Sep 02 2010


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This is when I fell in love with Michael. I was 12. It wasn’t sexual at all because I knew nothing of that much at the time. It was just pure love, some other kind of ecstasy. That voice! That VOICE! And that charm, such a poised young gentlemen. When I see sunlight streaming through the leaves in the treetops in the morning like veils of sheer golden satin – that’s what Michael’s voice reminds me of. Pure beauty and light. That’s him. Angel. Always was. Always will be.

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11 Responses to “Sunrise”

  1. alicia says:

    Oh Seven,how could you not fall in love with such an Angelic voice and person. And yes each time i see the sun,i see MICHAEL.I miss him very much and will always have him in my heart.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Seven,This too is when I fell in love with this beautiful angel. I still have the vinyl album Ben, and I love all the songs. I remember my sister and I listening to the album , dancing , singing . There will never be the right or enough words to express my gratitude for all these years of joy Michael gave to my family and I. My sister who bought this album for me is with Michael and like Michael was a care taker of the children of the world . I am sure she was there to welcome Michael home along with so many other angels . I Thank you Seven for all you do here . Your friend , Jeanne

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh, Seven, that was sooooo beautiful. Michael’s voice is just like sunlight!

  4. Ali says:

    That VOICE!
    and different songs have different sounds of his voice but they all get you inside don’t they. i was listening to Baby be Mine a lot last week and there are some certain points in that where his voice sort of twists and pulls at my insides and its hard to breathe, others where his voice is so clear and melodic and sweeps the notes and its like being carried on the wings of a bird high into the sky, and others like 2000 watts, well ….! i could go on and on and mention every song but i won’t.

    i received my dvd ‘a fans collection’ from amazon today, its fabulous. for anyone who’s not seen it, there is one on interviews which has oprah and a few others, which was ok, useful to have, haven’t watched all of it, but it was the awards collection which i loved, theres one with loads of lovely photos and one i’ve not looked at yet on archive footage, don’t know what that’ll be like but it was so worth it just for the awards disc, they are all so lovely. it also includes a few seconds of jordie with Michael at the WMA in 93, which is interesting for its normality and a tiny brief glimpse of june, but in the main its just 3 hours of lovely clips of Michael giving and receiving various awards. will let you know about the archive one later in weekend.

  5. susan says:

    I hear people ask why we love this man so much when we never met him. Michael said he put his soul into all of his music. It may sound corny but our souls all knew him. I really believe that is why we are hurting so much. Our souls feel the loss. I hope this makes sense…

  6. ladyaquarius1962 says:

    Oh Seven…I have you beat. I fell for Michael when I saw him perform on the Ed Sullivan show with his brothers in late 1969, but even more so in 1970 when they performed ABC on American Bandstand. The only problem, is that on the Sullivan show, I had no idea what his name was. They didn’t say so I simply called him “Magick Feet” and the nickname stuck even once I found out his name. I found it amazing how a little boy not much older than I could dance around the way he did. Although yes…I adored his voice, I loved his magick feet even more. Michael danced off with my heart somewhere, and never gave it back. But, that’s okay…he can keep it. I know I have a part of his in return. We all do. So, it’s fair. 🙂

  7. Justice4MJJ says:

    Of course it wasn’t sexual, we consider him family, like a father I do. What a BEAUTIFUL song as your first meeting with MJ (as I say it). My what magic, thank you for the lovely poem, that’s just how I feel too. My first was WBSS & Billie Jean (I cant recall which exactly lol) at age 9.

  8. Heidi says:

    One year ago today, Sept. 3, the physical form of Michael Jackson was interred. As California burned with the largest fire in it’s history the air was thick with smoke and ash. Captured atop the illuminated cross of the Great Mausoleum was a full moon, BLOOD RED in color because of the ash. What a powerful message!! For me, I believe our beloved MOONwalker was stating clearly, “This is SOOOOOOO Not It! They may have taken my blood, but I rise above all that, and am STILL HERE to continue the work I was sent here to do.” Truly Seven, he can be seen in the rays of the Sun. They are one, as we are all one with him.

  9. TLS says:

    The first time I fell in love with MJ was when we were both 11, I think (I’m exactly one month older than he); of course I thought he was cute, but it was so much more than that. The “Magick Feet,” as Ladyaquarius says, mesmerized (and inspired!) me even then. The voice just seemed right–or maybe it seemed like an 11-year-old’s voice, but not, and that got my attention. But more than anything else, it must have been the smile–one that didn’t stop with a beautiful grin but was joined by eyes full of light. How–I must have been thinking to myself–could a kid my age do all this? If he can do THIS, what could I do? (I was a lost little girl back then, having lost my mom when I was six).

    Fast forward 24 years. I fall in love all over again because my own lost little nine-year-old son, who doesn’t show much interest in anything, LOVES Michael Jackson! We didn’t know it then, but mental illness would soon consume his sweet soul, leaving him in a torment he still struggles with today. MJ was one of a very few lights back then. We danced together to Jam and Black or White, and I thanked the universe for one thing that made us both happy.

    Fast forward again, to June 26 2009. I’m burying my most beloved aunt–the woman who was a mother to me after mine died–and I hear the news. This third time of being lovestruck is painful, not just because of the double loss but because I start to realize how profoundly wronged this man was in his last years on this planet–a world he tried in so many ways to make a better place.

    Here in New England the sun was blood red this morning; blood red tonight.

  10. Justice4MJJ says:

    Right Hiedi I agree! The moon was fitting for the things which led up to his death! Its not like that today though in FL, I wonder why? Btw Seven, thanks for fixing my typo, your so sweet! <3

  11. FF says:

    You really don’t have to ask what Michael means or what emotion he’s trying to convey when he sings: you can feel it. You KNOW what he means before you even hear or understand the words that he’s singing. I think I first listened to Thriller when I was five or six but I’d heard Off The Wall at least two years before then and my identification with that voice was immediate.

    I don’t think I saw him on television until around the Thriller era – or if I saw him earlier I don’t vividly remember it. I just remember that that voice could make your spirit soar, and when it was sad it reduced you to tears. And it was always the voice rather than the chord changes in the music or the sentiments expressed in the lyrics.

    I remember listening to some of his earlier stuff after his death, in particular Music & Me and Euphoria – and those two… he had an amazing voice, and if you watch the video of him singing ‘Who’s Loving You’ he’s perfect! The gestures, the knowing when to pause, the delivery – when he watched all the other masters perform absolutely NOTHING was lost on him, he’d absorbed it all like a sponge AND brought his own interpretation – at that age! – add that to his intuitive emotional connection to people and his intelligence AND his ability to translate his music to movement you have both a preternatural and incomparable combination.

    What I’ve always loved about Michael is that he doesn’t just blast you with his voice or vocal technique – he conveys the sensitivity and beauty of the emotions in the song and makes it a living breathing organic entity of it’s own. It’s like breathing life into a butterfly: he knows how to craft something very delicately, when to cut loose belt it out with vibrance and when to quiet down to a whisper of heartbreak. He is the instrument of the song, AS THE SONG REQUIRES.

    People said he was wise beyond his years when he was a child but I think they failed to realise that that wise child became a wise man – the wisdom didn’t go anywhere, he stayed the same person all his life. Every time I’ve gone back and read an early interview – he was the same person – in his last interview when asked by Ebony what happened to that guy from long ago, he replied he was still the same person. He was, however, incredibly misunderstood. There seems to be this popular idea that he regressed when he got older but he didn’t, he understood that in order to keep remain spiritually engaged, creatively open and continually evolving, he had to retain that unaffected open-minded questioning such as children have – it’s a wellspring of eternity. A lot of people seemed to misinterpret that as regression but failed to understand that he was clearly a man functioning as an adult and engaged in adult responsibility. People also failed to take into account that fame and celebrity is actually a toxic state of being; I always wonder why they ask, “how come all these celebrities get into X, can’t they hold it together”, instead of observing that so many people losing it clearly points out that constant scrutiny and the excesses of adulation are utterly destructive to any human being. Most people get out early and return periodically, or take extended vacations from it, or form grounding relationships while in it. Of course, different people respond to different levels, and most people find themselves out of that scorching intensity of public and media-fed ‘interest’ for varying periods. Except him. That Michael endured for so long is BECAUSE he set up areas and places in his life where he could spiritually reconnect with nature, with the spirits of children, with those he loved and who loved him – it was a reason, I think, he didn’t ultimately like touring. Almost every star I’ve read has said that touring is like being in a bubble and it cuts you off and ungrounds you most of the time. You can make it like one long continuous party or you can enjoy the unreality of it, and maybe some people thrive on that – that sense of not being anywhere. Or not – because performing night after night does create it’s own stresses on your body, mind and spirit. I think Michael’s dignity under duress – for decades – proves the depth of his spiritual connection and his sense of himself within that connection.

    It’s also interesting that people always saw him as so frail and vulnerable and yet, in the areas where it counts – moments when you’re sleep deprived, under emotional pressure or intense scutiny – when you’re likely to snap and get on rather badly with others – he was always thoughtful and sensitive to others, he was always willing to extend himself to others and on behalf of others. In those moments, that’s really who you are. You can’t fake that for decades, or restrain your subconscious for years because in those moments it will undoubtably surface. So he was who he said he was all along – and you can hear it particularly when he sings. By and large, he took great pains – ironically – to keep his suffering from his audience but on occasions that voice remains true, even to that. That’s why I find it hard to listen to Invincible. While you can hear his despair and outrage on History it still retains that buoyant in the moment ‘something’ right in the middle of a groove, swing or swoop.

    On Invincible, as I hear it, that something isn’t as fully represented as on his previous albums. I’m not sure if it is brokeness or if it’s what Lionel Richie said, as in when you become a parent there’s an understanding of your own mortality and an constant concern for the wellbeing of your children. Not that I don’t love that album, but I hear a vibration of pain in it that hurts me a lot to listen to sometimes. I’m not quite sure how to explain that – and it’s not a complaint because to say he endured A LOT is an understatement – but that’s just my own personal sense of it, not to undermine anybody else’s.

    So I’ve always felt that all you need to know about him actually is in his music. He intended to put his soul into his art – like Michaelangelo – and he entirely succeeded! Any day I’m depressed I can listen to Thriller – and I’m happy before I even get to the end of Wanna Be Starting Something – it’s uncanny! But not entirely without precedent: the interesting thing is that every child I’ve ever observed listening to Michael doesn’t have to ask either. If it’s a happy song – they become giddy, if it’s rhythmic song – they move, if it’s a sad song – they cry. I remember reading that during the war in Sarajevo, a young girl was allowed to listen to one of the soldiers headphones – and on his walkman he had a tape of Thriller and Bad recorded on cassette back to back; he left it with her because she fell asleep listening to it and he didn’t want to disturb her. According to her recollection it was the first time she slept through the night since the war had started – in somthing over a year!

    That kind of speaks for itself.

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