Sep 14 2010

Conrad Murray’s ridiculous attempts at defending the indefensible

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Indefensible 'Health Care'

Indefensible 'Health Care'

Every week it seems, this man has a different excuse for what he did to Michael Jackson. First, Murray refused to even admit that he had injected Michael Jackson with propofol. Then, he claimed Michael injected himself with it. Now, he’s allegedly blaming a lack of a certain piece of equipment for Michael’s death. A piece of equipment that, given the circumstances and timeline of events, likely would not have saved Michael simply because of Murray’s own negligence. Now, I’m no fan of AEG, but this latest claim doesn’t hold up given the circumstances and the facts as we currently have them.

Let’s examine the latest two of Murray’s excuses for his reprehensible actions on June 25th, 2009. First, let’s have a look at some key pages in the autopsy report and see what it clearly says.  If there is even a trial (that the foot-dragging courts have not seen fit to have determined that almost 15 months from Michael’s death is itself reprehensible), then presenting the three pages below in a courtroom along with an expert witness or two should thoroughly shoot down the “he injected himself” excuse, along with highlighting very well the fact that Murray:

  1. was unqualified to administer propofol to anyone since he is not an anesthesiologist
  2. was doing so without any equipment to either monitor, appropriately dose, or resucitate his patient
  3. administered the drug in an inappropriate (home) setting without following adequate standards of care
  4. administered a drug to a patient for a purpose which it was not intended  (anesthesia is not sleep and propofol is not an appropriate treatment for insomnia)
  5. was grossly irresponsible, considering 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, in administering propofol to Michael at all

First, the most damning (for Murray) page from the autopsy report:



…propofol and benzodiazepines were administered by another.
…propofol was administered in a non-hospital setting without any appropriate medical indication.
The standard of care for administering propofol was not met. Recommended equipment … was not present.
The circumstances do not support self-administration of propofol. (Murray is still claiming that Michael killed himself by administering propofol to himself. Clearly that was not possible given the circumstances according to this report. Also, the report says ‘homicide‘, not ‘suicide‘ or ‘drug overdose‘.)

Now, let’s look at what the anesthesiology consultation portion of the report has to say about why Michael could not have self-administered the propofol due to where the IV was located (and also due to the quick action of propofol and the amount found in his system).  There are also further comments about the about how standards of care were not met, that propofol – especially at these levels – should only be administered by a qualified anesthesiologist who is present to monitor the patient with proper equipment the entire time, that using propofol for insomnia is unheard of, that the benzodiazapines given Michael prior to propofol amplified the respiratory suppression properties of the propofol, and that the amount of propofol found in Michael’s system was an amount that would be used for major surgery! The report also notes that the only other incidences of propofol use in a home are those of suicide, fatal abuse, murder and accident.  Please note the areas highlighted in green and orange below. I apologize if they are difficult to read, but I wanted to highlight the relevant paragraphs.

Toxicology Page 1

Anesthesiology Page 1

Anesthesiology Page 2

Anesthesiology Page 2

Now, as for the claim that Murray didn’t have a piece of needed equipment, specifically a defibrillator, let’s go with this bit of silliness and see where that leads. We’re told that Murray “demanded a defibrillator, which could have saved the singer after his cardiac arrest.”  Murray blames AEG for not providing the equipment. If Murray deemed it so critical, then why did he proceed to administer propofol without it? He could (and should) have refused, citing lack of proper monitoring/resuscitation equipment. But he didn’t. Had he done so, perhaps AEG and MJ would have fired him and hired someone else. But Murray wanted that $150,000/month, so he proceeded anyway, putting Michael’s life in very grave danger.

Defibrillators are used to re-regulate heartbeat if it is abnormal, beating too fast, or very irregularly, or to restart the heart if it has stopped beating. Michael, once Murray ‘found‘ him, was asystolic. That means flatlined. No heartbeat. Here’s why: Michael’s heart stopped because his breathing stopped. His breathing stopped because he was pumped full of multiple huge injections of propofol (boluses) in a very short period of time evidently through an IV in his leg. The benzodiazepines previously given exacerbated its effect. Propofol causes deep sedation resulting in respiratory arrest and death. His heart was probably just fine – until he stopped breathing. For a few seconds, there may have been an opportunity to save Michael from cardiac arrest. Once a patient stops breathing, that window of opportunity is short and if Michael had been appropriately monitored, maybe could have been taken advantage of, but he wasn’t being monitored at all. By the time Michael was “found“, he was gone. His heart had stopped subsequent to the respiratory arrest. (I put “found” in quotes because I am stunned that any doctor could have done this to anyone if it wasn’t deliberate.)

There were some reports Michael had a rhythm when Murray found him but that may be what is called an agonal rhythm. It is just electric impulses one sees in a deceased patient. Remember that the paramedics, upon arrival on the scene, believed Michael to be already gone, but Murray insisted they keep working on him and wanted him taken to Emergency rather than declared dead in his home.

Surely, Conrad Murray, claiming to be a cardiologist, knows this about respiratory arrest, and subsequent cardiac arrest, and the small window in between them where a patient can be saved from cardiac arrest with breathing assistance. But Murray wasn’t even watching Michael. Or maybe he was, and did nothing! Starting Michael’s heart with a defibrillator may have been possible, but with Michael unable to breathe due to the drugs, and no equipment there to assist him with his breathing, that would have been useless!

So, Murray would have needed a ventilator or an oxygen tank with a bag valve mask in addition to a defibrillator. An oxygen tank was found, but it was said to be empty and no bag valve mask was seemingly found. Without these items, there was no way to assist Michael’s breathing after Murray stopped it with the drugs. So Michael was unable to breathe and receive oxygen on his own. Michael needed to breathe in order to live, and a restarted heart is useless if he would have had no assistance with breathing due to his arrested respiration.

There was no way Michael (or any patient) would be able to breath on their own when given not only large amounts of propofol (which can put a person in respiratory depression within minutes) but a combination of respiratory depressing drugs in addition. Even if Murray did manage to restart his heart, the inability to breathe would put Michael right back where he was – in cardiac arrest.

It’s worth noting that this story about the defibrillator came from tabloids, so it may be altogether wrong but I’ve read previously where Murray cited lack of equipment (rather than his own negligence and irresponsibility) as the reason for Michael’s death. Or, Murray is once again grasping at any straw he can to save his own skin, pointing his finger any and everywhere else, and hoping that the jury and the public is too ignorant to realize what he is trying to sell them as an excuse for what he did. “Cardiologist” Murray knows full well how all this works, it is very basic.

The only treatment that could have helped Michael was consistent and effective CPR (i.e.: not on a bed and not with one hand, and not intermittently to stop and hide drugs or make phone calls), an injection of epinephrine and atropine (vasopressin may also be used) and a device to breath for him until the effects of the propofol wore off. He should have been intubated before the emergency occurred. Better still, the propofol should never have been given at all by a doctor working outside his sphere of qualification, in an unsuitable environment without all the necessary equipment to administer it safely, monitor the patient, then cope with an emergency, as the anesthesiology report above says.

Murray either left his patient unattended or he was distracted for over 40 minutes on his cell phone but did not dial 911. He kept no medical records nor did he initially tell paramedics or the hospital that he had even given Michael propofol, and he may have even stopped CPR to conceal medications, though there were multiple empty and partially used propofol bottles found at the scene.

Certainly Murray should have had precise dosing, monitoring, and resuscitating equipment all available before ever administering propofol to Michael. However, the absence of a defibrillator is not what killed Michael and would not have helped in this circumstance because by the time he was discovered by a grossly inattentive and irresponsible “doctor“, it was too late for that because he also had nothing to assist Michael’s breathing until the damn drugs he gave Michael wore off. So once again, Murray’s excuse (or this tabloid story) doesn’t wash.

He died because of other people’s greed.

-Leonard Rowe

Now, I’m on the fence about Leonard Rowe’s credibility and I haven’t read his book yet but I do agree with the above statement.

Why did Conrad Murray do this to Michael? How could this not be considered murder? How could and why would any doctor, cardiologist or none, administer such a drug to a patient in these circumstances and leave him unattended if he did not fully intend to kill him? Excuse me but I am very puzzled. Except for perhaps one thing:


This is “The Worst Health Care Money Can Buy” right here, folks. And that is the crux of the problem. This is the issue with the entire “health care” system in the United States today. That’s why it happened to Michael. That’s why our system is broken. It’s all for money. Conrad Murray had a choice: $150,000/month, or Michael’s life. He chose the money. We lost Michael.

Money (profit) is not the purpose of health care. The purpose of health care is allegedly to keep people alive and healthy, not let them die for corporate or individual profit. But the latter is the system we have. It’s a system that either kills people or lets them die in favor of individual or corporate profit. It’s immoral. And clearly it does not work and this is why.

Under the ‘health care for profit‘ system, two groups of people receive the worst health care: The very poor, and the very rich. The very poor because they can’t afford health care at all or if they get any it’s often not good care. The very rich because they can buy whatever they want. As long as they can pay a doctor enough money, the doctor will do anything they ask – even if it is well outside appropriate, safe care and good medical practice. Like, giving someone propofol to “sleep“. When the basis of health care is profit, the system is broken. And ours in the US is very broken.  But I digress. That is a whole other issue for a whole other blog.

Do I believe there may be more people involved in Michael’s murder than just Murray? I believe it’s certainly possible that he was ‘put up to the task’.  I believe that because no competent doctor in his right mind would do what Conrad Murray did on June 25th, 2009 ‘by accident‘. I do know that the manipulation, abuse, and malfeasance of the various corporate and individual vultures surrounding Michael Jackson during his life and particularly just before his death are certainly suspect, and would stop at nothing to destroy anyone for profit, power, or control. While I do not know who else might be involved, I believe it is certainly something that ought to be investigated. However, seeing as we’re 15 months past Michael’s death and the “justice” system has deliberately dragged their feet for over a year in even determining whether there is enough evidence for a trial of Conrad Murray himself, I don’t expect any investigation of other surrounding circumstances or players to ever be carried out, no matter how much it should be. I seem to remember that the security guards on the scene that day had to practically beg the LAPD to even speak to them.



This is ironically the same system that didn’t mind wasting taxpayer dollars helping abusive DA Tom Sneddon to fabricate, tamper with, and manipulate evidence against Michael Jackson in 2003 – 2005 and before that. And they wasted no time in rounding up and publicly humiliating an innocent Michael Jackson by slapping handcuffs on him, subjecting him to police abuse, publishing his mugshot, and practically prancing in the streets for having brought down this ‘monster‘ that doesn’t exist and never did.

Meanwhile Conrad Murray is prancing around in swimming pools at luxurious resorts with his various baby-mamas, sipping cocktails, and still wielding a medical licence and needles – living and being treated like a king. One has to wonder who paid his delinquent mortgage, who paid child his support that he was delinquent on, and who is paying for those expensive lawyers and security detail? One wonders how he can suddenly afford all this. And, this unanswered question is yet another thing that adds to the suspicion that other characters may be accomplices to Michael’s murder. But really, money isn’t Conrad Murray’s problem. What Conrad Murray chronically lacks more than money is any sense of responsibility for his actions or his obligations in life. This is typical of a sociopath. And our legal system is enabling him.

It’s more than odd how our “justice” system protects the criminals, and criminalizes the victims. When it comes to Michael Jackson (the real victim in all of this), that is exactly what has happened, and is still happening. Again.

I’ve said it before: Show me how someone handles money or power and I’ll show you what they care about and what their priorities are. This applies to individuals, corporate entities, judicial systems, and governments, both local and federal. Just follow the money. Always. When you do, you’ll find some of the most hideous, evil, and immoral acts committed for the sake of it and in the name of it.

Michael Jackson’s murder was just one of them.

It’s often said that Michael was not only the ‘Man in the Mirror‘, but he was the mirror itself.  Whether it’s Conrad Murray, AEG, $ony, the corporate-owned media, or other extortionists, Michael died because of other people’s greed. How utterly unjust and ironic that a man like Michael, one of the most loving, caring, generous, gentle, giving humanitarians who ever lived, died because so many of the people around him were just the opposite – hateful, indifferent, self-serving, barbaric, and greedy.

If that’s not a mirror, I don’t know what is.

_ _ _

{ Thanks to Karen, Nikki, Peggy, and Meghan for helping me to debunk Murray’s latest silliness. -Seven }

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30 Responses to “Conrad Murray’s ridiculous attempts at defending the indefensible”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    To Susan T. It is not believable that his “personal physician” ,murray, his choreographer Ortega and others were ignorant re his physical condition. Michael was known to become anorexic
    during stress.During tours in the past he was hospitalized now and then for dehydration.
    Now he was in exeptionally poor shape and his insomnia worsening day by day. Thome-Thome who
    claims to be a doctor (I think he may have been through med school somewhere in some country,but
    never licenced in US)did not think he could do 1(sic one) concert.I believe his manipulators which included others beside murray wanted him dead.His contract was deadly.Still murray should be held responsible because he had an MD after his name.He knew he was to do something dangererous and could not say no to money.I have read on some posts that 4 physicians before him declined.On June 18th 2009 his manipulators came to see him with murray to tell him he cannot cut out on any rehearsal.He totally broke down after this.

  2. carina for mjj says:

    murray has been pampered and protected to the n´th degree.When the judge told him “not to put people under” it was like telling a thief not to steal.

  3. carina for mjj says:

    the administering of huge amount of propofol was only the last nail in MJ`s coffin.Murray did many things wrong prior to that on 6/25 am before this megadose was given.He appears to lack elementary knowledge of medical practice.He can study more in jail.

  4. LoveMJ says:

    Thank you very much for reporting the truth. You do a great job with your site.
    I am totally disgusted by everything that has happened to beautiful Michael. That SOB drugged MJ up so damn much, for what?? Didn’t call 911 and didn’t know CPR. What the hell kind of doctor is that? None at all!! And how was he getting that medicine for six weeks without being intuabted, I don’t buy that crap!

    I believe it’s murder and I hope they all go to jail for a very loooooooong time. And rot like the scumbags they are.

  5. Dialdancer says:

    No matter what excuses this man’s attorneys come up with there are two unarguable facts here. (1) Either Michael was alive when the EMT arrived and Murray DECIDED (conscious effort) not to tell them of the administering of propofol, something that he MUST legally do or (2) Michael was already dead and died because he was left unattended for more than 2-10 minutes after being administered propofol, which legally was something Murray MUST NOT do. Murray wants to say Michael became impatient and was able to contort himself for self medication, fine but where was he when all this was taking place? Why was he not in the room to stop this; why wasn’t he attending his patient as prescribed by medical procedure?

  6. Seven says:

    Sure Hayat! Please do share the link!

  7. Hayat says:

    Seven –
    would you mind if I share this article by posting the link on my Youtube – Netlog – Facebook accounts?
    There are people out there that should know about the AMAZING work you do. The research you come up with is priceless. The people ought to know the TRUTH.
    That Michael has been KILLED. What the autopsy shows. The FACTS.

  8. Seven says:


    I agree about the equipment which is why I ask in the article:

    If Conrad Murray deemed that equipment so critical then why did he proceed to administer propofol without it?” – I agree with you that his proceeding without that equipment proves his guilt even more. (though Conrad Murray had no business administering propofol to anyone in any circumstance, as he is not a qualified anesthesiologist)


  9. María García says:

    I completely agree with everything you have stated, except with one thing. In my opinion, the fact that CM asked for resuscitative equipment from AEG and without having that equipment, decided to go ahead and administer propofol, proves his guilt even more, because it shows he was pretty awared of its need. A simple reading of the Diprivan prospect would have called his attention upon this, not to mention that he was a cardiologist with 20 years of experience!!
    However, you’re right on that’s the CM defense strategy and you’re also right as far as I’ve read in other sources that in this particular case, the rescue equipment would not have been enough, either.
    Nevertheless, and this is probably sthg irrational from my part, I still see this asking for sthg, you as a professional (a “cardiologist”) considere VITAL, and without it go ahead as AGAINST him.


  10. Nikki says:

    Thanks Seven. Great blog! I touched on these in my recent blog because again the CPR machine is being mentioned. I do not want people thinking that that would have made a different or made any of this okay. This is still one of the most illogical scenarios ever and it does not seem logical to be purely accidental, either.

  11. Solar says:

    In light of the lawsuit that was just filed by Katherine Jackson, here’s a link to an opportunity for everyone to do something tangible, to take action:

    Do this for Michael.

  12. june says:

    @salgal – yes I do believe the theory regarding the nurse makes sense; As Susan T said above, Michael was too intelligent to knowingly put his life in such jeopardy, leaving his children orphaned. And he would NEVER have allowed that type of total sedation to occur every night for six weeks (according to Murray) putting him completely out of contact with his children should their need for him come up during night. He was a totally hands-on father to his children.

    When all the facts known about Michael are taken together, it’s a very logical conclusion that Murray’s use of prop was a one time event designed for a specific purpose (not every night for six weeks (according to Murray as he was trying to wean Michael off it). With a front-man (in this case front-woman) setting up the scene.

  13. Dialdancer says:

    I keeping hearing the only reason Murray is on trial is because of who his PATIENT was. Do you hear what is being said, what we are saying. That it is ok to allow a trained “specialist” to get away with murder because…..What? The patient is not wealthy or famous and therefore not to be held accountable and if the patient is famous then it becomes their fault for the physician’s negligence.

    This is the same kind of BS said during the trial in reverse. Jackson got off because he was wealthy. Damn straight. If he had been a poor man with Sneddon’s sights on him, that man would have gone to jail. It should not make a difference. No man should need 3 teams of lawyers to defend himself against a mountain of illegally admitted evidence and trumped up charges from a lying racist who should not have been a street sweeper let alone a District Attorney. No one should forfeit their life because a Specialist is too busy doing personal business to take care of their patient. I don’t care if they pay $50.00 or $150,000.

    I still have not heard why the first judge excused himself from this trial, have you? The Media just slid right past that one.

  14. Susan T says:

    There are still so many unanswered questions. if there isn’t enough evidence available at this moment to go forward with a trial, I wonder if it will ever happen?

    I read where Michael insisted on hiring Dr. Murray to be his personal physician. Has anyone been able to substantiate that fact? I know Murray once treated one of Michael’s children in Las Vegas,

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that Michael Jackson, who I believe with all my heart was a highly consciously evolved and spiritually driven being could have found it acceptable to play Russian roulette with such an extremely dangerous drug? I know he was flesh and blood and suffered horribly from insomnia, but it is simply too difficult to imagine that he would take those kinds of chances with his life which, revolved around his children?

    Something or someone began to exert a pressure on him that caused him to make decisions that he never would have made unless he was “forced” to make them. Could it really be possible that he was being given mind-altering drugs that affected his decision making ability in an effort to control and manipulate him?

    I mentioned my observations about what I perceive as a drastic physical change and an overall decline in his physical appearance, comparing how he looked during the 2007 Ebony magazine photo shoot and how, in less than two years time he appeared so gaunt and thin during the TII documentary.

    i challenge all of you to look at him in that photoshoot and article that appeared in the December ’07 issue. He looked fabulous. He was fit, elegant, and there was no sign whatsoever of anxiety or mental stress. He looked relaxed, engaged, and extremely confident. i still don’t know what to make of the Michael at the TII press conference. He almost didn’t look like Michael Jackson.

    Karen Faye and a few others who were really close to Michael tried desperately to intervene and get those concerts postponed. Do you suppose those who could have stepped in and postponed the schedule didn’t see there was a problem or, as I fear, they couldn’t have cared less. Michael manages to perform–everyone wins. Michael dies trying to perform.–everyone wins! The perfect ‘win-win’ situation!

    It’s preposterous to think that had certain equipment been available that it could have changed the outcome. Dr. Murray must stand trial for negligent homicide. He violated the hippocratic oath to ‘first do no harm”. He left Michael unattended. He improperly administered CPR. He failed critically when he didn’t disclose immediately to the paramedics that he had given propofol to Michael.

    We will never know if Murray left Michael unattended for too long a period. If that is the case, no efforts at resuscitation would have been successful. What could have been worse than Michael dying? Michael being brought back to life in a vegetative state. Unacceptable. Unthinkable.

    None of this makes any sense. No matter what path we take, we all arrive at the same place. He’s gone. It should NEVER have happened and Murray must be held accountable for his negligent actions. I want to see all involved brought to justice, but I fear that won’t happen.

    Not only does the media need to wash out its mouth with soap, but doctors who prescribe medications without real accountability need to lose their licenses to practice medicine.

  15. salgal56 says:

    June, that’s an interesting theory. One I’ve not heard before. I was just thinking of Cherylyn Lee (or something like that) today. She’s dropped off the planet, hasn’t she? Kinda like Tohme.

  16. Ali says:

    thats a very interesting video from Appleh – i agree, he couldn’t have been taking it before – with no breathing equipment he wouldn’t have survived the first time, which he didn’t as we know. and what was that rubbish about his eyes being open? i didn’t believe it at the time that he slept with his eyes open, i don’t believe thats possible, but he couldn’t have kept his eyes open with the propofol.

    i also don’t believe he was regularly using it because that would have terrified the children and they would have had to be kept away from him each night and how would that have been either possible or what Michael would have wanted, and Blanket still very young may have needed him at night. to have been anaesthetised each night would be giving responsibility for his children to others and putting himself out of their reach – thats not Michael Jackson.

  17. Ellen says:

    This really tells it like it is. How I wish someone could put this out there in the mainstream media and let the whole world know the truth about what really happened to Michael. The truth about his death as well as the truth about his life. The vast majority of people that I know do not really know who MJ really was. This should not be. He was not only the greatest artist/entertainer of our time, but the most magnificent human being that ever walked this earth. What he has accomplished in his short life, despite all the slander, hatred and lies about him is truly remarkable. I truly fear that justice will not be forthcoming for Michael, at least for the forseeable future, because there are too many lies and disgusting people around who will always hide the truth for their own selfish reasons. We need someone who is strong to speak up and let the whole world know who Michael really was and who was responsible for his slow torture, destruction and death. This is something I want to see in my lifetime. The truth must prevail.

  18. June says:


    I haven’t seen your video about prop but will when I get home from work.

    I’ve been of the opinion for many months that Michael did not use prop prior to June 25th when Murray took care of things; IMO Michael had an IV for hydration purposes (his past dehydration problems when working have been well documented). Murray brought prop into MJ’s home; but did MJ even know it was in a closet in Murray’s bedroom? There was a certain nurse who appeared on whatever tv program would have her a few days after Michael passed saying he had asked her in March 2009 to get prop for him. Larry King asked her why she had not gone to authorities after his death rather than coming on tv; she was flustered, said she didn’t know what to do. IMO, this was a setup to make it appear MJ was seeking prop BEFORE he died; there have been no other credible sources making this same claim (Arnold Klein is not a credible source, btw). All Murray had to do was give it to him in one large dose, again just my opinion.

  19. salgal56 says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had never taken the time to sift thru the autopsy, but as Hayat says, it’s crystal clear. I hope when they finally get to trial, these specific points will hold weight no matter how Murray’s lawyers want to twist it around. Something that came to mind while I was reading this. Murray said he didn’t have a landline out of the house to call, didn’t know the address etc. etc. But when he wanted to FINALLY alert the household that there was something wrong, he ran out of the room and yelled down the steps for Prince to come and then others who clearly heard him gathered at the bottom of the steps. (according to Kai Chase’s interview) So if had wanted to call 911 immediately upon finding Michael not breathing, he only would have had to come out of the room and yell. Others were in the house who surely would have had a phone to call 911 and known the address. Every scenario Murray or his lawyers have come up with so far just point to him as being totally unethical and inept.

  20. Joyce says:

    Excellent presentation of the medical facts regarding Propofol, it’s use, proper administration and standard of care. There is no excuse for the negligence that Conrad Murray chose to demonstrate. He is a licensed physician. I don’t care if he is a cardiologist or a foot doctor (podiatrist)! When you enter into a patient/doctor relationship you assume responsibility for that person’s care. This can happen at McDonalds if you decide to step in to help someone who is choking. If you are a medically licensed person, you are responsible to act in a proper, safe manner. If you do not feel comfortable taking that reponsibility, DO NOT enter into the relationship!! Murray could have refused to give Propofol if he did not know the standard of care (which I highly doubt) or was not comfortable in performing such care. Unfortunately, there are far too many “hanger on-ers” who are only involved with those who have fame and fortune for their own benefit and greed. They don’t do what is best for the person they are suppose to be helping, they do what is best for themselves and what will keep them in the good standing!

    My background is Nursing, I worked in the ICU for 10 years. The thought that a “physician” would administer a continuous infusion of any drug without the use of an Infusion pump to regulate the proper dosage is unfathomable to me!! It is inexcusable. The lack of a defibrilator is a moot point considering all the other negligent acts that occurred before it’s use would have ever been needed.

    Whether or not the charge of “Murder” is appropriate is beyond my legal expertise. Was it premeditated, was there a motive, etc etc.? All I know for sure is that it was the worst kind of Medical malpractice. Believe me, there are many, many instances of overabuse of the charge of negligence and malpractice. It is hurting honest, excellent physicians who do care about their patients and work very hard to uphold their standards and values! This is not one of those instances! I can’t imagine where they will find a medical witness to testify in defense of this obvious, blatant malpractice.
    Doctors are certainly not gods, they are human and honest mistakes can happen to good doctors. But in this case the inexcusable lack of judgement and responsibility is just overwhelming!

    I really planned on this being a short, to the point post but I got carried away once again! Sorry!

  21. Hayat says:

    Direct quote from Lynton Guest – The Trails of Michael Jackson:
    “It is important to make clear that I am not accusing Dr Murray, Philip Anshutz or Sony with the murder of Michael Jackson, even IF HIS DEATH DOES HAVE THE RING of AT LEAST MANSLAUGHTER about it.
    What I am saying, is that I believe I have put forward ENOUGH EVIDENCE HERE TO WARRANT A FULL SCALE INVESTIGATION of all those involved in the singer’s last days. It is vitally important that any investigation SHOULD NOT confine itself to the hapless DOCTORS who, after all, WERE EMPLOYED BY OTHERS named in this book. The US authorities can call documents, subpoena records and interview those concerned to ascertain how far up the food-chain responsibility lies. I urge the authorities to act on this information. Only then will we be able finally to deliver justice to Michael Jackson and his family.“

    This is what I had on my mind when reading this article, Seven.

    Lynton – amongst others – has stated that in 2009 – the second time the book was published,
    after Michael died.
    We are now September 2010. And as you stated, Seven, Murray is living thé life, still practicing medicine and getting no punishment. Nothing. The authorities are giving ‘dog and pony’shows, to keep the public ‘satisfied’; but doing NOTHING to lock this murderer up.
    Information is being withheld.
    The autopsy report is CHRISTAL CLEAR. Why no one acts on it – is beyond me.
    Well, of course, if the ‘Puppetmasters’ are seducing those who want to act on it with Money… the question mark no longer applies to me. Its just sickening & revolting. I hope they’ll get what they deserve. Everyone who’s ever laid an evil hand on Michael.

  22. Beatriz says:

    Excelent blog Seven.

    I just want to add something about Murray. I watched short time ago a video where he says he never practiced a CPR!. It’s difficult to believe in a cardiologist, but except that his voice is twisted it’s what he said…

  23. Seven says:


    Sadly, I never said we would ever be able to get justice for MJ or implied it – I probably implied more the opposite, in fact.

    There will be no justice for Michael in the courts or legal system. It just isn’t going to happen, IMO. Of course I’d be delighted to be proven wrong about that.

    But for now, I think the only justice that will ever be had or done for Michael will be for the truth to be exposed about who he was (and what he was not) and what was done to him by various individuals and entities. Many people will be working for the rest of their lives to see that happen. Truth = justice.

    @appleh – thank you for that video! Many have doubted that Murray was giving MJ propofol before the 25th. He stated that he had been giving it to him for weeks with exception of the prior night, but some doubt his story – understandably.


    That’s how I understood it too – that Murray didn’t want Michael declared dead under his care. Then, he refused to sign the death cert at UCLA, then he disappeared against the wishes of investigators, returning the next day or so all lawyered up. Add up his behaviors in this whole thing and it just SCREAMS “guilty”. How he is even charged only with manslaughter is beyond me. Pfft. Seems to me the ‘fix’ is in.

    I think the reluctance to criminally charge physicians in the death of their patients needs to be done away with, particularly (or at least) in cases where neglect of reasonable standards of care are as blatant as this one. I’d say these were egregious circumstances. Unfortunately that decision appears to be something that is left to very subjective judgement of some politically bought-off judge or another. The LA court system is notorious for deep-seated and long-term corruption.

    It needs to change. Otherwise, these Hollywood feel-good docs are just going to continue killing people. When does it stop? Doctors are not exempt from being criminals. Some of them are and should be treated as such. They are not Gods and when society and the legal system treats them like they are, it only adds to their narcissism and their penchant for abuse and neglect – for violating the oath they took as physicians, and more people die.

  24. appleh says:

    Sorry, here´s the right link:

  25. appleh says:

    Hi Seven, thank you for the article. I want to share a vid with you. It´s about how Propofol works.
    According to that video IMO there´s no way that Michael was given P. before June 25th.

  26. Lauren says:

    Just a note: Murray insisted the paramedics continue resusitation
    efforts on Michael because he did not want a pronouncement of
    death under his care. He was aware enough to make sure that
    didn’t happen. If the paramedics believed Michael was gone and
    wanted to pronounce on scene, we can trust their evaluation.

  27. Joyce says:

    Everything you say is true, but I still don’t see how we are going to be able to obtain justice for MJ. I read Leonard Rowe’s book online yesterday, and there I can see where AEG’s contract with MJ was/is unethical and that John Branca was fired in 2002 (the book showed the letter signed by MJ) but Branca won’t produce any letter showing where he was rehired by MJ. Branca won’t allow the names of the witnesses of the will to be disclosed so the police can at least ask them if the will is a fraud since the will was signed and dated when MJ was in New York but the will was dated as being signed in Los Angeles. The children will never inherit MJs assets because Branca & all the contracts give AEG control over all the assets. Shouldn’t this be illegal? I just don’t understand it.

  28. Lauren says:

    Let’s say I’m a surgeon and I need a cardiac monitor to perform
    surgery. And let’s say the machine is either not functioning or
    not present. Then, let’s say I went ahead and did the surgery
    anyway, and my patient died. The argument that Murray could
    have saved Michael had the monitor/defibrillator been present
    is negated by the simple fact that, knowing he needed them,
    Murray treated Michael anyway, and he died. The argument just
    further indicts Murray–he gave IV drugs for 6 weeks or so,
    fully aware that his one patient needed to be monitored.

    There was no blood pressure monitor, no cardiac monitor, a
    questionable pulse oximeter that serves no purpose if the
    provider is not present to observe it. I worked in Emergency
    Medicine for many years. For simple sedation in the ER, all
    of the above equipment is required, not to mention the continuous
    presence of the provider and nurses. Monitors alarm–loudly—
    if the patient’s blood pressure falls or if there is respiratory
    depression, or if breathing stops.

    There is a case in Massachusetts just coming to trial three
    years after a young woman died after an abortion. That doctor
    is charged with manslaughter. He did not have monitoring
    equipment available, or a blood pressure cuff—his license
    was revoked in that state. Eerily similar to Murray’s case.
    You bet that Murray’s defense team will be watching that case

    It is unusual to criminally charge a provider (physician) in
    the death of a patient. I have read reliable sources say that
    the only reason Murray is being charged is because of who his
    patient was. That this type of case should be heard civilly.
    There has to be egregious circumstances that warrant criminal

    Perhaps if the pre-trial dictates this case actually go to trial,
    the California Medical Board will see fit to revoke or suspend
    Murray’s license.

  29. Karin says:

    Great post Seven, thank you. I witnessed somebody die once from a cardiac arrest. A defibrillator brought that person back in four minutes. I truly do believe that Michael was beyond that point when Murray found him not breathing but the point is, Murray had all possible life saving equipment at his fingertips – all he had to do was punch in a few digits into a phone. On 25 June 2009 Murray made a decision not to make the call and ask for the very equipment he claims he needed. None of us know why Murray made the decision not to give Michael that opportunity to live. I have been waiting for Murray to tell a court under oath but we’ve been waiting a long time for this to eventuate.

    Truth be told, there are really only two possible scenarios why he didn’t call emergency. First one is he didn’t want Michael to live or second one is he knew that Michael was beyond all help despite his posturing to the paramedics when they arrived.

    Of course it goes without saying that this person should never have been involved in obtaining and supplying let alone administering this drug in anybody’s home. That’s the most outrageous part of all of this.

  30. Marilyn says:

    Wow…what a good article.Can;t get any clearer than this.Thanks