Oct 04 2010

The Guilty Destroy, Feign Innocence, & Display Arrogance

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"I don't want to be Michael Jackson!"

'I don't want to be Michael Jackson!'

After they’ve spent their careers destroying him for their own benefit; after they contributed to and joined in on the chorus of lies about him; after they used his face, his name, his appearance, and his presence for their own benefit and for greed; after they’ve projected all they hate about themselves and the world onto him right up until he died and even afterwards … they then have the nerve to say “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson“, and to get on TV and quote the Bible (?!). Good heavens —  the utter evil, greed, self-absorption, and pretentiousness of it all. You just can not make this stuff up.

Who am I talking about? For one, Oprah Winfrey, who apparently froze upon the precipice of leaving her show of 25 years and beginning her own network. Opie, you see, was afraid that she’d be forever trying to recapture the success of her last 25 years, like Michael Jackson was forever trying to recapture the success of ‘Thriller‘.

Oprah said: “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson!“, in regards to her stunning fear.

Oprah need not worry that she’ll ever “be Michael Jackson” because she’ll unfortunately never measure up to him in terms of professional success or personal integrity.

Michael Jackson was far and beyond a kinder, more grateful, gracious, and more selfless person than Ms. Winfrey who owes a good bit of the success of her first 25 years to Michael Jackson’s granting her an interview in the first place. An interview where she asked him gutter-level, inappropriate questions such as “Are you a virgin?”, and to which he replied with patience and grace, though he did not have to do so.

She then went on after the allegations to join the cacophony of other media assassins in defining an innocent Michael Jackson as guilty of the hideous allegations against him, facts-be-damned, full-speed ahead.

In fact after Michael died she once again said “we’ll never know” whether allegations about him were true or not. Excuse me? WHO exactly is ‘we’? I KNOW he was innocent. So do millions of others in fact. So did the jury. Does she not know what “acquitted” means? Did she ever bother to look at the facts behind those allegations, or was she too lost in her own personal baggage to bother? This woman seemingly can’t even put down her own personal baggage long enough to see the truth about an innocent man.

See, Michael Jackson didn’t have that problem. After all the horrible things people did to him (including Oprah herself), he didn’t carry such baggage. He wasn’t blinded to the truth by it – or by anything. And neither are his fans. And, there are millions of us.

After Jackson died, she waited weeks before publicly acknowledging his death at all. And how did the Oprah finally do so? She re-aired that interview with him. You know … the one where she asked him: “Are you a virgin?“, spending most of her time talking about herself and her own feelings during the original interview and reminding her audience, lest they forget, that she had interviewed him ‘before the allegations‘ so as to ensure that her own name wasn’t tarnished. But why wait so long and then why do that? Why not just put a message at the end of her show saying ‘This segment dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson’ and leave it at that?

You know, I sent several suggestions to Oprah’s show after Michael’s death asking them to do a segment on his humanitarian work during his life, in memory of him and to help rectify some of the bunk people believe about him (thanks to the tabloids, media, and people like Oprah).  Guess what I got in response to my suggestion to Oprah’s show? Nothing. Not. One. Word. Not even “No thank you. We’ll pass on that.” NOTHING.

Next thing I know she was simply re-airing her interview, and like the first time she had Michael on, she likely did it purely for the ratings. Because that is what Oprah Winfrey is all about it seems: her own baggage and her own ratings.  “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson“, indeed. Not much chance of that. She could only wish to be as decent a human being, as accomplished a professional, as gracious and generous a human being as Michael Jackson was. She may as well quit while she’s behind. Ms. Winfrey has lost much credibility due to her greed, self-absorption, tunnel-vision, blinding personal baggage, and despicable behavior over the years in regards to Michael. Her past and present antics, her decades-long consistent behavior are her legacy, and they speak for themselves in regards to Michael.

Who else? Oh yes. Martin Bashir, who was seen on ABC in August of this year reciting Bible verses as he said goodbye to the network he’s been a media assassin for, for so many years. Bashir, as you know, has moved to M$NBC as of September. Bashir is being rewarded for destroying the life of an innocent man for his own personal benefit. He is yet another parasite that built a career out of destroying Michael Jackson. His own career, like Winfrey’s, was built by and large out of using and abusing Michael’s presence, his name, and his trust. For him to go on national television and quote the Bible as if he were any adherent to any of its teachings is the height of pretense and hypocrisy, considering his lynching of Michael with his “documentary”.  There is one word I believe that fits this man: psychopath. Robert Hare would have a field day with this guy, as he seems to have no conscience. Here’s the man himself, blaspheming up a storm of pretentious innocence as he says goodbye to ABC:

Now, Oprah is set to air an interview with Lisa-Marie Presley on October 6th (however the date keeps changing so don’t hold me to this). Lisa-Marie has reconciled some things since Michael’s death, in regards to her past interviews on Oprah and on other television shows over the years. She had been pretty unkind to Michael in some of those interviews however, she does seem to have thought better of her words since then, so I suspect things will be different now.

I don’t hate Lisa-Marie Presley. I do believe she and Michael truly loved each other. And, their split truly hurt both of them deeply. I can understand the hurt and even the hurtful words. Who can say they haven’t said things in the past that they regretted later? Especially if the person they said it about or to is now dead and gone? Probably no one.

MJ and LMP

MJ and LMP

But, Lisa-Marie is one of those voices. She’s one of the ones out there who now has the power to speak of and on behalf of Michael in a way that is loving, respectful, and at the very least not damaging to himself or his children – and to the effort to achieve some tiny bit of justice in regards to Michael’s murder. What do I mean by that? She is a prominent person in Michael’s life and who has a public platform on which to speak of and for him now that he’s physically gone. Along with that comes (IMO) some responsibility. I’ll let my friend Nikki, who wrote a blog about this today, explain:

After hearing this and that on various social outlets today I felt the need to toss this piece together. It went from an angry rant into somewhat of a heartfelt yet eager plea to many people out there that actually have an audible voice for Michael. I would give anything to be his voice. I can only hope that some who are his voice will, after reading this if they even find it, realize what really does lie within their power.

First, this is not an argument as to whether or not Michael Jackson was a prescription drug addict. You are free to believe what you want though as far as I am concerned his autopsy report and the prescriptions at his house seriously dispute such notions. But, when those who knew Michael call him an “addict” or even insinuate such (which is fairly easy to do) in interviews or what not–you are damning him, his legacy and any hope of justice in his death.

. . .

Regardless of what may or may not have occurred, there is no reason to even discuss a problem with painkillers when they had absolutely no role in his death. Those medications are irrelevant. Those medications have been irrelevant since June 25th, 2009. What good does it to bring them up? What good does it do to discuss what he may or may not have taken or why? What does any of this have to do with promoting Michael’s artist achievements, his humanitarian spirit, his caring soul or his playful personality? Answer–nothing. The general public knows more about the molestation allegations and now drug abuse and addiction claims than they do about his charity contributions of over $300 million dollars and his wickedly funny sense of humor. That is all they will ever know if something is not done and not done soon.

. . .

Michael apparently was “under the influence” at times, according to some witnesses, during rehearsals. In Katherine Jackson’s law suit against AEG, it is said AEG said Michael was “too sleepy”. Well, the only medications that he had apparently been administered were a) benzodiazepines, b) propofol and c) the ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin capsules (aka ECA Stack capsules). Any and all other medications, taken or not, are irrelevant. Remember again there were no painkillers (opioids or opioid narcotics) in his house or in the released toxicology results. Such usage, whether abuse or not, is not relevant to his death which is an ongoing homicide investigation (at least, it should be) but if his purported abuse/addiction continues to be brought up it will be somehow used to justify Murray killing a man who was constantly persecuted and tortured in life for being a child-at-heart. Remember Murray being handcuffed last year? Oh yeah, he was not handcuffed. His bail was essentially nothing. He is enjoying frolics on the beach and pumping iron at the gym yet before Michael died he was supposedly broke. Does his life seem ruined? Michael lost his life due to this man’s actions yet Murray is the one who is getting indirectly defended even by those who love Michael. Something has to be done if we ever want to see a shred of justice for Michael. Something has to be done if we want Michael to be remembered as something more than a drug addict, and I hate say it, but also a child molester when anyone who can read can read the information that proves he never, ever did anything like that to any child. He was not even capable of such acts! But, people who do not know him and who cannot see past the molestation and drug abuse claims (or do not want to see past them because those claims turn them away from the truth) will never understand him if all they ever hear about him are comments that assassinate his character and make him out to be something horrible.

. . .

Remember, it was not “pills” that killed Michael. He did not even have one “pill” in his stomach. It was not addiction that killed Michael. It was another human being’s actions that killed Michael. I do not think Michel even asked for those medications that night, personally. No healthy person should die under a doctor’s direct care.

. . .

…if Murray is not put on trial or found blameless due to the pressures of a drug-addicted celebrity, then all other parties will walk away unscathed as the blame for Michael’s death will always, according to the courts, be Michael’s fault and Michael’s fault only. Surely to God those who love this man do not want this to happen to him. It will either be a chain reaction of justice or injustice with the latter currently the most probable. If a loved-one was shot with a gun and killed by someone else, would it make sense to say, “well, (my loved one) did own firearms, though.” No, of course not. A statement like that implies wrongdoing on the part the loved-one when they had nothing to do with their own death. The case with Michael really is no different. He is the victim, not Murray. Michael is dead, not Murray. If a loved-one was shot with a gun and killed by someone else, would it make sense to say, “well, (my loved one) did own firearms, though.” No, of course not. A statement like that implies wrongdoing on the part the loved-one when they had nothing to do with their own death. The case with Michael really is no different. He is the victim, not Murray. Michael is dead, not Murray.

. . .

People who have the ability to speak loudly for Michael need to force people like Oprah and others to speak about all the GOOD he did in life–that could easily take up a series worth of shows. If they do not comply then WALK OFF. It isn’t worth the money or attention.


Nikki left this on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page. I hope Lisa-Marie read it. And as for you, dear reader, please DO read Nikki’s entire blog entry. It is informative and detailed as usual. The thing is, the whole debate on whether Michael (or anyone) is/was an addict is a complicated one. However, the debate about whether that is something that ought to be attached to the reason for Michael’s death is not a complicated one. In fact doing so may destroy any chance for even a small bit of justice in the case against Murray (and AEG and whoever else). Why? Because it gives the defense, AEG, and the public a way to blame Michael for his own murder. The media of course, will continue to perpetuate the meme, and anything else negative about Michael they can find. But the bottom line is, Murray and/or someone else killed Michael. Michael did not kill Michael and he didn’t intend to die that day. It was the actions of Murray (or someone else, not Michael) that caused his untimely death. And whether or not one existed, it was not an addiction to painkillers (of which there were none in his body or his home when he died and of which no one can say they ever saw him with, or saw him taking) that killed Michael that day.

People like Lisa-Marie have, if they truly love Michael (and yes, I think she does and always did), an obligation and responsibility in the case against Murray, in the fight for justice, and to Michael’s children, to be very selective and careful about what they say in these interviews. They could take lessons from Dr. Patrick Treacy who, when an interviewer began asking him about Michael’s plastic surgeries, immediately shut him down and told him that he would talk about Michael’s humanitarian work and other subjects but he would not discuss that one.

Lisa-Marie can do the same, and so can any other of these ‘voices’ out there – these prominent people who love Michael. They can shut down any questions about Michael that the medialoid hosts try to lead them into which are hurtful to Michael’s legacy, the case against Murray and for justice in Michael’s murder, and which may be hurtful to Michael’s children. These prominent voices can shut them down and/or walk out. The medialoids will quickly learn which subjects are off the table with those who love Michael and who have a public platform on which to speak about him. This is why Nikki’s ‘Plea to the Voices‘ is important.

From MJTRUTHNOW in regards to Lisa-Marie’s interview:

Lisa Marie will be talking about what her life with Michael was like, again, as well as comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between her late father and the late King of Pop. Interesting to note, that, similar to the interview that Oprah did with Lisa Marie in 2005, Lisa Marie is releasing another album and will probably announce it on the show.

People are being encouraged to post comments on Lisa’s page, asking her to reconsider supporting this show, and perhaps, encouraging Oprah to edit out any denigrating material about Michael. We are asking her to consider Michael’s children in this matter, as they are the ones most impacted by the continuing negative coverage that Michael receives.

This is Lisa Marie’s face book page:


For those who haven’t seen the 2005 interview, where Oprah and Lisa Marie talk about Michael (while he was on trial); here are those links, for your review:

This is Part 1:


This is Part 2 of the Oprah/Lisa Marie interview in 2005:


This is Part 3 of the Oprah/Lisa Marie Interview (with Priscilla) in 2005:


If you choose to leave messages on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook pageplease be respectful! There is nothing that will be gained by hating on Lisa-Marie and being nasty to her – here or there. Please remember that Michael loved her.

I left a comment on this article about Oprah’s latest comment. It will not be published to be sure. If they do approve it, the definition “crazed Jackson fan” will certainly follow. In fact, there’s already one there – before anyone else’s posts have even been allowed (ie: no other posts have been allowed except the one calling Jackson fans “idiots). How interesting.

The definition “crazed Jackson fan” is the one people use when they don’t want to be bothered with the facts about the abuse Michael suffered at the greedy self-serving hands of people like Oprah Winfrey; when they want to ignore it and pretend that what was done to Michael by the Bashirs and the Oprahs of the world is just A-OK and perfectly fine and nice; when the truth is, it’s abuse.

It would be no less so if they’d accosted him in a dark alley and knifed him to death, or if the same media gangsters pummelled him to smithereens on the street. It’s the same. They and their God-damned greed destroyed this man. And if I’m a “crazed Jackson fan” because think that is NOT OK – then so be it.

Finally, we don’t know what Lisa-Marie will say in that interview. And certainly Oprah hasn’t done the right thing by Michael in the past and is not concerned with doing the right thing by him now. She seems far too full of herself and too baggage-blinded to the truth.

_ _ _

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74 Responses to “The Guilty Destroy, Feign Innocence, & Display Arrogance”

  1. Mari says:

    Carolyn, yeah whats up with all the hate for MJ indeed. Whats the real AGENDA there, right! WHY no attacking, questioning and analysing those who actually DESERVE it? Why the constant blaming and shaming of a VICTIM over and over again. In public even! Now that should really bother those who actually, genuinely CARE about abused people, children AND adults. MJ is the victim here and he’s been treated appalingly for too long. His treatment, especially by the media, is such a great example of disgusting victim blaming in this society. Why is that, though? That’s a great thing to ponder for everyone here too. The whole conspiracy…whats it all about in reality.

    Just think about it critically for a moment. As if Michael wasn’t an abused child himself, as if HE didn’t have to suffer ALL his life from people close to him mistreating him and betraying his trust in different ways. Starting with his own abusive father of course. He only wanted his acceptance and love, and didn’t seem to ever really get it. He was also being used in a very exploitative industry, the music industry, since he was very young. He was just a product to them. A thing to be sold and marketed. Talent out of this world but not truly appreciated for his creativity. As a child he had NO choice in the direction of his life and how his talents were being (mis)used. Not ever knowing who to really trust, what their motives really were. What did they want from him. All that stuff didn’t just suddenly go away when he grew up. It stayed with him and and I’m sure he felt he had to keep protecting himself from outsiders…just in case. He seemd to have overcome a lot of that and developed an attitude of refusing to be reduced to just a victim forever. How strong he was, how incredibly brave and even fearless! What an admirable example he is for others in similar, difficult situations. A Hero giving hope and encouragement. From total powerlessness and fear to ultimate power and independence! Victory over the REAL abusers!

    But of course Oprah certainly didn’t seem very sympathetic to HIM and his problems when she interviewed him about his abusive youth if you can remember. What the hell! She didn’t care what happened to HIM, only what he supposedly did after that interview took place. Again, what a hypocrite! She doesn’t even believe anything she says which is almost the definition of a hypocrite! I’m sick of all of them and have been for ages now. It should be obvious and clear to EVERYONE by now. Everyone who cares about truth and freedom! I have NO tolerance for that kind of deliberate blindness and stupidity. If you actually listen and believe someone like Oprah or other media/tabloid idiots then you are a huge idiot as well as far as I’m concerned. You have NO excuse at all for listening to them. And if you want to admit to being stupid and totally lead on by propaganda and brainwashing then go ahead, I really don’t care. But DON’T try to force that kind of crap on other people! Especially on the ones who are intelligent and perceptive enough to actually question things and also care about and love someone you seem to HATE based on that same tabloid carbage! Leave US alone and stay in your own misery than you very much! We don’t need to constantly hear bullshit slander and lies over and over again. We prefer Truth, Dignity and Love thank you very much. 🙂

    And it’s ALL about agendas. That’s why they treat MJ different than anyone else in the world. I’ve said before, he became too independent and his OWN master. And that’s what they didn’t like. And these are the simple, obvious facts that should be clear to everyone by now! It shouldn’t even have to be said or typed anymore. These things should be common knowledge everyone with any intelligence knows and admits freely and openly. And If they were stupid enough to actually buy the lies and propanda they should also acknowledge that, apologise and be accountable for it as well. That would be the ONLY fair and decent thing to do after all! Continuing to be ignorant and making excuses for ignorance and stupidity is totally inexcusable. Show some REAL respect and appreciation for the Hero Michael Jackson! Don’t just pretend to.

    And to those who still “read” tabloids : Don’t let the Oprahs of the world think for you…THINK FOR YOURSELVES and save us all the trouble and effort of constantly having to remind you. It shouldn’t be our job to keep educating you, it really shouldnt.

  2. Mari says:

    I don’t get Oprah…I really don’t. She is one evil woman definitely! And you know whats so ridiculous about all this, it’s as if MJ’s huge successes and achievements Globally suddenly stop in Thriller! It’s just so uttterly ridiculous. As if he hasn’t made entertainment history again and again, as if he wasn’t the most powerful, most famous and wealthy Entertainer in the World! Making music and entertainment history since he was 5 years old and continuing to work and develop right into his 50’s. Besides, he has done more for this world with his humanitarian work, real compassion and help for children and the enviroment than the ever hypocritical Oprah could EVER hope to!

    He means EVERYTHING to so many hundreds of millions of peole around this world…She means absolutely nothing. And that must bother her a lot too. She’s ONLY fooling herself, just like ALL the other useless and envious haters of MJ. He’s independent and is his OWN master, no one tells HIM what to do and what to be. And simply by working hard all his life to being in that special position. SINCE Thriller he’s become the target of extreme envy and jealousy to many people like Oprah. It must annoy them so much that Michael turned out to be so tough and Unbreakable despite all the conniving, lies and schemes that went into getting him to break and give in. For decades they’ve tried their hardest, and failed. It’s a tough thing to swallow indeed, but that’s simply the way it is. And Oprah and others like her better just learn to accept it and finally leave him alone!

  3. Carolyn says:


    Thanks for all that you are doing on behalf of MJ. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see this and I have been so enlightened by what you have presented. I tell you. It boggles the mind to see what this dear man had to face daily. I cannot help but wonder why so much hate for a man who did nothing wrong. Yet, those like Jeffrey Jones, Gary Glitter, and Roman Polanski are hardly mentioned. These perverts are in fact guilty of what “they” tried to accuse MJ of yet you don’t hear their names mentioned at all. However, even now, one can mention MJs name and of course most will bring up those heinous and false accusations. I can hardly for the day WHEN MJs name is finally cleared and he is indeed vidicated. I hardly ever listen to Al Sharpton. But, at MJs memorial, he hit the nail on the head when he said to MJs children “There was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to put up with”. So true. So true.

  4. Carolyn says:

    When it comes to abuse I take a pause“, huh? Oprah being a hypocrite once again. This is the same woman that had a, dare I say, cordial conversation with Monique’s brother who molested her as a kid. This is the same woman who has had a CONVICTED RAPIST on her show actually showing him a bit of respect and was rather accomodating to Tyson. Yet, when it comes to MJ, she wants to throw shade. She was not missed at MJs memorial. She was not needed. MJ gave her one of her highest rated shows. The least her narcissitic behind could have done was to at least give the Jackson family respect. I agree…..Karma is grandmother. Oprah has hers coming just like the rest. Sheesh…she is no better than Diane demon Dimond or that other scandal mongering hag, Maureen Orth.

  5. jazzy says:

    Another Oprah quote:

    “I am NOT a friend of his. Why do I need to go to his memorial or funeral? I am just a person who interviewed him…after the allegations…when it comes to abuse i take a pause”

    There’s a special karma coming Oprah’s way. It won’t be the good kind.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Even in death, MJs name is used by Oprah for ratings…..once again. Why, after remarrying and having twins, is LMP even relevant to MJ today? She has since moved on obviously. So the only reason Orca even wants to speak with LMP is to once again chip away at MJs legacy. Hopefully, LMP has learned from her mistakes and will not speak negatively of MJ again. He does not deserve that and it was all unneccessary. Why was Oprah even asking her “what were you thinking” type of questions. It was as if she was implying that LMP had to be crazy to marry MJ and, of course, LMP did not help with that whole “Holy Mother of …” response. I stopped watching the interview after that. Has anyone asked Stedman what is he thinking? She most definitely will not be Michael Jackson. Her talk show success was not even close to the success MJ had with Thriller. She is not on his level professionally and defintely not personally. She is an ignorant, arrogant wind bag.

  7. Joyce says:

    I have been trying to not comment on Oprah whom I find to be the definition of a narcissistic person. If something does not involve her, shine a bright positive light on her or create some wonderful image of her then it is simply not worth her time and she will gladly tear down anyone to make herself seem more important. It is always about her and she won’t ever let anyone forget that!! That has been my opinion for a long time. Her treatment of Michael over many years has been reprehensible and is unforgiveable. She is not worthy of even cleaning Michael’s dancing shoes let alone comparing herself in any way to him. Quite simply, Michael cared deeply about others before himself, she cares about herself above all else even to the detriment of others! That is my opinion for what it is worth! I probably should have kept to my initial thought and not commented!
    Seven, your comments to Grace are spot on! I agree completely.
    I hope after this last season of her show is over Oprah will fade away into oblivion!

  8. truth seeker says:

    So, did the show happened or what?

    I’ve stopped watching “O” a lonnnng time ago.

  9. Dialdancer says:


    You are right about those who knew Michael need to be addressing his contributions and legacy. Why is it no one ever brings up the school of dance in China which has programs dedicated to Michael’s artistry, the London Symphony’s redition of “Earth Song” or the Museum exhibits and the groups or children and adults who give of their time to help others in his name, due to his inspiration? Right after Janet’s interview with Oprah, (I like Janet) there were articles asking if Michael was a drug addict were his children in danger by being with him? Alred got her two cents in one. (Her solution was to have children worth millions place in the system to evaluate and normalize them) That is the kind of thing which came from interviews without full disclosure. Why was there a need to have this part of the interview anyway? Little by little those who use the printed and spoken word will continue to chip away at the man leaving behind something which does not deserve justice, respect or remembrance. Just a caricature. Forever labeled as the most notorious molester of all time.

  10. Rosario says:

    Oprah was, is, and will forever be jealous of Michael. Seven, I totally agree with your statement that she will never be able to measure up to Michael’s greatness (despite her billion$). And she knows that. I am somehow amused that she talks like she feels threatened by a dead man. Is it scary for you, Ms. Winfrey?

  11. Dialdancer says:

    As you said Oprah will never has to worry about being like Michael. Her whole self is tied up in success. There just isn’t tens of millions who love her. Her passing will not make time and the entire world stop in realization that she was not forever. Oprah may rest well, she is not and could never be like the greatest of Michael Jackson.

  12. Seven says:


    I don’t believe we are ‘trashing‘ her. We are not telling lies about her or making untrue statements about her or mischaracterizing her. Her behavior speaks for itself. It’s all on video. There is nothing she can or does hide about it.

    Oprah’s behavior past and present in regards to Michael (and even others) is brutal, selfish, arrogant, and unacceptable. I don’t think it helps anyone, least of all Michael or his memory or legacy, to ‘let it ride‘, particularly when she:

    a) waited weeks to even acknowledge his death and when she finally did, made statements that “we’ll never know” if he was guilty or not, and then re-aired her interview with him;
    b) is agreeing (whoever contacted whom) to interview others who were close to him during his life for the same self-serving reasons (ratings), and;
    c) has the audacity now to say “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson” – and whatever context anyone could make such a statement, it is not a respectful or loving one. It just isn’t. It’s degrading to him and his memory.

    Michael did not like this woman, I’m told by someone who knew him for years. He felt about Oprah the way he felt about Bashir, after the interview. Of course he didn’t hate her. I don’t hate her. But I do not appreciate her behavior towards someone I love. It is crude, self-serving, and disrespectful. Oprah wouldn’t like it if someone treated someone she loves (or herself) that way. She should not be doing it to Michael. Especially now that he is not even here to defend himself.

    Here’s what the person who knew him for about 30 years said about Oprah and Michael (she was THERE in his life during most of this crap):

    MJ was NOT “stunted” by Thriller’s success. He was heartbroken by people like Oprah who assassinated his character! Michael continued to deliver hits even better, it was the industry who plotted against the power he created for himself. It was people like Oprah, Bashir, Mottola, Sneddon that broke his spirit not the success of Thriller!

    Calling Opie out on her behavior, both past and present is not ‘trashing’ her. I don’t care what she looks like and comments about her appearance or untruths about her are inappropriate. But there is nothing I posted about her that is untrue. It’s all on video. It’s right there. It’s undeniable. And it’s unacceptable. And she needs to know that from millions of Michael’s fan-mily. Blogs like this and others are testimony to her modus operandi. As well they should be. Don’t hate Oprah. But her behavior is badly in need of some improvement. And I don’t mind saying so and it doesn’t hurt for MJ fan-mily to tell her so – not with hate, but rather with firmness, that we: 1. see her behavior and; 2. find it unacceptable and disrespectful

    Michael of course never treated people the way Oprah does. This is why it’s so ridiculous for someone like Oprah to say “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson!Well, she SHOULD! Because she’d be a much better person if she did. That she evidently does not see how this makes her look to people who knew him is testimony to her self-centered tunnel-vision. And no, it’s not OK for her to say that about him. And what she has done to Michael and continues to do to Michael and his memory is also not OK. And that needs to be said.

    What Oprah Winfrey needs to do in regards to Michael Jackson is: Shut. Up.

    And she should have done it years ago.

  13. Ali says:

    I understand what you all say about LMP needing to have supported Michael publicly before, and sure, yes i agree. But i truly believe everyone deserves another chance if they are genuine. it remains to be seen what she says in the interview, but i can’t believe it will be more of the same because everything she has said and done since last year tells a different story and would all be nonsense if she then went on and trashed him. I can’t believe she will do that.

    i think Susan T’s comments are very insightful.
    i was in a relationship with a guy a few years ago who had a lot of issues – am not drawing a comparison with Michael here, but we know he had some issues and struggled with some things going back years which affected his happiness and must have affected how he functioned emotionally in an intimate relationship, like many of us. this isn’t criticism, just how life is sometimes.
    anyway this guy was very difficult to be in a relationship with because of his emotions and other aspects. he was essentially very unhappy. and because of my own issues i had a need to try to ‘fix’ him. this was increased by one of my family member’s suicide the year previously and because of the way that affected me i ended up putting all my life energy into trying to fix this guy, and i thought, or wanted to think anyway, that this would result in him being fixed and loving me fully! ( mad i know, but i’m a woman and i know i’m not the only one thats ever done this). the need to fix wasn’t because i considered myself
    particularly qualified but just my own need from my self esteem issues.

    time went on, and he wasn’t getting fixed! but i was getting more and more drained, emotionally and physically, after 3 years (i know!) i was in a state of near hopelessness for my self, i could only see death ahead of me and i wasn’t sure who’s it was going to be, and i felt physically sick most of the time.

    by the time i was finally able to end it it was just something i had to do for my own survival, i didn’t even hesitate i just took the opportunity and was too tired to even be upset. i just felt such relief. he then propelled downwards and became suicidal and i had to just cut him off and let others pick up the pieces because i just couldn’t cope with it. i had loved him once, but i had no idea what i felt any longer except exhaustion.
    i then went into a very long phase of hibernation, i didn’t want to talk about it or see people much, i just had an insatiable craving for peace and quiet and to gain some peace in my soul.

    i am not generally an unkind person, i am quite sensitive and my personality is to unhealthily squash my own needs and respond to others instead. it wasn’t that i didn’t care, but i was emotionally ill and i couldn’t take anymore.

    i don’t know what Michael’s and LMP’s reality was when they were together, and its not really my business, and i am not saying the actual facts or events were the same, but when i read what she wrote after his death i felt the truth of her feelings in it and i understood where she was coming from as a human being regardless of who she was speaking about. i think she was being real and honest and its a very cruel world if we can’t let someone change because we feel angry with them for the past.

    on another topic – i am obviously wrong but i always believed Elvis had some black in him, i was sure i had read that but clearly not.

  14. Grace says:

    I agree that Oprah Winfrey is self-serving and grossly unfair to anyone who won’t add to her ratings and I have found some of the thinks written here about her hilariously entertaining but I have to ask, isn’t trashing her equivalent to behaving like her? Michael Jackson was all about L.O.V.E. and don’t think he would want to be defended in this way. Orpah Winfrey is all about money and popularity. I think Oprah Winfrey long ago forgot where she came from and I also think she is probably jealous of Michael Jackson. It deeply saddens me that Lisa Mare Presley would agree to talk with her and it frightens me that it will be business as usual between them. I wish Lisa Marie Presley would keep any love
    she may have or have had for Michael Jackson to herself so that others can’t use her words against her or Michael Jackson. I don’t understand her motivation but then again, I’ve never understood her.

  15. Isabelle says:

    let’s hope Lisa Marie will follow on her sunflower idea and only say what really matters : Michael deserved better than what the world did to him!
    if they wanna say we’re all “crazed Jackson fans”, so be it! I love a man who did as good as Martin Luther King, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, and who was, like those historic figures, bashed and died at the hands of evil.
    All this bashing is irritating and wrong on so many level, but let’s see it this way. When Martin Luther King was fighting for justice, people hated him, now he’s recognized for his good actions. So, even if it takes time, even if I’m not here anymore to see it, someday when people will hear Michael’s name, what will cross their mind won’t be child molester, plastic surgery (and trust me, it pains me to even write those words beside Michael’s name!!!), but what will cross their mind will be : genius, greatest artist of all time, humanitarian, beautiful soul who bad people tried to destroy.
    I probably won’t be here to see it, but someday all the haters, all those bad journalists will be long gone, and Michael’s legacy will live on.
    A legend never die… Michael is the sky’s brighter star!!!

  16. pez says:

    Oprah is incredibly narcissistic. That’s why she takes such great offense to slightly mean remarks made about her. She was angry at the Wayans family for doing skits about her on the 90s show “In Living Color”. She invited the president of Hermes on her show to explain that infamous “incident”. Recently, she asked Liza Minnelli what she misses most about Michael. Liza said it was his “sense of humor about himself”. Oprah replies “REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY?” like it was so surprising and hard to believe. Weird Al Yankovic spoke about Michael being the FIRST artist giving him permission to do spoofs of his songs. Michael didn’t hold grudges or act holier-than-thou. Oprah takes herself way too seriously.

  17. Seven says:

    SO well expressed Sue! If Opie had to endure what Michael did (which she herself contributed to), she’d never ever have survived past her first show. Pfft.

  18. Sue M says:

    Oprah’s lack of empathy for Michael Jackson is absolutely stunning considering that this is the women who encourages us to “best our best selves.” Since so many on this thread have already articulated my feelings, I thought I’d throw in something new. As you may know there was a long-standing feud between Oprah and David Letterman. According to Kitty Kelly, Oprah’s unofficial biographer, the source of the feud were the jokes Letterman told at Oprah’s expense which Kelly included in her post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kitty-kelley/whats-behind-the-oprahlet_b_749328.html.

    Oprah’s reaction to Letterman speaks volumes. She held a grudge for years over jokes about her being a rich, successful diva. One talk show host makes lame jokes and she’s in a rage. Boo-hoo. Compare that with the relentless sadistic cruelty Michael endured for decades. The media licked its chops every time there was an opportunity to humiliate, degrade and torment MJ. The entire media industry had a mandate to bring him down by any means necessary. If he lashed out at all it was through his artistry with songs like “Leave Me Alone.” He tried to find inspiration and creativity in the crap that was thrown at him every day. I am awestruck at his tolerance and dignity. But Oprah isn’t. Her own tiny experience with being a laughing stock could have made her an empathetic interviewer. Instead, she became what she professed to loath – someone who will exploit another person for ratings.

  19. emma says:

    I loved the facts-based argumentation you presented here Seven. These talk-shows (as I know) are not about facts, but mainly about manipulation of the viewer to glue you to the screen. Let’s hope this time they will do it by transmiting constructive thoughts.

  20. Karin says:

    Pez,says “she mistreated Michael when he was fighting for his life”. I agree totally. LMP would have known back in 2003-2005 that just a few words from her, an ex-wife, about Michael’s innocence would have made a huge difference especially with the condemnatory stance that the media took. She said nothing. If she really wanted to save Michael then that was her perfect opportunity.

  21. Gavin Saunders says:

    Oprah’s modus operandi regarding Michael has been to sit on the fence until she’s able to gauge where the majority of opinion lay and then jump on board in the way that suits her ego driven agenda best.

    I think she resents a man who rose above his traumatic childhood experiences in a way she could not. She became promiscuous and her shame still controls her to the point where she’ll forgo integrity if it gives her solace.

    I don’t think she will ever be able to evolve past such ingrained drives and to my thinking it is a large part of her success. She wants to believe she has conquered everything and to admit to herself that Michael Jackson was a better person than she or that she could have done things better would be too damaging to her extremely dominant ego.

  22. pez says:

    The video of Oprah & Gayle with Lisa @ Graceland is below.
    Sorry to say it but Oprah looks horrible there. She showed insensitivity towards Michael’s vitiligo so I’ll return the favor.


    Lisa actually discussed Michael’s alleged drug use in ’03

    IMO, it’s too late for Lisa to make amends. She mistreated Michael when he was fighting for his life. His death makes her see things differently? Whatever. Raise your kids Lisa & move on. As for Oprah, she feels NO remorse. She just wants ratings. Those who think otherwise are naive.

  23. Sina says:

    If a remote friend says bad things about you its hard, but you turn your back and walk away. If a good friend does it, it hurts and the hurt stays with you for a long time ,make you lose faith in people. But you learn to live with it.
    If its someone who you shared your most intimate moments with, who you opened up to , who you showed yourself at your most vulnerable , the betrayal hits you in the core of your existence and to me that is inexcusable.
    Its one thing to have an ex wife dissing you publically because the mariage didnt work. Its quite something else if you are fighting for dear life and this woman kicks you further in the dirt. Not once, but as a pattern , each and evrytime she speaks your name.
    And because she was the one closest to him people will say she knows him so what she says must be true. I have a big problem with Oprahs hypocrisy, but she had no connection to Michael whatsoever, so what she says is ugly but I take it with a grain of salt. Its clear that its all about ratings.

    LMP I hold more responsible because she is the only person who we- at least I – know for sure had a longtime relationship with Michael from the 90s. I looked up all her interviews about him and I was sick of the things she said. While this woman could have made a positive difference when he was going through the pits of hell she made a difference the other way round. Siding with the enemies and her racist mother. A family member of her after the divorce stated that the family was happy the marriage was over because though her father was not prejudiced, he didnt believe in interracial relationships and he would not approve of it.
    Thank God Michael went on with his life, got his children and made the best he could as a single parent.
    Michael was human, nobody said he wasnt. He loved many people who in the end all betrayed him.
    She is one in a long line, nothing more or less. Suddenly people find excuses for her.
    Because she was with him 2 years out of 50 some 20 tears ago doesnt change a thing, should have. but didnt
    Hope nobody feels offended, and I dont like to be bitter but thats how I feel right now.
    As for Michaels use of prescription medication.
    First of all using medication does not define a person.
    I think its a technical discussion whether someone is addicted or not and that imo in no way affects the question who is to be held accountable for Michaels death.
    Either way murray has a problem. For accepting an alledged drug addict as a patient and feeding his addiction with even more powerful medication or for not knowing about his alledged addiction, because he failed to have him examined thouroughly enough ( especially since he had a grueling 50 concerts ahead), but still pumping him up with all these medications.
    Or just feeding a healthy man with all these powerful medications instead of using his medical authority to get Michael out of this strangling contract.
    Fact is Michael died of a propofol intoxication. The benzos did effect it but were not the cause.
    I dont believe the addiction theory, but i do think that while in preparation for the concerts Michael was over medicated. The amount and diversity of benzos, some very addictive was outrageous. Would we still say it was not that bad if it was our own brother who was given all these medications ? Whose bedroom looked like an operation room ? I would have done something to stop it and kick the doctor out. Not because its Michael should it be excused. He had a big heart, but it was not of stone . He was flesh and blood like all of us. When it got too much this big heart just stopped.

  24. Rosario says:

    Seven,Oprah’s picture scared me to death! Seven, you know I love your website and admire you. However, I’m sorry but I cannot support LMP. She does not matter anymore. Whatever she says now is suspect to me. She left Michael years ago, she moved on, he moved on. Sure, Michael loved her at one point in his life. Past tense. What matters now, those that count now, are the FANS. Didn’t Michael say, I read somewhere, that he was “married to his fans”? It was his FANS who stood by him, “in sickness and in health; for richer, for poorer…” Not LMP.

  25. rose says:

    Hello Seven

    I had a feeling that you would get this story; I discovered it yesterday on the internet. Did you know that when LMP married her new husband, they were all having dinner or lunch, and if I am not mistaken LMP showed Oprah the location of her fathers memorabilia. That was also about the time that Oprah was saying that she and Elvis were 7th cousins. I guess that would make her and LMP eighth cousins?????

    I tried to find the link on the internet but I have not found it yet.

    I know that LMP loved Michael and in the heat of the moment sometimes we say things we should not have…BUT…..

    I have a feeling that both women are probably trying to redeem themselves in the court of public opinion by doing this.

    What I don’t understand is If Oprah believes that Michael actually committed those crimes why would she continue to give him a forum in which HIS name stays out there in the minds of others and in cyberspace. MAYBE SHE HAS REGRETS ABOUT HOW SHE HANDLED THINGS, MAYBE SHE REALLY DOES KNOW THAT HE TRULY WAS SPECIAL. THAT HE WAS INNOCENT.

    I also remember reading that she flipped out on an audience member when he said that he was going to raise this kids the way Joe Jackson did….OPrah apparently went crazy on him saying that no one should raise their kids the way Joe Jackson did.

    The show was titled When Parents Live Their Dreams Through Their Kids.

    anyway seven, good job, keep it coming, believe its really appreciated and thank you also to all those who help you get the info to us.

    cyberhug to you all

  26. LJ says:

    @Seven – thanks for your comment to mine – man you are good with words – with regards to Oprah – thank you that is how I feel as well!

  27. Susan T says:

    Dear Seven,

    It’s obvious from your post today that Oprah’s comments have affected you deeply. I’m really not sure it was a good choice of words on her part. I’ll just say this about Oprah, she truly disappointed me (and millions of Michael’s fans) during that interview she did on the anniversary of his death. To say “we’ll never know” was incredibly cruel and without merit. It was as if she completely disregarded the facts and the reality of him being found not guilty. I really don’t understand how she could continue to believe he was guilty of anything so unspeakable. She interviewed him on her show. She spent time with him on the grounds of Neverland. Couldn’t she see what was so incredibly obvious–that he adored children and wanted to bring joy and happiness to them? Her shockingly intrusive question makes one wonder if she really viewed Michael as a human being.

    As for Lisa Marie, I hope she is bold enough and insistent to share some truthful and intimately loving aspects of her relationship with Michael. Time and maturity are in her favor. She is a very smart woman (one of the reasons why Michael was attracted to her!). She’s overcome alot and had alot to deal with herself. It is unfortunate that she lacked the determination and maturity needed to get through the rough times during her marriage to Michael. Many marriages fail for the same reasons. I’m not so naive to believe he was a model husband. When you stop to analyze each of these two human beings, you can understand that the marriage was a challenge from day one. She’s the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll; he’s the biggest star in the universe. She was used to being pampered and spoiled and always getting what she wanted. He created his own fame. He possessed enormous power and influence. He was used to getting what he wanted, too, and I don’t say that in a negative way. He was far more complex and multifaceted however. And to make matters worse, the years of being in the glare of media forced him to build protective layers. I believe everything his mother said about him. He was an extraordinarily sensitive child. That sensitivity allowed his creativity to blossom. We cannot begin to imagine what he had to endure mentally just from this and a non-existent childhood. Never mind the pressures of constant performing foisted upon such a young child.

    After reading Lisa Marie’s shortly after he passed, it’s clear that she loved him and truly wanted to “save” him from himself. She watched the self-destruction of her father and found herself in a similar situation with Michael. She felt she was given a second chance to make a difference. Give her credit for trying. I think she was able to be closer to Michael than anyone had been previously. What happened to ultimately end the marriage is known only to the two of them. I do believe that there were so many “leeches” (as she referred to them) who conspired constantly to keep “good” people who really cared about him and had his BEST interest at heart away from him. I can only imagine the sh-t she had to put up with just to have some uninterrupted “face” time with him. It must have been a three-ring circus at times. I hope that what Lisa focuses on strongly is his incredible desire to help children and humanity in general, and how he cared about our world. She saw first hand his deep feelings for children. She saw how he cared about people. She was right beside him in hospitals. She hosted children at Neverland with him. She spent nearly two years with him–intimately closer to him than even a family member. She knows.

    I just pray she’s grown, personally, to where she wants the world to know the truth. God, I hope the world listens this time.

  28. jess says:

    Did Oprah compare herself to Michael in ANY way before his death? NO, absolutely NOT.
    She’s a two-faced phony who never seemed to see the humanity in Michael. She wore green eye contacts in that ’93 interview with Michael. Ironic since she seems like a bit of a green-eyed monster when it comes to him.

    Interesting Connections:

    Oprah always worshiped Paul McCartney, a man who hated Michael for buying the Beatles catalog.

    Oprah was always “close friends” with her “mentor” Quincy Jones, a man who resented Michael for leaving him to work with other producers. Quincy also convinced others not to work or associate themselves with Michael.

    Oprah is a rumored scientologist. She always invites celebrity scientologists on her show (Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley). The Church of Scientology (along with Lisa Marie) desperately tried to recruit Michael in the 90s. He REFUSED, angering the church.

    Oprah is “close friends” with Steven Spielberg, the same Hollywood director who stole Michael’s idea for Dreamworks (along with Jeffrey Katzenberg) and CUT Michael OUT of the business plan.

    These are all the references (available on YouTube that is) of Michael-related discussion on Oprah’s show

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3FyLsX9PLo Whitney Houston
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp4IWsJn29k <Here she & J.K. Rowling agree on Michael being 'paralyzed'


  29. Jeanne says:

    Wonder if Bashir still thinks he did good. Wonder if he has any idea the harm he caused. You know , I have heard that when you pass from this earth , if you do not make good on the wrong you’ve done that you will have to experience all the pain you have caused another soul. I believe this to be true , and if so ,,,,, then the words rot in hell make sense and there is a huge list of people who will have that after life address.

  30. Jeanne says:

    Seven, I too wrote to Oprah and I told her in my letter how upset I was that when she interviewed Janet after her brothers passing that she had the nerve to want to talk about drug abuse . I told her in the letter that when the day comes that she is gone from this earth , I hope people do not talk “only” about the weight loss and gain of her life instead of all the good she has done , because that is where her focus was on this interview. On the negative . And I told her that she needed to apologize to his family. I saw Janet swallowing deeply in her throat and not wanting to answer the questions. So now lets talk about this so called drug abuse ,,, only abuse with drugs I saw was the blankety blank doctors who Michael trusted with his health issues that keep him overdosed with them , So if you want to say drug abuse put that accusation in the right place . It was the doctors who were abusive . In fact , why has’nt that dufuss named Arnold Klein been arrested yet .? If you ask me he was one of the biggest criminals that was involved with Michaels health care. Had him doped up so much he did’nt even know his name after a cosmetic treatment. Someone should have arrested him ! You know ,, I still cannot believe to this day that a HUGE amount of people are not behind bars in reference to the abuse Michael had to take on such a large scale . Makes me furious.! And you Lisa Marie ,, girl ,,you know Michael was your admirer since the day your daddy Elvis took you as a child to see him perform. I have confidence that you will speak with only love in your voice when you are interviewed because you of all of us must feel the magnitude of your loss. Lisa was blessed to be held in the arms and loved by Michael who knew the true meaning of love.