Oct 04 2010

The Guilty Destroy, Feign Innocence, & Display Arrogance

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"I don't want to be Michael Jackson!"

'I don't want to be Michael Jackson!'

After they’ve spent their careers destroying him for their own benefit; after they contributed to and joined in on the chorus of lies about him; after they used his face, his name, his appearance, and his presence for their own benefit and for greed; after they’ve projected all they hate about themselves and the world onto him right up until he died and even afterwards … they then have the nerve to say “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson“, and to get on TV and quote the Bible (?!). Good heavens —  the utter evil, greed, self-absorption, and pretentiousness of it all. You just can not make this stuff up.

Who am I talking about? For one, Oprah Winfrey, who apparently froze upon the precipice of leaving her show of 25 years and beginning her own network. Opie, you see, was afraid that she’d be forever trying to recapture the success of her last 25 years, like Michael Jackson was forever trying to recapture the success of ‘Thriller‘.

Oprah said: “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson!“, in regards to her stunning fear.

Oprah need not worry that she’ll ever “be Michael Jackson” because she’ll unfortunately never measure up to him in terms of professional success or personal integrity.

Michael Jackson was far and beyond a kinder, more grateful, gracious, and more selfless person than Ms. Winfrey who owes a good bit of the success of her first 25 years to Michael Jackson’s granting her an interview in the first place. An interview where she asked him gutter-level, inappropriate questions such as “Are you a virgin?”, and to which he replied with patience and grace, though he did not have to do so.

She then went on after the allegations to join the cacophony of other media assassins in defining an innocent Michael Jackson as guilty of the hideous allegations against him, facts-be-damned, full-speed ahead.

In fact after Michael died she once again said “we’ll never know” whether allegations about him were true or not. Excuse me? WHO exactly is ‘we’? I KNOW he was innocent. So do millions of others in fact. So did the jury. Does she not know what “acquitted” means? Did she ever bother to look at the facts behind those allegations, or was she too lost in her own personal baggage to bother? This woman seemingly can’t even put down her own personal baggage long enough to see the truth about an innocent man.

See, Michael Jackson didn’t have that problem. After all the horrible things people did to him (including Oprah herself), he didn’t carry such baggage. He wasn’t blinded to the truth by it – or by anything. And neither are his fans. And, there are millions of us.

After Jackson died, she waited weeks before publicly acknowledging his death at all. And how did the Oprah finally do so? She re-aired that interview with him. You know … the one where she asked him: “Are you a virgin?“, spending most of her time talking about herself and her own feelings during the original interview and reminding her audience, lest they forget, that she had interviewed him ‘before the allegations‘ so as to ensure that her own name wasn’t tarnished. But why wait so long and then why do that? Why not just put a message at the end of her show saying ‘This segment dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson’ and leave it at that?

You know, I sent several suggestions to Oprah’s show after Michael’s death asking them to do a segment on his humanitarian work during his life, in memory of him and to help rectify some of the bunk people believe about him (thanks to the tabloids, media, and people like Oprah).  Guess what I got in response to my suggestion to Oprah’s show? Nothing. Not. One. Word. Not even “No thank you. We’ll pass on that.” NOTHING.

Next thing I know she was simply re-airing her interview, and like the first time she had Michael on, she likely did it purely for the ratings. Because that is what Oprah Winfrey is all about it seems: her own baggage and her own ratings.  “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson“, indeed. Not much chance of that. She could only wish to be as decent a human being, as accomplished a professional, as gracious and generous a human being as Michael Jackson was. She may as well quit while she’s behind. Ms. Winfrey has lost much credibility due to her greed, self-absorption, tunnel-vision, blinding personal baggage, and despicable behavior over the years in regards to Michael. Her past and present antics, her decades-long consistent behavior are her legacy, and they speak for themselves in regards to Michael.

Who else? Oh yes. Martin Bashir, who was seen on ABC in August of this year reciting Bible verses as he said goodbye to the network he’s been a media assassin for, for so many years. Bashir, as you know, has moved to M$NBC as of September. Bashir is being rewarded for destroying the life of an innocent man for his own personal benefit. He is yet another parasite that built a career out of destroying Michael Jackson. His own career, like Winfrey’s, was built by and large out of using and abusing Michael’s presence, his name, and his trust. For him to go on national television and quote the Bible as if he were any adherent to any of its teachings is the height of pretense and hypocrisy, considering his lynching of Michael with his “documentary”.  There is one word I believe that fits this man: psychopath. Robert Hare would have a field day with this guy, as he seems to have no conscience. Here’s the man himself, blaspheming up a storm of pretentious innocence as he says goodbye to ABC:

Now, Oprah is set to air an interview with Lisa-Marie Presley on October 6th (however the date keeps changing so don’t hold me to this). Lisa-Marie has reconciled some things since Michael’s death, in regards to her past interviews on Oprah and on other television shows over the years. She had been pretty unkind to Michael in some of those interviews however, she does seem to have thought better of her words since then, so I suspect things will be different now.

I don’t hate Lisa-Marie Presley. I do believe she and Michael truly loved each other. And, their split truly hurt both of them deeply. I can understand the hurt and even the hurtful words. Who can say they haven’t said things in the past that they regretted later? Especially if the person they said it about or to is now dead and gone? Probably no one.

MJ and LMP

MJ and LMP

But, Lisa-Marie is one of those voices. She’s one of the ones out there who now has the power to speak of and on behalf of Michael in a way that is loving, respectful, and at the very least not damaging to himself or his children – and to the effort to achieve some tiny bit of justice in regards to Michael’s murder. What do I mean by that? She is a prominent person in Michael’s life and who has a public platform on which to speak of and for him now that he’s physically gone. Along with that comes (IMO) some responsibility. I’ll let my friend Nikki, who wrote a blog about this today, explain:

After hearing this and that on various social outlets today I felt the need to toss this piece together. It went from an angry rant into somewhat of a heartfelt yet eager plea to many people out there that actually have an audible voice for Michael. I would give anything to be his voice. I can only hope that some who are his voice will, after reading this if they even find it, realize what really does lie within their power.

First, this is not an argument as to whether or not Michael Jackson was a prescription drug addict. You are free to believe what you want though as far as I am concerned his autopsy report and the prescriptions at his house seriously dispute such notions. But, when those who knew Michael call him an “addict” or even insinuate such (which is fairly easy to do) in interviews or what not–you are damning him, his legacy and any hope of justice in his death.

. . .

Regardless of what may or may not have occurred, there is no reason to even discuss a problem with painkillers when they had absolutely no role in his death. Those medications are irrelevant. Those medications have been irrelevant since June 25th, 2009. What good does it to bring them up? What good does it do to discuss what he may or may not have taken or why? What does any of this have to do with promoting Michael’s artist achievements, his humanitarian spirit, his caring soul or his playful personality? Answer–nothing. The general public knows more about the molestation allegations and now drug abuse and addiction claims than they do about his charity contributions of over $300 million dollars and his wickedly funny sense of humor. That is all they will ever know if something is not done and not done soon.

. . .

Michael apparently was “under the influence” at times, according to some witnesses, during rehearsals. In Katherine Jackson’s law suit against AEG, it is said AEG said Michael was “too sleepy”. Well, the only medications that he had apparently been administered were a) benzodiazepines, b) propofol and c) the ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin capsules (aka ECA Stack capsules). Any and all other medications, taken or not, are irrelevant. Remember again there were no painkillers (opioids or opioid narcotics) in his house or in the released toxicology results. Such usage, whether abuse or not, is not relevant to his death which is an ongoing homicide investigation (at least, it should be) but if his purported abuse/addiction continues to be brought up it will be somehow used to justify Murray killing a man who was constantly persecuted and tortured in life for being a child-at-heart. Remember Murray being handcuffed last year? Oh yeah, he was not handcuffed. His bail was essentially nothing. He is enjoying frolics on the beach and pumping iron at the gym yet before Michael died he was supposedly broke. Does his life seem ruined? Michael lost his life due to this man’s actions yet Murray is the one who is getting indirectly defended even by those who love Michael. Something has to be done if we ever want to see a shred of justice for Michael. Something has to be done if we want Michael to be remembered as something more than a drug addict, and I hate say it, but also a child molester when anyone who can read can read the information that proves he never, ever did anything like that to any child. He was not even capable of such acts! But, people who do not know him and who cannot see past the molestation and drug abuse claims (or do not want to see past them because those claims turn them away from the truth) will never understand him if all they ever hear about him are comments that assassinate his character and make him out to be something horrible.

. . .

Remember, it was not “pills” that killed Michael. He did not even have one “pill” in his stomach. It was not addiction that killed Michael. It was another human being’s actions that killed Michael. I do not think Michel even asked for those medications that night, personally. No healthy person should die under a doctor’s direct care.

. . .

…if Murray is not put on trial or found blameless due to the pressures of a drug-addicted celebrity, then all other parties will walk away unscathed as the blame for Michael’s death will always, according to the courts, be Michael’s fault and Michael’s fault only. Surely to God those who love this man do not want this to happen to him. It will either be a chain reaction of justice or injustice with the latter currently the most probable. If a loved-one was shot with a gun and killed by someone else, would it make sense to say, “well, (my loved one) did own firearms, though.” No, of course not. A statement like that implies wrongdoing on the part the loved-one when they had nothing to do with their own death. The case with Michael really is no different. He is the victim, not Murray. Michael is dead, not Murray. If a loved-one was shot with a gun and killed by someone else, would it make sense to say, “well, (my loved one) did own firearms, though.” No, of course not. A statement like that implies wrongdoing on the part the loved-one when they had nothing to do with their own death. The case with Michael really is no different. He is the victim, not Murray. Michael is dead, not Murray.

. . .

People who have the ability to speak loudly for Michael need to force people like Oprah and others to speak about all the GOOD he did in life–that could easily take up a series worth of shows. If they do not comply then WALK OFF. It isn’t worth the money or attention.


Nikki left this on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page. I hope Lisa-Marie read it. And as for you, dear reader, please DO read Nikki’s entire blog entry. It is informative and detailed as usual. The thing is, the whole debate on whether Michael (or anyone) is/was an addict is a complicated one. However, the debate about whether that is something that ought to be attached to the reason for Michael’s death is not a complicated one. In fact doing so may destroy any chance for even a small bit of justice in the case against Murray (and AEG and whoever else). Why? Because it gives the defense, AEG, and the public a way to blame Michael for his own murder. The media of course, will continue to perpetuate the meme, and anything else negative about Michael they can find. But the bottom line is, Murray and/or someone else killed Michael. Michael did not kill Michael and he didn’t intend to die that day. It was the actions of Murray (or someone else, not Michael) that caused his untimely death. And whether or not one existed, it was not an addiction to painkillers (of which there were none in his body or his home when he died and of which no one can say they ever saw him with, or saw him taking) that killed Michael that day.

People like Lisa-Marie have, if they truly love Michael (and yes, I think she does and always did), an obligation and responsibility in the case against Murray, in the fight for justice, and to Michael’s children, to be very selective and careful about what they say in these interviews. They could take lessons from Dr. Patrick Treacy who, when an interviewer began asking him about Michael’s plastic surgeries, immediately shut him down and told him that he would talk about Michael’s humanitarian work and other subjects but he would not discuss that one.

Lisa-Marie can do the same, and so can any other of these ‘voices’ out there – these prominent people who love Michael. They can shut down any questions about Michael that the medialoid hosts try to lead them into which are hurtful to Michael’s legacy, the case against Murray and for justice in Michael’s murder, and which may be hurtful to Michael’s children. These prominent voices can shut them down and/or walk out. The medialoids will quickly learn which subjects are off the table with those who love Michael and who have a public platform on which to speak about him. This is why Nikki’s ‘Plea to the Voices‘ is important.

From MJTRUTHNOW in regards to Lisa-Marie’s interview:

Lisa Marie will be talking about what her life with Michael was like, again, as well as comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between her late father and the late King of Pop. Interesting to note, that, similar to the interview that Oprah did with Lisa Marie in 2005, Lisa Marie is releasing another album and will probably announce it on the show.

People are being encouraged to post comments on Lisa’s page, asking her to reconsider supporting this show, and perhaps, encouraging Oprah to edit out any denigrating material about Michael. We are asking her to consider Michael’s children in this matter, as they are the ones most impacted by the continuing negative coverage that Michael receives.

This is Lisa Marie’s face book page:


For those who haven’t seen the 2005 interview, where Oprah and Lisa Marie talk about Michael (while he was on trial); here are those links, for your review:

This is Part 1:


This is Part 2 of the Oprah/Lisa Marie interview in 2005:


This is Part 3 of the Oprah/Lisa Marie Interview (with Priscilla) in 2005:


If you choose to leave messages on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook pageplease be respectful! There is nothing that will be gained by hating on Lisa-Marie and being nasty to her – here or there. Please remember that Michael loved her.

I left a comment on this article about Oprah’s latest comment. It will not be published to be sure. If they do approve it, the definition “crazed Jackson fan” will certainly follow. In fact, there’s already one there – before anyone else’s posts have even been allowed (ie: no other posts have been allowed except the one calling Jackson fans “idiots). How interesting.

The definition “crazed Jackson fan” is the one people use when they don’t want to be bothered with the facts about the abuse Michael suffered at the greedy self-serving hands of people like Oprah Winfrey; when they want to ignore it and pretend that what was done to Michael by the Bashirs and the Oprahs of the world is just A-OK and perfectly fine and nice; when the truth is, it’s abuse.

It would be no less so if they’d accosted him in a dark alley and knifed him to death, or if the same media gangsters pummelled him to smithereens on the street. It’s the same. They and their God-damned greed destroyed this man. And if I’m a “crazed Jackson fan” because think that is NOT OK – then so be it.

Finally, we don’t know what Lisa-Marie will say in that interview. And certainly Oprah hasn’t done the right thing by Michael in the past and is not concerned with doing the right thing by him now. She seems far too full of herself and too baggage-blinded to the truth.

_ _ _

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74 Responses to “The Guilty Destroy, Feign Innocence, & Display Arrogance”

  1. Theresa Gallagher says:

    All I can say is that I agree with you all! I couldn’t have said it better. Here are some tips that have been circulating about her interviews with Katherine and LMP: to reduce her ratings, DVR it and watch it later. Watch it on a website but NOT her website. This will negatively effect her ratings. I will watch it and hope for the best, but I am not going to give her the ratings credit she so craves. Spread these tips.

    The voices of you all and many millions of us are what will be heard above all that is hateful and evil. We have truth and love on our side…and we have Michael’s love for us, his fans, giving us strength to keep fighting the hard fight,together. He is smiling his “2000 Watt” smile down at all of us. Just picture that smile and his giggle when you feel frustrated. Rome wasn’t built in a day, afterall.

    At his trial he said, “Lies run sprints, truth runs marathons….” Now, more than ever, is this true! Katherine said, at the trial, “The devil is busy.” Yes, the devil IS busy, now more than ever!

    Good always champions over evil! In time, truth always overcomes lies. Love is always victorious over hate. The sun comes up and the light always eliminates the darkness! And, best of all is that we have been blessed to have Michael, and his love…his love for us, his soldiers! Peace and major love to all of you amazing people….Michael is proud. We have fight in us and are a formidable force…You all know we are making him proud and he continues to love us more! Although we have debated with him about that for a long time, LOL. Love, Theresa

  2. carina for mjj says:

    Oprah is or ?has been very biased indeed in regard to Michael.I think she has not solved her own problems,she is envious and worries about her own ratings.There is no guessing of how she will be in the interview,it is all for her ratings be it one way or the other.As for LMP I don´t think she will be negative. She attended the funeral, though not shown on any videoclips.
    It was said she cried throughout and her whole face got streaked with mascara.— And I do think both had genuine feelinga for each other.She has been vehemently denying pedophilia inre to Michael.It was pretty good at the beginning of the marriage, but then she refused to have children, something that Michael had very much wanted and she initially had agreed to.After the divorce she went after him when he was on tour in South Africa and they were very affectionate with each other.I think Debbie was pregnant at the time,but not yet married,i think. She has stated that he “took her breath away” when they first became intimate.However Michaels dream to have his own family and many children was not to be.I think while in South Africa she would have
    wanted to come back to him, but Michael said something like”the time window has closed”.It was Debbies pregnancy behind that.—I have paid particular attention to Michaels realitionsships with women, really from his childhood onwards.That is a long story and too much for now.

  3. EdenGommans says:

    I always church for the truth in life, and found this, a truth Michael knew; the child in us and children around us bring us close to ourselfs, it helps to find who we are and where we are good at, to lett our talent come out,the reasen they bring us to our head in stead off in our hearts is to lead us away from it.
    It giffs power to others, and we lose who we really are.
    MJ knew, and in his lyrics he told the truth about world and goverment many times, so iff you want to know the truth, its there, read and feel with your heart, and oyu will know!
    We are making with foundation worldchildrensdayjune25 a starcenter for young people who dont make it at school to develop talent, we will make it worldwide.
    Also we pray every month with majorloveprayer on the 25 to send love onto the world, it was his wish, so join us, mutch love Eden

  4. truthnow says:


    Everything you said is true.

    On December 29, 2009, the American Film Institute recognized Jackson’s passing as “a moment of significance” saying “Michael Jackson’s sudden death in June at age 50 was notable for the worldwide outpouring of grief and the unprecedented global eulogy of his posthumous concert rehearsal movie This Is It”

    The mediaLOID must have been very angered by this recognition, amongst MANY MANY others. When Michael died he nearly took the internet with him.

    As for that 2-faced cow Oprah, she should consider herself lucky to have been allowed past the front door of the Jacksons’ Encino home. I see her lover woops I mean ‘best friend’ Gayle tagged along too. The same Gayle who made horrible comments on her XM Sirius Satellite Radio show ON THE DAY OF MICHAEL’S MEMORIAL.

  5. David says:

    Seven, did you hear about this: The lady who worked at Oprah school in Africa and was accused of molestation was acquitted today! And guess what? Oprah said that she is “profoundly disappointed” by the verdict! Did she even entertain the possiblity that the teacher could be innocent?

    (Keep in mind, I don’t know the facts of the case, so maybe she could have been guilty.)

    But this may be typical of Oprah to just blindly believe all accusations of child abuse, due to her own abuse. She said she’s “proud” of the 9 girls who testified.

    Also, the headmistress who ran the school at the time the allegations surfaced filed a civil lawsuit against Oprah for defamation after she made disparaging remarks about “losing confidence” in her. The lawsuit was settled out of court (obviously because Oprah has more important things to do with her time than go to court!)


  6. Sina says:

    Seven, I just read its confirmed that Katherine actually did the interview with O.
    I cant imagine this woman granted this favour and that she feels no way to look the mother in the eyes after what she did to the son.
    Im not judging Michaels mom. As a parent I know that sometimes you take action on behalf of, or for your children, that people will be quick to
    judge -like they did Michael-but will never understand.

    Still I wish and hope this interview will not go on air.
    And I do hope that unlike Michael with Bashir, his family has a say in the final cut and the right to cancel if they dont agree.

    After I heard the news, I was thinking ,Michael was only 9 yrs old when people started talking about him and it never stopped. Not a single day in his life and not in his afterlife.
    I have a strong feeling that his soul really really needs a rest from all the turmoil that forever s haunted him.
    I so wish for Michael that they would give him a break.
    And if his enemies dont, maybe his fans should.
    I am very much in favour of a week of silence for Michael.
    To give the man some peace.
    Why cant he have some peace. He was human for heavens sake.

  7. Carolyn says:

    “Ever since the massive publicity of MJ with his death, they’ve redoubled the efforts to bring the Beatles back to the public eye.” You noticed that too! Even went as far as saying it was in Michael’s will to return the catalog. Yeah, right! I could not believe my eyes or ears. And since MJs passing, everyone and their cousins want to be the “next MJ”. Yet, you never hear of anyone trying to be the “next Elvis” or a group claiming to be the “next Beatles”. It is as if they are trying to replace a man who is irreplaceable. It had to have been something good and decent about MJ for him to have received as much contempt/hatred/envy as he did.

    They even hated on the man’s memorial service. What a shame. The outpouring of grief was not what ‘they’ had expected. I believe it was Billions who watched the service all around the world. The World. When he passed, he almost took the internet with him. Because of the allegations, I guess, they felt the response to his death would be minimal. They were dumb enough to believe that most of us (fans) believed the lies spoken about this man. They were jealous and disappointed that MJ was still loved so very much. In fact, at least for me, the mourning continues. I know I am not alone. So, Ms Winfrey saying she doesn’t want to be Michael Jackson, huh? What gave her the idea that she was even close to being on this great MAN’s level?

  8. FF says:

    Oprah had a pre-existing contempt towards MJJ before she even interviewed him.

    The moment when he points out that the answers to many of her questions are in his auto biography (which she labelled him being ‘defensive’ in her revisit of the interview after his death). This the same woman who supposedly prided herself on her research and her ability to read 500 page book in a night. There’s no way Moonwalk is a massive tome that can’t be read in less than a day if you care to. And she – before there were any allegations being made – could not have been less bothered when it was the interview of her career.

    So she never liked him, the allegations just gave her a peg to hang it on. Hence her sense of vindication since.

    She – of all of those who benefited from Michael – is the one who failed him the most. When he needed positive media coverage or at least analysis of the FACTS to an open-minded audience, Oprah pretty much threw him under a bus.

    I will never forgive her for that failing because I’m not talking about loving the man I’m talking about dealing with the FACTS. But like every other enemy close to MJJ she was find with capitalising from his fame when it suited but then stabbing him in the back repeatedly later.

    He, likely, felt it at the time too. When they’re sitting side by side in that interview you can see his body language and he doesn’t look at ease with her. And why would he all the questions she asked him seemed based on tabloid reports. And the outlandish ‘are you virgin?’

    What did this man do to deserve being treated this way. What grand lie or scheme was he found guilty of to deserve the level of contempt? I honestly think he was nothing more than the best person he could be with the gifts he was given, and a very giving person at that. That’s all it took to earn universal envy and hatred.

    A lot of people loathe Oprah for her treatment of MJJ, so I’m not too worried. She is tunningly self-absorbed though. She’s been famous for a third of Michael’s run and she’s already a self-agrandizing narcissist. She *wishes* she had a millionth of his fame. No wonder she can’t lose weight she’s so puffed up on her own pride and sense of infallibility.

    Incidentally, has she interviewed Elizabeth Taylor since MJJ? I saw an old ET interview with Letterman and just as she was starting to carve them a new one on MJJ they hurriedly went to commercial break. Cowards! Notice how since she wouldnt’ back down over her friendship with MJJ she’s been labelled and inferred as crazy. You really have to watch the media at work and think for yourself.

    Ever since the massive publicity on MJJ with his death they’ve redoubled their effortts to bring the Beatles back into the public eye. To the point of labelling the military jacket trend that was clearly attributed to MJJ prior to his death to Seargent Pepper. You really have to watch the media at work.

  9. David says:

    Seven, I can’t BELIEVE that I forgot to include this clip when we did that post on Oprah earlier!!! Here is the video that Dialdancer referenced of comedienne Monique’s brother who FREELY ADMITTED that he molested her! Oprah wouldn’t touch MJ with a 10 foot pole, yet she let a CERTIFIED CHILD MOLESTER on her show! She had already let convicted RAPIST Mike Tyson on her show, so I guess now what’s next is to let convicted murderers on her show! And that’s IF she hasn’t done so already!!

  10. Seven says:

    Maybe Katherine wants to set the record straight about her son. I’m not so worried about Katherine. However, I do not trust Oprah. I am worried that this narcissistic witch is now preying on Michael’s mother. Opie just can’t GET past Michael Jackson can she? It’s like she’s obsessed with him – with insulting him, his fans and family at every chance and using and abusing his family and friends to get ratings for herself.

    She’s jealous and obsessed with him. Oprah needs to SHUT UP about Michael Jackson. She had nothing to say when he died (and only insults weeks afterward) and she needs to cap it NOW. What an evil self-serving woman.

  11. nessie says:

    Unfortunately the news of today told of Oprah in Encino interviewing Katherine. There she goes…still sniffing on Michael. Think she asked horrible questions?

  12. Susan says:

    Hi Seven:

    Katherine Jackson reportedly to be interviewed by Oprah.


  13. Carolyn says:

    Has anyone else heard of Michael’s mother, Katherine, going to Oprah for an interview? I hope this is a rumor. The last person she should see regarding MJ is Oprah.

  14. tiz says:


    Isn’t it interesting that Mo’nique was molested by her own brother yet she can see Michael was being framed? She even declared him the greatest entertainer to ever live. Yet Oprah carries on her detracting hatred towards Michael.


    Here Oprah discusses Michael’s vitiligo in her craptastic ‘tribute’ episode. The insensitivity is truly cringe-worthy.