful cousin Jackie and folded your hands again and said, “I’ll be praying for you.

10 minutes later you went to the other side of the room and made the praying gesture and smiled as you pointed at your cousin. I remember you doing this two more times before finally saying good night again saying “I will be praying for you.

Michael right now I am praying for you. I am praying for your beautiful parents you introduced me to at The Omni Hotel in Los Angeles on your 45th private birthday party the evening your sister Janet asked me to play ‘Triste’ and her fiancée Mr. Dupree seemed a little upset as she held both my hands to thank me from her heart for 2 or or three full minutes for playing one of her favorite songs. It was so good to see Jackie that night and Tito and Randy too. Latoya was looking so beautiful as well. Every member of your family are so beautiful and gifted. I remember meeting up with Jermaine at Cocscos and as we shopped together we would talk all about you.

Do you remember that Christmas morning at your home in Beverley Hills when you and your children wanted to hear the children sing?

Seth Riggs called me and at your request asked me to arrange a choir of 12 children to sing at your home on Christmas morning. I called my sister Charity and we contacted 12 of the best singing kids we knew, of course some of them being our own family members. We had less than 48 hours to rehearse an coordinate this private production before the children got into the limousines from me and Tammy’s home from Sherman Oaks to be convoyed to your Beverly Hills Estate.

Seth proudly was there that morning to vocalize all the young ones as I conducted as the children sang with charity accapella, ‘Heal The World, Silent Night, Santa Clause Is Coming to Town (‘Jackson style)’ amongst other songs as they sang on you staircase and you and your children and family sat in that grand foyer combined with the Cathedral like acoustics I could hear additional voices of angels that morning. It was a sacred moment for us all.

As you hugged Charity and I to thank us we did a group hug with Seth and sumptuously enjoyed The Christmas Buffet you prepared for all of us. For these children it was a Christmas dream come true. If any of you children are reading this letter please share what that morning meant to you.

Your children Michael looked like cherubs. You were such a loving father.

Michael I could never understand how could the press could be so ruthless towards you. You are Michael The Angel.

I will never forget when I had the joy to work with Andre and Sandra Crouch on your Dangerous CD at Westlake Studio and we were recording the background vocals on ‘Keep The Faith‘ and as Andre was conducting we came to an impasse for over 20 minutes until Andre turned to me and said, “Howard fix it!

So I gave out the parts to the ascending figure of the word ‘FAITH‘ leading to the release and you jumped up and down in the control room saying, “I Love It!

It was that day you invited me up to the green room with my son Darius who was 12 years old at that time. He was part of a new TV sitcom called Family Matters and you told him, “I hear you have been hanging out with Bobby Brown, he is not a good influence. Here take my number and call me anytime. If you need someone to talk to or spend time with, I’ll be there. The only thing is when you call don’t ask for me or they won’t put you through, ask for Norma Jean, it’s the code name.”

For the rest of that day at West Lake Studios he spent with you and was in heaven.

All the way home he held your private phone number in his hands aglow and raving about his new awesome friend. As soon as we got home he asked if he could call you and I said yes of course. So very excitedly Darius dialed the number and ask for Michael…click! Then he remembered the code name, called back and asked for Norma Jean…click!

Even still to this day he talks about that wonderful day he spent with you at the studio and learned the lesson of how important it is to follow instructions.

Once again and lastly when you went to trial in Santa Barbara and it seemed like the whole world turned their backs on you, at another session producer Bruce Swedien pulled my sister Linda and I to the side and said, “Howard and Linda , don’t believe The Press. Michael is an angel… he would never hurt the children.

I never stopped believing in you or the pure soul that you are. I remember when you thanked my sister Charity and I for bringing 10 busloads of ministers and some of their members to support you during your trial at The Santa Barbara Courthouse. We had singers singing on behalf of your innocence and ministers interceding on your behalf for justice.

Thank you for graciously hosting all of us at Neverland not once but twice as we came to show you how much we loved you and believed in your innocence.

It is an outrage what some people will do for money. Greed, Delusion, and Anger is something you wanted to see our world healed of. Michael it’s not too late. I know there are others like myself who believe in your dream that we can have a better world if we only Keep The Faith.

As I began writing this letter the sun was shining in Hong Kong and now as I close we are in a Typhoon…strange but Michael…I am not surprised you were always bigger than life and now we know that you are.

You and your music, your smile, your dance, but most of all your message will live in our hearts forever.

You not only are ‘The King of Pop’, you are also…‘The King of Hearts’

We Love You Michael!

-With Love, Howard

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20 Responses to “Dear Michael…A Letter From the Heart, by Howard McCrary”

  1. MichaelPureSoul says:

    OMG is all I can say, just tears is all I have, how can people still don’t see and understand what his man really was !

  2. Jeff Clark says:

    Michael was very special to the world and always will be!
    We are the World!

  3. Anne Mette Jepsen says:


  4. Rosario says:

    This letter is a gem. Thank you Seven–another great find! And thank you to Howard McCrary for sharing with us the true Michael — yes, truly the King of Hearts!

  5. Sina says:

    Seven, thanks for the info. It is from your site that i learned about people like McCrary who I had never heard of and that he literally supported Michael during the trial.
    I will search for the others who were also involved.

  6. Seven says:

    @smitm, Thank YOU for your support, encouragement, and for reading regularly! 🙂 <3

    @ June, I'm aware of that issue, as well as another from believe it or not, BBC, which uses the tired, old worn-out negative monikers "weird and bizarre" to define Michael's time in Ireland.

    These outlets - ALL of them, tabloid or not, know that by using Michael's name or the decades-long negative definitions of Michael ("freak", "weirdo", "pedophile", "Jacko", etc.) they'll get readers. Mostly hateful, bottom-feeding readers but readers nonetheless. It really is stooping to the bottom to get readers and ratings, and it's sad and pathetic. If they must do that to get attention or make money, maybe they ought to re-evaluate the content of their programs, websites, and print publications. Not that I'd hold my breath waiting for that when there are so many ignorant people willing to read their spew.

  7. june says:

    Seven, this letter is one of the best I have read, and so indicative of the Michael many people refuse to see. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    I hope you will forgive me for going off topic here; I believe you will be interested in what follows. I became aware of an article in the Orange County Register, widely circulated in Southern California, published on Friday, August 13, 2010, negatively associating Michael’s name with something having nothing to do with him.

    I know you have encouraged your readers to call out these blatantly manipulative news organizations (OC Register not a tabloid, but close) when we observe such articles.

    The article in question is titled “Michael Jackson Drug Costs 70 O.C. Jobs”. It concerns the discontinuance of the manufacture of propofol by Teva Pharmaceuticals. If the article were entitled “Teva Pharmaceuticals Drug Costs 70 O.C. Jobs”, no one would have noticed.

    If anyone wants to check this for themselves, google Orange County Register Michael Jackson where there are several links. I’ve sent them a courteous email regarding their misleading use of Michael’s name in their headline. The email address is [email protected].

  8. Seven says:


    Almost all those people you list (Liz Taylor, Chris Tucker, Howard McCrary and Bruce Swedien) have been featured on this site- and MORE! Just Search…(upper right-hand corner)

  9. smitm says:

    Hi Seven. I tried to find away dto send you a private message but couldn’t figure it out so please forgive me.
    I just wanted to say the I so appreciate all that you are doing to preserve Michael’s memory. I am so touched by your dedication. I wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this sight and I’m sure that I am not the only one who notices. I know that Michael sees all that you do too. Much L.O.V.E.!

  10. Sina says:

    To write a letter like this on the day of Michaels passing, only someone who has all these sweet memories and who really touched his heart can do that.
    ( How can you not love Michael the “matchmaker”, “praying” for Howard and his cousin Jackie. Heeee,heee.)

    Some woman seeking her 2 seconds of fame recently claimed she once worked with Michael and called him ‘rude’
    Not that I care much because the name Michael jackson is guarantee for attention, and her words could have been twisted by the media.
    But all the people Michael actually worked with who didnt have a hidden agenda, women AND men, they all say exactly the same, that Michael was an angel.
    For me the most sincere and heartfelt are those who didnt only praise him after he passed, but who publically stood by him in his darkest moments when there were many who didnt want to be associated with him.

    Seven, wouldnt it be nice to also dedicate an article -next to their own beautiful stories- to all these people who supported Michael, some we know of, like Liz Taylor and Chris Tucker, but some we dont know of.
    Angels like Howard McCrary and Bruce Swedine.
    In his Geraldo interview in 2005( a must see for everyone), Michael talks about these true blue.
    These people deserve praise for their loyalty.
    And it gives some comfort to know that Michael was not all alone in his struggle.

  11. Hayat says:

    That last bit really is the way I, the way WE see him..
    I’ve always said: Michael, you’re the King of my HEART…
    He is the King of all hearts!! Now and forever & always…

  12. Seven says:

    appleh (and everyone) – absolutely share this letter! As many people as possible need to see who Michael really was – from those who knew and worked with him. It’s so obvious that the demonized definition of him created by the media – never existed.

  13. BlueLotus says:

    This gentleman met Michael a few times and saw his light…
    and we can “feel “Michael through videos, photos, interview transcripts and stories told…from so far away…defying even death

    And on the other hand there have been men like Martin Bashir who spent 8 months 24×7 with Michael and still not touched…how BLIND can some people be?

  14. appleh says:

    Hi Seven, thank you very much for releasing this touching letter. I´ve never read it before. Everyone who had the luck to meet him in person, seems to be left with a deep impression of him and his spirit ! I wrote him a letter too to tell him about my feelings for him, even I´ve never met him. May I link this letter to my and other FB pages ?

  15. gigi says:


    Oh I remember reading this beautiful letter from Howard McCrary several months back. Someone had posted it on one of the Larry King Blogs. Reading these personal memories from those who love Michael is refreshing. Especially after reading all of the new research of the pure evilness of those who wronged Michael that has been found and discussed on the Vindicating Michael site. The articles posted on Vindicating Michael yesterday just left me speechless. Everyone should read these to articles. I echo what a few other posters said about this information. Wow…smh

    Please share these links anywhere you can. This information was purposely withheld or brushed off by the media.

    Seven I hope you don’t mind me sharing these links. Its just the contrasts between the beautiful stories and memories from people that truly care for and love Michael. Verses the evil tactics of these hateful people who took advantage of Michael. And the hateful people who never met Michael who they themselves sold their souls slandering and lying against Michael. The contrast is just baffling to me.

    (some of you may are ready know. there’s a series of info just abt RC)

    2) (very important posted by David)


  16. Micheline says:

    Seven, this was the most wonderful letter I have ever read by someone who has been touched by Michael’s love. Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us. The song was beautiful, and all I could think about was how much I miss this angel called Michael. The pain in my heart tells me I will never love anyone else in quite the same way. Michael was magic…he was everything.

  17. des says:

    This was very beautiful….i was moved, i cant barely stop tearing my eyes…Michael is just a pure & sweet loving soul (I’ll be praying for you). How can some people hurt MJ? God bless your beautiful soul MJ, you’ll be forever in our hearts♥

    Thank you so much Seven, God bless always!

  18. Joyce says:

    What an incredibly heartfelt letter and beautiful video. The words to the song are so touching and the photos of natures beauty are just gorgeous. I love that there is a wonderful Sunflower included. Michael is most surely smiling brightly in seeing all of this.
    It is so revealing to me to note that comments made by anyone who was fortunate enough to actually work closely with Michael or have the chance to spend any time with him, are always the same. They describe him as gentle, kind, intelligent, talented beyond measure, funny, incredible humanitarian, devoted and loving father, perfectionist with a very dilligent work ethic, and possessing an “electricity” that could be felt the minute he walked in the room.
    Any negative comments come from those greedy individuals who never even met Michael, who have a score to settle or have some other ulterior motive that usually revolves around money and envy! How very sad that those are the comments that get the most attention from the lamestream media which unfortunately influences so many gullible people.
    Thank you so much Seven for sharing all of these wonderful stories with us. I will never ever tire of reading each and every one!
    They are so inspiring.

  19. Ieva says:

    Thank You Seven! It was very beautiful story. Some people are so lucky, because they have a chance to meet Michael and the most important to know him and call him a friend!

  20. martina from Germany says:

    Thank you seven so much for sharing this letter, there´s nothing to say – just LOVE.