Sep 15 2010

Prosecutor Ron Zonen was at the “Frozen in Time” seminar today. What about him? Let’s have a look. . .

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The 2005 trial was a public lynching.

The 2005 trial amounted to a public lynching.

What is the “Frozen in Time” seminar? You can learn more about it here.

My friend and ace researcher David Edwards dug up a bit of Zonen’s recent sordid past, along with notorious Michael Jackson-hater Diane Dimond and the ever-ludicrous Louise Palanker. Seems the hate, ignorance and lie-peddling trio had a podcast back in 2007.  Palanker gave the Arvizos money while Gavin was sick, and she testified in the trial. To this day, she still “believes” that MJ was guilty!

Below is a breakdown of the interview. Once it’s loaded, you can just fast forward to the relevant parts, instead of torturing yourself by listening to the entire miserable 90 minutes.

@ 1:40 Dimond asks Zonen about the difference between a mediator and a prosecutor. Zonen makes an ironic comment that crime victims don’t want to “mediate” anything with their perpetrators, that instead they want that person literally executed. This, we assume would mean victims of molestation, too?

That’s interesting, because Evan Chandler just wanted to negotiate a film deal. Odd that, eh?

@ 32:00 They joke about “banishing Michael” (in reference to rehabilitating him for his “crimes”). Dimond proceeds to spread more rumors about him having liver failure due to drugs and alcohol, (which we now know is absolutely not true), and about his wanting to be a “greeter” and have fans pay to meet him and chit chat.

Zonen went on to say that he doesn’t believe that MJ can still sing. (we know that’s absolutely not true as well). The three then proceed to whine about getting his kids taken away from him, and insinuate that Michael is a bad father because he has the audacity to home school his kids. Wow. How many millions of people home school their children? And they’re all bad parents then? Interesting.

They didn’t spare Michael’s fan-mily either. According to Zonen, MJ fans are “idiots” and “morons”. I’d say there is a whole lot of projection going on there.

The highlight of this segment, and probably the entire show, was @ 42:00 where Zonen insists that Michael is still guilty, and questioned why Jesse Jackson and Mesereau supported Michael. Palanker said that Mesereau lied in his opening statements about her and the Arvizos.

Tom Mesereau? Lie? Those two words don’t even belong in the same sentence.

We don’t yet know what went on in that seminar or what will be on the DVD but if this is any prelude, well, we can be thankful Tom Mesereau is there to balance things out and hope that even with this half-wit yahoo present, it will somehow be more educational than an effort to besmirch Michael’s name again.


@ 57:00 They bring up one of Michael’s lawyers – Howard Weitzman, who initially represented him in 1993. Weitzman sued Dimond and V. Gutierrez over that videotape, and Dimond mocked him for it by saying that he was trying to “silence her”. Dimond’s rabid dog in shining fangs (Tom Sneddon) came to rescue her from that lawsuit and they were bosom buddies since, if not well before. Mighty cozy history, those two.

@ 73:00 Zonen is asked about if he has ever tried a case that he didn’t believe in (i.e. where he didn’t think the person was truly guilty). Zonen told a story about how he wrongfully convicted someone, and then filed a motion to have him declared factually innocent. This is what, if he had any morals at all, he’d do for Michael. But, he doesn’t and he won’t.

@ 83:00 Zonen has the audacity to criticize Mike Nifong, the prosecutor of the Duke Lacrosse players, for malicious prosecution. (Gee, did Zonen ever meet Tom Sneddon?) Ironically, he says that Nifong was heavily influenced by the weight of people descending on him to control the direction of the investigation. People like Rev.’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who wanted to prosecute because they initially believed the accuser.  Of course, this same thing happened with Sneddon, where people like Dimond and Gloria Allred pressured him to investigate Michael after the Bashir mock-doc aired. What interesting hypocrisy Zonen demonstrates here.

He also said that Nifong should have used better judgment when evaluating the credibility of the accuser, which he admitted was zero. Now, coming from Zonen and Dimond, this is pretty hypocritical and ironic, isn’t it?  Wow!

Zonen describes how the Duke players had legitimate alibis. Well, so did Michael.  In response, Zonen and Sneddon simply rearranged the dates of the alleged molestation. We call that malicious prosecution.

This would be excellent comedy if it weren’t so abusive and ignorant. Funny – not.  Here it is if you can stomach listening to any of it. Good luck.

42 Responses to “Prosecutor Ron Zonen was at the “Frozen in Time” seminar today. What about him? Let’s have a look. . .”

  1. gigi says:

    @Ali when people say ‘shakedown’ here in the US. it means a person(s) is trying to swindle/extort against someone else. So when I heard the Criminologist say that Zonen said “ultimately a shakedown” the meaning is crystal clear of a person(s) is scheming against someone and are after something in a malicious criminal manner. Basically a setup and money.

  2. Ali says:

    i went and watched part 2 of William’s video. but i am not totally clear about what ‘shakedown’ means. not a term really used in UK. can someone explain what it means in this context? someone on comments on the vid gives dictionary definition of either extortion or a more general description that could mean different things. what do you think zonen meant by it?

  3. jan says:

    ron zonen admitted it was “ultimately a shakedown of michael jackson”:

    see william wagener on you tube 2nd part, I was unable to post the link here

  4. Ali says:

    Mesereau is amazing. he has no need for himself to continue to involve himself with Michael’s vindication, but he does so at great expense of his time, and time is money for a lawyer, soley for justice for a man who was acquitted but was so wrongly treated and continues to be. there can be no doubt that, after hours, days, weeks, months, years getting to know everything about Michael, details we will never and should not know, he believes totally in his innocence. a lawyer who was just being a good defence lawyer but wasn’t completely sure, wouldn’t continue to be involved after doing the job and getting paid. this is a great testimony to Michael’s innocence just in itself.
    i love TM.

    also, if Cochrane had any belief Michael might be guilty, he wouldn’t have suggested Randy contact a lawyer of integrity like Mesereau, especially as he wasn’t all that high profile or well known before he took Michael’s case whatever bad advice or dodgy deals they may or may not have done behind Michael’s back in 1993, he clearly knew he was innocent.

  5. Seven says:


    There is a piece here on MJ’s FBI file. It’s here:

  6. Nancy says:

    You wrote: ‘I feel the Jackson family is asleep and doesn’t really care about fighting for Michael.’
    Mrs. Jackson has filed a civil suit against AEG and others. It is probably the only way she will be able to force them to answer questions under oath to obtain more information about the role many besides Murray played in the death of her son. Perhaps this will lead to information that the justice system in CA can use to bring criminal charges against more who harmed Michael. I hope so. Don’t let anyone convince you she is doing this for money. She has already stated she wants to know what happened to her son and I believe in my heart that is what she is trying to discover.

  7. Dialdancer says:

    The fact that Zonen & Auchincloss felt it necessary to travel to Quantico themselves in an attempt to solicit advise and possible assistance on “prosecuting strategies for the case and interview strategies, and expert testimony” says a lot about their case and their belief in their in it. They used the FBI just like they used the 100+ search warrants to bolster a non-existing case. The FBI was used as overkill. At no time is the word “KIDNAP” found in Michael’s FBI File, “travel enticement” yes (which is not the same thing), but not kidnapping. Not even during the the District Attorneys request for multiple FBI Divisions assistance.

    @ Seven,

    I know you have done a piece on the Media’s reporting of Michael, but what about the reporting of his FBI File?
    We were told Michael’s file is huge over 600 pages. I counted what is given and what was deleted or held back and
    the total is 678 pages. The problem is 342 pages were deleted or held back to “protect the identities of informants” or to protect FBI “internal rules and practices”.

    199 pages deal with the nut case who threatened Michael and George Bush over Janet. Which leaves 137 pages to cover the 1993 investigation, 1997 exam of a single VHS tape (still trying tofind something) and the 2004 investigation.

    The fact that the most incriminating thing in the entire file is 4 Tabloid stories on the Quindoys and Terry George, both who said nothing the Media spotlight and promise of fame, and wealth came their way. Where’s all the “LURID” details and information so delicate it could not be printed by the Media? I think we should demand an accounting of Federal money spent and send the bill to Santa Barbara County.

  8. Ali says:

    Heidi, you are welcome to come too. I am booking with MJ Air!, its non stop to the 2nd star to the right! and we know who will be waiting to meet us and carry our bags!
    Then we’ll just dance and play games and gaze at the stars (eyes / stars same thing) and listen to the sweetest voice in the universe.
    Soon, very soon!

  9. nan says:

    well i really dont like the idea of the bar association making money off a video regarding michael considering how lawyers made his life [email protected] hopefully it will be sold at cost.
    i have read so much regarding that trial and i have never seen anything about having gavins doctor get on the stand and talk about how devastating alcohol would be to gavin..i always wondered y as that would have driven it home to the jury how horrible mj would have to be.
    the fact that they never called his doctor to my knowledge made me think that perhaps the prosecution knew his doctor would not cooperate what gavin had said about just how dire his cancer was, and in turn he would look like he exaggerrated his illness to get close to mj. all we had after all was the arvizo saying it was incurable and he certainly made a miracalious recovery…
    i just dont see given the fbi files the history of all the accusors, ..that the prosecutors didnt know he was innocent before this case went forward..
    the prosecutors will NEVER admit michael was innocent because to do that they would then have to admit they stalked an innocent man for over ten years , trounced on his career and reputation and left three children fatherless.
    they didnt have the integrity to admit it after the verdict and they certainly will never own up to it now…

  10. Lisa says:

    This may surprise a lot of people, but the speaker I was most offended by was Carl Douglas, one of Michael’s civil attorneys from the 1993 case. I don’t expect that a leopard will change its spots–so the garbage and ignorance that emanated from Ron Zonen and Larry Feldman was unsurprising. Carl Douglas worked with Johnnie Cochran’s and claimed to be Michael’s friend. I found Mr. Douglas to be no different than many of the scavengers who claimed that they too were friends of Michael.

    He disclosed to the audience that Larry Feldman had previously represented Johnnie Cochran in a number of personal matters before 1993. So the two were friends. When they handled the Michael Jackson case, they handled it “like two plaintiff’s attorneys.” In other words, they were both working in Jordie/Evan Chandler’s interest. He did not say who was representing Michael’s interest.

    Tom Mesereau true to form, said that Michael settled the 1993 allegations based on bad advice. Mr. Douglas then started whispering with his buddy, Larry Feldman, and said that during settlement negotiations, the body search was the 800 pound gorilla in the room. At that point, due to his absolute ignorance of the fact that the body search revealed nothing because the description did not match, he became the 800 pound ignorant gorilla.

    He said something privately to Christy and I that I won’t repeat because I think that he would deny it and perhaps sue me for damaging his reputation. Needless to say, it should damage his reputation.

    Christy was offended by the cavalier attitude with which the attorneys joked around. It was clear that they did not care about the reputation of Michael Jackson or the repercussions of their actions. Indeed, Carl joked about the big car that he was able to buy after working on the Michael Jackson case. I would not be surprised if some of Carl Douglas’ comments are edited from the final version of the seminar.

  11. Joyce says:

    I would like to add my thanks for the interesting feedback from those who were able to attend this seminar. I just want to get on my knees and thank the higher powers that be for Thomas Mesereau. I am torn between wanting to obtain the DVD to hear for myself what was discussed and not having the stomach to listen to Zoran and Feldman continue to spew their venom. They have no concern for the truth or justice. They are only motivated by “winning at all costs”. Since they did not “win” they have to continue to defend their lies and ignorance. Unfortunately, They will do so until the day they die no matter how much truth is placed in front of them. They know there will always be some idiot in the media anxious to spread more of the lies. I definitely look forward to Christy and Lisa’s book. Thanks again!

  12. Heidi says:

    Sweet Ali: It’s called “saving face”. Period. In their deepest heart of hearts they know Michael was innocent of all accusations. Their personal shadows and self esteem issues simply don’t allow them to recognize the grievious errors they made. P.S. Let me know when you’re leaving. I’ll go with you.